Best golf club sets for beginners

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what is the Best Golf Club Sets For Beginners, then we recommend the Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Club Set driver as the best one.

Golf is one of the most enjoyable games, but it can be frustrating too at the beginning. So, which are the best golf club sets for beginners to get you started?

It is an essential question that comes in the mind of every golfer. The good news is, we are here to give you the answer to this question. At the initial stage, you may have borrowed some clubs from your friend to play a few rounds of golf. But, if you are looking forward to playing this game seriously, you will need the right set of clubs for yourself. 

You will be able to take the performance gains if you have the right clubs. Those golfers who do not have suitable clubs are often unable to deduce whether the clubs are letting them down or their skills are not up to mark. 

So, if you are looking forward to getting yourself the ideal beginner’s clubs, hear me first. Sit back, relax and go through our top picks of the best golf club sets for beginners. Also, enjoy our buyer’s guide that will help you make an informed decision.

Best golf club sets for beginners

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

image of callaway men’s strata ultimate complete golf set picture

Callaway manufactures this Men’s  Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set by keeping in mind the needs of the beginners. The set has got high detailing as well as technical advances which makes this set one of the best in the beginner’s category.

At the learning stage, the golfer needs to practice with a variety of golf clubs to become well-versed in swinging each club. This Callaway set has got all the basic necessary clubs, from driver to putter. This makes the practice process easier and assists in learning too.

The set consists of the following clubs:

  • A driver.
  • 3 and 5 wood.
  • Two hybrids.
  • 6 to 9 irons.
  • Pitching wedge.
  • Sand wedge.
  • A putter.

A positive thing is that the set contains sand wedge which is not generally included in other company’s golf sets.

For a perfect launch off the tee, the 12-degree loft titanium driver is there in the set. It has got a large clubhead which implies high forgiveness which does wonders for the beginners.  The set also has 3 and 5 wood which comes with an aerodynamic head for better shots.

Long irons can be very challenging for beginners to handle. This is the reason why hybrids are becoming more popular these days, as a replacement to long irons. Keeping in mind the popularity, the set includes two hybrids instead of just one, i.e., 4H and 5H hybrid. These hybrids are easier to handle and help in gaining great control.

There are stainless steel irons in the set. All the irons are well-balanced and come with high-flight technology. It enables the golfer to hit long-range shots conveniently. In the pitching and sand wedge too, the same material is put into use.

To offer shots with precision, the putter comes with a 3.5-degree loft. A carry bag also comes with the set which has sufficient storage space.


  • Great value for the money.
  • The bag has got lots of pockets for storing various golf accessories.
  • Irons are well-balanced and come with high flight technology.
  • Variety of clubs to practice with.


  • The grips may feel thinner than usual.
  • The bag quality is not up to mark.

Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra Complete Package Set

image of wilson golf men’s ultra complete package set

This set of Wilson gives a great feel just like you are using an expensive set of clubs. It is a nice set for beginners to improve their game. I would not say that this set is as complete as the Callaway’s Strata Ultimate set. But, this does have a nice collection of clubs. The set includes clubs like a driver, a fairway wood, 6 to 9 irons, a hybrid, a pitching wedge, as well as a putter. The drawback in this set is the lack of a sand wedge. Some addition to the fairway wood and hybrid too would have been better.

The club also comes with a nice self-activating stand bag. It has got lots of pockets to give you the convenience to store all your golf accessories. 

The 460cc driver is a nice companion for a fantastic launch off the tee. It comes with a large sweet spot to assist the beginners in hitting long-distance shots easily. To hit excellent fairway shots there is the inclusion of hybrid in the set.

If we look at the irons, they have got gigantic sweet spots for offering plenty of forgiveness. It helps in getting better accuracy even during a mis-hit. The pitching wedge is of standard quality which works really well around the course to get you out of the rough lies. The putter has heel/toe design which many beginner sets do not offer which makes it a plus point in this set. 

All in all, it is a reasonably priced club set which includes a nice combination of clubs for improving game quality. You just need t to add some additional clubs to the set with time.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • The clubs are very forgiving.
  • Irons come with steel shafts which help in getting better control and accuracy.
  • Grips come with markings on it for the ease in gripping.


