The Best Golf Wedges for Mid-Handicappers

If you are a mid-handicapper looking for a good golf wedge, make sure you do your research and some homework before finding quality golf wedges. There is not just price that matters but many other factors that a player must take into account to choose a golf wedge that will not only impact the game but will last for long as a valuable golf asset.

There are a lot of options for golf wedges for mid-handicappers to choose from now. Initially, there were just two types of golf wedges used by all kinds of golf players irrespective of their ability to play. But with an advancement in technology and research and development, three additional kinds of wedges came into existence, taking the total number of types of wedges available now to five.

A wedge must be one of the most favorite clubs in a bag of any mid-handicapper but must be perfect and have the shot-making ability to lower the handicap. Putting the right wedge is all that good players need to do!

To help out all fantastic mid-Handicappers, we have listed down the topmost amazing wedges out there. But before we head over to our top 5, let’s understand what these wedges are and which factors make them perfect for Mid-Handicappers.

How will you know what kind of golf wedges are suitable for you as a mid-handicapper? There are so many facts to consider before you choose the ‘worth every penny’ wedges. Below is a template of facts and information on wedges to help you out!

Rundown: Top 5 Wedges for Mid-handicappers

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy Forged Wedge

image of callaway golf mack daddy forged wedge

The Callaway Golf Mack Daddy is one of the most popular wedges among mid-Handicappers. Callaway Golf Mack Daddy Forged has a loft of 52 degrees. It is one of the best ‘gap’ wedges that are available for golfers who are mid-handicappers. This wedge is made up of 1025 soft steel that makes it quite amazing to experience the right feel.

This wedge is great for mid-handicappers for the great grip and command it offers. Callaway Golf Mack is also known as one of the most amazing wedges for backspins. The incorporated 16 grooves in this wedge allow the body of the wedge to spin properly.

There are some amazing features that this wedge has. A wedge with a unique shape and an overall strong, steel body, this wedge is a favorite among mid-handicappers. This wedge comes with a “custom designed” grip that allows every mid-handicapper to play all kinds of shots with confidence.

This wedge has almost 16 grooves installed in the body that give the right stopping power to the golfer. This wedge is available in two different kinds of finish, copper layer and brushed slate finish. It comes with a shaft made from a gold tour that gives the player a strong grip. The R sole grind on this wedge is a great addition to its overall design. This grind gives the user the versatility to play in different kinds of grasses.

This wedge is quite a favorite one of many golfers. It has the caliber to become one of the best wedges for mid handicappers anytime soon. It does rust a lot and might look old after just a few games, but mostly all wedges rust, so this shouldn’t be a big concern. It is great to help a golfer improve his performance.

What we liked

  • Best for players who are looking to create an appreciable backspin
  • The responsive feel it offers makes it the best one from the rest.
  • The stopping power on shots is a great ability that this wedge has.

What we didn’t like

  • Some golfers might take time to get used to the shape of this wedge
  • The wedge can rust very easily

Cleveland RTX-3

image of cleveland rtx-3

If you are looking for a wedge that most golfers play with, then Cleveland RTX-3 is another “worth-every penny” kind of a wedge for mid-handicappers. It is a wedge that almost 84% of golfers go for. Cleveland is one of the most popular names of wedges that stand out and above all its competitors. As observed, most golfers choose to use cavity back irons, so it is very understandable to add cavity back wedges in most golf kits to complete a set.

Cavity back wedges also provide a great feel and fit well with cavity back irons. RTX-3 wedges are carefully crafted and designed with lots of precision because of the high demand for cavity back wedges. RTV-3 wedges have a loft of 56 degrees and a bounce of almost 11 degrees. This design and specifications are ideal for pulling the ball out of the sand in seconds. Hitting shots also become quite approachable.

This wedge contains some amazing features. This wedge has a loft of 56 degrees and an 11 degrees bounce, which is perfect for great hits. Cleveland wedges have a dot system on their wedges.  RTX-3 has three bounce options, which help the players to play at a comfortable angle.

The RTV-3 wedge has a rough face and deep grooves that make the wedges work perfectly on even thick grass. Made up of a perfect steel body, this wedge is a great addition to your wedge collection.

