Best wedges for chipping around the green

Finding a great club that you can rely on around the green is a quick way to see your game improve and lower your scores.

One thing I have noticed over the years is the higher the handicap, the higher the loft of the club used around the green. Most beginner golfers believe a wedge is the most forgiving club in the golf bag, and it should be used for all chip shots around the green.

A lower handicap golfer is going to use the club that is going to get the ball on the green as fast as possible, and rolling towards the hole. Next time you are out playing with someone kicking your butt, notice what clubs he uses around the green.

There are some great wedges that can still be forgiving while giving you ample roll to get the ball to the hole. Lets find a new wedge for you that makes you more confident, has the right amount of bounce and loft, and will get you excited during your next round to be on the fringe of the green.

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the Best Wedge for Chipping is, we recommend the Cleveland Golf CBX 2 as the best one.


Best golf wedge for chipping 

Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge C

image of Cleveland Golf Men's Smart Sole 3 Wedge C

When it comes to a perfect wedge for chipping, the Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge C is a strong contender. The wedge has got a lesser loft in comparison to the traditional pitching wedge. But, its lower loft of 42 degrees is what makes this wedge a good chipper.

The company has put some good efforts into manufacturing this wedge as there is a reason behind its shortness. The club is shorter than other clubs in your golf kit to offer better control. If a club is a little shorter, it becomes easier to get closer to the ball and better control the shot.

If you ever took some golf lessons, then you must have been told by your mentor to move closer to the ball to gain good control. It is what this Cleveland wedge helps you to do.

The wedge comes with a refined three-tiered sole, which assists in getting an efficient turf interaction. It helps the player to have cleaner and crisper contact with the ball. A clean contact results in enhanced playability from all the angles around the green.

There is the employment of Feel Balancing technology too. It redistributes the weight of the club from the hosel area to the toe. The outcome of this is that the center of gravity (CG) moves closer to the clubface center. CG towards the center gives an improved feel to the golfer and also results in tighter shot dispersion.

If you are looking for a great chipping wedge between the pitching wedge and the nine iron, then this Cleveland wedge will work for you. The wedge will help you to get up and down from any part around the green.

What We Liked

  • The pricing is fair.
  • A combination of the traditional wedge and great chipping design.
  • It comes with Feel Balancing technology for moving CG towards the center.
  • Three-tiered sole for better contact.
  • The lower loft makes it ideal for chipping.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not give a great feel.
  1. Square Strike Wedge By Autopilot Golf

The Square Strike Wedge has got a unique look. Some people may think that a wedge with such a unique design may not be a legal golf club. But, this wedge is perfectly legal.

There is a reason behind the detailed design of this wedge. It is to make chipping easier for the golfer. The wedge comes with a loft of around 45 degrees. This loft is between the pitching wedge and the nine iron.

The positioning of the wedge’s center of gravity is low, somewhere around the center of the clubface. The design is so great that it is almost impossible to hit fat or thin using this wedge.

There is the incorporation of an anti chunk sole, making it convenient for the wedge to keep moving through impact. It also assists in providing a nice turf interaction. You will experience a heavy and solid feel while holding this wedge, which is better than a thin-faced wedge. A good feel results in an increase in the level of confidence.

The pricing of the Square Strike is almost similar to Cleveland Smart Sole. It even comes with a warranty of one year. This steel-shafted wedge is available in different lofts, including the lob and sand wedge.

What We Liked

  • It comes with an anti chunk sole.
  • Unique designing for better chipping.
  • The center of gravity is low for better turf interaction.
  • It is ideal for playing short shots around the green.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not have a traditional look.
  • It may feel a bit heavier.

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

image of cleveland golf cbx 2 wedge

The Cleveland Golf CBX 2 wedge is the one that gives you options from pitching to the gap, sand, and lob wedge.

What I love the most about this wedge is its hollow cavity design. It allows additional weight distribution around the perimeter. It helps in enhanced forgiveness during the impact.

The low lofted options of this wedge allow the golfer to chip well around the green. Cleveland uses its progressive technology to develop such low lofted wedges, which improves the bump and run chip shots.

