Golf Shoes For Women

Having the right pair of golf shoes can make or break your day out on the course. Whether you are a golfer that likes to walk or carry your bag, playing golf means that you will be getting quite a few steps in. Golf shoes should be comfortable, help to keep your feet dry, and provide stability and support as you swing the club.

Some of the best golf shoes for women can do all of these things. We have put together our favorite golf shoes for women to help you determine which ones are the best for you. There is quite a bit of technology that goes into these products, and it pays to understand your options.

Best Women’s Golf Shoes

FootJoy Women’s Pro/Sl Boa

image of footjoy women's pro/sl boa

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The best golf shoes for women are the Pro/Sl Boa Golf Shoes from Footjoy. Footjoy is a company that will sit at the top of the list when it comes to women’s golf shoes. The shoes are extremely stable and have a perimeter weighted outsole. In addition, the shoes are very stable and comfortable.

The Pro/Sl Boa golf shoes will work for any handicap player. If you have a very fast swing speed, the shoes will do a great job of keeping you grounded. One of our favorite features is that the shoe is 100% waterproof.

The shoe’s bottom is a spikeless design, meaning that you won’t have cleats that need to be changed out over time. Although this is a high priced golf shoe, the quality and performance results will make it the best choice on the market.


  • Available in several width options
  • Laser fit technology ensures comfort and perfect size
  • Waterproof and high quality


  • Price is higher than other women’s golf shoes

Adidas Women’s W Tech Response 2.0

image of adidas women's w tech response 2.0

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Even though we love the Women’s FootJoy Pro/Sl response, they are an expensive golf shoe. Across each brand, you will find that there are shoes for ladies who are both higher performing and expensive and priced as more value shoes. The Adidas Women’s Tech Response is a great mix of fair pricing and on course performance.

The Tech Response is light and breathable shoe available in several different color options. You will find that you almost feel like you are wearing a sneaker with cleats with this shoe in place. This is more of a traditional sporty design that does not feature the spikeless golf shoe technology. Adidas put a sock liner in place to try and add that extra bit of comfort in the Tech Response 2.0 golf shoes.


  • Comfortable fit
  • It comes in several color options
  • Sporty and athletic style golf shoes


  • Not a fully waterproof golf shoe

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Breathe

image of new balance women's fresh foam breathe

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Anytime you hear that foam is used in a golf shoe, get ready to feel comfortable. Women’s golf shoes made by the New Balance brand have some of the more comfortable features on the market. The new Molded CUSH+ is an insole that makes you feel as though you are walking on a pillow.

The New Balance shoes are a great choice for anyone that likes to walk the golf course. The spikeless bottom features performance zones that will help to ensure that you can take this shoe both on and off the golf course. The upper part of the New Balance Fresh Foam is made with a mesh material to ensure your foot does not get too warm while wearing these women’s golf shoes.


  • Temperature control with mesh upper
  • Easy to wash and care for
  • Spikeless golf shoe design to wear on and off the course


  • Not a waterproof golf shoe

Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport

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Suppose you consider yourself to be a more athletic lady golfer than the Adipure Sport is a perfect selection to consider. As we know, Adidas makes a variety of sports products, and they are one of the brands that athletes are going to trust the most. When you put on the Adipure, you will quickly understand why.

One of the things you will notice about the Adipure is that it features the Adiwear spikeless outsole. The pattern on the outsole is designed for greater traction and stability. These shoes have both a look and the technology to back up an athlete that needs help. Available in a wide variety of sizes and a few different colors, this is the sort of shoe that you may want to stock up.


  • Fair pricing for the technology offered
  • Atheltic style and performance
  • Great for walking the golf course and fast swing speed players


  • Not available in wide sizes

Callaway Women’s Coronado

image of callaway women's coronado

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Callaway is a brand that women golfers tend to trust the most. Whether it is equipment for your golf game, or accessories like these Callaway Coronado Golf Shoes for women, Callaway always manufacturers products specifically with the woman golfer in mind. The Coronado is a 100% leather golf shoe, making it completely waterproof. If you enjoy playing golf in the morning and consider yourself a dewsweeper, this waterproof technology is essential.

There is a technology called Opti Soft located in the midsole of the shoe that helps women golfers feel as though they are grounded while swinging. Having to feel off-balance while taking a shot is a terrible thing for your swing. With the Coronado on, your stability will come from how this shoe makes you feel balanced and supported.


  • 100% leather golf shoe
  • Pluefoam insole for better comfort
  • Six spikes for better stability


  • Only available in two color choices

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof

image of ecco women's biom hybrid 4 gore-tex waterproof

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Ecco Women’s Golf Shoes are some of the more premium options women golfers choose from. The new Ecco Biom hybrid features technology that allows women players to feel more grounded and stable as they swing. The grip on the bottom of the shoes allows for durability and rotational support as well.

The removable Ortholite insole gives the shoe more of a cushioned feel. However, even though the shoe has this extra added layer of comfort, it is still extremely breathable. The technology that sets the Women’s Biom Hybrid 4 apart from the others is the Gore-Tex waterproof. Gore-Tex is the best material on the market for keeping your feet dry, even in those very wet conditions.


