Golf clubs for ladies

Technology is constantly changing and there are always new and improved golf clubs being released.

We don’t believe it makes sense to spend thousands of dollars on a new set of women’s golf clubs if you are a beginner. As a matter of fact, the writers at PG Golf Links don’t believe a man, women, or farm animal new to the game of golf should spend thousands on new clubs.

The best ladies golf clubs are going to have all the basics included like a driver, 3 wood, a hybrid, irons, wedges and a putter. Some may even include a bag.

Golf is growing in popularity with women, and the main manufacturers are now devoting time and money in creating the best golf clubs for women. These clubs are slightly different compared to the men’s versions, but some are outstanding.

We relied on some help from our female friends with this review and found some Women’s golf sets that are worth the money.  We also provide you with a buyers guide below.  Let’s check them out!

Best golf club sets for women

Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Our top choice

image of callaway women’s strata ultimate complete golf set

This Callaway set is a perfect option for women golfers. The company is known for its high-quality clubs and top-notch construction. The Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Set is ideal for beginners and helps the player to improve his game.

The set that we are talking about is a 16-piece set which is largest in the strata range. There are other variants too which includes 12-piece and 14-piece set.

The set has got a full titanium 460cc driver with a large sweet spot and 10.5-degree loft. It is a competent driver fully-loaded with Callaway’s high-end technology. The driver comes with a headcover too.

There is 3 as well as 5 wood available in the set. The woods have an aerodynamic design which delivers a great launch. It enables the golfer to hit the ball to an impressive distance. The amount of forgiveness is also really good.

The stainless steel irons also sit inside the set. There is the use of high flight technology in the irons. This technology enables the golfer to hit the ball to a good distance with enhanced control. The irons are highly forgiving with nice weight distribution and provide a great feel too.

Hybrids are popular these days. It is because they are seen as a replacement for long irons. In this set also, there is the inclusion of 4 and 5 hybrids in place of 4 and 5 irons. The good thing about these hybrids is, they are infinitely easier to use in comparison to irons and are also more forgiving. There is the usage of high flight technology in the hybrids too. For protection, there are headcovers in the set for hybrids.

The set comes with a 56-degree sand wedge along with a pitching wedge. The putter also serves well, thanks to the precision face milling.

All the golf clubs come in an attractive looking stylish carry bag with bright colour combinations. There is plenty of storage space in it and also has a back strap for additional comfort while carrying.


  • Good value for the money.
  • All types of clubs are available.
  • Use of high flight technology.
  • Clubs are highly forgiving.
  • Stylish looking carry bag.
  • The grips of all the clubs are comfortable.


  • Not for seasoned players.

Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set

image of wilson golf women’s ultra package set

This Wilson golf set is a good value for money option for both beginners as well as the intermediates. The manufacturers design the clubs with the primary focus on game improvement and distance maximization. The clubs have got a low center of gravity for achieving a great launch. The large sweet spots on the clubs make them highly forgiving. The clubs have perimeter weighting design too. Even if you hit an off-center shot, all these features make sure that the ball travels a fair distance without much deviation off the target.

The shafts of the clubs are lightweight and flexible, making it convenient for the women to hit a perfect shot.

A stylish bag comes with the kit to carry all the golfing stuff. The bag is lightweight and has sufficient storage space. It comes with handles to carry it around.

The set contains irons from 6 to 9 and a pitching wedge. All these irons have a cavity-backed design for some extra forgiveness.  To hit the ball to a greater distance off the tee, there is a 12-degree driver having a large head and lightweight graphite shaft.

As a replacement for challenging long irons, there is a hybrid in the set. There is a fairway wood which has a graphite shaft. For achieving better control as well as accuracy, the set contains a Mallet putter which has a heel/toe weighting.

There are head covers in the set for driver, hybrid, and wood.


  • Good value for the money.
  • High forgiveness.
  • Lightweight clubs.
  • Stylish bag with sufficient storage space.


