Best golf shoe for walking the course

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Golf Shoe for Walking is, then we recommend the FootJoy Men’s FJ Flex Golf Shoes as the best one.

Golf is one of those sports which do not look like an active game. But, playing it is not that easy. It requires far more skills than any other active games, like sprinting or swimming. Although golf does not involve running, it does involve a lot of walking.

While playing, several golfers prefer to use golf carts to drive around the golf course conveniently. But, walking the golf course during the whole game is back into fashion these days. Several experienced golfers believe that the most organic way of playing golf is by walking the whole course. Doing so allows the player to take it all in, the design of the course, small detailing of grass, stunning view, etc. But, isn’t it a bit taxing for the feet? The golfing course is not a small area.

If you walk all the 18 holes, then it would feel like strolling around the town for 4 hours. So, what can we do to make the golf course easier to traverse? The best option here is by using the best golf shoes for walking.

Best walking golf shoe – Review

Now, we have learned about the features that can help us pick an ideal pair of golf shoes. Its time for us to take a look at the best golf shoes for walking:

Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoes

image of tech response golf shoes for men by adidas

When it comes to golf shoe brands, then no other brand is more reputable than Adidas. If you are looking for a golf shoe that can offer you a combo of comfort, style, and durability, then  Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 is the one for you.

It has got all the features that a premium golf shoe must possess. If we start from the material, then the company uses a blend of synthetic as well as fabric to construct these shoes. This lovely blend of the material makes these shoes a perfect golfing companion during warmer weather.

If we take a look at the upper sole, then it has mesh sections that allow proper airflow keeping your feet sweat-free and cool during warm weather. Obviously, highly ventilated shoes have their downsides. The mesh section will let water in. It means that the shoes are not ideal for wet conditions or early morning golfing sessions (due to dew).

Comfort is the primary point of focus while making these shoes. The shoes come with a thick EVA midsole for better cushioning and superior support. It means if you want to walk on course, then the shoe will be excellent to commute longer distances.

Various golfers say that spikes can be uncomfortable in the long run. But, these shoes have got six Thintech cleats. The company constructs these cleats from thick rubber. The positive thing about the cleats is that they are thinner than the usual spikes and provides impeccable traction. It means that you will get sufficient grip without bearing the uncomfortable feel of various other spiked shoe models. The cleats are even capable enough to provide even support, enabling the golfer to walk with ease.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight material with a blend of synthetic and fabric.
  • Sufficient mesh section allows proper ventilation.
  • You can choose from four color variants.
  • Appropriate traction with the help of Thintech cleats.
  • Thick EVA midsole for ultimate comfort while walking.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for wet conditions.

FootJoy Men’s FJ Flex Golf Shoes

image of men's fj flex golf shoe by footjoy

In the first look, The FootJoy FJ Flex doesn’t seem to be golf shoes. It is the FJ logo on the shoes, which justifies it as a golf shoe. Otherwise, it has a casual appearance. But, its sleek design is what attracts me the most. It is a sleek shoe that offers ultimate comfort, ventilation, and versatility. All of these features come at a budget-friendly price, which makes these shoes one of my favorites.

When you slip your feet into these shoes, you’ll feel like nirvana because of its high-end comfort. These shoes are light in weight with large traction zones for improving your performance. The thick EVA midsole provides the additional cushioning for the supreme walking experience.

I will not say that the shoes provide top-notch stability if we compare it to other premium golf shoe models. But, at such a reasonable price, the shoes are offering adequate stability with ultimate walkability.

In the breathability department, the shoes perform really well. The mesh section provides necessary cooling to the feet. It provides a versatile athletic feel during warm weather.

These spikeless shoes offer sufficient gripping to support you while you swing.

Walking in these shoes will feel like an afternoon after lunch stroll. When you are playing during rainy weather, then I will not recommend these shoes. Please go for a waterproof option in that case. But, if you are looking for a pair of shoes that look good, feels great, and offer high performance, then I don’t see any shoe better than this one.

What We Liked

  • Light in weight.
  • Ventilation is good.
  • Spikeless for better versatility.
  • The price is reasonable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks waterproofing.
  • In comparison to spikes, it offers less traction.

image of adidas golf men’s tour360 boost-mAdidas Golf Men’s Tour360 Boost-M


If you are a golfer who likes to follow a classic yet modern approach, then these shoes are for you. It is a spiked model, which is the result of precision engineering. These elegant looking shoes may give you an old school feel but these shoes come with modern refinements.

Let’s start with the built quality first. There is a usage of high-quality leather in the construction of these shoes. It means that these shoes may feel a little bit tight at first, but with regular use, it will stretch and last for years. For a perfect fit, the shoes come with a proprietary 360Wrap system. It allows the shoe to conform to the shape of the foot. Overall, in the comfort department, these shoes are adequate. However, the shoe may give you a hot feel during summer days, but it will work well during wet conditions.

