Tommy Armour Golf Clubs Review

Tommy Armour golf clubs were one of the more popular golf club manufacturers more than a few decades ago. The brand has seen its ups and downs through the years, especially with the closing of Sports Authority.

However, Dick’s Sporting Goods has recently picked up the Tommy Armour clubs and has helped to start to grow this brand again. If you are a true fan of the game and of classic golf equipment, you know the Tommy Armour Silver Scot 845’s and the impact they had on the golfing population.

Whether you are a scratch golfer or a higher handicap, there is an option on this list that can work for you. Tommy Armour is once again trying to grab a piece of the golf equipment market share.

Best Tommy Armour Golf Clubs

Tommy Armour 2021 845-MAX 7-Piece Custom Iron Set

image of tommy armour 2021 845-max 7-piece custom iron set

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The Tommy Armour 845 custom iron set is the best overall golf club iron choice from Tommy Armour. The great thing about this more forgiving design is that it has a very high MOI. When golf clubs have a higher MOI, the golf ball comes off the club face on a straighter path and allows for increased distance.

A set of golf irons in today’s world of golf is quite expensive; however, the Tommy Armour clubs are made to be affordable. With the cavity back design and the clean leading edge, the turf interaction still feels like a premium club.


  • It comes in 5i -AW
  • Higher launch than other irons on the market
  • Signature iron of the Tommy Armour brand
  • Fair pricing


  • It has a little bit of vibration at the impact that takes away from the feel

Tommy Armour 2021 845-MAX Custom Driver

image of tommy armour 2021 845-max custom driver

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If you are going to go for a new set of Tommy Armour 845’s you will likely want a driver to go with it. The Tommy Armour 845 Max Driver has a very high MOI and incredible distance for an affordable golf driver. In addition, there is also some adjustability.

The six settings on the driver club head can help promote a higher or lower ball flight and a draw or a fade. This is a forgiving club that does not allow for much workability in the drives that you hit. To avoid issues with this, set the driver to the proper loft/flight setting and swing freely.

The face design on the new Tommy Armour 845 Max is thinner than other drivers on the market. As a golf brand Tommy Armour is known more for forgiveness and playability than speed. However, the speed that the Tommy Armour 845 Max is able to produce has proven to be quite impressive.


  • Plenty of forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Internal ribbing for better feel and sound
  • Carbon crown for overall more lightweight golf club head
  • Less twisting at impact


  • Not the best choice for workability

Tommy Armour Women’s 2021 845-MAX Driver

image of tommy armour women's 2021 845-max driver

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Luckily Tommy Armour did not leave the women out when they started producing this brand new line of clubs. The Tommy Armour Women’s 845 Max Driver is a high-performing choice with just the proper weighting and shaft flexibility for a woman golfer.

The face design on the 845 Max women’s driver is specifically set up to give women players the distance that they need without adding weight or sacrificing performance in any way. In addition, we are impressed with the way the clubhead reduces twisting at the impact position. If you want to ensure that the ball jumps straight, directly off the face, the 845 can do this for you.


  • Impressive design specifically built for women
  • High launching technology
  • The adjustability of loft and launch
  • Large sweet spot


  • Only one loft option of 12 degrees

Tommy Armour 303 Milled Series Serrano Putter

image of tommy armour 303 milled series serrano putter

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Tommy Armour does not only make equipment for the long game, but they also make some golf clubs that will help you improve your short game as well. The Tommy Armour putters are very reasonably priced options that bring a good bit of technology to the market.

The CNC Milled face patter on the new Serrano Putter is designed to help golfers get consistency across the face of the golf club. This means that if you hit your putt a little on the toe or the heel, you will still get the ball to travel towards the hole with a solid roll.

The head shape of the Tommy Armour 303 Milled Series Serrano encourages golfers to have better alignment towards their target. The top-down look is effortless to work with and will help players guide the ball directly to the hole.


  • Speed Balance Technology for better distance control
  • CNC Milled face
  • Double bend hosel with mallet construction
  • Very easy to line up


  • Large putter head takes some time to get used to

Tommy Armour Women’s 845 Fairway Wood

image of tommy armour women's 845 fairway wood

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One of the things that we love about Tommy Armour Golf is that they recognize that there is more than one type of lady golfer out there. So many golf manufactures will make one line of ladies’ golf clubs and feel as though it is enough to cover all women golfers. This is not the case, and women golfers have varying ranges of skills and abilities.

The new Tommy Armour 845 fairway wood is for the more experienced female golfer looking for some extra distance and performance from their fairway woods. If you want to hit the ball longer and straighter at the same time, this is the fairway wood to do it.

A low and deep center of gravity helps the female golfer feel confident about their ability to launch the ball with the 845 fairway wood in their hands.


  • It comes in several different lofts
  • Made for a woman golfer with some experience
  • Impressive golf ball and turf interaction


  • Not as lightweight as the Max series fairway woods

Tommy Armour Women’s 845 Driver

image of tommy armour women's 845 driver


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The Tommy Armour Women’s 845 driver is a lightly older version that offers some great technology for the mid to high handicap woman golfer. The forged face on this impressive driver comes with variable face thickness. This ensures that the golfers who hit the ball directly in the center of the clubface will benefit from very high ball speeds.

