The Best 60 degree wedges

Imagine you are stuck in a tight spot and to get yourself out of there, you require a great height within a short distance, what will you do? It is the situation where you can use the best 60-degree wedges. A lob wedge is the one which has got a loft of around 58 – 62 degrees. The benefit of using a lob wedge or a 60-degree wedge is that it offers a lot of height along with a great spin.

A 60-degree wedge can prove to be your best friend if you know the art of using it, or your greatest enemy if you are unable to control it. I have seen many tournament wins because of this 60-degree wedge and some games that got ruined because of the lob wedge only. So, I agree that this club is not the easiest one to master, but it is a necessary component of your golf set. Once you understand the fact that no other club can do what this wedge can do, then you’ll know the importance of a 60-degree wedge in your arsenal.

But, which 60-degree wedge to pick out of many available in the market can be an overwhelming decision. You need to consider many factors, like loft, grind and bounce, before taking any decision. The performance tends to vary as per the design of the club. So, to pinpoint each of these factors, we are here with our list of best 60-degree wedges and an in-depth guide.

Review of the best 60-degree wedge

TaylorMade Golf MG2 Wedge

image of taylormade golf mg2

Coming at number one of our list is the TaylorMade Golf MG2 Wedge. This wedge has got a raw design, which several golfers may not prefer to play with. But, experienced golfers know the benefits of a raw face.

The raw face may get prone to rust a bit early, but the remaining wedge will shine for a long period. The manufacturers do not keep the face raw to cut the cost, there is a key reason behind it. The raw face tends to offer better spin and feel which is very essential in short games. So, that is why this wedge is causing quite a stir in the golf market.

If we look at the grooves of the MG2 wedge, there are laser etched grooves for better precision. In traditional times, the best wedges used to come with the best grooves. Well, this is not the case anymore. Nowadays, you will see grooves within the grooves. Even, these days, every manufacturer do some special treatment in between the grooves to increase the performance. If we take a look in between the grooves of this MG2 wedge then there is a much rougher surface for providing enhanced grip on the ball. Extra roughness even improves the spin around the green.

This TaylorMade Wedge comes in two finishes, i.e., Black and Satin Chrome. Both the finishes have an attractive look. The chrome finish is a bit more glary than the black one. So, we are a bit partial towards black wedge as it looks sleek and prevents any type of glare during a shot.

The company put in a special type of insert, which they call TPU insert, inside the wedge to reduce the vibration at impact. In addition to this, insert provides an amazingly soft feel to the wedge together with offering plenty of spin.

If you are choosing a 60-degrees wedge then there are two bounce options available, i.e., 8-degree bounce and 10-degree bounce. Other than 60, the wedge comes in other loft options too. You can choose the loft as per your preference for better loft progression.

The construction of this club is pretty amazing as it is milled grind and precisely designed. If you are looking for a wedge that can aid you in pitch and chip shots, then nothing can beat MG2 wedge. It is not a wedge that you can merely use for highly lofted shots. You can also play various other types of shots as there is the use of standard sole grind.

The company is trying to offer a wedge that is versatile and can suit the players at all the handicap levels. This makes this wedge a nice buying option.


  • The wedge performs well for the players at all handicap levels.
  • Raw face for an extra spin and amazing feel.
  • Several loft options available but with a standard sole grind option only.
  • Reduction in vibration at impact using TPU insert.


  • A bit expensive.


Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge

image of cleveland cbx full face

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge is a new offering from Cleveland. The company thought of releasing this new wedge after the success of CBX series in the past few years. The wedge comes with a high toe profile and is a combination of cavity back and blade style club. I like this combination as it is a nice change from the original CBX clubs which are full cavity back.

Those golfers who try to add flop shots in their gameplay will like this wedge as it comes with a wide sole. Considering that 60-degree wedges are mainly used for flop shots, this wedge caught our attention.

Another thing that I liked the most is the versatility of the wedge. A golfer can play a variety of shots using this wedge as the player can open the club or close it down as per his preference.

Those golfers who are already in love with Cleveland wedges and adore their Tour Grip Grooves, they won’t get disappointed. The CBX Full Face comes with the Tour Grip Grooves. Not only this, the combo of these grooves along with Laser Milling offers great spin to the golfer.

One of the things that make this CBX Full Face wedge different from all the other Cleveland wedges is the grind. This wedge has got the lowest grind than any other Cleveland wedges. If you have got the confidence to use a wedge on the green that can provide you with the highest chances to get up and under it, then add CBX Full Face Wedge to your golf set.


  • Ideal for golfers at all the handicap levels.
  • Good at hitting flop shots.
  • Nice design and construction for a lob wedge.
  • Tons of spin due to the Tour Zip Grooves.


  • Comes with a large clubhead which some of the golfers may not prefer.

Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedge

image of callaway mack daddy 4

When we are talking about wedges, then how can we miss the Callaway Mack Daddy Wedges. The Callaway company offers one of the finest wedges and is a reputable name in the golf market. The Mack Daddy series has been serving golfers for a few years now. But, it is still one of the amazing technologies available in the market.

