Best gap wedge for 2022

For years it was a golfers preference on whether to carry a gap wedge or not. Today, however, gap wedges have become a necessity. Players don’t have a choice about whether or not to use a gap wedge simply because of the loft gaps between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.

In 2021, you are going to need a gap wedge. We have put together some of the best gap wedges on the market for all different handicaps and budgets. Let’s find you a great gap wedge to put in your bag this year.

Top gap wedges reviewed

Callaway Mack Daddy 5

image of callaway mack daddy 5

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The Callaway Mack Daddy 5 is the best overall gap wedge on the market. IF you are looking for something with a unique bounce, grind, or loft, this is the place to look. The Callaway Mack Daddy wedges come in so many different options that they have quickly become one of the easiest gap wedge choices to fill in your bag.

The Mack Daddy 5 is a precisely shaped wedge that has a great look and incredible feel. The Mack Daddy 5 Jaws wedge also comes in various finishes so that you can find the perfect option for your short game. For the lower lofts like the 50 and the 52, the sole grind will be a bit thinner to help bridge that gap between short irons and wedges.


  • High performing stock shafts
  • Easy to find a golf wedge in any loft
  • Pitching wedge and sand wedge options available for a matching set
  • New grinds available in 2021


  • Blade style wedges are never that forgiving

Cleveland Golf- RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge

image of cleveland golf- rtx zipcore tour satin wedge

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The Cleveland Golf RTZ ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge is a new golf wedge to the market and one of the best gap wedges for the mid handicap golfer. The entire concept of the RTX ZipCore was to move the center of gravity while still giving players a high MOI.

The result is a wedge that feels great and performs quite easily while still being forgiving. The Zip Core features the new UltiZip Grooves, which are sharper, deeper, and narrower than other Cleveland gap wedges in the past.


  • Impressive grooves and spin
  • Forgiving technology with a high MOI
  • Heat treatment to keep grooves in great shape


  • Not as many sole grind options as a Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws

Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge

image of mizuno t20 golf wedge

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The Mizuno T20 golf wedges are the best gap wedges available for feel. If you are a better player looking for something that will give your short game that extra spin and precision it needs, this is the wedge that will do the trick.

The Grain Flow Forged HD process helps to ensure that the feel on the clubface is consistent, pure, and repeatable for the better player. The T20 is a true blade style wedge that will look cleaner and higher performing than other options on the market. If you have always liked the Titleist Vokey wedges, but you want something with a slightly softer feel, this is it.


  • Hydro Flow grooves work better out of rough grass
  • CNC milled grooves in the wedges
  • One of the best gap wedges for precision and ball flight control


  • Not much forgiveness for the higher handicappers

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

image of callaway mack daddy cb wedge

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The top three options on our list for the best gap wedges are all blade style wedges. Not all golfers are going to benefit from a blade style wedge in their short game. If you are a player that needs that extra forgiveness and a lower center of gravity around the greens, the new Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge could be a great choice.

This is a cavity back wedge that also comes in sand wedge and lob wedge loft. The soft carbon steel gives the wedge a good feel; however, the turf interaction is much cleaner and more consistent than with a blade style gap wedge.


  • It comes in two different finishes
  • One of the more forgiving gap wedges
  • Lots of loft combinations for higher handicap golfers


  • Won’t have the same ball flight control as other golf irons

Wilson Staff Model Men’s Golf Wedge

image of wilson staff model men's golf wedge

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Wilson Staff tends to fly a bit under the radar with a lot of their golf equipment. You won’t hear as much about this company as you do others; however, their equipment is quite impressive. The Wilson Staff Model wedges are made with 8621 Carbon steel to help provide a softer touch and really great feel around the greens.

This is also one of the cleaner-looking gap wedges that you can purchase. If you like that crisp look and lots of clean turf interaction, the Wilson Staff men’s golf wedge is going to be a great option to consider.


  • Great looking gap wedge
  • Very fair price
  • Milled face for more consistent contact


  • Not many sole grind options and choices

2020 Cobra Golf King Mim Black One Length Wedge

image of 2020 cobra golf king mim black one length wedge

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Cobra’s One Length concept is something that you can find in a gap wedge as well. The Cobra King MIM Black ONe Length helps to make sure that you can feel a consistent transition between your irons and your gap wedge. We would highly recommend playing with all one length irons if you will switch to this wedge.

The MIM technology is a 304 SS Construction that allows for a precise feel, progressive spin, and impressive CNC milled face. This is one of the more advanced gap wedges that Cobra has put on the market, and the milled grind feel could be a great addition to your golf bag.


