Best putters for ladies

As a women golfer, you may realize there is an advantage in having a club designed specifically for you. You may need a shorter, lighter putter compared to your male golfing friends.

Golf has typically been centered around men for decades. But things have changed, and now you can find Golf bags made for women, along with specific golf clubs and golf balls designed specifically for women.

The good thing about golf is that All things are equal when it comes to the short game. There is no reason why a woman can’t putt better than a man. It will be an equal match if you use some of the best putters for women.


If we can help you beat your husband, father, male friend or foe this year for the first time, that would be awesome. We know the quickest way to improve your scoring is by improving your short game and your putting. Lets find you a new flat stick and get you on your way.


Best putter for women

If you are looking for the best putters for women, we have come up with a list of the seven best putters just for you. We still recommend consulting with an expert before making your final decision.

Odyssey Stroke Lab One Putter

Our Top Choice

image of odyssey stroke lab one putter

Seasoned golfers may not be surprised to know that putters are among the most inconsistent clubs to play with. Many putters focus on the alignment or roll of the ball. However, Odyssey focuses on the length of the backswing, golfer’s stroke, and the angle’s face at impact. This is made sure by the innovative weight distribution technology, which in turn increases consistency.

This putter is made with graphite and has a steel shaft, reducing 40 grams from the putter’s overall weight, which is a lot when it comes to a single putter. The weight is re-distributed to both ends of the putter so that the player can enjoy good performance and playability

This putter has a slightly stiffer shaft and lower torque than other putters on the market. That is why it provides good control. Its head is heavier, which is why mishits decrease. It also has a white-hot micro-hinge insert. The hinge flexes and lifts the ball, giving it more topspin for a better roll across the green. This micro-hinge technology also provides firm sound and a good feel.

When you order from Odyssey, you also have the option of customizing your putter. You can choose from left and right-hand options with the right length for your height. You can also customize your grip, grip wrap, lie, and shaft type. A putter made just for you will ensure that you are at ease when you play. It is also important to know that this putter comes with a one-year warranty.

What We Liked

  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Various clubhead options available
  • Available in blade and mallet options
  • Comfortable pistol-style grip
  • The face insert provides a good feel and delivers great sound
  • Provides better consistency on shots

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit expensive
  • So many options may confuse the buyer

Cleveland Golf Women’s Huntington Beach Putter

image of cleveland golf women’s huntington beach putter

Gone are the days when putters were one of the cheapest clubs in your bag. Since you use the putter more than any other golf club, it is important to keep it in good shape. Cleveland has presented desperate golfers that have a budget issue with a solution. This putter is cost-effective and a good performer. It is not technologically advanced but will still pleasantly surprise you.

This putter is suitable no matter what your handicap level is. It is available in both mallet and blade options and non-traditional head styles. Low handicap players may prefer looking for a more expensive and tour-proven putter, but that is not to say that this putter is not capable of amazing performance.

The face of this putter is precision milled for a soft and consistent roll. The 304 stainless steel used in this putter provides an amazing feel. You may be looking for a softer feel if you are playing on faster greens and need some help with finesse on shorter putts. If you are looking for a face insert in your putter, this might not be for you.

Huntington Beach is available in several different styles. These styles are not widely used, but they are all based on tour-proven models. Cleveland claims to help develop and maintain a consistent feel with this putter. These putters are designed with consistency and forgiveness in mind. It also has a large sweet spot that performs well when used with consistency. One of the reasons we liked it so much and put it on this list of best putters is its affordability.

What We Liked

  • Very affordable
  • A good performer
  • Suitable for mid and high handicappers
  • Provides softer feel
  • Has precision milled face for a consistent roll
  • Tour-proven putter

What We Didn’t Like

  • Players looking for a face insert might be disappointed
  • Low handicappers might want to look elsewhere

Wilson Women’s Harmonized M2 Putter

image of wilson women’s harmonized m2 putter

Wilson is the go-to brand of many golf enthusiasts. It’s been in this business for 100 years and counting. One of the reasons people love it so much is their reasonable pricing and good quality. Putting can make golf frustrating for you, but it can be made enjoyable with the right type of putter. This putter is mallet-style with a large sweet spot.