  • Not a good option for better players.
  • Short women may find the clubs a bit tall.
  • No inclusion of sand wedge in the set.

Cobra Golf Women’s XL Complete Set

image of cobra golf women’s xl complete set

If you are in love with playing golf and want to play it whenever you have the opportunity, then you can invest in this good Cobra Golf club set. The set will help you in improving your game and will serve you for many years. Although it is a quite expensive club set but the quality of the clubs are really good, and the set is comprehensive too.

The focus of the manufactures while making this set is to improve the golfer’s game as well as ball distance. The set is the right choice for beginners as well as better players.

The set has got a 15-degree driver. There are 3 fairway woods too which includes:

  • 3 wood with 19-degree loft.
  • 5 wood with 22-degree loft.
  • 7 wood with 25-degree loft.

These woods will provide you with the versatility you need while going for longer holes.

Beginners find it difficult to handle long irons. For them, there is the inclusion of a 23-degree 5 hybrid in the set. There are headcovers for driver, wood and hybrid.

You will also find 6 to 9 irons in the set along with pitching as well as a sand wedge. The irons offer plenty of forgiveness. Their cavity-backed design, along with perimeter weighting enables the golfer to hit longer distances. The feel, as well as response of the irons, is also nice and the deep undercut provides ease in launching.

There is a blade-style putter in the set with a good alignment aid which provides decent control.

All the clubs in the set comes with a low center of gravity which offers convenience in launching. Optimizes the spin, and allows to hit a good distance. The shafts are also lightweight to enable women to improve swing speed.

There are large-sized Lamkin REL 360 Black grips on the clubs for providing better control, more feel, and great comfort.

Another positive thing about this set is the spacious cart bag. There are 6 pockets in the bag, and all are with zips. There is a waterproof compartment too along with two insulated pockets.


  • Comprehensive set.
  • Quality effective large grips for better control and feel.
  • The cart bag is spacious.
  • Clubs shafts are lightweight.


  • A bit expensive.
  • The blade-style putter may not be ideal for high handicap golfers.

Callaway Women’s Strata Tour Golf Set

image of callaway women’s strata tour golf set

The basic goal of Callaway Women’s Strata Tour Golf Set is:

  • To help the women to get the lowest score possible.
  • To provide improvement in ball speed and achieve better distance.
  • To improve the mishit performance.
  • To ensure a clean and good contact with the ball

The first useful club in the set is the 460cc driver which is lightweight and forgiving. The design of this driver is such that it can provide great power at the time of impact. It helps in hitting the ball as farther as possible off the tee.

To hit a perfect shot off the turf, the fairway wood can help you. The wood has got a large and forgiving clubhead along with a low center of gravity and a smooth sole.

If you are a beginner, then you may find the long irons challenging. Well, don’t worry about them now as they are not included in this set. Instead, there is the inclusion of two hybrids which make it easy to hit the ball right towards the target. You will find a low center of gravity positioning on the hybrid along with an advanced perimeter weighting. It enables easy to launch and long-distance coverage.

You will also find some irons and wedges in the set which have got thin, fast faces with large heads. The high loft of these irons and wedges makes them remarkably forgiving.

The mallet-style putter will help you hit right into the hole. Thanks to the ease in aiming the putter to improve accuracy as well as distance.

This set comes with a cart bag to store all your necessary golf equipment and accessories. The bag is light in weight and protective with no compromise with the durability. The bag comes with a cooler pocket, a rain hood, along with a convenient dual strap system.


  • 460cc driver with a large sweet spot.
  • Fairway woods have got an aerodynamic design.
  • Two easy-to-hit hybrids to replace challenging long irons.
  • Putting becomes easy using the mallet-style putter with alignment.


  • Some golfers complain that the feel of the clubs is not very good.

