How Far is the Back Net at Top Golf

If you look for fun, food, and a bit of gaming experience while golfing, then TopGolf is the place to go.

Within the last few years, the popularity of TopGolf has gone through the roof, as it is a driving range packed with technology and fun. Even if you knew nothing particular about TopGolf, you must have heard something about Mike Trout blasting the golf ball outside the back net and the social media going mad about it.

What was so unusual in Mike Trout’s shot that social media called it ‘the most impressive sporting feats’?

The first thing is, Mike Trout is not a golfer but a baseball player. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that he was compared to Happy Gilmore. Secondly, if you watch the video, you’ll notice that it flew over the back net as he hit the golf ball with the driver. You can check it out here.

If you’ve seen the back net of TopGolf driving range or been there, you already know that it is incredibly far and high. So the question ‘How far is the back net at to TopGolf?’ is self-imposing after watching that video.

The back net at TopGolf is 150 feet high, while the range is 250 yards long. 

The aim of TopGolf is not to go over the net but to hit one of the targets inside the net. The net acts as a back fence as the last zone. The Trench net is 215 yards.

Driving the golf ball outside the net is considered a safety violation, so players need to keep that in mind when swinging at the driving range.

To swing the ball outside the range, your club speed would need to be about 150 mph, while the ball’s velocity would be about 180 mph at the exit point.

It appears that the resemblance of Mike Trout to Happy Gilmore makes sense after all though. Since we cleared out the dilemma of the size of the back net at TopGolf and the fuss about it, let’s take a look at all the gaming possibilities you have at TopGolf and if it resembles regular golf.

Can You Play Golf At TopGolf If You Haven’t Played Golf?

Yes, you can! Even if you can’t play golf, you can go to TopGolf, try it out and learn the basics. The staff is trained to give you some golf lessons and help you develop some golf skills. You can arrange for group lessons or individual lessons too.

You don’t only learn to play golf at TopGolf but have a direct insight into every detail of your performance, and you can even compare your data to see how well you have progressed. If you are a more advanced golfer, then you can organize competitions with your friends and play with other golfers. Many resemble it as a bowling alley, where you learn how to play, have fun, and order food and drinks.

What Is So Special About TopGolf Golf Ball?

While there are all kinds of golf balls nowadays, the traditional golf ball, as advanced as it might be, is just a golf ball after all. On the other hand, a TopGolf golf ball has a microchip planted inside intended to record every aspect of golfers’ performance. With them, you’ll have the unique possibility to have in-depth data of your golfing skills, such as swing speed, golf ball speed, cadence, and the like.

How Many Different Zones Does TopGolf Have?

Each TopZone facility has the same scoring zone regardless of where it is worldwide. There are seven scoring zones marked in colors.

  • Red Zone – up to 25 yards
  • Yellow Zone – up to 50 yards
  • Green Zone – up to 90 yards
  • Brown Zone – up to 125 yards
  • Blue Zone – up to 150 yards
  • White Zone – up to 185 yards
  • Range Net (Trench Zone) – 215 yards

How Many Games Can You Choose From?

In addition to taking classes and learning how to play golf, there are many options to play different kinds of games. The games differ depending on the location of the facility, and one facility can have more games than another. The most sophisticated facility is the one in Las Vegas. The most common games that can be found on any site are the following:

  • TopGolf – It is the key game where players get points as they hit appointed targets on the range. A player receives ten shots for one match and can choose from six different targets that range from 30 to 200 yards. Players get maximum points when they hit the farthest targets as their distances are the most difficult to hit. It is intended for all types of players, and it can be played in a group or individually.
  • TopChip – As the name implies, this game is for players who would like to practice their short game. There are five shots to the red target, five shots to the yellow target, and ten shots to the green target.
  • Quick 9 – This game offers nine shots distributed by three to the red, yellow, and green target if you are a novice. If you are an expert, then the targets change to brown, blue, and white to make the game more difficult.
  • TopBreak: This game is based on the snooker game, adapted for golf players, i.e., players must hit the red ball first before they move to the colored balls. The aim is to drive the balls into the hole.
  • TopPressure: The name reveals enough to tell you that this game is intended to train golfers to face the pressure that occurs if they were playing on actual golf courses. It is a competitive game whose goal is to try to hit all nine sections within the yellow target but at different levels. Past the first level point, the values multiply by two and then three, and golfers can even lose points if they hit within the same target more than three times.
  • Top Score: This game is for golfers who’d like to practice distance. When the golfer hits the ball long and straight he/she gets points. The maximum points get players who manage to hit closer to the flag, i.e., those who achieve the longest distances.
  • TopDrive: If you want to measure how far you can hit or practice distance and speed, this game can help you achieve your goal. When playing this game, players are encouraged to focus on the furthest targets (the Trench and the withe target) and earn points.
  • TopShot: This game resembles TopChp, but it focuses on full shots instead of short game shots. Every player receives five shots at the four targets (red, yellow, green, and brown), and the further the target, the more challenging it is. This means that players get more points for their long shots.

Do Golfers Need to Bring Their Own Clubs?

At TopGolf, golfers don’t need to bring their clubs as there are branded clubs that are available at the site, and you don’t have to pay an additional fee for renting clubs. If you insist on using your own clubs, some facilities allow you to take some with you.

Is TopGolf a New Thing?

TopGolf might seem like something that was invented just yesterday, but it has been here for about 15 years. There are TopGolf facilities everywhere around the world, from London to Dubai. So far, it has emerged in over 30 locations in the States and the number is growing. TopGolf is becoming more and more popular, and social media posts love sharing news about it.

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