  • Keep your feet dry
  • Impressive fit for any size foot
  • It Helps players feel grounded


  • Expensive golf shoes

PUMA Women’s Tustin Slip-on

image of puma women's tustin slip-on

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You probably never saw a golf shoe that looked quite like the PUMA Women’s Tustin Slip On. Golf shoes and their designs are changing, and ladies that want something unique and different will love the Puma Slip on golf shoes. This shoe brings a completely different look to the golf course but will still allow for performance and stability in the swing.

The Puma Slip on Golf Shoes does not have any laces, and it will be effortless to get on and off of your foot. The interesting thing is that even though you may not see it at first glance, there is hidden traction in place to keep you stable. Is this the shoe for the fastest swinging lady golfer on the market, not really. However, if you want to run out and get a quick nine holes in with a comfortable and easy-to-wear golf shoe, the Puma makes a really interesting choice.


  • Unique design
  • Puma is one of the fastest growing golf shoe brands for women
  • Comfort insole


  • Not the best stability for the faster swinging player

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sport Relaxed Fit

image of skechers women's go walk sport relaxed fit

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Last but not least are the Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sports Golf shoes. More and more women golfers are starting to walk the course when they play. Walking is good for your body and helps to burn a ton of calories as you may your way around the golf course. However, if you plan to walk, you must ensure you have the proper golf shoe selection. Walking can be tough on your legs and back if you don’t have the proper support.

The Skechers Go Walk Sport are spikeless shoes that have the Resagrip Traction outsole. This ensures that you get stability while you are walking and while you are swinging. The shoe is a lightweight design that will not weigh you down as you make your way around the golf course. The shoe’s overall look is more athletic than other shoes on the market, but with the breathable material and comfort, this is a great shoe for walking.


  • A good option for walking the golf course
  • Available in a few different sizes
  • Spikeless design with an athletic fit


  • Not a waterproof golf shoe

The Best Golf Shoes for Ladies are. . .

image of footjoy women's pro/sl boa

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The best overall golf shoe for the woman golfer is the Footjoy Pro/SI Boa Golf Shoe. With this shoe, you can ensure that you have a custom and perfect fit on your foot and get plenty of stability while you swing. This is a high end golf shoe built for players of all swing speeds. In addition, the waterproof technology means that you will get many years of use from the Footjoy before feeling as though you need to replace it. Keep a pair of women’s golf shoes like this if you are serious about your game and want to ensure you have the proper technology in place.

Buyers Guide

Now that you have a better idea of which women’s golf shoes are the best on the market, it’s time to break down which ones will be the best for your golf game. There are a few key features and distinctions that you should consider before making your final purchase.

Spiked vs. Spikeless

Spikeless golf shoes are becoming more and more popular because of their versatility. The spikeless shoe can be worn on and off the golf course, and therefore women golfers find them very convenient. In addition, Spikeless golf shoes tend to be really comfortable as well.

The downside, of course, is that the spikeless shoes do not have as much traction, and women golfers are forced to create their own stability. If you have great balance and can stay in good physical condition, the spikeless golf shoes should not create a problem.


Waterproof golf shoes help you stay dry not just on a rainy day but also when you play in the wet morning grass. Playing with wet golf shoes on your feet is uncomfortable and will negatively impact your golf game. Although waterproof golf shoes are expensive, they are going to be a good long-term investment.

Sizing and Fit

Finding a golf shoe that has the perfect fit is difficult. Golf shoes don’t fit exactly like regular shoes. Make sure that you are paying attention to how the golf shoes feel on your feet and that you can wear them for a full five hours. Golf shoes stay on for a long time, and making sure they are dry and comfortable is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we get asked about women’s golf shoes and trying to narrow down which ones are the best for certain golf course conditions. Truly, most women golfers will end up with two or more pairs of women’s golf shoes. This is a way to ensure that you have the equipment you need for any golf course situation.

Are Women’s Golf Shoes Necessary?

Golf shoes are necessary. Without a proper shoe, you may feel as though you are going to slip while you are walking or swinging the golf club. In addition to having the proper traction, golf shoes give players support when they are rotating and balancing in their swing.

Do I Need Waterproof Golf Shoes?

Waterproof golf shoes are expensive, but they give plenty of benefit for their cost. If you are worried about playing golf in the wet grass or on a rainy day, then waterproof golf shoes are a must. Having wet feet and playing a round of golf does not mix.

Should Women Golfers Use Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Women golfers that are running from the office to the golf course to the grocery store will love the versatility of the spikeless golf shoe. You can wear this golf shoe anywhere and still feel as though it works when you get out to the course. Even better, the spikeless golf shoes will save you from having to stop in the locker room and change your shoes.

At PG Golf Links, we take the time to find the best golf products, training aids, clubs, balls and more for our readers. If you are interested in the best women’s golf shoes, you may also want to check out some of these other products geared towards our female readers.

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