Beginner lady golfers who want to improve their game should go for this. As we already mentioned earlier, alignment is very important in a putter if you want to improve your consistency. This putter comes with big horizontal lines on the head that improve your alignment. It might be just what you need to get that ball to your target. Beginner lady golfers can improve their accuracy this way.

It is packed with features that will surely knock some points off your score. It features a face insert, which allows for a very good feel. There is also a mid-size vertical seam grip on this putter’s backside, which further improves the good feel and accuracy. This putter also has a thick grip. A good grip is necessary for securely holding the club while you putt.

It only comes for right-handed players, though. This putter has an indented mallet-style clubhead, which you can use to pick the ball from the greens using the putter’s back. This putter has a shiny and glossy appearance, which gives it a modern look. It has an interesting black and gray design with red lines for alignment.

What We Liked

  • Large horizontal lines help with alignment
  • Has a thick grip, which allows secure holding during putting
  • Face insert increases the good feel on contact with the ball
  • Looks stylish and modern
  • Mallet style putter
  • Allows good ball control

What We Didn’t Like

  • Has sharp edges that may damage other clubs in bags
  • May be a bit long for some lady golfers at 35 inches

TaylorMade Spider Tour Putters

image of taylormade spider tour putters

Spider Tour putters are among the hottest flat clubs today. They have made their way into the hands of Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, and Jason Day. The popularity of these putters among pros has drawn great attention towards this Spider line. It comes in a platinum, red, and black version as well. This version of the putter offers a more compact version of the Spider.

Its head shape is noticeably compact, and it has a slant neck. One of the big downsides of this putter is that it doesn’t feature an alignment aid. If you really need it, a DIY alignment aid isn’t out of the question. The matte red finish (on the red version) with the black shaft increases the visibility on the greens and gives reduced glare in the afternoons.

The face insert gives the putter a loud, pinging sound. It almost sounds like aluminum striking a ball. You will appreciate the soft feel off the face on well-struck shots. It also provides good feedback on off-center hits. When it comes to the performance of this putter, it will win you over. You’ll find the speed control to be very consistent and easy to adjust to. The forgiveness level on off-center putts will surprise you.

After a few adjustments, the ball rolls off very smoothly and on line even on longer putts. This 34-inch putter is available for right and left-handed players. Its chrome body will induce confidence in you for better performance. This putter also has a PU foam inserted between the body and frame, which dampens the vibrations and allows consistent good feel and sound.

What We Liked

  • Has a compact shape
  • Very forgiving for a tour model
  • The soft face insert allows a good feel
  • The soft insert gives the putter great sound
  • Ball rolls smoothly
  • Gives great distance control
  • Comes with a durable head cover

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit expensive
  • Suited for pro golfers more than everyday ones

Pinemeadow PGX Putter

image of pinemeadow golf pgx putter

If you are tired of spending your entire paycheck on getting a new putter just to help you get to the hole a little faster, then this putter is a very good option for you. It is from a reputable brand that offers very affordable products. Most of their putters look like high-end models. You’ll get the style, look, and feel of expensive putters but at a fraction of the cost.

This putter is available for both left and right-handed players. It has a clean white finish, which stands out when the putter is on the address position on the greens. This contrast of colors helps maintain focus on the alignment lines and helps make sure that your putter is on target at the start. Players that need help with alignment and want to make a proper stroke will love this putter.

This mallet-style putter is made for mid to high handicappers. But we have to warn you that if you are looking for an impeccable feel and weighting and are unwilling to compromise, you should look elsewhere. The sound is good for a low-priced putter. This putter feels a little stronger at impact compared to a blade. It comes in a 34-inch length; you can’t order custom lengths.

It weighs 380 grams, which makes it very suitable for fast greens. The aiming lines on the white finish that cross the entire top of the clubhead will prove very helpful for alignment. This is also very helpful for players with straight back and straight through putting strokes. This consistent mallet-style putter is very affordable and a great choice for players.