The best thing about Callaway wedge is that it offers more spin than many of the competing wedges in the market. The secret behind it is Groove-In-Groove technology. This technology is the same as it sounds. The wedge comes with grooves inside of grooves for providing additional spin. So, if you are looking for a wedge that can offer excellent traction on the ball along with plenty of spin, then you can go for Mack Daddy 4 wedge.

What I like the most about the Callaway wedges is the soft carbon steel construction of the clubs. It feels amazing to play with this wedge. The company offers this Mack Daddy 4 wedge in two finishes, i.e., platinum chrome and matte black. Both of these finishes look and feels great on the classic Mack Daddy design.

You will find a variety of bounce, loft, and grind options in the Mack Daddy wedges. You can pick the combination which you prefer the most. But, to make a valuable addition to your short game, the 60-degree lob wedge is the perfect one, in my view.

The Mack Daddy wedges are influenced by tour professionals. That is why we believe that these wedges will mostly appeal to the mid to low handicappers. Additionally, the wedge doesn’t have a high level of forgiveness which the high handicapper would want.


  • Turf interaction is clean.
  • Amazing spin using Groove-In-Groove technology.
  • Variety of bounce, grinds, and loft options available.
  • Soft carbon steel construction provides great feel.


  • It is not one of the newest wedges in the market.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

image of wilson harmonized golf wedge

If you are a mid to high handicapper and got a tight budget, then you can go for Wilson harmonized wedge. There are a number of wedges available in the market, but no other wedge can provide a decent quality at an affordable price like this Wilson wedge.

It is not a top of the line wedge with lots of advance features like groove-in-groove or tour turf interaction. But, this wedge will prove to be your good companion by offering great value in the lofts department.

If you are a mid to high handicapper, then you might be struggling with high lip bunker shots. You may also find it difficult to stop your shots short enough. Well, this wedge is for you because it will help you deal with all these problems.

The wedge has got a classic design and comes in a high polish finish. We find it a bit glary but it will do at such a budget-friendly price.

Another good thing about this Wilson wedge is its shaft. There is the use of steel true temper shaft which is one of the best for mid to high handicappers. It is because the swing speed of the amateurs may be at a medium pace, so this shaft helps in getting a perfect shot even at slow swing speed.

You can choose the loft options as you desire. The bounce and grind are totally versatile in this Wilson harmonized golf wedge. In addition to this, you can open or close this club as per your preference to hit an ideal shot.


  • Classic blade-style design.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Good for mid to high handicappers.


  • Not a good option for low handicappers.

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Women’s Wedge

image of callaway golf mack daddy 5 jaws women’s wedge

There are many women golfers out there who are afraid of using a 60-degree wedge. But, they should always put a 60-degree wedge in their golf bag as it can help them in many ways. It can aid them in stopping the ball around the green and even to get out of the bunker.

Women, usually have slow swing speed and this makes it difficult for them to get the ball stay where they want it. Using a high-performance wedge, like Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS, which is specifically for women can provide terrific spin and get the ball right at the place.

The Mack Daddy 5 is a new release by the company and is a high performing and highly expensive wedge. You will find a number of bounce and grind options in this wedge. So, choose a combination which complements your game the most.

The best thing is, this wedge comes with a graphite shaft which makes it lightweight and perfect for women golfers. A correctly weighted shaft can help you get a perfect shot. If you choose a heavyweight shaft which you can’t handle properly then it will lead to mis-hits.

The use of 8620 mild carbon steel feels great. The tour-tested W and C grinds are a nice addition to the club as it allows the player to play a wide variety of greenside shots. It is a traditional-looking wedge which comes in various finishes but the platinum chrome finish is the best one.

Cleveland Golf Men’s CBX Wedge

image of cleveland golf men’s cbx wedge

It is a common belief that high handicappers struggle with 60-degree wedges. Well, the reality is, it is not a wedge which is difficult to handle or control. Majority of the golfers struggle in using a 60-degree wedge because of their wrong choice of club.

It is right that low handicappers make the best use of 60-degree wedges to improve their short game score. But, this doesn’t mean that these wedges are not for high handicappers. For high handicappers, the main focus should not be on the bounce and grind. Their primary focus should be on the forgiveness and playability of the club. Hence, the Cleveland CBX wedge is the best option for high handicappers as it is not one of those traditional high lofted blade-style clubs. For the ease to play, the wedge comes with cavity back which offers great forgiveness in comparison to the blade-style club.

The wedge has got a dual-V sole which is ideal in cutting through the turf and hit the ball right towards the target.  As this is a cavity back wedge, you can play a full swing shot from the fairway as well.

The main aim of the CBX wedge is to serve the mid to high handicappers. But, those players who are looking for a bit more spin, can also use it as there are a variety of options available.

The CBX series has been in the market from quite a while now. Hence, the prices of these wedges have dropped to some extent. All in all, it is a nice wedge to put in your golf bag.


  • Comes with a Dual-V sole to cut through the turf easily.
  • Cavity back design offers more forgiveness making it ideal for mid to high handicappers.
  • Fairly priced.
  • No sole or bounce options to confuse you.


  • Not a good option for low handicappers.

Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Best 60-degree Wedges

There are some significant factors that you should keep in your mind while purchasing a 60-degree wedge. So, let’s get started.

How Much Distance A 60-degree Wedge Can Cover?

If you are thinking to get a 60-degree wedge just to fill the gap in your golf set, in terms of distance, then a lob wedge is not a good option. It is right that you can use a lob wedge for full swing shots, but your main focus should be to use it for shorter shots. In my view, a full swing shot from a 60-degree wedge is not one of the reliable and most accurate shots in the game of golf.

If you want an exact figure of how far or how much distance a 60-degree wedge can cover, then it will be around 10 yards less than the 56-degree wedge. We again recommend the high handicappers to not use the lob wedge for full swing shots.

Is It Difficult To Hit A 60-degree Wedge?

No wedge is difficult to hit, it’s all about the comfort level. Some golfers are comfortable with pitching wedge and enjoy hitting the bump and run shots. Some enjoy playing mid-level shots using a 56-degree wedge. There are others who like to hit the ball high and get it closer to the pin using a 60-degree wedge.

It is a common belief that a lob wedge is difficult to hit. Well, this is not the case at all. It is as difficult to hit as any other club in your golf set. To hit a nice shot using a 60-degree wedge, you just have to choose the sole grind and bounce of the wedge wisely.

The most common mis-hit that you will encounter in case of a lob wedge is hitting it thin. The reason behind it can be the bounce of wedge along the ground.

As I said, the lob wedge is not a difficult wedge to hit, but you have to increase your level of confidence by practising. Confidence is one of the most crucial things in the game of golf. The lack of confidence can result in a decrease in swing speed. If there is a reduction in swing speed then you can end up hitting an imperfect shot.

Why There Is A Need To Keep A 60-degree Wedge In Your Golf Set?

Always keep in mind that a 60-degree wedge is a specialist golf club that can help you hit specific shots to handle certain difficult situations. This wedge is capable of hitting the golf ball high in the air, covering a range of around 50 to 60 yards, and landing it on the ground softly. The club makes the ball stop quickly avoiding much of a roll. A lob wedge is not as versatile as other clubs like hybrids. But, you can use it where the main aim is to achieve accuracy and precision rather than power and distance. The wedge can help you get out of any nasty rough patches or difficult bunkers. If you are stuck at a lie where you need to overcome trees, then the lob wedge can help you get out of there by producing an arching shot. The 60-degree wedge can assist you in getting the ball within a convenient putting distance from the pin.

Where You Can Use A 60-degree Wedge?

Most of the amateur or high handicappers doesn’t even know about the use of a 60-degree wedge. If you are thinking that a 60-degree wedge is for hitting a high flop shot, then you will be amazed to know that it can do much more than that.

A lob wedge proves to be most useful when you are stuck in a high lip bunker and you need to make the ball fly high within a short distance. When stuck in a bunker, the first club that comes in our mind is a sand wedge. But, just because it has an S on it doesn’t mean that it is the only club that can get you out of the sand. If you need to hit high bunker shot within a short distance, then nothing is better than a 60-degree wedge. The lob wedge will get the golf ball fly high and land it softly on the ground.

In addition to the high lofted bunker shots, a lob wedge can also help you to hit short chip shots. Imagine a situation where you short-side yourself. When the cup is situated three paces off the back of the green and the ball rolls over the edge of the green, this is known as short siding yourself. To handle such a situation, you need to hit a chip shot and also make the ball stop quickly. A 60-degree wedge is the best clubs to hit such a shot and to get the ball stay near the pin.

How Much Bounce Is Ideal For A 60-degree Wedge?

I have discussed with various professionals and experienced players about this question. Most of the golfers suggest keeping the bounce of a lob wedge around 8 to 10 degrees. It is an ideal degree of bounce which makes the wedge versatile. It is the right amount of bounce that allows the club to dig just enough and prevent sinking in too deep. However, in the end, the choice of bounce depends completely on your personal preference. In addition to this, the bounce decision depends on the condition of the golf course, and your level of skills.


Getting the ball fly high in the air and getting it to stop quickly is not an easy task as it sounds. The only equipment that can help you do so is a 60-degree wedge with correct loft and spin. Along with the right equipment, you will need proper practice to master this wedge and to get yourself comfortable with it. Increase in comfort level will boost your confidence which will help you hit a perfect shot that you desire.

We reviewed a variety of top-notch lob wedges in this article. But, we believe that the TaylorMade MG2 wedge is one of the best 60-degree wedges. Its overall performance is really great. It offers an amazing feel along with a high level of accuracy and precision that you need to perform well in your short game.

The company has got confidence in its club and is brave enough to tell everyone that the face of it is going to be raw and natural. Telling the golfers that the face will rust needs courage and we have  to give them some credit for it.  The raw face produces tons of spin which is an entirely new concept and we appreciate it. It even provides a good grip on the ball.

If your budget is tight and you can’t add the TaylorMade wedge in your golf set, then you can also go for CBX Full Face and Mack Daddy. These are our top three picks for the best 60-degree wedges which will not disappoint you at all.

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