It has got a standard looking midsole. There is a full-length foam insole to offer additional cushioning for enhanced comfort. You don’t have to worry about sore feet after completing your round, thanks to the extra arch support.

For providing sufficient traction on grass and comfort while walking on a flat surface, the bottom of the shoes has Thintech Cleats.

In addition to all these fantastic features, you also have fourteen different designs to choose from.

What We Liked

  • Traditional shoes with a modern touch.
  • The use of high-quality leather improves durability.
  • Supportive and comfortable because of the use of thick rubber sole.
  • Looks sleek and elegant.
  • Available in 14 designs.
  • Wrap360 system for better fitting.
  • Thintech cleats for improved traction.

What We Didn’t Like

  • You may hear a squeaking sound from shoes in some of the cases.
  • Leather may be uncomfortable at first.

Puma Grip Sport Golf Shoe

image of puma grip sport golf shoe

Does it ever happen to you that you spent too much on your golf clubs and now have a tight budget for shoes? Well, we can understand that, and that’s why we have added Puma Grip Sport golf shoes on our list.

These budget-friendly golf shoes will serve you well, and you can trust in its quality. These are light in weight and provide sufficient breathability. They are so light that you’ll not even feel that you are even wearing any shoes.

If you prefer walking on course, then you’ll be able to walk all the 18 holes effortlessly. Thanks to the unique dual-layer design of cushioning paired with Fusionfoam EVA midsole. For breathability, it has got a mesh upper section. It’s very comforting to walk in these shoes without any sweaty feet.

The performance of these shoes is average with rubber spikes. The shoes will provide stability but may not be flawless on a wet surface. There is a lack of waterproofing too, which means you have to stick to dry days for golfing.

If you already own high-performance shoes but looking for a pair that can help you walk long distances, then these low budget shoes are perfect for you.

What We Liked

  • Average quality affordable model.
  • Light in weight.
  • Superb breathability.
  • Comfortable for long walking days.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Traction is not flawless.
  • Lacks waterproofing.

FootJoy Men’s Pro/SL Golf Shoes

image of footjoy men’s pro/sl golf shoes

If you are looking for waterproof golfing shoes that have flexibility along with a modern look, then FootJoy Pro/SL is for you. The shoes flaunt impact absorption and ultimate foot support using Dual-Density midsole. There is also various other stability improving features in these shoes. There is a Power Harness feature which will help you in your swing by providing lateral support. Additionally, this feature provides extra comfort to the middle part of your foot.

Are your one of those golfing lovers who play golf throughout the year, even in rainy weather? Well, these shoes will make your soggy days even more enjoyable. Thanks to the Premium ChromoSkin leather, which is highly soft and offer 100% waterproofing. Not only this, but the company is so much confident about the quality of its product that it provides two years of waterproof warranty.

These shoes are taking the golfing shoe industry towards modernization with its stylish state-of-the-art design. You can even personalize these shoes as per your preference. When you visit the company’s website, then you can take advantage of a lot of customization options to design your shoes.

The lightweight feel, along with supreme comfort, is the reason why the world’s top players trust these shoes for their league games. Overall, these shoes are a combination of a waterproof, comfortable, durable, and stable design.

What We Liked

  • 100% waterproof with a 2-year waterproof warranty.
  • Nice stability.
  • Feels comfortable
  • Modern and stylish looking shoes.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The cost is on the higher end.

Final Words

With walking the golf course trend back in popularity, stability and traction are not the only traits that must be there in a golf shoe. We have created this list by keeping in mind the comfort and feel of the user. The primary focus is to help you find a pair of golf shoes that can assist you in walking long distances. Additionally, there are other features, too, like breathability, waterproofing, traction, etc., which we also put into consideration while doing our research.

All the shoes on our list are great performers. But, in my view, the FootJoy Flex wins the title of best golf shoes for walking as it is a perfect bundle of:

  • High-class comfort,
  • Proper airflow,
  • Versatility,
  • Stability,
  • Durability,
  • And all these features at a reasonable price.

Our choice of the best golf shoes for walking doesn’t need to be your winning shoes too. It’s all about your preferences in the end.

Understanding the situation

Before choosing a pair of golf shoes, we have to keep in mind that not all the golfing shoes are comfortable enough to walk the course. Initially, the primary purpose of the golf shoes was to provide adequate gripping for getting a perfect stance while making a swing.

The main focus was to offer additional traction on the links instead of comfort. Once, I tried to walk 18 holes wearing such shoes. No doubt, the gripping of the shoe was fantastic, but my feet paid for the cost for it later on. Walking the course wearing those shoes doesn’t prove to be a good idea. I ended up having sore feet after spending an entire day on the course.

But there is good news for you. As walking the course tradition is back in fashion, the demand for comfortable golf shoes is skyrocketing. The golf industry shoe manufacturers are now upping their game to offer a premium product that has got all the necessary features.

