Most Comfortable Golf Shoes – 2022 Update

I have always felt that there are two types of golfers in this world when it comes to picking and choosing shoes.

The first….

The guy or gal that can buy any pair of golf shoes, try them on, then play without EVER having any pain, blisters, or issues with their new shoes. Every pair of shoes for this golfer is the most comfortable golf shoe they have ever worn!

The second:


If you have to try on multiple pairs of shoes and try multiple brands before you buy a pair, and you often get blisters and sore feet after a long day on the course.

When I do buy new golf shoes, the first time I wear them I bring a backup pair of shoes just in case I get blisters half-way through my round.

So if you fall into category one….Congratulations! I am so jealous and envious of you!

If you fall into category two like me, and have to do some diligence before you claim you found the most comfortable pair of golf shoes, then you are going to like the options available to you below.

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes For 2022

Ignite NXT Men’s Golf Shoes From Puma

Our Top Choice

image of ignite nxt men's golf shoes from puma


The most comfortable golf shoe for walking is the Ignite Nxt Lace Golf Shoe from PUMA. If you want to wear something that feels great and you can wear all day long, you have to try a pair of the Puma Ignite NXT’s. These spikeless golf shoes feel better than any shoe I have worn in the last 5 years.

The Ignite NXT is part of the spikeless golf shoe collection from Puma and are offered in multiple patterns and color choices which means you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. These shoes will not only feel great, but you will also look great as well.

This golf shoe is very attractive and stylish and has an eye-catching lace-up and are easy to get on and off, so less time wasted before and after your rounds.

The price of this shoe varies with different patterns and colors, but you are going to find them under $100 online, including Amazon.

PUMA is known throughout the world, especially for its top-of-the-line athletic gear. PUMA golf shoes can be worn on the course or for everyday footwear.

They offer superior stability during shots due to the energy-return foam at their interior.

Largely comprised of synthetic leather, they are very lightweight and have a durable, rubberized sole. The Spikeless Ignite Pro Golf Shoes from PUMA offers superior traction as well.

This series takes the brand to a whole new level by building the shoe from the ground up.

It starts with an outsole comprised of Pro-Form TPU with a unique, organically traction-altered pattern.

The full-length midsole of this golf shoe is comprised of IGNItE foam that’s been wrapped in SoleShield for increased durability.

This gives golfers energy and provides unmatched comfort so that you can feel your best and play your best game all day long.

PWRFRAME reinforcement mesh is used in the Ignite’s construction. It exists within the waterproofed, flat-knit upper section along with a decoupled power cage that offers a secure and comfortable fit.

With these golf shoes, you can get the performance that you want while enjoying an innovative design and cutting-edge selection of materials that are combined: progressively advanced and undeniably stylish.

Men’s FJ Flex Golf Shoe By FootJoy

image of men's fj flex golf shoe by footjoy


We have to give it to Footjoy, they’ve finally fused a traditional golf shoe and casual sneaker with the FJ Flex to arrive at an on-trend and overall decent golf shoe.

The Flex provides unrivaled versatility and these golf shoes can be worn everywhere you go. If you consider the sole, you’ll notice that the traction system on the Flex is equally versatile. Called Versa-Trax, the sole design keeps the feet stable during your swings and provides ample traction for walking right off the course.

One key feature of the FJ Flex to consider is its midsole, and once you put these shoes on, you’ll understand. Comprised of soft, comfortable EVA, this midsole offers total support and exquisite cushioning.

The shoe’s mesh upper is lightweight, creating a breathable and incredibly well-ventilated summer shoe. Its material is moisture-wicking to keep your feet fresh and dry.

However, this material is not entirely water-resistant, and thus, you want to avoid wearing your FJ Flex golf shoes on wet terrain.

In terms of appearance, these sports shoes have a modern lace appearance, and yet they’re also both functional and comfortable as golf shoes.

Men’s Original FL Golf Shoes By FootJoy

image of men's original fl golf shoes by footjoy


On the more luxurious side, the FJ originals offer traditional FJ sophistication and style. This is the shoe for you when you want to impress on the course, but you can’t do it based upon your swing.

