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The Titleist Vokey Wedges always stand out as some of the best on the market. Titleist takes their wedge game seriously, and it has made it so that many PGA Tour professionals proudly carry the Vokey in their golf bag. The Titleist Vokey design SM7 wedges feature some very impressive spin milled grooves and enough technology to earn a spot in your golf bag for years to come. If you wonder whether or not the Vokey SM7 wedges are the best choice for your game, we have all the information you will need.

What to Know About the Titleist Vokey SM7

Here are the most important factors of the Vokey SM7 Wedge and how they will impact your golf game. Doing a bit of research before purchasing your SM7 will ensure it is the right fit for your game.


One of the positives (and sometimes negatives) of the Vokey SM7 is that it comes in various specifications. You can order this wedge with different finishes, lofts, grinds, shafts, and more.


The SM7 comes with three different finishes. They are the Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, and Jet Black. Although each of these finishes offered great performance and feel, many players believe the darker colors give them a better touch on a short shot around the green.


Depending on the grind that you choose, the SM7 wedge is available in a variety of lofts. If you want to put something in your bag to replace a pitching wedge, you can. In addition, you will have lots of options for sand, lob, and gap wedge lofts throughout the SM7 offerings.

Bounce & Grind

Titleist SM7 wedges offer more bounce and grind options than any other wedge on the market. If you want something that has more versatility or a wedge built specifically to your needs on your home course, you can find that with Titleist. From thin sole to full sole and all the different grinds in between, the SM7 has many choices.


The Titleist Vokey design SM7 wedges have the spin milled grooves than previous Titleist releases have had. However, they are continually improving the effectiveness and versatility of these grooves. If you want ultimate control over your shorter shots, the SM7 can provide that. Many players think that their clubhead speed or swing mechanics are causing the ball not to spin around the greens; many times, it is simply because the grooves are not nearly as good. The SM7 Vokey wedges can fix that.


Bob Vokey is a master craftsman when it comes to wedge design. Regardless of your swing type and playing ability, there is a Titleist wedge that will work for you. The thing that has always set Titleist apart is the feel of their clubs. The soft feel allows for so much finesse and control, yet you still get the speed and MOI you need to get the job done around the greens.


When you purchase the SM7 for your bag, it will be in place for quite some time. In fact, people don’t update their Vokey wedges all that often because these clubs were made with quality and durability in mind. The process of developing the wedge includes a unique heat application that will keep the grooves in place for many years.

Player Handicap

If you are a low handicap player, you likely already have a Vokey wedge in your bag. Many higher handicap players worry that the SM7 is not the right fit for them because it is manufactured by Titleist. Luckily this is not the case. Titleist wedges are for any handicap and designed for players that understand how important the short game can be. If you want to improve around the greens and can learn simple mechanics to help your pull off great shorter shots, the SM7 is the perfect solution.


The Vokey SM7 wedge is actually quite well priced. The SM8 has been released since the SM7 came out and has helped lower the price of the SM7. Overall the value that you get from the Titleist Vokey wedge will stand out as an excellent value.

Alternatives to the Titleist Vokey SM7

If you think that Titleist Vokey SM7 may not be the right choice for your game, there are many other wedge choices on the market. Here are a few that you can consider.

Callaway Golf Men’s Matte Black Mack Daddy 4

image of callaway golf men's matte black mack daddy 4

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The Callaway Golf Men’s Mattel Black Wedge is a great feeling and high-performing wedge that will help golfers of all handicap levels. Similar to the Vokey, the Mack Daddy 4 has many different loft bounce and grind combinations to fit the needs of a variety of players. Some people find the Mack Daddy to be slightly more forgiving than the Vokey.

Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX 4 Wedge

image of cleveland golf men's rtx 4 wedge

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Cleveland Golf is known for creating high quality wedges and short game projects. The RTX 4 wedge is a great club to hit out of the bunker, and it is perfect for distance control. Unlike the Vokey, the bounce and grind options are much simpler, making it easy to choose a sand wedge or lob wedge for your bag.

Titleist Vokey SM7 FAQ’s

How Do I Know Which SM7 Wedge To Purchase?

With all of the bounce and grind options you have for a Vokey wedge, it can be hard to know which is best for your game. Most professionals will tell you that it makes sense to keep a variety of wedges in your bag. Ensure that the lofts are not all the same, and make sure that the bounce and grind options are varied. It’s smart to have a high bounce wedge, low bounce wedge, and a mid bounce throughout your set. This variation allows you to have a complete option for hitting a variety of golf shots.

Is The Vokey SM7 Wedge The Best?

The Vokey SM7 wedge is a great choice for golfers that care about feel, spin, and performance on their shots. If you want something that allows you to attack pins from various locations on the course, the SM7 is a perfect choice. The spin milled grooves on the Vokey wedges are a great choice for golfers that have always struggled to get the ball to stop and spin on the greens. Sometimes the inability to spin the ball on the greens is more about the equipment than the player.

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