From spikes to waterproofing, there are a lot of high-end golf shoes available out there. But which will be the right one for you? Which golf shoe suits your needs the most? We are here to help you out with this. Not only will we cover the best golf shoes for walking, but we will also take into consideration various other necessary features. So let’s get started.

Features to consider

Comfort and traction are not the only things that one should consider while choosing a pair of golf shoes. Manufacturers use advanced technology for designing golf shoes these days. It means there are several other features that you should take into account for making an informed decision:

Spiked | Spikeless

Which one to go for, spiked shoe or spikeless? It’s been a long topic of debate between most of the golfers. Some say that spiked shoes are better as they provide a fantastic grip. Others believe that the spikeless shoes can offer a similar level of traction as the spiked ones and are comfortable too. So, which of the golfers is correct? In reality, both are correct. It’s all about preferences.

To make a rational decision, we should first learn about the construction of both types of shoes. The spiked shoes have got spikes on the outsole. The spikeless shoes have got rubberized studs in place of spikes.

When we compare rigidity, the outsole of spiked shoes is comparatively more rigid. The spikeless shoe sole tends to be softer as well as more pliable than spiked ones.

The spiked shoes supporters argue that these shoes offer a better grip on a wet surface and allow a perfect swing. It was right in traditional times, but now the modern soles of spikeless shoes have overcome this issue. Now the spikeless shoes provide a grip as good as the spiked shoes and provide a comfortable feel as it comes with softer soles.

The supporters of spikeless shoes believe that spiked shoes are uncomfortable to walk in and are not even kind to the green. In some of the golf courses, spiked shoes are even banned. But, the young golfing enthusiasts love the feel of spiked shoes and find them comfortable.

Overall, the days have gone where we could decide which shoe is better. Both the type of shoes have got their highs and lows. It all depends on the personal preference of the golfer. Both the shoes are good enough to help you score your personal best.


The feel of the shoe on your feet plays an essential role in your gameplay. A stable foot boosts your confidence while making a swing. It helps in making excellent contact with the golf ball.

The comfort of golf shoes primarily depends on three areas:

  • The first one is the feel of shoes while you walk on course. Due to the increasing trend of walking on course tradition, the shoe manufacturers are focusing on providing better cushion on the feet.
  • Secondly, the feel of the shoe during stride is another vital area that results in a comfy walking experience.
  • The last area that affects comfort is the construction material of the shoe. A suitable material will assist you in keeping your feet dry until the end of the round.


The outer layer of shoes, above the sole, takes care of the breathability, which is another essential point to discuss.

You must be wondering why the airflow to the foot is so important. Adequate airflow inside the shoe makes it more breathable, which results in a dry foot. If there will be no breathability, then the shoe will feel like a humid box with sweaty feet. If you have sweat-free dry feet, then you’ll feel relaxed while walking.

Additionally, adequate airflow will give your feet a fresh feel. It will help your feet produce less sweat during hot summer golfing sessions, which improves stability while making a swing.

So, it would be wise if you go for well-ventilated shoes that have usage of microfiber material along with mesh fitments.


If you are a golf lover who loves to play golf the whole year, then waterproof shoes is another vital thing that you must consider. Waterproof shoes will be your essential golfing companion when it comes to rainy weather. In morning golfing sessions, when grass holds dew, waterproof shoes protect feet from getting wet.

If your feet get wet during the first hole, then it may ruin your rest of the game. I’m not too fond of the feel of wet socks wrapping around my feet. It breaks my concentration, distracting me from focusing on the shot ahead.

So, waterproof shoes are essential to improve the mental side of your game as it will help you to concentrate.

But, you have to make a trade-off between waterproofing and breathability. It is a difficult task to find a material that can provide a perfect combination of both features. At some point, you have to make a compromise in one or the other department. The decision will depend on which weather condition you are going to play. So, in the end, you have to make a choice that can give you the best of both worlds.


How the shoe feels from the inside is what matters the most for a golfer. If the interior of the shoe feels stiff, then it can give an unstable feel to the golfer. An unstable feel means a negative effect on the foundation of a golfer’s swing. Therefore, it is necessary that the cushioning on the insole must be sufficient enough to offer comfort as well as stability to the golfer.

With time, a right insole molds itself as per the shape of the golfer’s feet. It enhances the comfort level. So, while judging the insole of the shoes, the primary criteria are the comfort and feel it provides.


We can say that the outsole is the backbone of golf shoes. The overall performance of shoes depends on it.

Mostly, manufacturers use rigid compounds for constructing the outsole of shoes. It is because a rigid outsole stabilizes the shoes and provides a suitable surface for spikes or studs to connect to the bottom. You will experience a softer sole in case of spikeless shoes or studs in comparison to spiked shoes.

A golfer’s judgment on the outsole will basically depend on the stability, traction, and feel it offers to the feet while walking.

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