Why Do Golfers Take Their Glove Off To Putt?

Every time you turn around, there is a new routine or movement that golfers are doing. For newer players and higher handicappers, keeping up with all of these different golf mannerisms can get tiring. But one thing you will quickly notice is that golfers often take their gloves off to putt.

Have you ever wondered why this is or whether or not you should be removing your glove to putt? We have all the answers you need to ensure that you are getting the best performance on the putting green.

Why Don’t You Wear A Golf Glove When Putting?

Golfers do not wear golf gloves while putting to help improve the feel and connection they have with their putter. Although there is quite a bit of mechanics involved in putting, most of it is about feel and consistency. It’s hard to get this feeling with a golf glove on your hand.

Some players are confused by this concept and wonder if the golf glove should be removed completely from the golf course to improve the feel throughout the entire round. Although some golfers will not wear a glove at all, golf gloves still serve an important purpose.

When swinging a club at 70,80, or even 100 mph, it is vital to have a better grip on the golf club. With a glove on, you can have more confidence in your golf swing and your golf game. However, when putting, the speed factor is off the table. Putting strokes happen at a slow rate of speed, making it unnecessary for golfers to wear gloves.

Should I take off my glove to putt?

Now that you know the primary reason why golfers remove the golf glove to putt, let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can decide if this is right for you. Here are the most important factors to consider. image of remove your golf glove before putting

Feel and Connection

Did you know that specific golf gloves help a player improve feel and connection with the club? Some players that wear a glove feel that it lowers their grip pressure and allows them to focus more on their putting stroke.

We recommend trying some putts with the glove on and the glove off. Truly, most golfers will feel a stronger connection to the club and an improved feel without the glove on. This is especially true if you have a nicer, newer putting grip on the putter itself.

How Good Is Your Current Grip On The Putter?

Putters need to be regripped!

This comes as a shock to some players, but it is the absolute truth. A new putter grip can give you much more confidence when playing golf. The grip allows your hands to stay correctly positioned and gives you that little bit of grab that you need between the hands and the club.

Remember that golfers wear gloves to help increase their grip and traction; with a putter, you can do this simply by changing out the putter grip every now and then.

Pre-putting Routine

Is removing the golf glove part of your routine when you walk out onto the practice green or the golf course? Chances are you have some types of routine you follow that involves your glove around the putting green.

For some people, the simple process of following this routine helps them to ensure that they repeat the same putting stroke over and over again. We all play golf in different ways, and somebody like Jack Nicklaus putted with a glove on. This was his routine and what gave him the control he needed to get the golf ball in the hole.

For Jack, it certainly worked.

Focus and Concentration

Some players feel that taking off the golf glove allows them to focus on the putt and give it an excellent chance of going into the hole. Focus and concentration are so important in golf, and golf companies are continually trying to make it easier.

These companies will add color, patterns, and alignment lines to the golf ball to get players to focus more. However, golfers should also be considering their routines and things like taking the glove off to putt.

Do any Professional golfers putt with their gloves on?

Most pro golfers take their gloves off to putt. In fact, many pro golfers will not even wear golf gloves. This is because they have learned to control the club with just their hands making the connection to the grip. In addition, this is easier for pro golfers because they have their golf clubs regripped very often.

Players looking for a better grip on their clubs will find one quite easily when the regripping process happens every weekend.

Jack Nicklaus was the most famous player to wear a glove while putting. He always played golf with a glove on during his golf career and left it on throughout the round. It’s hard to question his strategy with the number of major golf tournaments he has wracked up.

Why do you only wear one glove while golfing?

Most golfers only wear one glove while golfing to help provide the connection and stability that a glove does without taking away too much of the feel. Golfers who have arthritis or those playing in the rain will happily put two gloves on, but it is certainly not the most common way to play.

Playing golf with two gloves ensures a great connection with the golf club, but it takes the feel out of it a bit and makes it harder for a golfer to control and work the ball. Keep this in mind as you decide how many gloves to wear.


One of the best things about something simple, like removing a golf glove for putting, is that it really boils down to personal preference. A golfer that is looking for their own routine feel, and consistency can make a decision about what works best for them.

Golfers who take off their gloves report better speed control and more putts made, but this does not mean it will apply to all players. We suggest heading out to the putting green and practicing ten putts from the exact same location.

Hit five of the putts with the glove on and five with the glove off. Which one feels better? Which one allowed you to make more putts? You will quickly come to a conclusion about taking your glove off or leaving it on.

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