What We Liked

  • Reasonably priced
  • Very forgiving
  • The white finish gives a stark contrast on greens
  • Allows easy alignment
  • Suitable for mid to high handicappers
  • The weight is suitable for fast greens

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can’t order customized lengths
  • The weighting and feel is not perfect

Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter

image of scotty cameron select newport putter

Suppose you are fond of the traditional looks of putters. In that case, you will really appreciate this putter with its classic looks, good feel, and feedback. At first glance, you’ll notice that this putter is a traditional Anser 2-style putter. It has square shoulders and a plumbing neck with a thin and flattened top line. This putter uses 30% more vibration damping material. Moreover, it has a Matador 11-inch mid-size grip.

The cavity in the head of the putter has three dots that are painted in a unique way. Cameron and Titleist are branded on the opposite sides of the neck, with Scotty appearing on the face of the putter. The crown also looks stylish with Scotty and Cameron engraved on it. This putter’s build consists of 303 stainless steel, while the feel is good, but not that great.

This putter will feel and react differently with various types of balls. The feedback is good at each strike. The technology touted by Cameron is “performance balanced weighting,” a term used for interchangeable weights. This putter is available in lengths of 33 to 35 inches. It also features a redesigned soft tri-sole.

This blade putter has an improved plumbing neck, which is slightly shorter and helps improve toe flow. Although this putter is not made for any specific type of handicap, advanced-level players would get the most benefit from it. It is not very forgiving, but the clever weight distribution increases the sweet spot, which might help offset slight mishits.

What We Liked

  • Looks stylish
  • Has a round radius compared to other models
  • Putter head sits square to the target line at address
  • Has improved toe flow

What We Didn’t Like

  • The bent neck might feel awkward to some players who aren’t used to it
  • A bit expensive

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0

image of odyssey white hot pro 2.0

This blade-style putter is famous for its sleek looks and beautiful finish. It features an improved white hot insert that allows for better feel, performance, and sound of the putter. The insert is made with the multi-layer technology of golf balls. This trait provides good stability across the entire striking face of the club.

The distribution of weight in the heel and the putter’s toe creates a lot of space in the putter’s face. It also allows for more forgiveness and response across the face. The alignment aid used in this putter will provide the player stroke stability and also increase shot accuracy.

This blade putter has a full shaft hosel, which helps you make an upward strike. This further increases your stability. It also has a mirror-based EyeFit system, making it easy for you to choose the right head shape. This putter comes with a dash system on the sole, which helps in selection. It has dark and attractive colors that will entice many lady golfers. The overall durability and performance of this putter are appreciable.

The White Hot Pro 2.0 has a dark matte high-end PVD finish, which reduces glare. It is available for right and left-handed players with 33 inches of length. It comes in two types of grips: jumbo and standard. This putter is better suited for beginners who are trying to improve their game. It is a very versatile and promising club.

What We Liked

  • Face insert enhances consistent feel and sound in the face
  • Matte finish reduces glare
  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • Alignment increases accuracy on each stroke

What We Didn’t Like

  • May take some time getting used to

What To Look for in Women’s Putter

What are the different types of putters?

Let’s start with what a putter is. A putter is a club used in golf to roll the ball into a hole with slow speed strokes. You can differentiate this club from others by its flat clubhead, low profile, low striking face, bent shaft, non-circular grip, and positional guide. Two types of putters are most famous among golfers: blade putters and mallet putters.

Mallet putters have large clubheads and come in various shapes and sizes. The most common shapes of mallet putters are square, semi-circle, and half-moon. Traditional putters have a square or rounded back. The weight distribution in a mallet putter is different from others, with most of the weight accumulated in the clubface. This gives it better forgiveness. Mallet putters provide better stability, straight putting hits, good performance, and increased accuracy on long-distance putts.

Blade putters have simple looks and are more famous among golf purists because of their traditional looks. This putter gets its name from its straight, blade-style clubhead with a narrow body. Pros often use these putters in PGA tours. They come in various face types, weights, and lofts. These clubs’ weight is distributed between the heel and toes; that is why they are better suited for someone with an arc stroke.

Are Blade Putters Better Than Mallet Putters?

