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The wedges in your golf bag are arguably the most important clubs to master if you want to lower your scores. Wedges are called the scoring clubs for a reason. They are the clubs you pull out from 100 yards and in, and should be the golf clubs you use to knock the ball close to the hole.

A wedge is not an easy club to master, and it can be challenging at first. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. Remember, practice makes perfect, or at least a lot better. Proper practice results in improved shot timing, precision, feel, and comfort, which makes a great wedge player.

So, on your way to mastering wedges, you should firstly start with forgiving wedge designs. Using a forgiving wedge at first will pave your path to become a short game expert. Hence, we researched and brought the list of most forgiving wedges that will improve your short game. As you are new to the wedges, we have also discussed some of the major factors you need to consider while buying the wedges. So let’s get started.

Most Forgiving Wedge 

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedge 

Our Top Pick 


image of taylormade milled grind 2 wedge - pg golf links

Coming at number one on our list is the TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedge. TaylorMade has now introduced a series with the milled grind wedges, and we consider it a good step by the company.

It is a nice wedge and performs well for a variety of players. It is one of the most forgiving wedges available in the market to date. Forgiveness makes this wedge an easy to hit club. In addition to this, it also offers a great feel.

This TaylorMade wedge comes with CNC Machined sole geometry along with a precise leading edge. The clean and precise edge provides a great turf interaction.

Control of the club is an essential factor to improve the short game. The center of gravity positioning in this club is optimal, resulting in better control, lower launch angle, and increases spin rate. 

While using a wedge, spin makes the ball land softly on the surface and keeps it from rolling too far. This is why the company paid special attention to maximizing the spin by using the new ZTP-17 grooves. These grooves come with steeper side walls as well as sharper than ever edge radius.

For the construction of this wedge, manufacturers make use of 8620 carbon steel composition. Such an appropriate material provides a soft feel to the club.

All in all, TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge is a perfect combination of great spin, better control, and soft feel, which makes this club our top contender for the best forgiving wedge.

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  • Great distance control.
  • This forgiving wedge can serve players of all handicap levels.
  • Terrific spin.
  • The clubface is large for ease of playing.
  • Soft feel.


  • A bit expensive.

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

image of cleveland golf cbx 2 wedge - pg golf links

If you are not finding the TaylorMade wedge suitable for you, we have another forgiving wedge for you, i.e., The Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge. The CBX series of Cleveland offers easy to hit wedges that have got cavity back design.

The CBX 2 is a new offering by the company, which comes with a hollow cavity design making the wedge most forgiving. This design distributes the additional weight of the club to its perimeters, which makes it more forgiving. If you are looking forward to hitting from the middle of the fairway or a bunker 10 yards away from the green, this wedge can help you.

This wedge comes in a single type of finish, i.e., tour chrome type finish, which looks pretty attractive and glary. 

The most important thing in a wedge is the spin. The manufacturers make use of the fourth generation Rotex Face technology in this wedge. The technology offers sharp Tour Zip Grooves along with an aggressive face milling. It enables the player to get maximum spin and better control in the short game.

What makes this wedge better than its competitors is its amazing feel. The wedge comes with enhanced balancing technology together with Gelback TPU insert. These features help in reducing the vibration of the wedge for delivering a pure feel at impact.

Additionally, the company offers this wedge in three different sole grinds as per the suitable loft angle. It provides versatility and enables the golfer to execute a variety of shots from the course.

For those golfers who are struggling with forgiveness, this CBX 2 wedge is the best option.

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  • Hollow back design for more forgiveness.
  • Special insert to reduce the vibration.
  • Tour Zip grooves for maximum spin.
  • Looks nice.


  • It may not be much appealing to the low handicappers.

Cleveland Golf RTX 4 Wedge

image of most forgiving golf wedge - review, 2021 - pg golf links

We are adding another Cleveland wedge to this list as the company manufactures the finest, most forgiving, and high-performing wedges of all time. The company upgraded its RTX 3 wedge, which has a traditional muscle back design, with some extra forgiveness, and built this RTX 4 wedge.

The company offers the RTX 4 wedge in few different finishes. But, we like black satin finish the most. It looks similar to the jet black finish of Vokey wedges, which professionals prefer the most. There is a reason why most golfers prefer this dark finish. This is because it reduces the amount of glare, enabling the golfer to focus on the work at hand. 

This wedge is available in four different bounce options, which enable the player to adjust the club as per the preference and need. 