Aspire XD1 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

image of aspire xd1 ladies women’s complete golf club set

This Aspire club set is an impressive one, according to a lot of happy customers. It is an affordable set with plenty of positive feedbacks from customers.

It has got a titanium driver with a 460cc head. The manufacturers design the driver to provide high forgiveness and great swing speed to optimize the distance.

As an alternative to long irons, the set includes 21-degree hybrid along with a 15-degree fairway wood. Both of these clubs are of stainless steel. The driver, hybrid, and wood come with headcovers.

The irons range from 6 to the pitching wedge. These are cavity-backed irons with stainless steel construction. The design of the irons compliments the ease to launch and forgiveness. There are the use of High Modulus 100% Graphite Shafts for making them lightweight. It allows you to hit maximum distance even with a slow swing. These is a mallet-style putter in the set too for better accuracy and control.

The set includes a matching stand bag which has got dual straps for convenience while carrying the bag around. There is plenty of storage space in the bag.

The set is only available for right-handed golfers. But, the benefit is, you can choose between the regular size clubs or petite size for shorter women.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Two size options available.
  • Dual strap bag for convenience.
  • Lightweight and comfortable clubs having quality shafts.


  • No inclusion of sand wedge in the set.
  • Only the right-hand orientation set available.

Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Package Set

image of wilson golf profile platinum package set

The Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Package Set is one of those club sets that has everything to cover each area of your game.

One of the best things that I like about this set is the use of game improvement technology in the irons and driver. All the clubs offer plenty of forgiveness which enables the golfer to hit the ball perfectly. It also helps in boosting the confidence of the player.

You will find a large sweet spot in the hybrid along with a reinforced graphite shaft which improves the distance coverage.

The engineering of the clubs includes the usage of Profile Platinum technology which positions the mass very low. The center of gravity of the clubheads is also low. These features help to hit longer straight shots with improvement in launch trajectory.

Off-center shots are nicely hit using the thin, hot iron face with large sweet spot and perimeter weighted.

The cart bag has got a number of pockets with double padded shoulder straps. It also comes with easy fitting handles for added convenience.

The unique thing about this set is, it is available in three size options, i.e. regular, tall, and petite.


  • The set contains almost all the necessary clubs.
  • Use of game improvement technology.
  • Forgiving irons with large sweet spots.
  • Comfort in carrying golf equipment using the double shoulder straps.


  • A bit expensive.

Women’s golf club sets

Why Invest In Golf Clubs Specifically Designed For Women?

It is the most common question that everyone asks. Is it necessary to buy a club set which specially designed for women? Is there a problem if they use a similar type of golf clubs as their male counterparts? The truth is, there is not much difference between the two. It is not necessary that you need to buy a different set specifically for women. However, there are some benefits of using women-specific golf clubs:

The Size Of The Club Will Fit Better

In general, the height of women tends to be shorter in comparison to men. It is because of this reason, the length of the golf clubs for women is kept shorter than the standard size of golf clubs for men.

For hitting a perfect shot, it is necessary that the length of the clubs is in alignment with the golfer’s height. If you are a woman with a tall height, then it will be good if you choose “+1” size golf clubs for women. Or, you can go for standard size men clubs.

If you are a woman with an average height or a bit on the short side, then your best interest will be in purchasing the golf set specifically designed for women.

It’s not just about getting a length for a perfect fit; it is also about the lie. You’ll find that the lie on a woman’s club is more upright in comparison to the man’s club. The manufacturer’s do so because women tend to stand within a close range of the ball at the time of setting up, due to short height.

Better Flexibility

Manufacturers design the women clubs in such a way that they provide better flexibility than the men’s clubs. Having better flexibility offers the ease to get the ball in the air if you are a slow swinger. Flexibility also helps in hitting a ball to a greater distance. So, if you have a swing speed which is not that fast, then it’s better to use the best golf clubs for women. It will help you get your ball a little further.

