Golf clubs for senior golfers

Whether you have come to grips with it or not, as we get older, our golf game changes. Sometimes, the game of golf goes downhill fast for Seniors, while others see a small decrease in distance and stamina.

We have no interest in focusing on the negative, and want to do everything possible to retain your golf game for as long as possible. You may hit it shorter, but that doesn’t mean your ball striking, chipping and putting has to suffer.

Some of the best golfers I know are Seniors, and some were willing to make changes to their clubs and equipment before they saw a big decrease in club head speed, agility, or flexibility.

Having golf clubs designed for senior golfers with slightly slower swing speeds WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your game.

We would rather see you getting better as you age, like a fine wine.  Compared to:

Seeing you WHINE as you age.

Let’s see the clubs that will help you improve.   While were young!


Best clubs for seniors – Buyer’s guide

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set (12-Piece)

Top pick

image of callaway men’s strata complete golf set

This Callaway golf set is suitable for both senior golfers who want to upgrade their golf clubs and beginners. So, whether you are an experienced player or an amateur, this golf club set is for you. It is the epitome of top-notch performance, budget-friendly prices, and a variety of best clubs available out there.

The set has almost got everything starting from wood to iron to hybrids. The set includes:

  • 3 wood.
  • 5 hybrid.
  • 6 through 9 iron.
  • Stand bag.
  • Two headcovers.

The aim behind providing all these clubs is to offer high-end performance, plenty of forgiveness, high swing speed, and great control.

Starting with the driver, there is a 460cc driver, which is lightweight. It comes with a gigantic titanium head with a large sweet spot to enhance forgiveness. It offers a great launch off the tee.

There is an oversized three wood too in the set. It has got an aerodynamic head shape, which enables the golfer to play high-speed shots along with flexible swing.

As we discussed earlier in our buyer’s guide that the stiff shafts of the iron may not be ideal for senior golfers. So, to deal with that issue, a hybrid piece is also there in the set. It provides more flexibility, forgiveness, and a great feel to hit any type of shot comfortably.

There is an iron set too in this kit. It is perimeter weighted as well as softly-constructed making it ideal for senior golfers to handle even the off-center strikes.

Additionally, the set consists of a smooth putter, which is very easy to use. There is a bag too, which makes it convenient for you to carry the clubs around and store essential golfing accessories.

The best part about this set is, all the high-quality equipment comes at an affordable price, which makes this set simply irresistible. All in all, this Callaway set is a perfect combination of solid, lightweight, and effective clubs that can cater to almost all the needs of senior golfers.


  • Variety of golf clubs to cater to different needs of the senior golfers.
  • The putter is smooth to handle.
  • Clubs come with high forgiveness and great control.
  • The bag has plenty of storage space.


  • The golfer may need some time to adjust with the three wood.
  • The 460cc driver is mainly suitable for extended swing and not for slow swingers.

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (18-Piece)

image of callaway men’s strata ultimate complete golf set

Another great set for senior golfers is the Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set. The set has got 18 pieces. That means it contains all the necessary equipment that a player would need to play his favorite game.

The golf set includes a full titanium driver, wedges, 3 and 5 woods, irons, 4 and 5 hybrids, and a putter. In addition to this, the set also comes with a durable and attractive looking carry bag, just like other Callaway sets. In this set, there is the use of modern technology, too, in the form of High Flight technology.

The full titanium driver is sturdy as well as effective. It has got a 460cc clubhead, which assists in hitting straight and long shots. The 12-degree loft, along with high forgiveness, makes this driver perfect for senior golfers.

For extra forgiveness as well as flexibility, there is the inclusion of 3 and 5 woods in this set. Both of the woods have got an aerodynamic club head with a low center of gravity. The woods help the senior golfers in hitting an easy fairway shot to a greater distance.

Hybrids are there is the set as an alternative to challenging long irons. They boost the confidence level of the golfer and helps in hitting a steady shot.

There are wedges and irons, which includes 6,7,8,9 PW, and SW. All of these irons come with a high flight technology to enhance the distance coverage. Manufacturers make use of stainless steel to construct the irons, which means more durability.


