Best Female Golfers Of All Time

The previous century saw the rise of some phenomenal women golfers, a trend that continues to grow. Some of them set the modern standards of women’s golf we see and play today. Even though it was hard for women golfers to be considered equal to men and receive the same recognition and status as male players, some exceptional female golfers paved the path for women to appear on the LPGA Tour.

With just a few players on the women’s golf scene in the late 19th century, golf has grown into a very attractive sport, spreading on almost all continents. Asian golf has seen a tremendous rise of new talents, contributing to the game’s popularity.

You might all know today’s best female players like Lexi Thompson, Brook M. Handerson, Nelly Korda, Jin Young Ko, and many others, but have you ever asked yourself:” Who are the best female golfers of all time?”

While doing the research we came across some remarkable names who boast multiple LPGA tour wins or Women’s PGA Championships. We made our list based on the impact these female players had on women’s golf in addition to the number of Majors, LPGA tour wins, or trophies they had. All of them were inducted into the World Golf of Fame, hold the title Player of the Year, and were given Vare Trophy for lowest scoring average.

Who Was the Most Influential Female Golfer to Promote LPGA Tour?

Patty Berg

We couldn’t have started this list without the woman who literally shaped the tour history of women’s golf and left an incredible legacy to younger generations. She was one of the 13 LPGA co-founders and its first president, inspiring many budding golfers with her remarkable persistence, style, and dedication.

Patty Berg won 61 LAPG Tour wins and a record of 15 majors, which is still valid today. She was awarded Vare Trophy three times, and she is a member of the Golf Hall of Fame.

In addition to her outstanding performance on the golf course, Patty promoted and revolutionized the golf game across the States through her legendary golf clinics.

Who Was the First International Female Golfer?

Dorothy Campbel (1883-1945)

Dorothy Campbell is considered the first woman golfer who played internationally. She won 11 national titles, which was an impressive number for a woman at that time.

After winning the Scottish and later on British Ladies Amateur tournament, she moved to Canada and then the USA, winning both the Canadian and the States Amateur.

In her lifetime, she had over 700 victories, while in 1929, she had the world record for fewest putts (19) on an 18-hole golf course. Campbell was renowned for her strong short game performance and run-up shots. In 1978 she was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Who Owns Best Female Swing of All Time?

Mickey Wright (1935 – 2020)

Mickey Wright is one of the female golfers who had a reputation for having the most powerful and most technically sophisticated swing among the LAPG Tour players. Even Ben Hogan used to admire her long swings. Many experts used to compare her as a female Jack Nicklaus.

Mickey Wright played on the LPGA Tour, winning 82 LPGA Tour events and 13 major championships. In the 1960’s, she won 40 times in a row and was the only player in LPGA Tour who held all four major titles at the same time.

She was LPGA president in 1963-64 and was voted Associated Press Woman Athlete of the Year.

Who Was the Woman Golfer with Most Tournament Victories?

Kathy Whitworth (1939 – )

Kathy Whitworth’s name has been written in the golf record-holders as the only golfer who was able to win 88 victories. She started her career in 1962 and retired in 1985, proving herself to be a remarkable golfer who was honored with the Vare Trophy and Player of the Year awards seven times in a row.

In 1981 she became the first female golfer who had earned $1million on the LPGA Tour. Golf Magazine named Kathy Whitworth “Golfer of the Decade” for the years 1968 – 1977.

In 1999 she established the Kathy Whitworth Invitational to provide junior girl golfers the opportunity to participate in the highest competitive golf tournaments, such as US Women’s Open or Women’s PGA Championship, and launch their golf career.

Who is the Best International Women Golfer of All Time?

Annika Sörenstam (1970 – )

Coming from Sweden, Annika Sorenstam is the first European player to dominate women’s golf on the international golf stage. She has won 90 international tournaments as a professional, 10 Majors, and 72 LPGA Tour events in her golfing career. She holds the record of being eight times awarded Player of the Year and was given Vare Trophies six times.

Sorenstam has an array of all-time scoring records, such as lowest season scoring and the highest-earning woman golfer totaling a whopping $22million. She was also the first woman to play in a PGA Tour since 1945. Currently, she is the president of the International Golf Federation.

Which Active Female Golfer Has the Highest Number of Victories?

Karrie Webb

She is an Australian golfer who mainly plays on US LPGA Tour, including some international tournaments and the Australian ALPG Tour. With 41 LPGA Tour victories, she is currently the golfer with the highest number of wins.

Karrie Webb is the second-earning female golfer, following Anika Sörenstam. She has won the US Women’s Open and Women’s PGA Championship.

In 2018, she became an Officer of the Order of Australia for her distinguished service to the community as a professional golfer, support of female golfers, charity and health organizations, and acting as a role model.

Which Lady Golfer Won Three Awards in a Season?

Nancy Lopez (1957- _ )

From the present point of view, Nancy Lopez is compared to Tiger Woods, as her style, her break-through performance, and her unforgettable smile swept many people off their feet.

She won the US Women’s Open twice and finished U.S.Women’s Open as an 18-year-old amateur. Nancy turned pro in 1977, and in her rookie year on the LPGA Tour, she boasted nine tournaments, five of which she won in a row. She went on to win three Majors and 48 LPGA events.

In addition, she is the only woman player who won Vare Trophy, Player of the Year, and LPGA Rookie of the Year in the same season. Unfortunately, even though she had an enormous impact on American women’s golf, she never won a US Women’s Open.

Who Was the Youngest Ever Winner of a US Women’s Open?

Se Ri Pak (1977 – )

Not only was she the youngest woman to win the 1998 US Women’s Open, but she was the only Korean woman who had taken part in LPGA Tour until then.

With her victory in 1998, she planted the female Korean golf boom seed, which is dominating the women’s golf stage today. In her almost two-decade career, Se Ri Pak won 5 Majors and 39 Tour Wins.

Who Is the Youngest Ever Ranked Golfer?

Lydia Ko (1997 – )

Lydia Ko became the youngest No.1 ranked golf player of either gender in February 2015 at the age of 17.

At the age of 18, with her victory of the Evian Championship in September 2015, she also became the youngest woman to win a major championship.

The next year, she won another Major, which made her the youngest player to win two women’s Majors. She is also the first LPGA Tour golfer that has won $2million in each of her three seasons on Tour.

So far, her career winnings have reached over $10million.


This list is not absolute, and many other women can be called the greatest female golfers, such as Betsy Rawls, Amy Alcott, Donna Caponi, Joanne Carner, and then some.

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