How Should You Arrange Your Golf Clubs in Your Golf Bag?

How many times have you looked for a specific club in your golf bag and couldn’t find it?

Immediately you start tracing your steps, wondering if you left it on the last green or tee box. You just can’t remember even hitting that club during your round.
As you start to panic, you look in your bag for the fourth time…..


There is your club in the back corner of your bag.

No, your playing partner wasn’t messing with you. You simply didn’t see the club in your bag. Now you are flustered and rushed, and proceed to blast your next shot out of bounds.
Does this sound familiar? Then you really need to follow this critical advice:

Take 60 Seconds and organize your golf bag before your next round Mr. Magoo!

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The Best Way to Arrange Golf Clubs in Bag

Start with the longest clubs in the back compartment of your bag. Arrange them from left to right with the long ones to the left. Put the mid-length iron 3 to 7 in the middle section of the bag. The front section is for short game wedges. Store balls and tees, balls retrievers in the side pockets of your bag. Let us learn more about how to organize your golf club bag.

How to Organize Your Golf Equipment in a Cart Bag

Cart bags are some of the traditional bags found in most golf courses. They are favorite bags for golf players who love pushing or pulling their bags compared to stand bags which are designed for carrying. But their best advantage is in their larger storage space that is not found in lighter bags. They are easy to organize too as they have a lot of compartments and pockets. Here is how to organize your cart bag.

Woods and long irons should find their place at the back compartment of the bag together with the ball retriever. You can store the middle length and the short ones in the middle section. Make sure to separate them by placing the long and the middle ones in the left of the middle compartment and the short one in the right of the compartment.

If you have the kind of bag with fifteen sections for fourteen clubs and putters, start with the longest clubs at the back cascading them in descending order.

Your cart bag should be able to fit most other golfing accessories as well. Use the front and top side pockets to store other frequently used accessories such as ball markers and spare balls. The less-used items such as spare gloves, rulebooks, suntan lotions can then find their place in the remote sections of the bag.

How to organize your Golf bag for easy retrieval

You have your favorite golf bag ready, the equipment, and other golf accessories. Next is to arrange all the items in an easy to retrieve fashion to avoid obstaclesimage of how to organize your golf bag - pg golf links as you progress with your game. This is how to do it.

1. Empty the bag

You don’t want to have unnecessary junk in your bag that drags you down. And there is a high likelihood there are items in that bag from your previous golf session that may not be needed this time. Pour out the content of the bag so that your arrangement begins afresh.

2. Make your decision on necessities

Sort out your equipment. Which among all the equipment is necessary and which is unnecessary in this baggage? Arrange them outside the bag in the order of their importance. At the top of your priority should be your golf iron, wedges, putters, and drivers then followed by other items.

3. Pack your putter

While your bag is composed of several sections, not every one of them will accommodate the putter nicely. There is a section that is at the back of the bag, near the straps. That is the part we recommend as the most appropriate for your putters for easy retrieval. However, if your bag has a specific sleeve for the putter, the better for you.

4.Drivers and woods

Place the woods and drivers in the same section you placed your putter, with the woods on the left, and reserve your drivers for the left section of the back section of the bag. Arrange them starting with the longest moving towards the shortest to avoid them getting jumbled up.

5.Middle and short clubs

Your work now goes to the middle and short clubs, the 3-7 irons. Place these clubs in the area after the drivers. Start by sorting them, starting from the longest to the shortest. Ideally, the middle range should have its place on the right and the long-range on the left.

6. Wedges, short game, and other accessories

Your golf bag is now starting to take the shape and order you wanted. Finally, have your short game wedges and other accessories at the front of the bag. Your side pockets will be for all your other items such as golf balls. Markers, tees, gloves, sunglasses, rulebooks, and others.

How to organize a four-slot golf bag

There are cart bags, tour bags, stand bags, and others. While there are other distinguishing features of these bags, what stands out is the number of sections that you have available to organize your equipment. The most common among these bags are the four slot bags. They have a single compartment at the back, the center double, and the front single. This is how you will arrange your four-slot bag.

1.Back section

The long clubs go in this section. You want the tallest clubs at the back while the shortest at the front in this compartment. Their head water falling towards you so that you can see all the clubs as you face the bag from the side of the handle. This makes the bag neat and the clubs easy to pick.

2.Middle section

In those sections goes your middle iron. You should have your 4 to 6 irons in the left-center while you reserve the 7 to 9 in the right-center section.

3.The front section

You may reserve this section for the short game and the extra wedges such as the sand wedges or the pitching wedges that you sometimes use which can be placed at the right side of the wedges. It can also take in several other accessories that you might have.

Ways to organize your golf bag pockets

After you are done with arranging the inside sections of your golf bags you may not be left with much space to conveniently store some of your few other items. If you have a typical bag, you will have two pockets on the lower side.

You can choose the smaller bag for storing your tees which leaves the larger pocket for keeping your golf balls as they require more space. If your bag has more pockets then it means you have more space for your accessories

This is how you can organize these pockets.

  1. Mesh pockets in which you can keep your gloves
  2. If your bag has a long pocket that runs the length of the bag, you have an ideal place to store your rain gears. This pocket is long enough to take in your jacket, hat and pants.
  3. Finally, you can choose one of the pockets for your snacks and beverage. Some bags may be equipped with an insulated pocket for your beverage, which is a good thing.

Wrapping up

Many factors will influence your success in your golfing career, and organizing your golf bag WILL NOT BE ONE OF THEM!

Organizing your golf bag for efficiency, retrieval, and placement of your equipment is not hard and will allow you to focus more on your game and the next shot, rather than freaking out wondering where you left your pitching wedge. It only takes a little commitment and you will have a neatly packed golf bag.

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