You can see the employment of a dynamic sole in this wedge. There is a presence of three different sole grinds. It makes the wedge versatile in executing any shot around the green.

The company manufactures this wedge by keeping the comfort and feel of the golfer in mind. There is the use of Feel Balancing technology, which enhances the feel and improves turf interaction. The wedge has got a GelbackTPU insert, which results in less vibration during impact.

For providing maximum spin and better control for a short game, the wedge offers fourth-generation Rotex Face technology. This technology delivers the sharpest Tour Zip grooves along with aggressive face milling.

The bounce and grind option is not available in the CBX wedges. You can use the gap wedge whose in-built bounce and grind can help in getting the ball in the air and making it stop quickly. It will assist you to play long and short shots when you are close to the pin.

The lob wedge has more of a bounce and spin design. The sand wedge offers a middle option between the gap and lobs wedge design.

Whether you are playing a chipping or pitching or bunker shot, having this wedge in your bag will allow you to tackle any situation. The price of this wedge may be a little higher than other wedges on the list. But, the wedge is worth every penny spent on it.

What We Liked

  • Feel Balancing technology for improved feel.
  • The exclusive dynamic design makes the wedge versatile.
  • Several loft options are available.
  • GelbackTPU inserts for decreasing the vibration on impact.

What We Didn’t Like

  • All the golfers may not like the hollow cavity design for forgiveness.

C3i Wedge By Autopilot Golf

image of c3i wedge

The C3i wedge is one of the most popular sand wedges when it comes to chipping. The 65 degrees loft allows you to play shot from the driving range also. If we play a chipping shot, this wedge will take your ball out from the sand bunker. It is a perfect sand wedge for play long as well as short-range golf shots.

You’ll notice that the C3i wedge has got an extra-wide design. You don’t have to dig the sand for playing a shot. The auto-glide sole of the wedge cuts through the sand very conveniently. The club’s high loft makes it possible to easily clear the lip and get the ball to stop on the green real-quick.

For playing a perfect shot, you need to have clear contact with the ball. For a clean contact, the C3i comes with a beveled leading edge along with an extra curve. Catching and snagging in the rough is minimum because of its perfect hosel and heel shape.

The C3i wedge is a high-quality product of Autopilot. It also comes with a warranty of one year against defects.

What We Liked

  • It comes with an auto-glide sole for cutting through the sand with ease.
  • Ideal for the toughest and tightest lies.
  • Perfectly shaped hosel and heel.
  • Extra-wide design.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks a heavy feel.

Titleist Vokey Design SM7 Wedge

image of titleist vokey sm7 tour chrome wedge 58.04 l-grind review

Bob Vokey is a famous and master wedge maker who has put the Titleist wedges on the map. The SM7 wedge made its appearance in the year 2017 after replacing its predecessor SM6. The new wedge proved to be extremely effective and became popular.

Are you looking for a wedge for chipping that provides you enhanced spin as well as better control? Then, go for Titleist SM7 wedge. The wedge is highly versatile, which makes it effective for both high handicap players and leading players.

The center of gravity, in this wedge, is well-positioned. It has got a progressive CG, which is optimized based on the club’s loft, bounce, and grind. It makes the wedge consistent, precise and also gives a comfortable feel. Using the SM7 leading wedges, you’ll experience great control over the trajectory along with the distance.

The manufacturers give special attention to the spin while creating this wedge. The wedge has got grooves that are spin-milled for enhanced precision and excellent control. There is a similar face texture, too, which also improves the spin and control.

The looks of the wedge are also very attractive. You can choose from three attractive options, i.e., Jet Black, Blushed Steel, and Tour Chrome.

There is the use of True Temper Dynamic Gold stock shaft in this wedge. However, there are other options, including Dynamic Gold Spinner and the KBS Hi-Rev 2.0.

There are six grind options available and several loft options too. It is good to have so many options to choose from. It will be wise first to understand each option and then choose the wedges that serve your preferences the best.