Calling Cleveland RTX-3 the next big thing in the world of wedges won’t be a wrong statement to make. This wedge is designed especially for mid-handicappers who love a great spin and a game-improvement wedge. With a perfect shape, structure, and body RTX-3 is also great for beginners and can improve their game.

What we liked

  • These are cavity back wedges that are great for shots
  • The sharp grooves provide a great spin and enhance performance
  • Sits well with any cavity back iron set

What we didn’t like

  • Since this is a “game-improvement” wedge, the shot shaping it offers is reduced compared to what other wedges offer.

TaylorMade Milled Grind Satin Nickel Chrome Finish wedge

image of taylormade milled grind satin nickel chrome finish wedge

Taylormade always has the pressure to make excellent and smart wedges because most golfers playing with Taylormade sets are tour players, and they need these special wedges to complete their sets for tours.

TaylorMade Milled Grind wedge is great for mid-handicappers. Why? Well, there are many reasons. The first factor that makes these wedges different from the rest is the availability of different configurations. A player can get them with lofts varying from50 degrees to 60 degrees with an option to choose from the high, low, or medium bounce. This implies that the player can tweak their wedge according to the way they want to play.

Taylormade Milled Grind is rated as one of the top sand wedges because they offer high trajectory if your game gets stuck in the sand. Milled grind has a unique design with a sole that offers a very minimalist design. This wedge will appeal to all those players who are always looking for “classy” wedges. There are well-designed grooves incorporated in this wedge that makes it great to make a full spin.

This wedge is full of amazing features that can convince you to buy it now. This wedge offers a classy design and minimalist structure that attracts many players. The varying configurations on the wedge help all mid-handicappers t play the game on their own terms.

This is a great sand wedge that offers a high trajectory. The grooves are newly designed and incorporate well with the wedge. This wedge offers three styles of bounce.

To call TaylorMade Milled Grind one of the sexiest wedges won’t be wrong at all. These wedges offer a classy design and a well-developed structure to help the player play golf on his terms. Although less forgiving, these wedges are great for players to improve their game.

What we liked

  • The classy look of the wedge attracts many players
  • The three styles of bounce provide great comfort for all kinds of players to play the game just the way they want to

What we didn’t like

  • These wedges are less forgiving, so only low and mid handicappers must use them

Tour Edge Triple Grind Sole Wedge

image of Tour Edge Triple Grind Sole Wedge

If you are a mid-handicapper and are looking for a small tour wedge, Triple Grind Sole Wedge will meet your needs. Tour Edge is known for the quality this brand offers, and all golfers are very much aware of the products produced under this label.

Triple Grind Sole offers a loft of 56 degrees and has a shaft made up of strong stainless steel. The design of this wedge is unique. The wedge looks like a pear, and its sole is made purely for tours. The sole helps eliminate bounce, which enhances workability and performance and also improve shot-making techniques.

There are so many features that we liked. This wedge has a sturdy pear-shaped design that makes it workable in many different situations. The design is made for golfers on tours that are not looking for big wedges. The triple grind sole is crafted to improve the shot-making techniques of players. This wedge offers an improved feel and dampening of vibration than its previous version.

This is a great wedge for tour players who love small wedges. The price of the wedge is extremely low compared to the quality and sturdiness it has to offer. The workability it promises is great to enhance the performance of mid-handicappers on tour.

What we liked

  • ​It is extremely cheap when compared to the quality it has to offer​​​​​
  • ​The quality of the wedge is perfect for any tour golf player

What we didn’t like

  • This is an old model, and so many new models can easily replace this wedge.

Majek Golf Senior Wedge set

image of majek golf senior wedge set

Known as the most appropriate wedge for senior mid-handicappers, Majek Golf Senior Wedges are quite great to make it on our top 5 list. This wedge set has 52, 56, and 60 degrees wedge and has shafts with a senior flex. The shafts are made from alloy steel, allowing them to have some weight that helps the player stay down. This wedge set pricing is fair as the quality of the wedges it offers is pretty high.

There are some great features of this wedge that are quite unavoidable. The stainless steel body of this wedge helps the player to stay down after hitting a shot. The set comes with wedges with three different lofts that are 52, 56, and 60 degrees. The shaft of the wedge is a senior flex. This golf wedge is also very forgiving.

