Can You Share Clubs On A Golf Course?

Have you ever wanted to try out a friend’s golf driver and thought maybe you would use it that day on the golf course? Sharing golf clubs can be a touchy subject with strict rules followers. The USGA has some essential rules in place for golfers that want to share clubs.

image of a group of friends sharing golf clubsWhether you are playing in a fun team event or simply out on the golf course with friends, it is important to know the rules about clubs and how they impact the game. Let’s look at whether or not you can share golf clubs and some other important rules related to the clubs we use.

Is It Legal To Share Golf Clubs On The Course?

Partners playing golf can share golf clubs. This rule often comes as a surprise to many, but there is a major restriction involved with this that all golfers need to be aware of. If you are going to share clubs with your partner, the total number of clubs you have cannot be more than 14.

This means that if your partner has 10 clubs and you have 5 clubs, you can no longer share clubs in partner events. If you decide to bring seven clubs and your partner decides to bring seven clubs, then you can share.

When you are out on the golf course playing in a stroke play or match play tournament, you are not going to be able to share golf clubs. Taking a club out of another player’s bag and using it to hit a shot will put you well over your 14 club limit and subject to a 2 stroke penalty.

The rules of golf are put into play to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of getting their own ball into the hole. The rules may seem strict or unfair at times, but the bottom line is that they help make the game fair.

Can I Add A Golf Club To My Set During A Round of Golf?

One of the reasons you may want to share a club with one of your playing partners is because you broke one of your clubs. The good news is that there are ways around this that will allow you to add a golf club to your bag.

The most important rule in golf when it comes to clubs is how many clubs you can have in your golf bag, 14. If you go over this 14 club at any time, you are breaking the rules.

If you start your round of golf with 13 clubs in the bag and one of your clubs breaks, you can add a golf club in at some point. This will not allow you to delay the pace of play, so you may have to run into a golf shop quickly and purchase the club.

When you start your round of golf with 14 clubs and one of the club’s breaks, you will not be able to replace the club. This rule will apply to partner events and individual players’ events. In this situation, grabbing one of your partner’s clubs means breaking the rules, as the total of clubs you have would be over 14.

What Happens If I Lose A Golf Club?

If you lose a golf club during the course of a round, you are going to have to learn to play without it. Unfortunately, if your round started with 14 clubs, you are not going to be able to replace the club, even if you try to replace it with the same club you lost.

If, however, you can find the original club, or a playing partner or competitor finds it and brings it to you on the golf course, you can put the club back into play. It is so important to keep track of where your clubs are at all times.

So many golfers leave a wedge behind on a green when they walk off, and those are critical clubs to keep in the bag.

Can Golf Clubs Be Adjusted During The Course Of A Round?

Golf clubs cannot be adjusted during the course of a round. If you are lucky enough to have some of this new adjustable golf technology, you must set it before the round and let it play out during the course of the round.

It makes sense to spend a few minutes at the driving range before a round and see how your swing is looking that day. If you are hitting the ball a little left or a little right, put a golf club into play that is adjusted to help you maximize performance.

The only exception here is if a golf club becomes lost during the course of a round. Players that are using adjustable clubs sometimes notice the screw starting to back out and the head starting to fall off. Both you and your partner can take a look and determine that it will need to be tightened, and that is acceptable to do.

Can I Carry My Clubs In The Same Bag As Someone Else?

Now that you know you can only share golf clubs, if the total is less than fourteen, you may be wondering about sharing a golf bag.

Sharing a golf bag is acceptable, but you must be able to tell which golf clubs are yours and which are your playing partners.

Sharing clubs accidentally will result in a penalty that you will want to try and avoid. Most golfers will suggest avoid sharing clubs to keep your penalty chances to a minimum. With certain formats and for golfers that are new to the game, sharing golf clubs can make sense. However, for the most part, it makes sense to have your own golf clubs.

Tips For Avoiding Golf Club Related Penalties On The Golf Course

To avoid golf club related penalties on the golf course, here are a few tips that you may want to keep in mind.

  • If your round starts with 14 clubs, you cannot replace a club during the round
  • Partners can only share golf clubs if there is a total of 14 or fewer golf clubs between the two players
  • Broken or lost golf clubs can be replaced if the round starts with 13 or fewer golf clubs in the bag
  • Sharing a golf bag is acceptable as long as clubs are not shared
  • To avoid penalties on the golf course, it makes sense to have your own clubs
  • Never start a round of golf with more than 14 clubs; if your bag has more than 14 clubs, clearly declare which clubs are not in play
  • Make sure to study the rules of better ball format, one best gross ball, scramble format, and other partner events so that you clearly understand the rules of a particular event


The USGA is strict about the rules they put in play for golfers. If you are serious about your game and want to stay compliant on the golf course, make sure that you understand these rules and adjust your golf game accordingly.

The best way to handle the sharing clubs situation is to avoid it whenever possible. If you are on the driving range and want to try out your friend’s high handicapper 3 wood, do it there. However, keep your hands on your own set of clubs when you get to the

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