Women’s Golf Sets – 8 Best of 2022

For women golfers, the women’s golf set is a perfect way to purchase clubs. You won’t have to worry about loft gapping or club selection. You won’t even have to shop for a new golf bag to hold everything together. Instead, you get an all-in-one option that will fit the needs of your entire golf game.

There are many women’s golf sets on the market, and some are certainly better than others. We have pulled together the best options for 2021 and some really helpful information to narrow down the best one for your game. Find out which one of our choices is your next set of golf clubs.

Best Golf Sets For Women

STRATA Women’s Plus Complete Golf Packaged Sets

Best Overall

image of strata women's plus complete golf packaged sets

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The Callaway Women’s Strata golf clubs are the best overall choice for a women’s golf set. The great thing about these complete sets is not just the quality of the club but also the value. Whether you are new to the game or just need a complete golf set update, this is a very smart choice to consider.

The Callaway Strata Women’s golf package set comes in a few different configurations, but the 14 piece set is our favorite. With this option, you will get a driver, 5 wood, 5 hybrid, 6 to 9 iron, PW, SW, and putter.

In addition, the golf bag and the headcovers for the long game clubs come with the set. So many women’s golf sets do not focus enough on the wedges, and we love that these women’s golf clubs provide both the sand and the pitching wedge.


  • Excellent value for golfers
  • Long distance and forgiveness
  • Callaway is a strong brand to have behind this product


  • Would love one more of the hybrids and drop the 6 iron

Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set

Best Value

image of wilson women's complete golf set

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Purchasing an entire set of golf clubs at once can cause a bit of sticker shock. Luckily there are some women’s golf clubs on the market that are priced affordably. One of those is the Wilson Women’s Complete set. Everything about this set allows for high quality and performance at a very fair price.

The high lofted driver will provide slower swinging golfers much better ball flight and a driver that heads straight down the fairway. In addition, the irons are perimeter weighted with a low center of gravity. This makes them forgiving even out of a difficult lie in the rough.

The graphite shafts and all-weather grips are designed to give women complete control over the golf club. It does not matter if you are a new golfer or have played casually for years; this is one of the best golf club sets for the female golfer.


  • Long distance woods and irons
  • Lightweight graphite design shafts
  • Easy launch sand wedge


  • Golf bag can tip easily

TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Golf Set

Best Premium

image of taylormade golf kalea complete golf set

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Although it may seem like many of the golf club sets on the market are designed for the new golfer, this is not the case. Some of the best women’s golf clubs are designed for golfers of all handicap levels. If you are a golfer that takes the game seriously and wants only the best shaft and club head technology, then the TaylorMade Kalea is the best choice.

TaylorMade is one of those brands that is known for very high club head speeds. With the Kalea brand, you can get high speeds and high loft without changing anything about your swing. This is high-quality equipment, and therefore the price is going to reflect that.

Our favorite thing about the Kalea set is the set makeup. We love that you will get two woods and two hybrids. Women golfers tend to need more help in the long game, and this company is well aware of that issue.


  • Great set makeup
  • Works for beginners and mid handicappers
  • Putter is very high performing with great feel


  • Price is considerably higher than other golf sets for women

Callaway Golf 2021 REVA Complete Golf Set

image of callaway golf 2021 reva complete golf set

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The Callaway Golf 2021 Reva set is a brand new selection from Callaway. If you have played with their Solaire line in the past, you will see that this is an upgrade to that line. Overall, Callaway is known for being one of the best brands for women’s golf equipment. Whether it is an individual driver or fairway wood, Callaway golf knows how to make lightweight and Forgiving drivers and equipment.

The REVA set is built for maximum forgiveness. This set comes with a driver, 5 wood, 6 hybrid, two irons, sand wedge, and the putter. Certainly, this is not as complete of a set as other options on our list. For the new golfer or the player that finds there is not all that much difference between their shot distances, this can be a great choice.


  • Works for a variety of skill levels
  • Each golf club has high ball speed
  • Great looking bag and set of clubs


  • The set is not all that complete, could use a few more irons

Cobra Golf 2021 Women’s Fly XL Complete Set

image of cobra golf 2021 women's fly xl complete set

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Not all companies will have a complete women’s golf set selection as part of their product lineup. Luckily one of the brands you can almost always count on is the Cobra brand. With the Cobra Fly XL complete set, women will have a tremendous mix of distance and scoring clubs to make this one of the best women’s golf club sets on the market.

The thing that will stand out about the Fly XL Complete is the three fairway woods that come with the set. If you are a player that favors your fairway woods, Cobra is the place to go. Each of these woods incorporates technology to get you out of the rough and closer to the hole.

In addition, the set includes a perimeter weighted sand wedge to ensure female golfers have the performance they need around the greens as well. Overall, you will have a hard time finding a better brand for a complete set than Cobra.


  • One of the best golf clubs set configurations for women
  • Great looking bag and clubs
  • Baffler technology in the hybrid for easy performance


  • Since this is a new release, the price is a bit high
  • Lighter color on the bag tends to get dirty faster

MACGREGOR Golf DCT3000 Premium Ladies Golf Clubs Set

image of macgregor golf dct3000 premium ladies golf clubs set

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Macgregor is typically a more value-priced brand when it comes to complete golf club sets for women. Women’s golf clubs can get quite costly, and for those that don’t play that often, spending thousands of dollars on a set of the golf club can seem a bit extreme. Luckily Macgregor has you covered.