What We Liked

  • It provides enhanced spin and great control.
  • Consistent feel with improved precision.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Tour-proven.
  • Variety of options available.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Many options can be confusing.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

image of wilson harmonized wedge

Are you looking for a good wedge, but you have a tight budget? Well, don’t worry at all as you can get a high rated wedge at a budget-friendly price, i.e., Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge.

This wedge offers great value for the money with its classic blade-style look and high polish finish. It gives the wedge a professional and functional look.

The quality of the wedge is nice as there is the use of True Temper steel irons. It makes the wedge more durable as well as reliable.

You’ll also be pleased to see the sole grind design. The manufacturers design it in such a way that it enhances accuracy.

The grooves are also well-designed to offer optimized spin. The wedge comes with a modified bounce angle for offering good control and getting the ball to stop quickly. It also offers versatility to the wedge allowing the golfer to play from a range of lies. You can use this wedge to play from the fairway, sand, and even the rough.

According to most golfers, the Wilson Harmonized golf wedge is accurate and also highly forgiving. It is a good looking wedge that provides a great performance at an affordable price. This effectively functional wedge even provides improved spin and control.

What We Liked

  • It provides value for money.
  • Stylish looking wedge.
  • Durable as well as reliable.
  • Highly versatile.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Many golfers would like to have more spin and control.
  • Grip might feel too small to some of the golfers.


Buying Guide For Chipping Wedges


Understanding The Role of Your Wedges

If you are a beginner, you should know that wedges are the shortest club you’ll find in your golf bag. They are short but have the highest lofts. If you want to play a shot around the green, you’ll have to use a wedge. A wedge helps you in playing a controlled shot with an accurate distance.

Which Degree Wedge Is Ideal For Chipping?

Most of the golfers prefer to use a wedge with 56 degrees of loft when going for chipping. Golfers go for 56 degrees loft because it offers a sufficient amount of height, the right amount of spin, and adequate maneuverability.

There are a variety of wedges available with different lofts. Each type of loft helps you in tackling different types of shot preferences. Some wedges allow you to play a high loft shot, and others assist in playing more of a bump and run.

When looking for a wedge for chipping, it is essential to find something that offers you a perfect feel. It is because the right feel would increase your confidence level. Confidence is of the utmost importance when you are playing around the green.

The Different Types of Wedges Used For Chipping

Previously, there were limited wedge options available. It was fairly simple to choose a wedge because you have to pick whatever is available. But now, things have changed, and the golfing industry has progressed in club designs. Nowadays, there are a variety of options available for chipping around the green.

Distance is a major factor that affects the choice of a wedge. But there are other factors like spin and control, which you must also consider while choosing your golf wedge.

You need a wedge while approaching a shot of 120 yards or less as you need a higher lofted club to play such shots. So, let’s take a look at different types of wedges and what each of them offers you.

Pitching Wedge

Generally, the pitching wedge is the wedge with the lowest loft. The design of this wedge offers you a loft of around 45 degrees to 49 degrees. It is one of those clubs which is a part of the family of the traditional iron set. As it is one of the traditional clubs, golfers prefer to play with it when chipping.

So, what is the best time to use the pitching wedge? It is a versatile wedge which the golfer can use to play full swing approach shots to the green. Additionally, you can even use it to play bump and run shots when your ball is close to the green. The wedge serves you well when the turf is comparatively flat.

As the pitching wedge’s loft is lower than other wedges, the ball rolls further when it lands. So, it will be good to use the power to hit 1/3rd of the way and let the ball roll for the remaining 2/3rd. This suggestion works when you are close to the green or playing a shot towards the pin.

When it comes to playing shots of greenside bunkers, pitching wedge will not work so well. Even when you want to play high lofted shots out of the rough, this wedge will not be ideal.

Sand Wedge

The sand wedge comes with a loft between the range of 54 degrees to 57 degrees. The design of this club is such that you can conveniently get out of the bunker area. Using the sand wedge, you can easily make the ball fly reasonably close to the pin with just a few feet of roll. Even when you are playing a shot out of the rough, it provides you a ton of spin.