  • The sand wedge is missing.
  • Not suitable for better players.

Cobra Golf F-Max Superlite Complete Set

image of cobra golf f-max superlite complete set

For beginners, it is necessary to choose lightweight clubs because it results in high swing speed. This Cobra Golf set is a perfect one for beginners as it has an ideal configuration of forgiving clubs which are lightweight too.

The set contains well-balanced clubs which includes:

  • A driver.
  • Two fairway woods.
  • Two Hybrids.
  • Six irons.
  • A putter.

The set also features a cart bag which comes with:

  • 14-way top.
  • Nine zippered compartments.
  • One velour valuables pocket.
  • One large beverage cooler insulated pocket. 

The set has an amazing driver which comes with a forged E9 face along with back/heel weighting which is very comfortable. For better feel and additional comfort, the driver has got a Midsize LAMKIN REL 360 grip. The grip is lightweight and its soft rubber compound helps in a lighter swing.

The manufacturers make the fairway using the 455 stainless steel face insert. It helps in launching the ball high, straight, and long.

There is the use of same 455 stainless steel face insert in the hybrid too. It makes the club lightweight and assists in a dynamic launch as well as fast ball speed.

The irons are easy to use and come with enhanced stability and forgiveness. The lightweight shaft as well as grip assists in hitting long approach shots comfortably. The blade putter is also well-designed to work efficiently.


  • Clubs are lightweight.
  • A lot of storage space in the bag.
  • Grip gives a comforting feel.


  • Not good for professionals.

Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs

image of precise m3 men’s complete golf clubs

If you are looking for a nice set of golf clubs for the beginners at a decent price, Precise M3 is the one for you. Several times, golfers with tall heights find it difficult to manage with standard size clubs. Well, there is good news for them. This Precise set gives you the option to choose between the standard size and tall clubs.

You will find 9 clubs in this set which includes a driver, a fairway wood, 6 to 9 irons and a hybrid. There are pitching wedge and a putter too. But, a sand wedge is missing in this set which you have to buy separately. Most of the users have a positive review of this product. Many golfers don’t even complain about the lack of sand wedge as the basic clubs in this set does a good job for them.

In addition to the 9 clubs, there are 3 headcovers which come with the set. A dual strap bag is also a part of the set which is very lightweight and convenient to carry around. 

Many golf manufacturers ignore the left-handed golfers as they are few in number. But, Precise takes care of them and offers this set in both left as well as right orientation.

When hitting from the tee box, the titanium driver work wonders due to high accuracy and long-distance coverage. The standard hybrid also works really well.

The irons come with extra-large sweet spots which enable the golfer to hit fairly accurate shots. For getting out of the sand bunker, the basic pitching wedge will help you out. The putter comes with alignment aids which make it convenient to hit the ball right into the hole.


  • Standard clubs work effectively.
  • Hybrids assists in hitting long-range shits.
  • For protecting driver, wood, and hybrid, there are 3 headcovers.
  • Fairly priced.


  • No inclusion of sand wedge in the set.
  • Additional woods in the set, like the 5 wood, would have been great.

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

image of callaway men’s strata complete golf set

As we have already discussed in our guide that forgiveness is necessary for beginner’s clubs. This Callaway set is a perfect one in that department as it offers high forgiveness with every shot. It is a 12-pieces set which comes with 10 user-friendly clubs. This is a nice set which offers the best value for each penny spent on it.

The set contains a variety of clubs which includes:

  • 460cc driver.
  • 3 wood.
  • 5H hybrid.
  • 6 to 9 irons.
  • A pitching wedge.
  • A putter.

The 460cc driver comes with a mammoth sweet spot which assists in hitting long hits and offers great forgiveness. The distance coverage of the driver is pretty amazing right off the tee. 

I was a bit disappointed with the 3 wood. It does come with a large sweet spot and can cover a great distance, but the trajectory was not at all consistent.

The most amazing thing about this set is the 5H hybrid. When you are stuck in a situation where you are struggling with the driver, wood, and even the irons, the hybrid would a saviour. It makes your life around the course very easy and takes you out from difficult situations.

The irons flaunt a perimeter-weighted design along with sole-width technology. It helps in achieving better accuracy and enhanced control. You will experience a great feel while using the irons which makes it a promising choice for the beginners. The effectiveness of the pitching wedge is also really good.