The most impressive thing is, the company claims that this wedge has got the sharpest Tour Zip Grooves yet offered by them. In addition to this, the wedge comes with the most aggressive face milling along with more precise laser milling. These features generate more spin than ever.

The progressive feel balancing technology includes muscle shaping at the backside of each loft. It progressively makes adjustments and positions the center of gravity correctly on the X and Y axis to improve the feel and distance control of the wedge.

You can even make full swing shots along with the crisp pitch and chip shots using this club. Thanks to the V-shaped sole.

Cleveland offers some of the top-notch wedges to the golfing industry fairly, which makes this club a nice choice as a forgiving wedge.

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  • A nice option for mid to low handicappers.
  • It offers high forgiveness and more spin.
  • Comes with progressive feel balancing technology.
  • Various bounce options are available.


  • Expensive as it is a new technology in the market.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

image of wilson sporting goods harmonized golf pitch wedge - pg golf links

Replacing a single wedge at a time is not that of a big deal, but replacing the whole wedge set can be burdensome. Even if the manufacturing companies drop the clubs’ prices, it will be a big investment to make. The good news is that some wedges like Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge are one of the most cost-effective options currently available in the market.

This Wilson wedge is a high polish club that looks similar to the tour chrome finish. The wedge comes with the classic blade shape design but has got a large clubhead. Large clubhead provides the ease to use this wedge on any lie on the course.

Additionally, this Wilson wedge has a versatile grind. This means that you don’t have to go through the trouble of choosing the bounce and grind. The company has already done that for you.

Although the wedge is cost-effective, the company has put in some great efforts to offer optimal spin. It is a suitable wedge for mid to high handicappers. 

You even have the option to adjust the clubface as per your preference and need. If you want to hit a high lofted shot, you have to open the clubface of this wedge way up, and it will get the work done. If you are interested in hitting a bump and run type of shot, this wedge will help you do so. All you have to do is to turn the clubface slightly down.

The feel of the club is pretty good, too, considering the low price of the wedge. If you are new to the golf game and want the whole wedge set at a budget-friendly price, then the Harmonized wedges are for you. The wedge is available in five different loft options, including 64-degree as the highest loft option. However, we do not highly recommend the 64-degree loft option. It is mainly used to play flop shots or for quick up and down shots, and the chances of coming across such shots are very less.

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  • Cost-effective.
  • Ease in playing.
  • Versatile.
  • Classic high polish finish.
  • True Temper steel iron for high performance.


  • Not a good option for low handicappers.
  • The spin is decent but not that high, which one may need around the green.

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Wedge

image of callaway daddy mack 3 chrome wedge s-grind degree flex steel hand golf club - pg golf links

Phil Mickelson first coined mack Daddy to refer to the new groove design with high spin capability developed by Roger Cleveland years ago. Cleveland designs the wedges for Callaway these days, and this Mack Daddy wedge sports the same grooves. These high spin grooves are accompanied by a wider sole for better forgiveness and various grind options.

When you look at the wedge, you will find four holes at the clubhead. These holes are not just for improving the club’s looks or giving it a unique identity. The holes help remove some metal from the club to keep it lightweight for improving control and trajectory. 

While developing this wedge, the manufacturers’ main aim was to create a design that can work on different course conditions to play a variety of shots. Additionally, the engineers were also focusing on creating a wedge that can complement the majority of players’ swing characteristics. As a result, the company manufactured this wedge with three different grind and groove options.

The S-Grind is the standard one that suits the majority of players and works well on a variety of turf conditions. The C-Grind (Crescent) is suitable for golfers with a shallow angle of attack and works seamlessly on firm sand and turf conditions. The W-Grind (Wide) comes with a wide sole for providing ease to hit and is a nice option for golfers with a steep attack angle. This grind option is a nice choice for soft turf and sand conditions. 

There are three groove options too. The grooves become more and more aggressive for improving the spin as the loft increases.

It is a high performing and long-lasting wedge which comes in a loft range of 46 to 60 degrees.

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  • Neon holes give it a unique look.
  • Excellent spin.
  • Three grind and groove options in which to choose.
  • Nice control and trajectory.


  • Too many grind and groove options can be confusing.

Buying Guide To Pick The Most Forgiving Wedge

If you are getting confused about which wedge to pick, we will help you out. We share some information that can help you make an informed decision while choosing the most forgiving wedge.

Which Style Wedge Is More Forgiving?