  • Inclusion of a variety of clubs.
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and balanced set of clubs.
  • High quality matched with affordability.
  • Clubs are highly forgiving, and there is the use of high flight technology.


  • The bag comes in only one color option.

Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

image of precise m5 men’s complete golf clubs package set

Are you looking for a set that gives you a good value for the money? Then Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set is for you. It is a set that offers great performance along at an affordable price. Almost all the golfers hesitate in investing money in a set that ends up worthless or inefficient. Well, you are lucky as the Precise M5 is a club set that is worth every penny spent on it.

The set contains a 460cc titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 5-PW irons, and a putter. It means the set consists of all the clubs that you will need to play your game confidently and effectively. In addition to this, the set is attractive looking with a high-end finish along with an elegant touch.

In my view, the downside of this set is that it does not contain a variety of hybrids. This may be a negative point for experienced players, but for beginners, it is not an issue. It is because, for the basic game, there is no requirement for a variety of hybrids.

Adding distance to your drives will be much easier with this set. The set contains a 460cc full titanium driver, which offers high forgiveness, long-distance coverage, and sturdiness. It means that you’ll not face any problem in hitting long shots.

In irons and wood, there is the use of graphite shafts. It results in lightweight and sturdy clubs perfect for senior golfers with less slower swing speeds.

All the club heads are large in size with mammoth sweet spots. This enables the golfers to hit longer shots with precision.


  • Nice quality at an affordable price.
  • Modern looking clubs with an elegant touch.
  • Club heads and shafts are user-friendly.


  • Not an ideal choice for professionals.
  • A variety of hybrids is not available in this set.
  • You have to pay extra to get a carry bag and head covers.

Wilson Men’s And Teen Complete Golf Set

image of wilson men’s and teen complete golf set

Are you looking for an easy to use simple set? Then Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set will serve you well. The set has got everything that can assist you in generating enough power to hit a great distance shot. The set comes with all the essential high-performing pieces that a senior golfer needs. The clubs provide plenty of forgiveness and come at an affordable price too.

This Wilson set may look like a simple one but has got all the effective tools. It contains a driver, 3 fairway wood, 5 hybrid, irons 6-PW, and a putter.

For offering a great launch off the tee, the set has got a graphite driver, which comes with an oversize 460cc titanium head. For providing an enormous sweet spot, the driver comes with advanced weight distribution. The driver head design is also unique, which provides enhanced stability for hitting the ball straight to a greater distance. It is durable and capable of enhancing flexibility to achieve high distant shots.

You will find the use of graphite in the woods, which provides forgiveness and great accuracy.

For providing additional convenience to the senior golfers, the grip comes with clear marks on it. It means that the player will know the best way to position his hands on the grip to experience better control.

There is the usage of pure steel shafts, which means you will have durable clubs with great sturdiness.

The putter comes with a heel/toe weighted alignment, which accurately hits the ball right into the place.

The clubs have an enhanced head design, resulting in better trajectory resulting in hitting longer and straight shots without much deviation.

This Wilson set is for them senior golfers who want simple but effective clubs at an affordable price.


  • High-performance clubs at an affordable price.
  • Comes with protective headcovers.
  • Clubs provide high forgiveness for better shots.


  • Some users complain that clubheads are not sturdy enough for long-term use.
  • Only one color option available.
  1. Wilson Ultra Plus Set

There is a collection of 10 different clubs in the Wilson Ultra Plus Set. The set includes:

  • A driver.
  • 4 hybrid.
  • 3 wood.
  • 6 to 9 irons.
  • A pitching wedge.
  • A heel/toe putter.
  • A stand bag.
  • Three head covers for driver, wood, and hybrid.

The driver comes with a titanium composite, which makes it lightweight to help you get a great start from the tee box.

There is a 3-wood in the set, which has got a graphite shaft. The clubface of the wood is wider and longer in comparison to the hybrid. It provides you with great accuracy when you want to hit a perfect shot for shorter holes.

There is only one hybrid in the set, i.e., 5-hybrid. It is a nice combo of tall as well as wide clubhead face for better forgiveness.