When it comes to a good all-weather golf shoe, these tick just about every box. They have a waterproof leather upper that’s easy to care for. They’re breathable, and they won’t make your feet feel hot and sweaty.

Moreover, the rounded toe and a full fit at the forefoot ensure that your feet will still feel good after you’ve reached the 19th hole.

Much of the comfort comes from the lightweight cushioning of EVA; manufactured using FJ proprietary technologies for meeting the highest possible standards. When combined with the underfoot Fit-Beds, you’ll be able to stroll the course with confidence.

All-weather shoes should remain reliable on wet terrain, and the FL Originals are spiked golf shoes that provide optimum traction and grip. The FL Originals come with the Fast Twist Cleat System situated just at the shoe’s TPU outsole. You can remove the Softspikes Pulsar cleats, and they’re both comfortable and easy to maintain.

When shopping FootJoy, you’ll have the benefit of three color choices: black, white, and an authentic blend of black, brown, and white.

Men’s Adicross Bounce 2.0 Golf Shoes By Adidas

image of men's adicross bounce 2.0 golf shoes by adidas


When your top concern is comfort, the Adicross Bounce by Adidas is guaranteed to provide it. Strolling the course in these shoes is an undeniably pleasurable experience due to the many comfort-optimizing features and technologies that Adidas has incorporated into this design.

Adidas has included Bounce, their proprietary midsole for maximum foot cushioning and energy return, which is an incredibly popular innovation from the Adidas brand. Paired with Cloudfoam technologies, these shoes make you feel as though you’re walking on clouds.

The Adicross Bounce 2 has a sock-like build that hugs the foot so that you can enjoy every single step on the course and on the way home. For assured support when swinging and rotating your foot, the Adicross Bounce 2 comes with a supportive Forgeframe for assured stability.

However, golf shoes wouldn’t be golf shoes if they lacked adequate traction and grip. Although the Adicross Bounce 2 model doesn’t include spikes, these shoes have a TPU outsole that provides good grip in dry environments.

Men’s LinkSL Golf Shoe From New Balance

image of men's linksl golf shoe from new balance


For standout shoes with cutting-edge technology, consider the New Balance LinksSL. The upper can be comprised of mesh or microfiber leather that’s both waterproof and built with a welded forefoot and TPU eyestay for reliable protection and performance in wet and muddy conditions.

To optimize the comfort supplied by the LinksSL, New Balance used their proprietary FreshFoam midsole and included a 10 mm drop. Paired with the molded CUSH+ insole from the company, it offers a supremely comfortable feel. However, there’s more than just comfort to be derived from the midsole. It also maps out the resistance and compression zones for perfect lateral stability and increased cushioning and support.

The outsole is spikeless but includes lugs in key performance zones in a variety of colors. These additions offer good grip and traction, even on wet terrain.

This classy, sporty shoe is available in five color choices, so find the perfect match and command the course!

Tech Response Golf Shoes For Men By Adidas

image of tech response golf shoes for men by adidas


If you’re anything like me, then you’re always searching for a pair of golf shoes that will offer guaranteed comfort. You also want a good-looking and durable pair, especially if you like playing golf in all types of weather conditions.

I’ve purchased golf shoes from Adidas before and haven’t had any complaints. But I highly recommend the Men’s Tech Response golf shoe from Adidas. They look a bit more like athletic or trail shoes given their replaceable spikes at the sole, but one of their greatest attributes is their surprisingly affordable price. It certainly isn’t cheap to play golf, and players definitely spend quite a bit to get good shoes.

I went with a wide Size 10, which gave me a perfect fit despite my concern about whether or not my wide feet would be a problem, and after having read a few reviews that described these shoes as being a bit narrow.

I played 18 holes last weekend in these new Golf shoes, and it was both my first wear since purchasing them and an excellent experience. One of my playing partners made a comment about my wife having dressed me, given just how stylish I looked.