The mallet-style putter works nicely by hitting fairly accurate shots which covers a decent amount of distance.

For carrying the clubs around, you will get a backpack strap system stand bag. The bag comes with a rain hood and includes a cooler pocket too. 


  • Clubs provide high forgiveness and great distance coverage.
  • Hybrid works very effectively as it is an alternative for several clubs to hit tricky shots.
  • Irons provide impeccable control.
  • The stand bag is shoulder-friendly.


  • 3-wood is not up to mark as it is a bit punishing on off-centre shots.
  • Fast swinger may not like this set.

Pinemeadow PRE Men’s Complete Set

image of pinemeadow pre men’s complete set

 For enriching your golf skills, one of the best golf sets is the Pinemeadow PRE Men’s Complete Set.  This 16-piece golf set includes 11 golf clubs which comes with a variety of features.

The set includes a driver, 3 hybrid, 3 wood, 4 to 9 irons, a pitching wedge, and PRE-mallet putter. These clubs come with a large clubhead. It provides beginners additional forgiveness and power generation at impact.

The titanium driver has got a 10.5-degree loft to offer a great launch from the tee box. It comes with graphite shaft which is light in weight and provides durability to the club. The irons are durable too as there is stainless steel construction.

The most attractive thing about this set is the 21-degree hybrid. It is an effective companion for the newbies as it offers enhanced control and flight. The wood also works pretty well as it comes with pure graphite shaft.

The mallet putter works effectively and has got the ability to align the shots properly. It boosts the confidence of the new players.

The stand bag is durable and comes with a lot of pockets to store all your necessary golfing stuff. It has dual straps that offer convenience in carrying it around.


  • The price is low, but the quality of the clubs are nice.
  • Convenient stand bag with dual straps.
  • Clubs provide superior control.
  • The driver is efficient enough to avoid mis-hits.


  • Some customers complain about the breaking of the driver.
  • The PRE mallet putter is not up to mark.

Final Words

Choosing a nice golf set with the right clubs can give you a great start in the game of golf. Keeping this in mind, in our view, the best golf club set for beginners is the Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Club Set. It has got all the vital clubs that a beginner needs. It is reasonably priced and the quality of the product is really good. The clubs are highly forgiving and lightweight which are the prime factors which must be present in a beginner’s set.

All in all, all the club sets that we discussed are well-made for beginners. So, you can pick any one of them to start your journey of golfing.

Best Golf Club Set for Beginner- Buyer’s Guide

As you are a beginner, you may feel a little bit confused about which factors you should consider while picking the clubs. So, this buyer’s guide will help you gain sufficient knowledge about various aspects of golf clubs. It will help you make a smart purchase.

Why There Is A Need To Use Golf Clubs Specifically-Designed For Beginners?

Almost all the golf club manufacturing companies design clubs specifically for beginners. All these beginner clubs have a common thing, i.e., High Forgiveness.

The common problem that most of the beginners face is the mis-hit shots. An off-centre shot results in the sacrifice of distance and generates undesirable hooks or slices. This is the reason why beginner clubs come with large sweet spots as well as more forgiveness to tackle mis-hit shots.

The main aim of beginner clubs is to deliver top-notch performance as the newbie is in the process of improving his game. High level of forgiveness allows the player to hit decent shots even with mediocre swings. It boosts the confidence of the player and gives him the much-needed adrenaline rush as a motivation to improve the game. Higher the number of good shots you hit, higher are the chances that you will play more and practice more.

Common features that you will find in various clubs include:

  • Mallet-styles putter is considered better for the beginners as it has got better forgiveness.
  • Cavity-backed irons are the game improvement irons for the beginner. They help in hitting straight shots at a higher distance without much spin. Blade-style irons are better suitable for players with experience. It is because they like to blend their shots.
  • In case of drivers for beginners, the positioning of the center of gravity is usually at the lower and further back. It helps the player to achieve greater distance coverage even during a mis-hit shot.

Avoid Going For Expensive Clubs Or The Clubs For Professionals

It is hard to take your hands off the expensive clubs. It is because they are simply irresistible and have got a whole lot of latest features and technologies. But for beginners, it is not favourable to buy professional clubs even if you can afford them.