When it comes to irons, there are cavity-backed irons in the set. These irons are known as game improvement irons, which are ideal for mid handicappers. For senior golfers, it is very common to hit off-center strikes. But, it is not a problem anymore as these are perimeter-weighted irons that provide incredible forgiveness.  Please be aware that a sand wedge is not included in this set, so you may want to invest in it separately before hitting the course.

There is a blade-style putter in this set that is capable enough to offer a smooth forward role. It provides a great distance control and a fine touch that a golfer requires around the cup.

The set also consists of a stand that is durable and lightweight. It has got sufficient space to store your golfing accessories. There are headcovers too, which keep the clubs safe from any kind of denting and scratching.


  • 460cc titanium driver with a large sweet spot and perfect balance.
  • The hybrid is smooth.
  • Game improvement irons.
  • The stand bag is durable and lightweight, with enough storage space.


  • The sand wedge is not there.
  • Only one hybrid is present.

TaylorMade M2 Men’s Combo Golf Set

image of taylormade m2 men’s combo golf set

The TaylorMade M2 is a unique club set compared to all the other sets we have discussed in this list. The unique thing is, you can choose between three different option within the same price range:

  • 3 and 4 hybrids along with 5 to 9 irons and a pitching wedge.
  • 4 and 5 hybrids along with 6 to 9 irons and a pitching wedge, and a sand wedge.
  • 4 and 5 hybrids along with 6 to 9 irons and a pitching wedge, and an approach wedge.

Another point to note here is that there is no driver or woods available in this set. It comes with a high price tag too. The high price is a con but doesn’t forget that this M2 combo set is amongst the top-of-the-line flagship clubs.

If we talk about the irons, these are some of the best irons which flaunt TaylorMade’s newest Speed Pocket. It enables the iron’s face to flex more, resulting in an outstanding ball speed even if you mis-hit. The irons also provide a great feel and an amazing sound with an attractive look.

Wedges are also sturdy and strong. Both pitching wedge and gap wedge have a loft of 43.5 degrees and 49 degrees, respectively. The irons and wedges are pretty versatile and feature high penetrating flight having medium to low spin.

The fully stainless steel hybrids come with a 6-section fluted hosel. It enables the golfer to adjust the loft angle as per his preference, which adds to its versatility. Like irons, hybrids are also highly forgiving and focus on covering great distances with mid-low spin.


  • Full stainless steel hybrids.
  • Irons and hybrids are highly forgiving.
  • Speed Pockets are there for a better flex.
  • Three options to choose from.


  • Driver and woods are not part of the set.

Challenges Senior Golfers Face

To find the answer to this question, we need to look at some of the primary issues faced by the senior golfers:

Swing Speed

Most of the senior golfers, with the advancing age, experience a reduction in the speed of their swing. The decrease in swing speed forces the senior golfers to make a change in the style of their playing.

Overall Fitness

In addition to the decreasing swing speed, senior golfers may also experience a downfall in their overall fitness level. They can even observe a decrease in their stamina as well as strength. It results in difficulty to handle heavy golf clubs.

Ball Trajectory

Due to the reduction in swing speed as well as overall fitness level, senior golfers may experience some issues in getting the ball into the air. Seniors should consider switching to a lower compression golf ball. We review them here.

The clubs specifically-designed for seniors to solve all these problems. These clubs tend to be lightweight in comparison to the standard clubs. It tackles the strength issues. In addition to this, the senior clubs come with gigantic sweet spots that provide plenty of forgiveness. Also, there is the incorporation of highly flexible graphite shafts for offering better accuracy as well as distance. For a good flight trajectory, the clubs even come with extra loft.

Factors To Consider While Picking The Best Golf Clubs For Seniors

Shaft Material And Shaft Flex

There are mainly two types of shafts, i.e., graphite shafts and stainless steel shafts. Several golfers prefer to use steel shafts because they tend to provide less torque. Less torque means that the ball will twist less, resulting in an accurate shot. However, for senior golfers as well as beginners, graphite shafts are a better option. It benefits the golfers with a slow swing speed as they are light in weight in comparison to steel shafts. The lightweight of graphite shafts results in a better swing speed, which means achieving better distance with minimal effort.