Whenever you play using the sand wedge, always keep in mind to accelerate during the entire shot. If you decelerate, then you’ll end up hitting the ball fat.

As the name suggests, the sand wedge is the most appropriate tool for sand, grass, and rough.

Lob Wedge

Both sand, as well as lob wedge, is your best bet when it comes to obstacles or hills. You choose lob wedge when you need to play a high lofted shot. The wedge offers a loft between a range of 58 degrees to 64 degrees.

When you want to hit a ball from a greenside bunker and the pin is not so far, you should choose a lob wedge. In addition to this, when your ball ends up in thick rough, then a lob wedge can help you save your game.

The wedge allows you to play a high and sharp chip around the green with a minimum roll and great control.

Gap Wedge

As the wedges were evolving, a significant “gap” was created between the pitching and the sand wedge in all these years. With time, the pitching wedge’s loft came down, and it became a powerful club that can hit greater distances. Due to this reason, Several manufacturers introduced the gap wedge to fill the void between pitching and sand wedges.

The gap wedge is also known as an approach wedge or utility wedge.

The golfers find the gap wedge very useful for playing full swing shots around the green with better distance control. Golfers even use this wedge for bunker shots that are a little further from the green.

The approach wedge offers you to play shot with a distance more than the sand wedge and less than the pitching wedge. If the pitching wedge hits 120 yards and the sand wedge hits 75, then the gap wedge would cover 100 yards.

The wedge provides a great spin. However, you have to leave some room for the ball to roll when it lands.

Other Factors To Consider in Your Wedges

The loft is essential, but there are other factors also that you must consider while choosing the best wedge for chipping:

Sole Grind

The sole grind is the additional sole shaping of the wedge. It is positioned at the heel or toe of the club. The work of the grind is to assist the wedge’s clubface in resting lower. It helps in improving the convenience of opening the clubface during the impact. All in all, the sole grind allows the golfer to take advantage of wonderful shot opportunities when playing around the green.


The bounce depends on the curvy area of the clubhead. The work of this curvy part is to restrict the wedge from digging into the turf. When you place your wedge flat on the ground, you’ll notice that a small part of the clubhead’s edge is off the ground. The height of this lead edge is responsible for the bounce. The higher the edge, the more the bounce will be. Note that in the case of tight lies, there is a requirement for less bounce.

The standard bounce of a wedge is around 10 degrees to 16 degrees. This bounce is sufficient to perform a steeper angle attack.


The primary purpose of the grooves on the wedge is to:

  • Produce spin,
  • And offer optimum shot trajectory.

The R&A, as well as USGA, has now restricted the use of wedges having deep grooves. It is because deep groves increase the backspin of the ball resulting in giving a little benefit.

According to the new rule, there is a limit on the edge and groove volume radius. This restriction results in a reduction of backspin and an increased angle of launch.

Keeping the new rule in mind, we are left with two options; either to go for a vintage finish wedge or to choose a laser-etching wedge. The vintage finish wedge compliments metal’s feel as well as sound. The laser-etching helps in the optimization of ball-to-clubface friction, which results in the maximum spin.


I hope that choosing the best wedge for chipping would not give you a headache now. You can go through our buyer’s guide first. For there, you can learn about the primary features to consider while choosing the wedge. After that, you can read the honest reviews of our topic picks of wedges for chipping.

I have discussed some of the top-notch wedges with you, but the Cleveland Golf CBX 2 stands out as the best wedge for chipping for various reasons. This wedge is a traditional style club that offers a great feel. The hollow cavity makes it excellently forgiving. It has got Feel Balancing technology and a dynamic grind, which makes it versatile. Rotex face technology improves spin and control. The best part is the availability of various lofts, which enables the golfer to hit a perfect shot from a range of lies.

You have to understand that if your short game improves, then it will have a positive impact on your scorecard too. So, make wedges, the favorite club in your bag, and always play a winning shot.

If you didn’t find the perfect wedge above, please check out other wedge reviews below that we have recently completed on PG Golf Links. We are confident you will find a great one for you.

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