Is The Strackaline Green Guide Worth It?

It doesn’t matter how great of a putter you are if you can’t read a green to save your life.

You can practice your stroke, speed, follow through, and focus on keeping your head down a million times, but if you are playing the ball to break slightly to the left and it breaks 6 inches to the right, you just won’t make the putt.  Guaranteed!

Buying a greed reading book for your home course is easier than ever, and Strackaline (The #1 Green Reading Book in Golf) just got a lot more affordable.

The Strackaline is one of the best green reading books in the golf industry. The green maps from Strackaline are very easy to read and are available for a wide range of golf courses.

We took a good look at the Strackaline and have all the information you need to decide if this is a product you need.

What Is Strackaline?

Strackaline is a yardage book company that specializes in green reading books. With the Strackaline books, you will get green maps and yardage, and topography maps that help give a much clearer picture of all that golfers need to know about the golf course.

The Strackaline company has been in the industry since 2007, and they are known for being very popular on the PGA Tour. Because of the way they can get the information updated so frequently, PGA Tour Players like the features and accuracy of the Strackaline company.

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  • Very detailed yardage book with impressive green information
  • Trusted by golfers on the PGA Tour
  • Extremely helpful with longer putts and approach shot
  • Digital version with GPS
  • Customizable version with information tailored to the best players in the world
  • Fairway arrows to help see the slope
  • Very accurate information that you can print from home or order a paper version of
  • Can help golfers learn how to read break


  • Not the best choice for slow players
  • Pricing can be high for some versions
  • New players will have a hard time understanding all of the information presented

Features and Benefits of Strackaline

The Strackaline products have some very important features that will help both amateur golfers and professional golfers with their scoring and accuracy. Let’s take a look at what you will get when you purchase from Strackaline.

image of Strackaline Green Reading Book

USGA Compliant

All but one product from Strackaline is USGA compliant. This means that if you are playing in golf tournaments, you will not have to worry about using the yardage guide.

Whether you are looking at purchasing a Strackaline for your home course or are visiting a new country club, you won’t have to worry about this book disqualifying you from the tournament or event.

Greens Guide

The primary reason that golfers like the Strackaline product is that you get a dual view topographic slope image. One is a color image where the green bends, turns, lowers, and increases in grade.

In addition, there is another map showing exactly how much of a change in elevation there is across different areas of the green. The greens guide is extremely detailed and will have you look at putting green in an entirely different way.

Digital Version

In addition to the yardage books you get from Strackaline, you can also purchase their digital greens maps or green book.

With the digital version, you can adjust the yardage book with the pin locations and then print out the green reading material that you need for that day.

These digital versions are considerably more expensive, but it is great for an aspiring professional.

There is also a digital version that is not quite as customizable, but it will come with a GPS unit that allows golfers to have a general idea of front, middle and back yardage as well as getting to look at that green reading map.

Large Selection of Golf Courses

The Strackaline yardage books have most courses in stock; however, there is not a yardage book for every single course, and these are not made to order.

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Instead, this company has been working on its greens guides since 2007 to create the most accurate and detailed information that it can.

The good news here is that you get really good information, the bad news is that sometimes you won’t be able to find one of these for your home course.

image of green reading guide - strackaline

Luckily, you can have your head golf professional reach out to Strackaline, and sometimes they will add your golf course to their inventory.

Wide Range of Information

There is no debating the fact that when it comes to a greens book, Strackaline has some of the most detailed information. Everything from sprinkler heads to hazards to elevation changes and penalty width is included in this book.

Whether you are learning about reading greens or simply wanting to hit your approach shots closer, the Strackaline is a huge help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, our review of the Strackaline has helped you understand all that this product can offer. However, many golfers had a few outstanding questions; knowing what you are buying before it comes to you is important with a product like this.

Are Strackaline Yardage Books Legal?

Strackaline yardage books are legal. The only product that Strackaline sells that is not legal is the Greens Card. This is a card that shows specific information about all the greens on the golf course.

The problem is that the information is too detailed and gives golfers a bit too much of an advantage. When preparing for a tournament, this can be good, but for playing in the event, it will have to be put away.

Does Strackaline Have Every Course in Stock?

Strackaline does not have every course in stock. The courses have slowly increased in the last 14 years, and there are thousands of them available.

If you don’t see your favorite golf course on the website, you can email Strackaline and see if there is a way to add a new course. When we did some research, we found that most golf courses are covered on the website.

Does Digital Access with Strackaline Give You Every Golf Course?

Digital access with Strackaline gives you one golf course. If you want access to all of the golf courses, you can expect to pay a large sum of money. This would really be just for golfers that are playing in high-level events that can be located across the country.

Bottom Line: Is Strackaline Worth It?

Strackaline is worth the money, especially since they have cut prices so drastically.  PG Golf Links also has a coupon code for 20% Strackaline.

The detailed information is entirely different than having a rangefinder or a GPS give you yardage. With the Strackaline, you will be able to learn so much more about the game of golf and the way that a golf course works.

We found that this extra information shaved a few strokes off of the game. We highly recommend starting off with your home golf course. Once you have that one in place, see if you want to add others for an upcoming golf trip.

The bottom line is that this information you get from Strackaline is very valuable.

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