Although I do use inserts, these shoes offer a perfect fit – I did not develop any hot spots, not even at the very end of my round. However, try to remember that these shoes aren’t made from a waterproof material, though they are durable, breathable, and lightweight. They also look great. They didn’t exactly enhance my game per se, but of course, you cannot have everything.

I recommend these shoes to any golf player in search of a comfortable pair at an affordable price.

Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Shoe from ECCO

image of biom hybrid 3 gore-tex shoe from ecco


The Biom Hybrid 3 from ECCO is currently one of the most comfortable options in golf shoes available and was nearly our top choice.  These shoes are comfortable as hell, but they do come with a higher price tag.

Among the more in-depth information about the most comfortable golf shoe design ever sold, Eco-Tri-Fi-Grip exists to offer three different zones: Durability, Stability, and Rotational Support zones.

For lasting improvements in cushioning and breathing, this shoe has the Ortholite sole as an optional addition, which both antimicrobial and removable.

Aiding your swing, this Danish design provides an outsole that’s both innovative and clean.

It helps you walk with more power and efficiency while ensuring a more natural, flexible, and comfortable gait due to the BIOM Natural Motion that offers improved feeling and stability throughout your walking movements.

Called the ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip, the innovative outsole is the most standard feature of the BIOM Hybrid 3. This makes it possible to enjoy your strolls when approaching the greens and throughout the year.

For a more comfortable game, there are three zones. The first is designed to ensure durability. Secondly, you’ll get stability, and finally, good rotation.

The outsole on this shoe is both comfortable and capable of helping you with your backswing.

It additionally promotes a more natural walking motion while ensuring power efficiency and an enhanced feel.

Founded in 1963 in Denmark, but having factories and ownership throughout Europe and Asia, this company produces all leather used in ECO brand products while maintaining various measures for ensuring sustainable practices and environmental health and safety.

Understanding these things, the overarching goal was to design the most comfortable golf shoes that players could find, and they certainly achieved it. This is also a top choice of ours for the best golf shoe for women.

Let’s check out a few of its features:

  • All-leather
  • Soles made from genuine rubber
  • Approximate measurement of the shaft traveling from the low top to the arch
  • GORETEX water-resistant tech
  • Well-ventilated and breathable
  • Protection against all elements
  • Yak leather at the upper
  • BIOM NATURAL MOTION: Technology that places golf players closer to the ground
  • Lightweight and strong


Go Golf Elite 3 Men’s Golf Shoe From Skechers

image of go golf elite 3 men's golf shoe from skechers

  • Leather and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Low top from arch shaft
  • Deco-stitching on upper level
  • Bottom plate features a durable TPU grip
  • Waterproof and all-weather ready
  • Lightweight design
  • High-performance cushioned Resamax insole

These spikeless golf shoes from Skechers will allow you to comfortably stroll from the tee to the green. They’re made for optimal response and comfort and designed for premium performance. You’ll get enhanced traction from the bottom TPU durable grip plate, and the waterproof protection of these shoes will keep your feet comfortable and dry even when the course is wet.

Comfortable is the best one-word description for these shoes.

Despite these shoes being both spikeless and waterproof, you’ll get remarkable traction.


Adipower 4orged S Men’s Golf Shoes From Adidas

image of adipower 4orged s men's golf shoes from adidas


Play your game in wet, windy conditions. With water-repellent technology called Climastorm, these shoes are both breathable and perfect for wet terrain. They’re lightweight, and they have a synthetic textile at the upper for a streamlined fit and optimum comfort. With these shoes, you’ll also get responsive cushioning with each swing due to their specially designed midsole.

I owned an earlier version of these golf shoes and was quite impressed by them until they ripped. As a caddy at a private country club for golfers, I do a considerable amount of walking. These shoes were incredibly comfortable and offered just about everything I could have ever wanted from golf shoes. They’re definitely the top breathable golf shoe available, and thus, you’re sure to get good value from them. At the ankle, these shoes have added cushioning for enhanced comfort.

