How To Get Kids Interested In Junior Golf

Playing golf maybe your favorite thing to do, and it is only natural to want your kids to join in on the fun. However, most kids don’t think golf is all that much fun. Let’s face it, this is one of the hardest sports there is, and just because you are a kid does not make it any easier. There are, however, some great strategies to getting kids involved in the game. Believe it or not, you don’t need to know all that much about golf to ensure your kids end up loving the game.

Three Unique Ways To Get Kids Interested In Junior Golf

Sometimes to get a kid interested in the game of golf, you have to think a bit outside the box. If the brand new clubs and the fancy golf shoes made your child wonder why they had to participate, you might want to consider these strategies.

1) Let Them Caddy

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Let’s face it; almost every child would love a cart right around the golf course. The cart ride is one of the most fun activities for children, and although we eventually want kids to learn to talk the course, we can worry about that later.

Take your kid out with you for a day, and do not bring their equipment. Let them caddy for you. Keep it fun and have them learn what clubs you hit and the distances that you hit the ball. If you have a rangefinder or a GPS, let them be in charge for the day. Explain how scoring works and let them see you work to try and make pars.

If your child is the right age (usually 5 and older), they are going to find that this is actually quite a bit of fun. After your round, take them into the clubhouse for a treat and talk about the round of golf. Kids don’t actually have to play golf to fall in love with it; this is a key that parents of juniors need to remember.

2) Don’t Buy Them Equipment

It may seem like a backwards strategy to refrain from purchasing your child’s golf equipment. However, we find that the best way to get junior golfers interested is to restrict their access to the sport in the beginning. Let the kids watch golf with you, or take them out to caddy, maybe borrow a club from the course and allow them to hit just a few shots.

Sometimes when you go overboard with something, your child will lose interest. However, if you keep things just a bit restricted, they will want more of it. You can follow this strategy until you feel like your child is ready and old enough to really want to play. At this point, invest in the equipment.

It’s never bad to want something and to have to work for it. Chances are, if you want to add a new driver to your bag or take a golf lesson to fix your swing, you have to work for it. Let kids learn this lesson as well.

3) Make It Competitive

Golf is a competitive sport. Although you won’t be able to have full on matches against your children when they are young, there are ways to keep it competitive on the course. In fact, if you don’t add a bit of competition, you are doing them a disservice.

In the game of golf, you lose a lot more than you win. Therefore if a junior golfer wants to take up this game, they need to learn how to handle themselves with both a win and a loss.

When you are practicing with your junior golfer, set up games that they can compete against you. If this means that you give them two or three shots for everyone you take, that is fine. You will quickly be able to tell what they can and can’t do and develop a game based around this.

These games will teach your child lessons as they will pick up on some of the things that you are doing. Even if they notice your stance, your grip, or the tempo of your swing, this is all going to encourage them to work on their game and continually improve.

Competitive golf should start young because it will last an entire life. There are plenty of benefits of teaching your child how to focus and pull off a shot under pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we often get asked about junior golf clubs and when to start children in a program.

When Should I Teach My Child To Play Golf?

The best time to start giving your child some light golf instruction is around five or six years old. At this age, a child has enough physical strength and early eye-hand coordination to see some success. Keep practice length short and allow them to play a few holes from the proper junior distance.

Can A 3 Year Old Play Golf?

A 3 year old can play golf as long as they have the right clubs and the proper supervision. Some 3 year olds are quite good and take the game seriously; others are just not ready. Introduce the game to your child at various ages but wait until they enjoy it to start giving them more instruction or swing tips.

Should I Teach My Child To Play Golf?

If you are a golfer and have some basic idea of the proper way to hit golf shots, you can easily teach your child to play. However, as soon as you notice your kid has some natural ability, back off and let the experts step in. Kids learn fast, but this means they can also learn bad habits at a fast pace. Don’t let that happen because you lack the knowledge the child needs.

Recap: Getting Junior Interested In The Game

Overall you can see it isn’t rocket science to get your children interested in golf. In fact, you may use some of the same parenting techniques that you use on a daily basis. If you really love the game and they see your passion for it, chances are they are going to want to play right alongside you. Golf is a lifelong sport, and introducing your children is key to their development as a golfer.

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