Senior golfers who have a slow swing speed should get their hands on this Majek golf senior wedge set. The wedges in this set are designed to perfect for senior golfers who aim to remain as mid-handicappers for a long time. The build and design of the wedge suits the needs of senior players, and the price is also quite low

What we liked

  • This wedge is extremely easy to hit
  • The set has three different wedges with different lofts
  • The price of this whole set is quite low as compared to the quality that it offers

What we didn’t like

  • The spin and feel both are not very good and satisfying.


All the above are excellent wedges that offer excellent quality and justifiable price. Made with so much attention to detail, all the above wedges are great for mid-handicappers to improve and ace their games.

When choosing our top favorite from the above list, it does become really hard to pick one, but Cleveland RTX-3 is slightly better than the rest. This is because it’s an excellent cavity back wedge that most golfers opt for. This wedge offers great workability, spin and helps a golfer to improve his performance. Other than that, all the above options are perfect in their way, and if you are willing to buy a wedge, don’t forget to get through this list before you make the final decision.

If you didn’t find the perfect wedge so far, you may want to check out other reviews on


Types of Wedges

There are four types of Wedges that a player has to choose from. He can keep all or choose one or two from the four given categories. The four different types are pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge, and gap wedge. It is vital to know which kind of golf wedge functions best for Mid-Handicappers, and for that, reading the below information will guide you to the right tool.

Sand Wedge

A sand wedge comes in handy to hit a ball from tall grass and sand. Sand wedges that have a loft between 54° to 58° are rated as top sand wedges. These wedges can help the ball to travel up to 100 yards.

Pitching Wedge

A pitching wedge is considered one of the best wedges for mid Handicappers. The loft range of pitching wedges is between 44° to 49° and can make the ball reach high up in the sky. A pitching wedge is also great for people who have just started to learn golf.

Lob Wedge

If you are a mid-handicapper looking for a high trajectory shot, a lob wedge will work wonders for you. Lob wedges have a loft of 59° to 65 and are great to avoid obstacles.

Gap Wedge

A gap wedge can have a loft between 50° to 54° and is a wonderful option for normal swings when the hole is just 80 to 100 yards away.

Now that we have learned so much about all kinds of perfect wedges let’s welcome our top five picks for wedges that are great for mid handicappers and can add lots of power and discipline in their game.

The Required Angle of the Wedge

The loft of the wedges is one of the biggest concerns of mid-handicappers or any golf player, for that matter. The loft is the angle of the wedge and can vary from wedge to wedge. The loft of clubs can vary from 9° to 13°. A mid-handicapper must settle down for a wedge with a high angle. A wedge with a high angle will make it easier for a mid-handicap golfer to hit a backspin on the ball. This results in the ball spinning high above the ground, creating a good trajectory shot but with far less distance.

The rule of the thumb with golf wedges is the higher the wedge’s angle, the higher the ball will spin. This is the reason why golfer keeps more than one wedges with different lofts in their sports bag. To cover all kinds of situations, it’s always clever to buy wedges with different lofts.

The Importance of a Great ‘Bounce’ Of Your Wedges

One more element to look into before buying a good wedge for Mid-Handicappers is the bounce of a wedge. The bounce of a wedge prevents the wedge from digging in the turf while performing pitches and bunker shots.

The bounce of a wedge is divided into many categories: sole angle, sole, and the leading edge. Now that there are so many kinds of bounces to consider, how should a mid-handicapper choose the most appropriate wedge without getting overwhelmed? The answer to this question lies in how a player plays his game. If a player digs the ball, he must get a wedge that has a lot of bounce. If a golfer sweeps the ball, he should get a wedge that creates less bounce. Wedges with low bounce vary from 0° to 5° bounce. Medium bounce wedges stat from 6° to 10°. Wedges with a high bounce range between 10° to 14°.

All Kinds of Grooves That a Wedge Must Have

If you are a mid-handicapper and are looking for wedges great for backspin, you must research the grooves of the wedge. The grooves are very important to produce spin and to form a strong grip on the ball. Deep grooves have been banned as they create more backspin and unfair advantage. This ban has limited the type of grooves required for a perfect wedge.

A wedge is more than just a golf tool. It is an essential part of your golf kit that can break or make your game, so it is important to do proper homework before you get one for yourself.

Now that we have learned so much about all kinds of perfect wedges, let’s welcome our top five picks for wedges that are great for mid-handicappers and can add lots of power and discipline to their game.

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