Many golfers will tell you that a professional golfer likes the feel and control of a blade putter. However, if you see many famous players on tours, they use mallet putter. There are benefits and disadvantages to both, but you must choose what feels good to you. If you have trouble lining up the ball and staying on that line, a mallet would be helpful. Mallets have longer alignment lines and help owners learn to aim the putter head.

Blade putters also have alignment lines; they just aren’t that long. These putters perform well on fast greens. Blade putters often has an increased feel over mallet putters. If your stroke is more straight back and straight through, then you might enjoy a mallet. It allows you to swing along the lines and send the ball to the hole.

Why does alignment matter?

It is very important to check the alignment when you are looking for a new putter. Every golfer is different, so the alignment strategy would also be different for them. If you want to enjoy putting more, you need to learn how to align better.

When you buy a new putter, make sure you’re comfortable with the putter’s alignment process. If the alignment system not well-proportioned, then there would be issues with putting. The alignment system is responsible for creating a balance between gravity and the putter. You’ll feel more comfortable with your putter if it is more aligned.

What is a face-balanced putter?

Face-balanced putters are talked about more recently. These putters have a face that faces upwards when you balance the shaft on your fingers. This means that its center of gravity is right below the axis of the shaft. These putters open less on the backswing and close less on the follow-through. That is why they are recommended for players with a straight putting stroke.

What is the importance of the clubhead?

Clubhead also plays an important role in perfect putting. It produces energy for putting. You have to make sure that the putter that you are selecting has a balanced head. Also, see if the clubhead has a hot insert in it or not. If not, then find a putter that has this feature. A hot insert produces great sound on contact and feel.

What role does shaft length play?

The length of a putter is a very good determiner of whether you will be able to putt the right way or not. One of the most common problems with putters is that they are too long. Most golf putters are between 33 to 35 inches, while many people need only 31 to 34 inches.

When you go choose a new putter, be mindful of the putter length. If you are on the petite side, go for a smaller shaft length. The correct length matters because your eyes will be over the ball when you hold it in your hands. You will be able to see down the line to the target. This allows you to swing better, which in turn increases your accuracy and consistency.

If you are a short person, you’ll need a putter with a short length to be in a position that you need to be. Taller women golfers can easily use a putter with a shaft length of 35 inches.

Do women really need a different putter?

The honest answer to this question would be no. As we said earlier, putting is a part of a short game in golf. You don’t need high swing speed to get the ball to the hole. So, women don’t need a putter that is different than men. They can both use the same club and play an equal match.

Women’s putters are mostly made to be visually appealing. There will hardly be any change in performance. A woman needs a different putter than a man when the shaft length is more. Putters meant for men are usually longer.

What about the head design?

When it comes to the head design, the player’s preference plays a key role. Putters come in a variety of head shapes and sizes. You can choose between a mallet head or blade head, and there are also options with and without sight lines. If you would like to use a face-balanced putter for square putting, a mallet-style with a sight line will be a perfect option. Contrarily, if you are an arc putter, a blade putter without a sight line would be better.

What is the ideal price?

Golf putters range in price from $100 to $400. If the feel is important for you, but the budget is causing issues, you can find surprisingly good options for around $100. Expensive and high-quality putters may last for years. Some professional golfers even use 15-year-old putters. Usually, you can find putters for lady golfers costing between $100 and $250.



Putting can be annoying and frustrating if you don’t have the right putter, but making a wise choice will make it enjoyable. As putter technology continues to develop and grow, so do the options for women golfers. When it comes to putters, it wouldn’t be wrong to consider and start with expensive brands. They are top brands for a reason.

From this list, we feel the Odyssey Stroke Lab One Putter is the clear winner. One thing that matters a lot in putters is weight distribution. The weight distribution technology used in this putter allows for very balanced weighting, increasing its consistency. The weighting technology decreases the number of mishits too. It is available in 33 to 35 inches of length.

This high-quality putter features a face insert that increases its good feel. What we love more, though, is its customizability. It is available for both right and left-handed golfers. You can also choose your desired length, grip, grip wrap, lie, and shaft type. You’ll feel like it’s just made for you.

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