Are Golfers Required To Wear Hats?

If you are new to the game of golf, you may notice that most players are wearing some type of hat. After seeing so many baseball caps and visors, you probably are thinking that the golf hat is a requirement to play. Even the majority of professional golfers have a hat on.

If you are curious as to why golfers wear hats, or if golfers are required to wear a hat as part of the golf dress code, we have all the answers you need.

Do You Have to Wear a Hat in Golf?

Golfers are not required to wear hats on the golf course. Golfers wear hats because of the benefits that a golf hat can provide. Playing golf with a hat on reduces glare and protects you from the sun.

It’s important to understand the benefits of a golf hat so that you can decide whether or not wearing a one is a good fit for your game.

Benefits of Wearing A Hat To Play Golf

Now that you know that golfers are wearing hats because they like them and not because they are required to wear them, let’s take a look at some of the benefits players get from wearing hats.

Less Glare

One of the best things a golf hat can do for you is to reduce the glare you have on the golf course. Glare can be an issue when playing on a sunny day, especially with a white golf ball and a shiny chrome golf club head. image of two young golfers wearing hats on the golf course

Making great contact with the ball requires a good view of the golf ball. Golf hats provide a bit of shade and allow golfers to zero in on the ball without rays of sun-blocking them. PGA Tour golfers wear hats because they have to protect their vision and eyesight so that they can make solid contact.

Most professional golfers wear hats because Sunglasses can be annoying for some players, and they prefer to wearing hats on the golf course as opposed to playing golf with sunglasses on.

Protection from the Sun

Spending time on the golf course will mean that you get quite a bit of sun exposure. Most rounds are at least four hours. The more time a golfer spends in the sun, the higher their chances of getting skin cancer and other skin-related issues.

Although most golf caps are only going to protect the front of the face, it is certainly better than going hatless. If you have played golf your entire life, you probably already have some spots on your skin or your head from where the sun has done damage.

The great thing about hats is that they let you avoid these issues.

Advertising Space for Pro Golfers

image of Tiger Woods wearing a Nike Golf hat - PG Golf LinksFor professional golfers and PGA Tour players, the idea of wearing a hat is also a place to put a sponsor’s logo. Players make a great deal of their money from sponsorship contracts with golf manufacturers and other large companies. If a player wears a hat while playing in a tournament, they will earn quite a bit of money. Therefore the hat becomes kind of like a walking billboard for a tour player.

The best players in the world like Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy both wear Nike hats as part of their endorsement deal. The primary reason all golfers wear hats is for protection from the sun, but advertisers also pay a significant amount through endorsements to see the logo on baseball caps.

Some professional golfers like Fred Couples prefer not to wear caps during their rounds.

Temperature Control

Some hats are built with sweatbands to help players stay cooler during a round as well as for sun protection. In addition, there are also winter-type golf hats that are perfect on those days when you are trying to get a few extra rounds in before the winter puts your clubs away.

Temperature control is an added benefit to wear golf hats on hot days or for cooler temperatures, but not the main reason people typically use it. Professionals wear baseball caps as part of their golf attire for sponsorships as well.


Playing with a hat on is a way to complete your golf outfit. Many golfers try to match their hat to their shirt, belt, or their shoes and they may choose a brand of hat that they really like. Golfer wear hats as another way to show your personal style with your golf attire.

Almost all golf manufacturers make visor, cap, beanie, and other hat choices to appeal to the style that you may want as part of your golf game.

Different Types of Golf Hats

Now that you have a better understanding of why golfers wear hats as part of their golf dress code, let’s take a look at some of the different types of golf hats that players wear.

Baseball Hat or Cap

image of callaway golf 2021 riviera fitted hat

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The most common type of golf hat is a typical baseball hat or a cap. This tends to be the preference for most golfers and almost the standard on the PGA Tour.

Pro golfers like the simplicity and the classic look of the baseball cap. Some of these caps have a magnetic bill to store a ball marker on the front bill of the cap. This is a great way to use the hat for even more functionality.

Winter Hat

image of taylormade golf 2017 beanie

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A winter hat is typically a wool or cotton hat that fits over the top of the head but has no brim. These are made to help golfers control their body temperature when playing on cold days. If you have ever tried to hit a golf shot in 35-degree weather, you know how important it is to control your body temperature.

The avid golfer will typically have a few winter hats in the bottom of their golf bag, in the back of their vehicle, or will be worn to the course by the golfer on the day of his or her round.


image of titleist women's sundrop visor

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A visor allows for most of the top of the head to stay open and cool while still getting shade for the front of the face. Many women golfers like a visor because it allows them to keep their hair in place but still get some protection from the sun.

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Bucket Hat

image of coolibar upf 50+ men's leo shapeable wide brim hat

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A bucket hat is a great choice for those that need both sun and rain protection. Bucket hats are worn to keep water off of your body while in a rainstorm. They also provide more protection for the back of the neck when playing a round of golf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions that we get about golf hats and whether or not they are mandatory to wear.

Is It Worth It To Wear A Hat On The Golf Course?

A golf hat is typically considered to be worth wearing when on the course. Keeping your skin protected and your vision of the golf ball clear are two essential reasons to have a golf hat in the bag at all times.

What Is The Best Type of Golf Hat?

The best type of golf hat for sun protection tends to be the bucket hat or sun hat. The best type of hat for most lower handicap players that just want style, benefit, and the classic look for their dress code is typically the baseball style hat or cap.

Are Golf Hats Better Than Sunglasses For Reducing Glare?

Golf hats and golf sunglasses are both useful for reducing glare, but golf hats tend to be less restrictive when it comes to the view of the golf ball. Some sunglasses can block the vision you have with your golf ball.


Hopefully, you can now see that it is not mandatory for golfers to wear a golf hat on the course. Although these hats can have great benefits, it is entirely your decision as to whether or not you would like to wear one while you play.

The majority of golfers find that the benefits of wearing a hat are tremendous for their game, and they choose to keep a rotation of several different hats in their golf bag. Chances are you will wind up with a few hats that quickly become your favorite, and you won’t know how to play golf without them.

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