Are Tommy Armour Clubs Good?

The Tommy Armour golf club brand is a name that flies a bit under the radar. If you remember the Tommy Armour golf clubs from the 1980s, you will be happy to know that quite a bit of the quality and tradition has continued with this brand.

Some golfers are probably wondering if the Tommy Armour brand still exists, who carries the product, and ultimately if it is worth investing in. If you are wondering these things, we have all the answers you need. Be sure to also check out our Tommy Armour golf clubs review.

Let’s take a deeper look into whether or not the Tommy Armour golf clubs are good.

Are Tommy Armour Golf Clubs Worth Playing?

The new Tommy Armour golf clubs are built for forgiveness and for a fair value, but the overall performance is not nearly as pure as the original.  The original Tommy Armour 845’s that was one of the most popular game improvement irons in the 1980s, were absolutely worth playing. These clubs had tremendous ball speed (for the time), and they had feel that was similar to the Ping golf equipment.

The great thing about these clubs is that they were very fair in price and they were easy to find, both used and new. Tommy Armour would update the technology in the 845’s every few years, but the feel and performance were always very consistent.

Through the years, the brand declined a bit, and when Sports Authority went out of business in 2016, the Tommy Armour brand kind of went with it. More recently Dicks Sporting Goods has taken on the Tommy Armour trademarks and released the product back into the stores.

image of tommy armour golf ta-845

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The new line of Tommy Armour golf clubs still carries the same Tommy Armour name, and there are even the old 845 irons that have been redesigned, but it just doesn’t have the same quality that most golfers who loved the Armour products are looking for.

Who Should Play Tommy Armour Golf Clubs?

As we have mentioned, when golf clubs manufacturers decline and then rebuild themselves back up, sometimes the look and feel of iron sets are going to change quite a bit. The new Tommy Armour golf clubs have plenty of distance and lots of forgiveness, but not quite the same feel as the old clubs.

If you have come across the Tommy Armour Brand at Dick’s Sporting Goods, chances are you were impressed with the pricing. For new equipment, the pricing of the new Tommy Armour golf brand is quite fair. Let’s take a look at who should consider putting these clubs in their bag.

Higher Handicappers

High handicappers that are looking for ultimate distance and forgiveness will enjoy what the Tommy Armour brand has to offer. The non forged heads feature high ball flight and plenty of ball speed. The stronger lofts allow high handicappers to get the distance and performance that they need.

Golf club manufacturers that make clubs for the higher handicappers typically call them game improvement or super game improvement clubs. We would consider these to be an excellent option for the player that needs help controlling the golf ball but still has plans to try and one day lower their handicap.


As a new player learning to play golf, the game is quite expensive. When you look at all that needs to be purchased before you even step foot on a golf course, the pricing can be almost overwhelming. Luckily the Tommy Armour golf club brand allows players to get decent clubs for a fair price.

This will not be the set that gives you the highest ball speed or longest distance, but Tommy Armour’s clubs keep the game fair, and they are available with graphite shafts for the slower swing speed beginner.

Golfers On A Budget

Some new sets of golf irons are priced at well over $1200. The Tommy Armour clubs are typically less than half of this price for a brand new set. Golf is a fun game, but not everyone can afford to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to upgrade their equipment.

If you are currently playing with an old set of golf irons and you are ready to see what modern technology can do for your game, the Tommy Armour clubs could help. Tommy Armour’s decline never really had to do with the quality of the equipment; it was more about the larger iron market and the way that the technology has improved until they couldn’t compete with the other best irons for a 20 Handicap.

What Golf Clubs Does Tommy Armour Make?

The Tommy Armour that you may remember from the 1980s was well known for its irons. This is pretty much where the product line stood out and what most golfers were looking for from Tommy Armour.

Today Tommy Armour keeps things pretty simple with a limited product line features options for a few different clubs. Currently, Tommy Armour is making the following golf clubs available in the Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy Stores. . .

  • Driver
  • Fairway wood
  • Hybrid
  • Irons
  • Wedges
  • Putters
  • Women’s Golf Irons

Unlike some other golf companies that will make several different lines of irons or hybrids, Tommy Armour keeps things relatively simple with the standard 845 and the 845 Max. We don’t expect the company to suddenly start expanding into clubs for the scratch golfer anytime soon.

Does Tommy Armour Make Good Wedges?

The Tommy Armour wedges come in two different types. One of them is the GXT blade style wedge designed more for the good golfer. The other wedge is a very forgiving model called the Over N Out. This is designed with an open clubface and plenty of high launch to help golfers get over and out of a bunker.

If you are purchasing the Tommy Armour irons, we recommend looking at the hybrids and wedges. The loft gapping will work out well, and the feel and weighting will remain consistent throughout the set.


Hopefully, you now have a better idea if the Tommy Armour golf clubs are good. Overall we can say that these are good irons for the higher handicapper and beginners. Lower handicap players should steer clear of the Tommy Armour brand.

The technology is a bit limited, and the feel is not what this type of player needs. If you are on a budget or just starting, the Tommy Armour clubs are a smart choice to consider. You will save some money but likely be upgrading them in a few years. Please be sure to visit PG Golf Links again for future reviews and updates.

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