Finding A Complete Set Is Easier

The women golf clubs marketing is better than men’s. It means you are more likely to find a complete club set which includes all the necessary clubs for your assistance.

Buying all the variety of clubs in a single set is a great deal. It is also inexpensive in comparison to purchasing each club separately. If you are a beginner, then you’ll enjoy playing with a complete set as you’ll learn about each type of club. The best part is, it is very much easier to find a complete set for women.

Good Looking Clubs

When it comes to the looks and appearance of the golf clubs, then women clubs are way more attractive looking than men’s. The detailing, colour, and pattern of women clubs make them stand apart.

If we look at the men clubs, then they are very basic looking and have limited colour options. You mainly find colours like black, grey, and white in men’s clubs.

When looking for women golf clubs, the main issue that you’ll face is regarding the colour variants. Several manufacturers out there believe that women only prefer colours like pink and purple. The good thing is various manufacturers now design clubs with different colour patterns.

Factors To Consider While Picking Golf Club Sets For Women

Whether you are purchasing men’s clubs or women’s, there are several factors that you need to consider. So, let’s discuss each one of these factors and learn a little bit about them.


The first factor that we are discussing is the price. It is because the price is an essential factor for most of the people.

Golfing is an expensive hobby. Even a single club can cost you hundreds of dollars. Manufacturers make sure that these high-priced clubs last for several years. But, if you are a beginner, then there is no sense in spending a fortune in a single golf club.

For beginners, it is wise to first invest in a starter set. Although they are not that much durable as the expensive clubs, but they can get the job done.

There is no need for you to break a bank to purchase a starter club set. Additionally, using a beginner’s kit will help you understand the game. It will give you the chance to decide whether you would like to pursue the game of golf seriously or not.

Length Of The Club

Club’s length is one of the primary factors which decides the perfectness of the shot. It is essential to take sufficient time to look at the length of each type of club in the set. Check the package to ensure the size. If there is no size listed on the package or if there is a single size listed, then it means that the clubs are of standard size.

The standard size of a driver and a 5 iron is around 43” and 37” respectively. If you have a tall height, then the standard size clubs will work for you. If your height is more on the shorter side, then select short clubs that suits you the most.

You can take a look at the size chart of clubs to ensure which size you should pick. It will be best if you get a chance to test the golf clubs in person.


Manufacturers usually make use of two materials to construct club shafts, i.e. graphite and steel. Graphite makes the clubs lightweight. On the other hand, steel shafts are a bit heavier than graphite.

For women golf clubs, manufacturers generally use graphite shafts. It is because it will be easier for women to use the clubs if they are lightweight.

However, if you are a seasoned golfer and you have got the skills to control the club, then steel shaft clubs will work best for you.

Grip Size

The size and feel of the grip matter a lot. While holding the club, the comfort level of the grip determines how perfectly you are going to hit the shot.

Mostly, large grips give you the best comfort level. But, women clubs usually come with smaller grips as women hands tend to be smaller than the men.

The positive thing is, you can easily change the grip according to your preference, and it is inexpensive too. So, if you find a club set that has everything you have got except the grip, then go for it as you can change the grip later on.


Previously, golf was a male-dominant game. But, this is the 21st century, and everything has changed. Now, women are also showing interest in golf and breaking all the social barriers in the process.

With the high demand of women clubs, the manufacturers are now designing high-quality clubs specifically for women.

In this article, we have discussed the best top-notch high-quality clubs for women. We even listed out some of the important factors that one should consider while purchasing women clubs. In our view, all the above-listed club sets are magnificent. But, the best golf clubs for women title goes to the Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set.

It is a comprehensive set with high-quality clubs which provide great value for the money. This affordable set has got a good mix of clubs which makes it ideal for the beginners. The set contains almost all the golf clubs that a golfer needs for a good golf round. The clubs offer high forgiveness, ultimate comfort, and great performance.

So, give a thought to your golfing skills and your preferences and needs for selecting the clubs that work best for you.

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