Even though this is a fairly priced golf club set, you get some really great technology and options. To start off, the driver is a 460cc pure titanium club head with 13 degrees of loft. We love that the golf club loft is not so high that it costs women golfers valuable yards and distances.

In addition, you will get a fairway wood and a hybrid to round out the long game options on the set. The irons come in the 6-PW, which is a perfect combination for women. The only issue we have with the set is that you will need to add in your own sand wedge. Although this is not a deal-breaker, keep it in mind when comparing golf clubs and their pricing.


  • High MOI putter
  • Fair pricing
  • High performing hybrid club
  • Lightweight and easy to swing women’s golf shaft


  • Will need to add a Sand wedge in for better and more complete golf shot options

Tour Edge Moda Silk Women’s 2020 Model

image of tour edge moda silk women's 2020 model

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The Tour Edge Moda Silk Women’s GOlf club sets are going to easily win the best-looking set on the market. With the Tour Edge, not only do you get the complete golf set of high-performing clubs, but you get a bag and matching headcovers that look great as well.

The Tour Edge Moda Silk comes with a forgiving and offset driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, and the 7-SW in the irons. When you start comparing golf club sets, you will see that this option gives you quite a few clubs for the money.

It’s important to look at the putter options in the golf club sets on our list. The mallet putter is typically more preferred for women’s golf products. The mallet head putter has a higher MOI, and it is generally easier to keep the putts on track. When a ball has enough speed to it, there is a high chance that it will stay on the proper line. This is one of our favorite golf club sets for women, and it is worth the price you pay.


  • Offset and high launching driver
  • Comes with two fairway woods and two hybrids
  • High MOI putter
  • Good sand wedge for bunker shots and approach shots


  • Irons are very oversized and may not appeal to all women golfers

Founders Club Believe Women’s Ladies Complete Golf Set

image of founders club believe women's ladies complete golf set

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Not all women golfers will fit into standard size golf clubs. In fact, getting a set of golf clubs that is the right length for your game can be difficult. For women that are shorter than about 5’5″, looking into a petite set of clubs is a very smart choice.

The Founders Club Believe Women’s golf club sets are a good choice for those that need a petite set of golf clubs. In addition to the driver, you will get a fairway wood and two hybrid irons. This set comes with enough clubs to work for any skill level player.

We love the mallet style putter and the large sole width on the irons. If you are one of those female golfers that struggle to get the golf ball up in the air, this is a smart choice to make. Many women are happy with the quality of the golf bag you get with the Founders Club set. Overall this is a fairly priced and complete option for any female golfer.


  • lightweight and high performing shaft
  • Good number of clubs for the money
  • Ladies flex shaft is very easy to swing


  • Faster swing speeds will struggle with how lightweight these clubs are

And The Best Ladies’ Golf Set is . . .

image of strata women's plus complete golf packaged sets

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After all the golf clubs that we hit and reviewed, the Callaway Strata still comes back as the best women’s golf set on the market. This set stands out because it will appeal to so many players and make the game more enjoyable. The clubs are lightweight, long hitting, and very forgiving.

You won’t get nearly as frustrated playing the game when you use a women’s golf club set like the Callaway Strata. If your budget allows, the Callaway Reva set will have a slightly better feel, but the Strata still wins when it comes to overall value. The only thing left to do is get out there and play some golf!

Buyers Guide

Hopefully, you now feel as though you have a better understanding of the women’s golf club choices on the market. There is no question that the right option exists for you, but it can be hard to narrow things down. Here are a few things to look out for when you make your upgrade.

Set Makeup

Try to consider the importance of the set makeup when you purchase your set. You might find that you are a better fairway wood player than a hybrid player. If this is the case, look for something like the Cobra that has more fairway woods.

Most of the sets are rather similar in their makeup, but the sand wedge and number of hybrids seem to vary quite slightly. Women golfers need a sand wedge. The sand wedge is a very important club for short game accuracy, and each golf bag should have one.


There are many golf club complete set manufacturers out there. Some of these brand names are ones that we know, like Callaway, Cobra, and TaylorMade; however, others may not be quite the same. If a women’s complete set of golf clubs seems as though it is priced too low, chances are it is not a high quality set of clubs. Any of the options on our list are known for being high quality and having relevant technology.


When you first see the price of some of the women’s golf sets on the market, sticker shock may set in. The thing that you must understand when buying a complete golf club set is that the individual components added together would cost much more money. Piecing together a ten piece set with a good Golf cart bag will likely cost you thousands of dollars. Purchasing a women’s complete golf set will actually save you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we get about Women’s Golf complete sets. It’s important to make all of these considerations before deciding on the best set for your game.

How Often Should I Replace My Women’s Golf Clubs?

For women golfers that play often, golf clubs will likely be replaced every five years or so. Golfers that only play a few times a year can get away with a replacement every ten years or so. The more often you replace your equipment, the newer your technology will be. However, from one year to the next, the differences in technology are minimal.

How Many Golf Clubs Should Women Golfers Have In Their Bag?

Most women golfers need about ten to twelve golf clubs in their bags. If you are a slower swing speed player, you won’t need to carry quite as many clubs. The reason is that it takes high club head speed to see differences in distance. If your golf club set has ten to twelve clubs and you don’t feel as though you have a large gap between any of the clubs, that is completely fine.

What Loft Should A Woman’s Driver Be?

Women should look for a driver loft between 12 and 14 degrees. This loft tends to give players the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness for ladies. Some beginner sets will come with 15 degrees of loft, and although this will be easy to launch eventually, it could hold a player back when it comes to distance.

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