If you ask the golf gurus and other pro players, each one of them will recommend you to first purchase beginner level clubs. Once you become well-versed in golf, then you can go for expensive professional clubs. The reason behind it is very simple. As a beginner, you will have to practice more and you are in an experimentation phase of your game. In such a case, you obviously don’t want to ruin or break your expensive clubs. You don’t even know the proper use of all the features of expensive clubs.

As an amateur, several golfers believe that playing with professional clubs will help them in becoming better players. Well, this thinking is completely wrong. A variety of features and club options, in the professional clubs, will confuse you. It will give you hard time leaving you frustrated.

The beginner clubs are affordable and also help in increasing the confidence level by allowing you to hit hard and far.

Go For Clubheads Of Mid To Large Size

As a beginner, you should always select clubs with large clubheads. Larger clubhead means large sweet spots that result in plenty of forgiveness to tackle mis-hits. And mis-hits are very common for the beginners.

The most ideal driver for beginners, in our view, is the 450 to 460cc driver. Most of the golfers consider it the most practical and proven head size of a driver suitable for beginners.

Following are differences between the irons that professional and beginners use:

  • The irons with deeper cavity back with perimeter weighting are suitable for beginners. On the other hand, professionals use shallow cavity back irons with plain blades.
  • Wider sole clubs are better for beginners, but pros use narrow sole clubs.
  • The higher clubhead offset is suitable for beginners, but pros require offset to be lower.
  • As professionals have better control, they tend to choose clubs with tight sweet spots and clubs with a small face. The beginners tend to mis-hit shots at the initial stage. So, they should go for mid to large size clubheads. It is because they have large sweet spots with a high level of forgiveness.

Cast Irons Works Best For Amateurs

For beginners, the best golf clubs are the cast irons. It is because cast irons spread the weight around the perimeter with results in making the club highly forgiving.

But, the pros prefer to use forged irons instead of cast irons. It is because forged irons have the center of gravity in the front of the club. It also comes with tighter sweet spots. Pros make a perfect swing and hit the ball hard and fast without making any off-centre hit. Hence, the forged irons work wonders for the pros.

Make A Choice Between Graphite And Steel Shafts

For the construction of shafts, there is the use of basically two materials: Graphite and Steel. The general principle says that the player with slow swing speed needs to use shafts which are light in weight and flexible too. Hence, golfers with slow swing sped should go for graphite shafts as it is lightweight and provides better flex. On the other hand, high-speed swingers may benefit from stiff steel shafts as they offer better control.

If we talk about steel shafts, then they not only provide better control but also cost less than the graphite shafts. 

The player manages to keep control on the tempo using the steel shafts if his/her swing speed is high. The vibration of steel material is also high. So, when the golfer hits a shot, high vibration enables the golfer to feel the quality of the hit. This makes them assess the current swing with the previous one and fix their mistakes.

But, there are some issues with the steel shaft. Firstly, it is heavyweight due to which the golfer can experience a reduction in swing speed. There can be a decrease in swing speed by 4 miles per hour which makes it a loss of around 10 yards distance. Other than this, as there will be high vibration in steel during the impact, so you can hurt your hands at the time of a mis-hit.

In the case of graphite shafts, the distance coverage increases by five percent. The vibration is also less which reduces the chances of being hurt during an off-centre shot. For slow swinger, it is the best shaft as it is lightweight and highly flexible.

There are downsides of the graphite shafts too. The high flexibility as well as the whip effect can make the graphite shaft clubs difficult to control for the beginners. Graphite shafts are also expensive than steel shafts.

In general, most of the golfers recommend using graphite shafts as a beginner. It is right to some extent, but it is not always mandatory to use it. One can also go for stiffer steel shafts if they have got naturally high swing speed. 

Understanding the Swing Speed

Knowing your swing speed is very necessary because the flex of the club also depends on it. If you have a high swing speed and can hit the ball as fast as Tiger Woods then stiff flex clubs are the one for you.

However, as a beginner, it will take some time for you to master your shots as well as the swing speed. So, we will recommend you to go for regular flex as they are perfectly suitable for average swing speed.

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