Best golf club sets for intermediate golfers

There are all kinds of golf sets available out there. Each golf set claims to be the best and screams for the attention of the golfer. If you are an intermediate player, that means you are at the discovery phase of your game. Picking a good golf set will help you sharpen your skills.

So, in order to upgrade your game, you must be wondering where to start. Which golf set will suit you the most? Well, don’t worry about it at all. The good news is, we have already thought it through for you. We have come up with a buyer’s guide and top picks of the best golf club set for intermediate.

Best golf club set for intermediate golfers

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

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When it comes to buying a complete golf club set for intermediate, you can rely on Callaway. It is one of the most prominent manufacturers of complete golf sets.

The Callaway Men’s Strata is a pretty impressive set of golf clubs. As the name suggests, the Strata Ultimate has the capability to provide ultimate distance along with ultimate performance.

The set consists of:

  • Number 4 and 5 hybrid.
  • #3 wood.
  • 6 to 9 iron.
  • PW, as well as SW.
  • 4 headcovers.
  • Stand bag.

If we talk about woods, then the full titanium golf driver in this set serves really well. It offers you a large sweet spot along with sufficient forgiveness to hit a long-distance shot off the tee. In addition to this, if you want your ball to cover long distances, you can make use of the #3 wood. It will assist you in playing high flying shots as it has got a great aerodynamic head shape.

As an alternative to long irons, you can make use of 4 as well as 5 hybrids. The hybrids allow you to play a variety of shots with a high level of confidence.

There is the use of high flight technology in the manufacturing of the irons. It helps in delivering adequate distance together with forgiveness. The stainless steel construction of irons offers better control.

The design of the putter is such that it comes with precise face milling. It means you will experience excellent accuracy as well as distance control while putting the ball right into the hole.

Taking about the stand bag, the cool looking bag is light in weight and passes all tests of durability. There are sufficient pockets to store your golfing stuff. There is a carry back-strap too for added convenience.

It comes in both right and left-handed edition, so as to serve all types of golfers.


  • Lots of club choices make it ideal for the intermediate player.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • The overall quality is good.
  • The bag is durable, lightweight, and spacious, with room for extra clubs.


  • When I was using the driver, it felt like it is a bit susceptible to damage.

Precise M5 Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

image of precise m5 men’s complete golf clubs package set

For an intermediate golfer, the Precise M5  golf set can be an ideal choice. It is because the company offers high-quality club sets that will draw your attention right out of the bag.

The complete golf set includes:

  • A 460cc titanium-built driver.
  • A fairway #3 wood.
  • A hybrid.
  • PW stainless steel irons from 5 to 9.
  • A putter.
  • 3 headcovers.
  • A deluxe stand bag.

The titanium driver will give you an impressive start off the tee. It comes with ball aerodynamics and 460cc head volume.

If we look at the designing of the fairway wood, then it looks similar to the driver. You can use the wood for playing mid-range shots, instead of the driver, for getting an impeccable distance. The wood comes with a graphite shaft, which adds to its durability. It even works well in bad weather conditions and doesn’t wear off easily.

To deal with a variety of situations on the course, the company includes 5 irons. They are of different shapes and sizes to get the ball out of tough lies. They give you enough forgiveness to play an outstanding shot.

I found the feel of the putter really good. It felt steady in my hand, which helps me to play an accurate shot with full confidence.

For providing convenience while carrying the golf bag, the company has included two straps to it. There is a stand, too, which helps in keeping the bag when ideal. The pricing is fairly affordable, as it covers almost all your golfing needs.


  • It covers almost all the golfing needs of beginners as well as intermediate players.
  • The bag has a side and a back strap for the ease to carry around.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Considerate of slow swing speeds.


  • The set lacks a sand wedge.

Cobra F-Max Superlite Complete Kit

image of cobra f-max superlite complete kit

Cobra Golf is amongst the most renowned brands in the golfing industry. It always provides high-quality products that offer amazing performance.

This Cobra F-Max Superlite complete golf set consists of:

  • A driver.
  • A putter.
  • 2 kinds of fairway woods.
  • 2 hybrids.
  • 6 irons.
  • A carry bag.

The set is available only for the right-hand orientation golfers.

The manufacturers use the graphite shafts in the club’s construction, making it the best out of the rest. The positive thing about this shaft is that it provides a regular flex on strike.

Most of the golfers prefer to use this cobra set because of its offset driver. It has got a forged E9 face along with the forgiving back/heel weighting. It results in an ideal combination of speed and distance.

The set comes with 2 fairway woods, which includes 3-wood and 5-wood. These woods flaunts fast forged face forgiving weighting. It means that you can execute high elevation shots even from the tough lies.