When you choose drivers and irons, you can tell just by a look that which club is more forgiving. But, this doesn’t work with wedges. Choosing a forgiving wedge is a bit more challenging. When you are looking for a wedge, there are mainly two types of wedges between which you can choose. One type is more forgiving, and the other one has a great feel and accuracy.

Blade-Style Wedge

It is a traditional style wedge. It comes with a smooth and sleek finish without any perimeter weighting. Professionals like to use this wedge because it is precise and accurate. It also offers an amazing feel better than that of a cavity back wedge. However, using this wedge is not that easy. You have to level up your game to hit the blade wedge accurately. If your hit is not accurate, then you will not be able to experience its great feel.

Cavity Back Wedge

The cavity back wedge became more popular recently. This wedge matches the design of cavity back irons, which are easy to hit and are forgiving too.

A cavity back wedge is a good option for golfers who struggle with getting the ball fly in the air. It comes with the center of gravity, which is positioned low and centered. It enables the player to lift the ball easily.

The feel of the wedge is also pretty good, thanks to the balancing technology. But we can’t compare it with the feel of the blade-style wedge, which is simply fantastic.

The good thing about cavity back design is that it is more forgiving than the blade-style design. It comes with a wide clubhead and sole for providing the ease to play the shot from any lie, rough, or bunker on the course. It also offers a decent amount of spin. On the other hand, blade-style wedges tend to offer more spin and come with a narrow sole. However, in the case of a blade-style wedge, you have the option to choose between a variety of bounce and sole grind options.

Which Wedge Suits High handicappers The most?

The most forgiving wedges’ main use is to improve the short game of the high handicappers because they mostly struggle on the green. A forgiving wedge comes with a large face, normally with an offset design, mostly with cavity back construction. These features enable the high handicappers to play a decent shot conveniently even if they mis-hit a little bit.

Blade style wedges are not that forgiving and are suitable for low handicappers. It is because high handicappers can miss slightly low on the clubface or a bit behind the ball. Such slight mistakes can negatively affect the shot to a great extent.

When it comes to loft, in our view, the most important loft is the 56-degree loft as it is versatile and offers better forgiveness in comparison to the 60-degree loft.

For high handicappers, the best thing is to choose a forgiving wedge with mid bounce. After that, learn to use the wedge and manipulate it to generate shots that work great on the green and sand.

Bounce And Course Conditions

When the club is held perpendicular to the surface, the clubhead’s angle rests on the turf is the bounce angle. The main aim behind designing the bounce of a wedge is to reduce the chances of unwanted contact with the sand or turf. One can choose a low bounce wedge between 4 to 6 degrees if the turf is firm and chunky, course, or little sand in the bunker. The mid bounce of 7 to 10 degrees is the safest choice if you are unsure about which bounce to choose. It is a versatile option suitable for different swings and turf conditions. You can go for a high bounce wedge of 10 degrees or more if the turf is softer and fine sand in the bunkers.

Sole Grinds

Generally, out of all clubs in the golf set, wedges come in contact with turf the most. So, manufacturers try to improve the wedges’ performance by grinding the additional material from the sole for better workability.   

You will experience a change in how the clubface sits at the surface due to the sole grind. So, the choice you make depends on your swing style and the condition of the course you are playing on. Also, keep in mind that the choice of sole grind you make will impact the bounce of the club. So, it would be best if you made some performance trade-off between the sole grind and bounce. 


There is mainly the use of steel shafts in the construction of wedges. However, some graphite shafted iron sets do include wedges. But, such sets are mainly for senior golfers. The steel shafts suit most of the golfers. A stiff steel shaft improves accuracy and control, and these are more important in a short game instead of swing speed and distance. 


When it comes to improving the scores, the short game is the most vital part of the golfing session. So, to perform well in the short game, the most forgiving wedge could be a game-changer.

If you want to lower your score, then replacing your underperforming wedge with a new forgiving high spin wedge with excellent turf interaction can help you. 

Out of all the terrific options that we have listed for most forgiving wedges, we feel that the TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge is the best one. You will get plenty of forgiveness, great feel, a decent distance coverage, nice control, and amazing spin in this attractive looking wedge.

If, in case, you don’t find this TaylorMade wedge suitable for you or find its price a bit high, then you can go for other options in our list. Each one of our listed wedges has its unique qualities and is highly forgiving. 

If you are struggling to choose between different wedges, you can also refer to our buyer’s guide. It will help you to understand the vital points that you should consider while purchasing an ideal wedge.     

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