  • Milled grooves
  • Lots of spin control
  • Good distance control with a clean look
  • Great wedge option for mid handicappers


  • Longer one length can be a bit difficult to get used to around the green

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

image of cleveland golf cbx 2 wedge

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Like the Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedges, the Cleveland Golf CBX 2 is a cavity-back design that will help players need extra forgiveness in their bag. Gap wedges in 2021 are all about combining impressive feel with easy to hit technology. The dynamic sole on the Cleveland CBX 2 wedge allows for advanced performance for high handicappers and mid handicappers.

We love that with the CBX 2 in your hands, you are going to get a wedge best suited for both approach shots and shots around the green. That kind of versatility can be quite hard to find. Overall, gap wedges need to serve quite a few purposes, and the CBX 2 can handle them all for the high handicappers.


  • Specifically built to have a forgiving feel
  • Impressive groove technology helps high handicappers and mid handicappers get spin
  • Easy to swing golf club


  • Will not have as much distance control or high spin as a blade style wedge

TaylorMade MG1 Chrome Wedge

image of taylormade mg1 chrome wedge

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TaylorMade has an entire series of milled grind wedges that have been satisfying TaylorMade fans for many years. The TaylorMade MG1 Chrome Wedge is one of the older models on the market but one of the best gap wedges that you can find. This TaylorMade Milled Grind wedge features the ZTP-17 Grooves, which help to maximize spin and give golfers an impressive and unique performance.

If you feel as though you cannot control the spin or the ball flight you get with your sand wedge, pitching wedge, or lob wedge with the MG1, you will have no issues. The CNC machined sole also helps to provide an impressive turf interaction for golfers looking for a better feel.


  • Made with premium materials
  • Optimized center of gravity
  • Impressive launch angles and high spin rates


  • Not the newest wedge on the market but still one of the best gap wedge choices

And The Winner Is . . .

Callaway Mack Daddy Jaws wedge

image of callaway mack daddy 5

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The award for the best gap wedge 2021 has to offer goes to the Callaway Mack Daddy Jaws wedge. Whether you are looking for the best gap wedge, pitching wedge, sand wedge, or lob wedge, you can count on the Mack Daddy for some impressive performance. The Mack Daddy Jaws has a lower center of gravity but still allows golfers complete control over their short game. The number of grind options, loft options finishes makes it so that there is a Callaway Jaws wedge for each player.

Buyers Guide

There are a few things that will help you narrow down which golf wedge is going to be best for your game. Ensuring that you get the gap wedge best designed for your game will help ensure long term performance and impressive spin. Even if these are some of the best wedges on the market, you still need to find the one for your game.


The steel and graphite shaft stock shafts for wedges are what most golfers get in their gap wedge. Choosing a shaft for your short game that is a close match to the shafts in your irons is quite important. A steel shaft is a great idea for those with faster swing speeds, but slower swing speed players will want a graphite shaft.

Loft Gapping

The loft gapping is becoming even more important in modern golf club sets. You must ensure that you have a gap wedge that fits perfectly between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge. Only then are you able to ensure that you have the perfect mix of clubs to provide the best shots on the golf course.


Most of the time, a lower bounce on a gap wedge will be the best idea. Most players are going to use a gap wedge as a club to help them approach a green. If you don’t have the proper bounce and the club skips along the turf a bit, you may have a hard time getting high launch and maximum spin. Always look for a gap wedge that has a bit less bounce than your sand wedge or lob wedge. If you need to hit a high lofted shot out of a bunker, you will have other high-bounce wedges in your bag to choose from.

We have reviewed several other wedges over the past few months. If you are looking for another type of wedge, be sure to check out our reviews below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better idea as to what gap wedges are the best on the market, here are a few questions to ask before you make your final purchase. Making sure you get a great wedge can keep you from having to shop for the next several years.

Do I Need A Gap Wedge?

Most golfers are going to need a gap wedge in their bag. Chances are, the difference between your pitching wedge and sand wedge loft is much too great without a gap wedge. Putting a gap wedge in your golf bag can help ensure that you are not leaving yourself without proper yardage. For instance, if your pitching goes 120 yards and your sand wedge goes 80 yards, that 100-yard shot is missing because of the gap wedge.

What Is The Best Gap Wedge For A High Handicapper?

High handicappers need to stick with cavity back style golf wedges that have a lower center of gravity and more forgiveness. Only cavity back style wedges can help the high handicappers short game in this way, and it is important to have that wider sole and leading edge designed to get the ball a bit higher in the air.

Should A Gap Wedge Match My Iron Set?

Some gap wedges or approach wedges are going to match the clubs in your golf bag; others are going to be purchased as an addition to the set. If you purchase something that is an addition, you will get many more choices when it comes to sole grinds, lofts, bounce, and more. Most golfers find that they hit the ball better with a wedge that was bought outside of the set and was made to work best for their golf game.

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