If we talk about the hybrids, the set consists of 4 hybrid and 5 hybrid. The hybrids’ performance is really good as they offer higher launch together with great stopping power. It is because of their fast forged face as well as forgiving weighting.

The low profile, perimeter-weighted irons are also pretty impressive with their progressive hosel lengths and offsets.

The quality of the bag is also decent. It provides adequate storage space featuring 9-zipped pockets.


  • Variety of irons available.
  • Nice forgiveness.
  • Works well for beginners as well as intermediates.
  • Ideal for delivering accurate shots.


  • The durability of the bag can be improved.

Wilson Profile Junior Golf Set

image of wilson profile junior golf set

One of the most important things that you have to work upon is the swing speed before becoming a professional player. As an intermediate player, you will have to make a correct choice of club for perfecting your swing. So, for improving the swing and the overall performance in the game, I find Wilson profile Junior golf set as the perfect choice.

This 9 piece complete golf set consists of:

  • Long iron.
  • Short iron.
  • 2 headcovers.
  • Carry bag.

The long and short cavity irons have got a large sweet spot design that results in envious forgiveness. It means, using the irons, you can get the most out of your swings.

The manufacturers specially design the driver keeping in mind the beginner and intermediate player. Its length, weight, as well as flex, is as per the junior player.

I really liked the golf bag because of its lightweight and compact design. This makes it easy to carry it around and adds convenience in storing the golfing stuff. The pricing of the set is also affordable.


  • The design of the whole set is in accordance with the junior players.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The quality of the product is really good.


  • Many golfers’ perception is that the set is of low quality because its price is too low.

Precise S7 18 Piece Men’s Golf Set

image of precise s7 18 piece men’s golf set

If you want to take your game to the next level, then the Precise S7 golf set will help you. The complete set’s designing complements enhanced performance. There is the use of top-notch golfing technology, which enables each club to cover the desired distance. The clubs are not only high-end but also seem very pleasing to the eyes.

The set comes with a titanium driver with a large sweet spot. It enables the golfer to hit the ball like a bomb off the tee.

There are two fairway woods in the set, which includes #3 and #5 wood. These are very much forgiving and will give you an outstanding experience with long and high flying shots.

If you are not that good with irons and still want to play sweet and easy shots, then the hybrid is there for you. The number 4 hybrid present in this set assists in playing the shots with ease. It works as a perfect alternative for irons.

The kit consists of light in weight blade-style putter. It ensures perfect control as well as precision with its alignment system so that your ball hits the target.

There are 5 PW stainless steel irons too for those players who like to play long and controlled shots.


When you choose a well-made perfectly-constructed complete golf set, it will certainly improve the game of an intermediate golfer. With a perfect combination of driver, hybrid, woods, wedges, putter, and fantastic accessories, an ideal golf set can take your game to the next level.

Considering the reviews, in my view, the best golf club set for intermediate is Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set. It has got a perfect set of clubs that allow the best performance right off the box. There are thousands of positive reviews about this product, making it an ideal choice for the golfer who is looking for the best.

Buyer’s Guide And Criteria For Evaluation Of Best Golf Set For Intermediate

Before picking the best golf set for intermediate, we should first gain some knowledge about the factors of a good golf club set. Having an ideal golf club gives rejuvenating confidence to the player and makes him more enthusiastic. So let’s see which factors when put together, make an ideal golf club set.

Who Is An Intermediate Golf Player?

We can consider those players as intermediate who consistently break 100, keeping their scores around the 90s. They even occasionally touch the 80s score too. It is just an idea of an intermediate golfer, but there are other characteristics too. We can also consider that player as an intermediate one who is not playing golf for a long time but has some broad understanding of the game.

An intermediate player cannot be an amateur as he knows a little bit about his game. But, to leap to a single-digit handicapper, he needs to play a consistent game. Whether it be a ragged short game or lack of accuracy while making a shot, these factors keep the intermediate player from conquering the game. These factors make their play inconsistent and keep them from becoming an advanced, low handicapper.

Another characteristic of an intermediate golfer is the inconsistency in the quality of shot and distance. The advanced players usually have the skills to play a drive with precise distance using a variety of clubs.

What Does A Golf Set Consists Of?

Before buying a golf set, you should know about different golf clubs available in your golf set. All golf clubs in the set may look similar to each other. But, there are minor differences between each of them. They may have similar lengths and designs, but what makes them different is their head. Each type of head helps to deal with a different situation on the course. So, let’s see the different types of clubs that a golf set consists of:


We refer drivers or the fairway woods as the woods of a golf bag. We all have dreamt of unleashing a 300 yards drive just like the professional big boys do. Such high distance shots are possible by using the golf bag’s power house, i.e., the driver. The driver is that wood in our golf kit, which attracts us the most because it gives us the instinct to love golf.