Those that miss the center of the clubface will get lots of forgiveness. The Women’s 845 driver is also adjustable, and it helps optimize weight throughout the shaft and the club head. With Inertia Technology, the carbon wrap lowers the center of gravity and increases the overall launch.

Anytime a female golfer can find a lightweight and easy-to-launch adjustable driver, it is worth taking a look into.


  • Low and deep center of gravity
  • The very flexible club face
  • Adjustability in driver’s head
  • Fair pricing


  • Sound takes a bit of getting used to, can be a little tinny

Tommy Armour 845 Irons

image of tommy armour 845 irons

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The Tommy Armour 845 irons are modeled from the classic design from years ago. This is a two-piece hollow body cavity back iron with a high MOI and plenty of forgiveness on off-center hits. The golfers that need forgiveness but don’t want to give up distance will like what the Tommy Armour 845 has to offer.

Just as we have seen across the rest of the Tommy Armour 845 technology, the Variable Face Technology is what is helping these clubs compete from a distance perspective. Most players choosing these 845 iron sets are looking for reasonably priced options that allow them an occasional round of golf.

For players that are looking to play day in and day out, the Tommy Armour 845’s don’t really offer the best of the technology on the iron market.


  • Pre worn leading edge for more workability
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Increased forgiveness


  • It does not have the same feel as the old Tommy Armour Silver Scot irons

Tommy Armour 845 Max Hybrid

image of tommy armour 845 max hybrid

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Not only does Tommy Armour make irons and drivers, but they also make a pretty impressive hybrid. If you are tired of your long irons causing you trouble, the Tommy Armour 845 Max hybrid could be a great option to consider.

The club features Improved Inertia Technology that helps to increase the speed coming from the club face. Although you may not see the same distance you would see from a Ping, TaylorMade, or Cobra, the 845 Max hybrid can hold its own.


  • Faster ball speed than other cheap clubs on the market
  • It comes with graphite shafts
  • Thin face for impressive MOI


  • Not much spin for stopping the ball on the green

And The Winner Is . . .

image of tommy armour 2021 845-max 7-piece custom iron set

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The best overall Tommy Armour Golf clubs are the new 845 Max irons. For a very fair price, golfers will get great distance, higher launch, and impressive overall consistency. This is a budget set of game improvement golf irons, but the technology is considerably better than some of the competition on the market. It’s nice to see the Tommy Armour brand make a comeback, and those that are shopping in the budget/game improvement category should give these clubs a second look.

Buyers Guide: What To Look For When Buying Tommy Armour Golf Clubs?

Now that you have a better idea of the Tommy Armour golf clubs on the market, you should probably consider the following factors before making an order. Although the history, quality, and overall success of the Tommy Armour have been a bit up and down through the years, they seem to have made a good comeback since releasing their product line at Dick’s Sporting Goods.


The shaft featured in any of the golf clubs on our list will likely be the True Temper SL85 Steel or the UST Mamiya Recoil. The shaft options in these clubs are actually quite good. When looking for a good brand of golf clubs, the shaft is just as important as the club head.

The big names in the industry compete to have the best graphite shafts on the market, and Tommy Armour is putting themselves right up there with the premium shafts.

Player Profile

When testing out the Tommy Armour golf clubs, we were impressed with the overall improvements and would consider these good clubs for the higher handicapper and beginners. Some of the ladies’ clubs will work for mid handicappers as well.

The non forged heads and thicker bottom width on the club make the Tommy Armour clubs a bad choice for the lower handicap player. If you are on a budget, you will like Tommy Armour’s pricing but always ensure these clubs are a good fit for your needs as a player.

Set Makeup

The set makeup with these Tommy Armour sets is quite simple. Since there are really only two lines, the 845 and the 845 Max, the clubs mix well between the two sets. You can mix and match long irons, hybrids, and fairway woods to put together a great overall golf set.

The long irons will likely only go up to a five iron as these are more game improvement type clubs.


Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the Tommy Armour golf clubs and who should use them. If you are in the market for new clubs and have looked at Top Flite, Cobra, or even TaylorMade Clubs, these questions may help you narrow down your decision.

What Caused Golfer Tommy Armour’s Decline?

Tommy Armour started to struggle when some of the big boys in the golf industry increased their speed, feel, and overall performance, and Tommy Armour couldn’t keep up. Sports Authority was struggling at the time, and putting more money into the brand to keep up with competitors was not an option.

When Sports Authority closed, Dicks’ Sporting Goods saw the potential of the Tommy Armour brand and started to bring it back.

Are Tommy Armour Golf Clubs Worth it?

Is Tommy Armour a good golf brand is one of our most frequently asked questions and we keep saying Tommy Armour golf clubs offer good technology for the equipment. These are not premium golf clubs, but they would make a great first set or an option for high handicappers and occasional golfers.

As long as you are aware of what you are purchasing and have all the information about their performance, the Tommy Armour golf clubs won’t disappoint. In addition, the golf shafts used in the clubs are pretty good.

Who Should Use Tommy Armour Golf Clubs?

Tommy Armour golf clubs are designed more for a newer golfer, a higher handicapper, or an occasional player that doesn’t have the money to spend on premium brand-name golf clubs. Lower handicap players won’t get the feel or the precision they need from the Tommy Armour golf clubs.


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