Why Do I Hit My Irons So High?

When you have a great golf swing, you can hit the ball both high and low. Golfers that hit high irons shots end up getting the ball to land and stop directly on the green. However, if you hit the iron shots too high, there can be issues with losing distance and control.

If you are a golfer that is wondering why you hit your irons so high, we have all the tips you need to lower ball flight and get the penetrating iron shots you have been looking for.

Why Golfers Hit Irons So High?

There are three main reasons that golfers will hit the golf ball too high, they are poor setup, swing faults, and improper equipment. Hitting the golf ball high can be a benefit at times, but a ball flight that is too high can cause a lack of distance and even a lack of control.

On a windy day, if you cannot control the golf ball and keep the ball lower, you will be subject to wherever the wind takes your golf shots. For golfers that want to get around the golf course with a better score controlling the ball, the flight is essential.

High ball flight is not always a sign of a golf swing flaw; sometimes, it can simply be that the golf club you are playing with is not the right fit for your game. Let’s take a brief look at the three major reasons that golfers are hitting golf balls too high and what can be done to fix it.

Poor Setup

Golfers that have the ball position too far towards the lead leg could end up hitting the ball too high. At this point in your iron swing, the clubface is no longer on its descending path, and it has actually started to fly upwards.

This means that you will hit the ball more on the upswing and see a golf shot that is higher and a bit weaker. Setup is one of the most critical features of the golf game. If you do not have the golf ball in the right position with the club head square, you could end up hitting the ball too high.

Swing Faults

The biggest swing flaw that causes irons to go too high is having too much weight on your back foot at impact. When there is too much weight on the back foot, the weight shift to the left heel happens late, and the ball is struck with a more open and lofted club head.

High ball hitters need to get their weight transferred through to their left side with a square club face if they want to hit the proper iron shots they need.

High swing speed golfers that swing with their arms without incorporating their body are sometimes subject to these flaws. Learning to get your weight forward can take time, but it will be well worth the extra effort.

Improper Equipment

image of male golfer hitting a ball extremely high because of his swing - pg golf linksGolf equipment must be the right fit for a player that wants to have a great ball flight. If you have a high ball flight, chances are your equipment could be too lightweight or too flexible for you.

Golfers with a heavier shaft often have an easier time getting the ball to go a little lower.

In addition, there are some players that have a naturally more upright swing path and swing plane. These players will often see a higher ball flight, and the golf shaft may have to be adjusted to help the ball stay just a little closer to the ground.

Even though the iron shots are the focus here, it is important to make sure that you have this same issue worked out with your driver as well. If all of your clubs are going too high, it may be time for a custom golf fitting to ensure you have the proper equipment for your game.

How Do I Stop Hitting The Golf Ball So High?

If you have determined that you are not hitting the golf ball high because of an equipment flaw, then the first thing to check on is your weight distribution at setup. Ensure that you have some weight on both your left and right foot and that you are not leaning so much on the right side when you set up.

Once you have this figured out, ensure that your swing path is not entirely upright and that you take a bit more of a shallow path.

Of course, as you move into the shorter irons like a pitching wedge, the ball flight from a more upright path may be beneficial. However, when swinging with a six iron or seven iron, always ensure that your swing path is a bit more shallow.

When you want to keep the ball low, make sure that your weight has transferred from your trail leg and that at impact, you are turning towards your target. Hitting the ball straight requires a very precise impact position, where weight is already partially transferred to your left side. (For right-handed players).

Is It Good To Hit Your Irons High? image of female golfer watching the ball after a high shot - pg golf links

Now that we have given you all these tips to stop hitting the ball high, you may be wondering if it is going to make a big difference in your game. Extra loft on short iron shots is actually a good thing. However, when it comes to the mid irons and the long irons, you will need to at least have control of your ball flight.

The most crucial factor here is to learn to control ball flight. Try to figure out what it takes to hit the ball high, what it takes to hit it low. If you can control the way the ball flies through the air, it doesn’t matter if your natural flight is a little high.

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Golf equipment is a major factor in how you hit your golf irons. People hit irons a little lower today because golf manufacturers have created lower lofted irons to increase distance. If you are still getting tremendous height even with these lower lofted clubs, try considering a heavier shaft and a more shallow golf swing.

Also, ensure that the ball position is not too far forward in your swing, as this can often lead to a higher shot.


We hope you now feel that you have figured out why you hit your golf irons so high. If you can learn to hit both high and low shots with your irons, you will be able to score quite a bit better. As you move from a higher handicapper to a mid handicapper, it is crucial to learn to control ball flight. You may need to hit low shots to get out of trouble or to save your score on a windy day. Start practicing how to control ball flight, so you are ready for any golf course situation.

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