But, the driver is not the only wood that completes the set. We also have to evaluate other woods too. It includes the combination of hybrids as well as the fairway woods.

The name “Woods” is given to these clubs because there was usage of wood to make the club heads in traditional times. The size of the clubhead is what determines the power of the swing.

While making the evaluation of the woods, you have to keep account of the following essential points:

  • The loft of the club,
  • Height of the clubhead, which is necessary to determine the profile of the club,
  • How the club will line up with the ball,
  • The durability of the material and construction,
  • And how to assemble the clubs.


The most important point you should know is that irons in a complete golf set are actually not complete. Obviously, it is a strange thing to wrap your mind around, but this is the reality. Usually, in an exclusive club set for intermediates, the company combines hybrids with the irons. It is to offer a convenient array of clubs to hit.

The irons come with a small head in comparison to the woods. These are the versatile clubs as it assists in playing long as well as short-range shots. The iron set comes in a range of 1 to 9 numbers. The iron with number 1 offers the greatest distance when hit at strength. As you move to a higher number, the achievable distance decreases.

The number 3 iron comes with the lowest loft, which results in hitting the ball long and low. By the proper use of the club, the player can achieve a distance of approximately 200 yards. The golfer can use the irons with numbers 4 to 7 to fill the gaps in the yard. The number 9 iron cannot hit the ball too far and can only hit up to 100 yards.

You will find a difference of around 12 to 15 yards distance between each iron club.

We have discussed the iron’s number from 3 to 9, but what about 1 and 2. In the intermediate set, it is unlikely to have 1 or 2 number irons. It is because these irons need sufficient experience to use efficiently, and that’s why they are called specialist irons.

In most of the cases, you’ll find cavity-backed irons in your intermediate set. Such irons are popular for improving the game. The designing of these irons is such that they can easily get the ball into the air without much of the sidespin. It results in achieving better accuracy.

While evaluating the irons, the most important factor to look upon is the sole of the clubs. The sole means the clubhead area that touches the surface. A wider sole results in an easier hit. If you are one of those high handicappers, it will be better to rely on irons to hit a perfect shot.


The wedges help you to get out of the rough or bunkers or any other typical lies. The short game plays a vital role as it can put you ahead of the game.

There are typically four types of wedges:

  • Pitching wedge,
  • Gap wedge,
  • Sand wedge,
  • And lob wedge.

The golfers mostly prefer to use sand wedge because it gives middle ground between all the other wedges.

If you need to cover a greater distance, you can choose pitching wedge. It has got the lowest center of gravity.

For awkward situations, the lob wedge is your best option. The gap wedge fills the “gap” between sand and pitching wedge.

Most of the golfers tend to keep four wedges of different types in their golf set. But, the intermediate golf set mostly comes with only two of them, i.e., pitching and sand wedge. So, it would be wise to invest in some extra wedges as per your preferences.


The role of the putter comes when you are close to the hole. It covers the distance between the green and the hole. Every well-structured golf set comes with a putter. But, it’s up to your choice to determine the style of it. Whether you want a blade style or mallet putter, choose the one that suits your play and improves your performance.

Additional Accessories

Only clubs do not complete a golf set. There are a variety of dependable necessary accessories, which are also essential. Such accessories include:

  • Stand bag with multiple pockets to store all the necessary golfing stuff. It holds all your clubs and other important items like extra gloves, balls, extra shoes, etc.
  • The set should include the rain hoods for keeping the clubs dry.
  • There should be cool pockets too for keeping your drinks cold.
  • You cannot always roam around by keeping your umbrella in hand. To store the umbrella, the kit must consist of umbrella sleeves too.

However, all these amenities do not look like essential things. But, if they will be present in your set, your life will become easier on the course. So, always check the quality of the bag first because it will hold everything. Then, check additional features to ensure how rounded the package is.


The quality of the construction is the most vital factor while choosing the best golf club set for intermediate. We always look for the durability of the product and value for the money the product provides. We sure don’t want something which falls apart in a few seconds.

So, don’t go for a golf set just because it is inexpensive. There are various golf sets out there which are expensive but are well-constructed. The top companies are making intermediate golf sets, which includes their high performance and well-crafted clubs. Hence, it will be better to look at the value that the set provides instead of looking at the low price. It is because a lack of the right equipment can ruin the whole game.

While evaluating the set of clubs for their quality, keep the following crucial points in mind:

  • Check the connection point of the hosel and the clubhead.
  • Take a look at the clubhead and check the weight distribution. A well-distributed weight helps you with a great impact.
  • Check out the face of the club and examine the grooves. See whether the grooves are uniform or not, so as to provide more spin at impact.

While going through different golf sets, if you notice that you need something additional in your kit, there is no need to spend a fortune on a particular kit. We always have the option to add the clubs as our game grows.

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