Best wedge for high handicapper

The better you can get at hitting wedges, the easier it is to turn a triple bogey into a bogey. Wedges can get us close enough to the hole for a tap in putt, or they can send us back and forth over the green six times. Finding a wedge that is a good fit for your golf game will likely take a bit of trial and error; however, it will be worth the time.

High handicappers are lucky that the wedge technology on the market is continuing to expand and improve. Wedges that used to be difficult to work with and hit cleanly are now more forgiving and offer better green side spin. If you are looking for the best wedges for high handicappers, we have pulled together the top options for 2021.

There is an option on this list for all budgets and in all lofts.

Best wedges for high handicap golfers

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

image of callaway mack daddy cb wedge

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The Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge is the best wedge for high handicappers and beginners. Everything about this wedge is done to make it more forgiving and easier to hit. It does not matter if you are in a tight fairway position or have a lot of rough to get out of the Mack Daddy CB can help you get it done.

The new Groove in Groove Technology helps create more traction and connection between the club face and the golf ball. This allows for a better spin, which is very important in a wedge for beginners. This is more of a cavity back style wedge that comes in four sole grinds. With the perfectly positioned center of gravity and chrome or black matte finish, you won’t find better wedges for beginners and high handicappers.


  • New cavity back design technology
  • Impressive spin for a cavity back style wedge
  • It comes with many shaft/grip/loft/grind combinations.
  • Transitions well into a Callaway iron set


  • Club head can be a bit bulkier looking than other sand wedge or lob wedge options

Cleveland Golf CBX 2

image of cleveland golf cbx 2 wedge

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It probably comes as no surprise to see Cleveland at the top of the list for wedges for high handicappers and beginners. Cleveland Golf makes some of the best wedges on the market, and they will appeal to golfers of all different handicap types. If you want something with tour proven quality and consistency, the Cleveland Golf CBX 2 is the way to go.

The CBX is a hollow cavity design that has a great feel and a lot of availability. If you want to play the Cleveland CBX 2 from your pitching down through your lob wedge, it is easy to do so. Many of the same groove and sole characteristics that we see on the premium wedges will also be part of the CBX 2 series. This wedge has been around for two years now, so that you will get some great pricing on it as well.


  • Great feel for a cavity back design
  • Available in many lofts from pitching wedge to sand wedge to lob wedge
  • Three different sole grinds to put together a great set of wedges
  • Very soft and reliable feel


  • Not the latest release from Cleveland

Square Strike Wedge -Pitching & Chipping Wedge for Men & Women

image of square strike wedge

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One of the issues that a high handicapper will run across is learning several different types of golf swings. It seems overwhelming to have a swing for the driver, the wedge, and then the putter. For higher handicappers that want forgiving wedges that only require a simple putting stroke type swing, the Square Strike Wedge is a perfect option to consider.

The leading edge on the Square Strike is going to look very much like a putter. You can swing the Square STrike with a putting stroke, and the ball will get up in the air quickly and roll to the hole. The concept here is to keep your swing as simple as possible and benefit from a very forgiving wedge. The Square Strike is undoubtedly the most forgiving choice on the market for high handicappers in 2021.


  • Easy to hit
  • Helpful around the greens, impossible to hit fat
  • Sole of the club built specifically for forgiveness
  • Game improvement wedge technology


  • The unique looking design takes some time to get used to
  • Not a good choice for bunker shots

C3i Wedge – Premium Sand Wedge, Lob Wedge for Men & Women

image of c3i wedge

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Most high handicappers and beginners are going to dread hitting shots out of a bunker. There is no debating the fact that a sand shot is a difficult one to hit. The best wedges for high handicappers will have lots of loft, a wider sole, and an easy launch out of a bunker. Although the C3i is not a common brand name for golf wedge technology, we are very impressed with the ability to get a ball out of a bunker with this club in hand.

The C3i Wedge is available in a lob wedge with 65 degrees of loft. This incredibly high loft makes it possible for higher handicap players and beginners to get the ball up and over the lip of a bunker. The black finish and clean lines on the C3i will appeal to almost any player. If the bunkers scare you, this is the tool you need in your golf bag.


  • One of the best wedges for beginners that fear bunkers
  • Available in three different lofts
  • Wide sole for better turf interaction
  • More of a cavity back style wedge


  • Not available in a pitching wedge loft
  • No golf irons to match

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedges

image of wilson harmonized golf wedges

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A Wilson Harmonized golf wedge is one of the best values on the market for high handicappers and beginners. You will notice that this wedge comes in at a price that is sometimes less than half of the price of other wedges on the market. However, the technology, feel, and forgiveness in the Wilson Harmonized is quite good.

This happens to be one of the best wedges for beginners who purchase a set that does not contain a sand wedge. You can put a Harmonized in the bag for a very fair price and benefit from the turf interaction. The new sole design allows the club to be manipulated so that you can hit both high and low lofted shots.


  • One of the best wedges for beginners
  • Blade shaped design is very clean looking
  • True temper shaft for a softer feel around the greens


  • Limited loft/bounce combinations
  • The blade style is not as forgiving

Cleveland Golf 2020 Smart Sole G 4.0 Wedge RH 50 Steel WedgeG

image of cleveland golf 2020 smart sole g 4.0 wedge

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One of the major issues that high handicappers struggle with is hitting a bladed wedge shot. This means that the shot is hit thin and it will role or run across the green away from the pin. To avoid this, it is often recommended that beginners and high handicappers get a wedge with a wide sole. The Cleveland Smart Sole wedges have an impressively large sole to help improve turf interaction and forgiveness.