Adidas’ Adipower 4orged S golf shoes are very attractive. I don’t usually wear them out when it’s raining. They are, however, ideal for hot days.

Drawback: The top portion of the tongue in this shoe cut my ankle and left some friction-related irritation. After bending back the tongue a bit before another wear, this issue was resolved.

Which Spikeless Golf Shoes Are Most Comfortable?

If you haven’t tried them before, spikeless golf shoes can be a revolutionary experience. Adipower 4orged golf shoes for men by Adidas eliminate the hassle of clean replacement and the need to lug an additional pair of shoes along. With footwear that’s spikeless, you don’t have to wear different shoes off the course.

Golf is a truly outstanding game, even when nothing seems to be going your way. Although it can get thick out on the green, you can minimize your stress by wearing the right spikeless golf shoes. Many purists still love spiked design, but we’re now in the 21st century, and there are definitely newer and better ways to get things done.

The absolute best way to embrace cutting-edge technology is by trying innovative Golf accessories built to offer maximum comfort while improving your game.

Purchasing the right golf shoes can give you a competitive edge.

The Adipower 4orged shoes by Adidas are ranked among the most comfortable options in spikeless golf shoes available.
It offers the stability of a great golf shoe along with lasting comfort and cushioning by incorporating lightweight boost foam and boasting a cutting-edge design.

Even though it can stand up to a light shower, it’s not entirely water repellent or waterproof.

This is among the company’s spikeless series, and it has a remarkably lightweight and sturdy design.

Because certain show parts exhibit more stress during a swing, studies show that these same areas should be pressed and heated during manufacturing for increased stability without adding additional weight.

With cushioning and PU fit-foam insole, these shoes are among some of the most comfortable options available.

Climastorm fabric provides extra wet-weather protection.

Which Golf Shoes Offer Reliable Arch Support?

You’ll get the best arch support from Tech Response golf shoes for men from Adidas.

I regularly deal with foot and ankle pain, which is why I’m always looking for good arch support. My recommendation to this end is the Adidas Tech Response golf shoes for men.

Like me, you might golf in the rain quite a bit, and one major benefit of these shoes is that they’ll keep your feet dry when it’s rainy due to their mesh upper. They are both sturdy and light, and they’ll give you good traction with their sharp spikes and rubber soles.

These shoes are also quite comfortable. If you have plantar fasciitis or flat feet, you’re going to need reliable arch support. In the long-term, your condition will improve if your feet are getting the support they need. And if you golf regularly, good arch support will mean having less pain while you play and hopefully a lower score.

I have found the Tech response to be very comfortable due to the foot bed’s cushioning. If you have plantar fasciitis or struggle with arch pain, these shoes are well worth investing in. Back and knee pain are both common problems among avid golfers as well, and these shoes are the perfect choice for anyone seeking relief from these discomforts.

What’s The Best Waterproof Golf Shoe For Optimum Comfort?

The Biom Hybrid 3 Men’s golf shoe from ECCO is made from Gore-tex and yak leather that’s reliably strong and waterproof. They have a synthetic sole that’s been fused with durable textile. Not only are they lightweight, but they’re also built to last. You can freely move about the green with these breathable options that include BIOM natural motion technologies. They’ll keep you protected in all elements while giving you an excellent grip.

The Gore-tex Hybrid 3 shoes from the ECC have an attractive look, and they’re available in a vast range of options. They are also offered in number sizes and easily stand out as the top waterproof golf shoe.

Are Golf Shoes From Skechers Comfortable?

When shopping for comfortable golf shoe designs, the GO GOLF Elite V.3 is virtually unbeatable. These shoes come with the latest and most innovative spikeless traction for total stability throughout your game. Improved comfort and stability mean that you can apply your entire focus to your game.

These shoes have a waterproof build, an outsole that offers premium spikeless traction, and a grip bottom plate of TPU. Impulse sensors on the Skechers GO offer multi-directional control. Best of all, these lightweight shoes have a 5Gen midsole that offers ample comfort and cushion on the green.

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