Now, let’s discuss the shaft flex:

  • Stiff Shaft: If you pick a club with a shaft having stiff flex, it controls the ball from going too high. The reason behind, when the ball launches higher than required, then there are chances that it may miss the target distance. Just keep in mind to choose a shaft that is not too stiff as it might compromise the direction.
  • Flexible Shaft: More the flex in the Shaft, the higher the launch will be. Needless to say, if you get a good launch, then the ball can cover an impressive distance. But, too much flex is also not good. It can launch the ball extremely high, which can jeopardize the distance that you desire to achieve.
  • Senior Shaft: the best option you have got for senior golfers is the senior shaft flex. It is ideal for golfers whose swing speed is around 60 to 85 mph. With the advancing age, senior golfers may experience a decrease in swing speed. With time, the shots from your regular clubs may get lower. It is because the regular clubs tend to have heavy shafts and stiffer flex. For senior golfers, for getting a perfect shot, senior shaft flex is the best bet.


It doesn’t matter for whom you are buying the golf clubs; weight is an important factor to consider. This factor even becomes more vital when it comes to senior golfers or children.

Not a child or even a senior golfer wants to deal with the burden of overweight clubs. With growing age, the overall fitness level or strength of an individual suffers. It makes it harder for the senior golfers to swing heavy clubs.

So, the prevailing wisdom for the senior golfers is to try the clubs before taking the buying decision. Obviously, this is traditional advice as we are currently living in a world of online shopping. So, when shopping online, go for the clubs which are specifically targeting senior golfers. Check the product description to ensure that the clubs are light in weight. Lightweight clubs will assist the golfer in improving the swing speed as well as the timing of the shot.


With your growing age, the golf equipment which you have your full faith in might not give you desired results. They might become inadequate due to a downfall in your strength and fitness level.

To deal with such an issue, it will be good if you invest in some versatile clubs. I am talking about those clubs that can provide a massive positive difference if you just make a few adjustments in your playing style. The best example of this is the long irons. The higher the number of irons, the heavier their weight will be, which makes them difficult to swing by the senior golfers. So, it’s time for you to adapt to a different type of club and start making use of hybrids.


Forgiveness of the club assists you in getting away with the mis-hits. When the club provides limited forgiveness, any mistake, while making a shot, can deviate the ball to a great extent from the target. The amount of mis-hits is higher in the case of senior players. It is because, with growing age, their hand to eye coordination gets hampered. It sometimes becomes very frustrating for them. For a golf lover, nothing can be more disheartening than watching their gameplay diminish overnight.

So, when you are picking clubs for senior golfers, choose the clubs with high forgiveness. The forgiveness basically depends on the size of the sweet spot. A large sweet spot can offer you plenty of forgiveness.

Center Of Gravity

Center of gravity (CG) is usually the spot on your golf club’s clubhead, which is the heaviest. The higher or lower placement of this spot on your clubhead determines the type of shot you can achieve. If the center of gravity is present at the lower point of the clubhead, then you will achieve more lofting in your shots. On the other hand, if the CG is present at a higher point, then you will get a more grounded shot. Usually, you will see such a CG placement in putters. Hence, consider the CG of the clubs and pick those which suit your preferences.

Loft Angle

The ball’s flight trajectory depends on the loft angle of the club. As the age of the senior golfers advance, they may find it difficult to gain sufficient lift. So, for better lifts, you need to select the clubs with higher loft angle. The higher the loft angle, the higher is going to be the flight trajectory. For improving your shot, you can pick a club with up to 15 degrees loft.



With the advancing age, senior golfers tend to compromise with their needs and use the standard clubs. Some senior players even discontinue their passion due to a lack of proper equipment. Well, with the golf clubs specifically-designed for seniors, the issues can be solved. We have listed out our top picks for the senior clubs to help you out. In our view, the best golf clubs for seniors are Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set.

It has got a variety of golf clubs which every senior would need to complete his golfing session. The clubs are lightweight, versatile, highly forgiving, have large sweet spots, and are high-performing. All these qualities in one set are what make this golf club kit ideal for senior golfers. Golfing for seniors has never been more convenient than this ever before.


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