The feel balancing technology helps to improve on the center of gravity technology and gives players more overall forgiveness in their shots. There are three different lofts in the Smart Sole, allowing players to benefit from a gap wedge, a sand wedge, and a chipper.


  • Milled grooves for more spin
  • It comes in a chipper style for ultimate forgiveness
  • Repositioned center of gravity for better ball flight


  • Not the best model for full swing approach shots with the wedges

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges

image of cleveland golf- rtx zipcore tour satin wedge

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The Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges are a newer release from Cleveland. Although these clubs are not built specifically for high handicappers and beginners, they have some of the best qualities for golfers looking to improve their wedge game. If your current handicap is high, but you have intentions to bring it down, the ZipCore can be a great option.

The ZipCore has a very high Moment of Inertia or MOI that helps players get more spin with their shots. In addition, the ZipCore has a heat treatment in place that ensures the grooves stay in perfect condition for years to come. The UltiZip Grooves are sharp, narrow, and deep, allowing golfers who need game improvement technology to hit the ball much closer to the pin.

Regardless of the shots around the green, you are trying to hit, you will have no trouble with these Tour Zip Grooves getting it done.


  • Impressive feel, an improvement from the Cleveland CBX series
  • Good distance control
  • All-around performer in short game, both long and short shots
  • Help get the ball up in the air quicker


  • Higher priced golf wedge

Cobra King MIM Black Wedge

image of cobra king mim black wedge

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When high handicappers looking for forgiving wedges, feel does not have to be sacrificed. Cobra does a great job of making golf clubs that are easier to hit and have a great feel. The new MIM or Metal injection construction gives golfers a softer, more responsive impact and better distance control.

For high handicappers that have a hard time getting spin on the ball, the progressive spin technology included with the MIM wedges will completely change the short game spin that you can get from your wedges. The MIM Black wedge is also one of the better-looking options on the market. Whether you are hitting bunker shots or taking a full swing to approach a pin, this is a wedge all high handicappers in 2021 should try.


  • CNC Milled Face
  • Progressive spin
  • Versatile grind


  • Not a cavity back with perimeter weighting

And The Winner Is . . .

image of callaway mack daddy cb wedge

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The Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge is the best wedge for high handicappers in 2021. If you are new to the game and your handicap is high because of lack of experience, the CB wedge can teach you how to perform from tight lies, hit impressive bunker shots, and get your scoring clubs to do what is necessary they are supposed to on the course. Finding the right golf wedge and learning how to hit a variety of shots can take a high handicapper to the low handicapper category quite quickly.

Buyers Guide

At this point, you should have a better idea as to what the best wedges on the market are for high handicappers. In years past, when there were just one or two forgiving choices on the market, it could be a bit more complicated to find a match. In 2021, wedges for high handicappers are plentiful; now it’s time to narrow down which one is best for your game. Here is what we believe at PG Golf Links are some of the criteria to consider.


Wedges typically range in the loft from 45 degrees to 65 degrees. This is quite a large gap, and most golfers will want to have at least three or four wedges in the golf bag. Whether you are hitting onto the green from 100 yards away or 50 yards away, you will want some versatility in the clubs that you can choose.


The style of the wedge is either cavity back, blade, or chipper. The blade style wedges are typically best for the lower or high handicappers working on lowering their scores. Cavity back style wedges are the most common choice for beginners and high handicappers. The chipper is a unique style wedge that works similar to a putter and allows for a simple stroke.


The best wedge for high handicappers and beginners will have a shaft that matches the irons in the bag. IF your sand wedge has a steel wedge flex shaft but your eight iron has a graphite senior shaft, this is much too big of a difference to stay consistent throughout your entire golf game.


The pricing of a wedge can be as low as $50, and some wedge cost over $200. The price of the wedges for high handicappers is not the most important factor. Instead, it is essential to pick something that is forgiving and allows you to hit a variety of golf shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the best wedges for high handicappers and beginners can be difficult. It is best to do research and ask questions prior to making your purchase. Wedges can last in the golf bag for a number of years, and ensuring you get a great fit is imperative.

How Many Wedges Should A High Handicapper Carry?

Although it is typically common for lower handicappers to carry four wedges, it is also a good idea for high handicappers. High handicappers should have a pitching wedge, gap wedge (sometimes called approach wedge), sand wedge, and lob wedge in the bag. Only when you have this combination of wedge choices can you hit all of the types of shots around the green that you may need to hit.

Should High Handicappers Use A Lob Wedge?

To have a great short game, you will need to be able to hit the ball high. Lob wedges have the highest loft and offer more launch and trajectory than any other wedge in the bag. In addition, lob wedges are great for hitting shots out of a bunker. If you are a high handicapper, don’t be afraid of lob wedges; practice with it and learn the unique advantages that it can produce.

What Company Makes The Most Forgiving Wedge For High Handicappers?

Callaway and Cleveland make the most forgiving wedges for high handicappers. Titleist wedges tend to cater to the better players as they make more of a traditional blade style wedge. Overall if you want to improve your game, you will be satisfied with the choices from both Cleveland and Callaway.

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