Putters for beginners

Are you a new golf player? Do you need to learn golf? Are you looking for the best putters for beginners? IF the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are at the right place today!

Golf is a very interesting game, and one needs to learn how to play golf with a golf putter, specifically golf putters for beginners. A golfer without a golf putter isn’t a golfer at all!

The market has multiple golf putters. Some of them are over the top best quality golf putters, but they are for expert golf players. But if a beginner golf player needs a golf putter, first, they need a knowledge of the features of a golf putter and the criteria on which they should evaluate a golf putter for themself. After that, they can look at multiple golf putters for beginners and choose one for themselves.

If you are one of those beginner golf players, we have got you covered! We wrote this article specifically to help you out! First of all, we compiled a guide for you, which will help you know what features to look at while buying a beginner’s golf putter. After that, we also compiled our personal favorite golf putters specifically designed to help beginners learn golf and play the game!

Keep reading, and till the end of this article you will know all about golf putters, and it will be easy for you to make a decision regarding which golf putter suits you best and which you should buy!

Rundown: Top 5 Golf Putter for Beginners

After discussing all the features of an ideal golf putter, we will show you the best golf putters we found for beginner level golf players. This rundown will help you a lot as this list features all the best golf putters that you might be searching for.

QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter – Left and Right Hand

image of quolf two-way putter

The brand QUOLF has been involved in making some of the best golf putters, including those golf putters that are the best matches for young people at the beginner level of learning and playing golf.

Not only do they pay special attention to the features of the golf putters, but they also make sure that the golf putter is made into a stylish, attractive, and eye-catching design. This golf putter has multiple features, and it has multiple pros, but it has some cons that one can sometimes ignore as the features are very attractive.


  • It has a straight arc shaft
  • The length of this golf putter is 32 inches
  • It is a two-way putter, which means both left-handed and right-handed golf players can use this golf putter to play and learn golf.
  • The head of the golf putter is made up of metal.
  • The grip area is made of rubber
  • It usually fits right at the center of the hand thus has a very firm grip


  • The length of the golf putter makes it ideal for the short heighted people. The teenagers that are beginners and want to learn golf
  • It is unisex, which means that both males and females can use it.
  • It is ideal for people who have straight strokes.
  • The rubber gives an extra firm grip to the golf putter, in turn giving the golf player more control over the golf putter
  • Since it is a two-way golf putter, this makes it ideal for all people irrespective of if their dominant hand is the right one or the left one.


  • This golf putter doesn’t come with any equipment to pick the golf ball. You will have to use your hand to pick up the golf ball.

Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter

image of pinemeadow golf regular black zinc style putter

The specialty of the Pinemeadow Golf company is that they make sure that the material of the construction of their products is the best and nothing less. With an excellent price for a putter loaded with so many features, this golf putter is one worth looking at.


  • Ideal for right-handed golf players
  • The length of the golf putter is 34 inches
  • Awesome price for such an ideal putter
  • It has an attractive black color that makes it eye-catching good,
  • The weight is ideal with a 125 g shaft and a 49 g putter grip
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • High golf putter weight gives better control for the game to the golf player
  • The length is suitable for people who aren’t very short nor very tall. It is ideal for late teens and young adults
  • The right-handed golf players can enjoy the features of this golf putter
  • The material of construction makes the golf putter more durable and reliable
  • With a sharp black look, the design is very stylish


  • Not ideal for tall golf players
  • Left-handed people can’t use this golf putter.

GoSports The Classic Golf Putter – Premium Grip and Putt Putt Style Two-Way Head for Right or Left Handed Golfers – 35” Length

image of gosports the classic golf putter - premium grip and putt putt style two-way head for right or left handed golfers - 35” length

This two-way putter makes it an excellent match for both right-handed people and left-handed players. GoSports made a golf putter keeping many features in mind and designing the ideal putter for beginner golf players. Let’s look at the features of this golf putter and see how it is significantly essential for beginners


  • It is a uni-sex golf putter
  • It has a high-quality rubber grip
  • This is ideal for indoor golf courses and mini-golf courses
  • It has a blade-shaped golf putter head
  • The shaft is made up of tapered steel
  • It was designed explicitly for beginner golf players.


  • The stylish golf putter can be used by men and women both for playing golf
  • Being ideal for small golf courses, you can enjoy the fun of golf even at the office
  • It is easy to carry around and practice with the golf putter
  • The tapered steel shaft and a rubber grip is a great combination


  • It is not clear if the rubber is latex-free, so people that have an allergy to latex, please think about it before buying the golf putter
  • It can’t be collapsed to make it compact and easy to carry around while traveling.

Wilson Men’s Augusta Golf Putter (Right Hand, Steel, 35-Inch)

image of wilson men’s augusta golf putter (right hand, steel, 35-inch)

This golf putter has a standard design and a standard length designed for beginner golf male players, but this doesn’t’ mean that advanced level golf players can’t use the golf putter. It can give high performance for both types of golf players. This company has won 62 major golf championships and are experts in designing golf putters for all kinds of players. They keep the enjoyment of the golf players and their performance in mind while designing a golf putter. Some of the highlighted features of his golf putter are:


  • Blade shaped golf putter head
  • The weight of the golf putter is 1.15 lbs
  • The length of the golf putter is 35-inch standard
  • It can be used by right-handed people as well as left-handed people
  • It is a uni-sex golf putter
  • The grip quality is very high
  • It is a center shafted putter
  • It has a toe hang style


  • This golf putter is ideal for beginners and advanced level golf players
  • The weighing is ideal for making sure the player gets maximum control
  • High-quality grip ensures ease in playing with the golf putter
  • As it is a two-way golf putter, all people can consider buying this golf putter
  • Being two way and uni-sex, this golf putter is ideal and can be considered an all-rounder in availability to all


  • It doesn’t come with a cover
  • The center-shafted putter makes it less ideal for some people

Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter (Men’s), M1, Right Hand

image of wilson harmonized golf putter (men’s), m1, right hand

Providing ease in the alignment setup, this company has done a great job designing the golf putter. Wilson has provided golf putters for up to 100 years and has won 61 championships. Due to this factor, this golf putter has ranked among the best golf putters on this list.


  • Visual support for alignment
  • Vertical seam grip
  • The golf putter features a micro-injection polymer face insert.
  • The shaft is made up of steel
  • It is right hand oriented
  • The grip is made soft to provide a better feel to the golf player


  • The micro-injection polymer face insert makes it very satisfying and improves the ‘feel’ upon the contact of the golf putter with the golf ball
  • The steel makes the shaft heavy and ideal for golf playing
  • Right headed men can get the golf putter and enjoy one of the best golf putters
  • Stylish design makes the golf putter very attractive and eye-catching


  • This golf putter is only for tall people and right-handed people
  • This golf putter is not for females


Many of the golf enthusiasts have read this article fully with great interest and now would be considering buying some of these golf putters. And the people who are still wondering if it is worth buying the golf putters, let us tell you this: you will never regret buying these golf putters as they are of high-quality and very durable. You will truly enjoy playing golf with these golf putters. Let us know which golf putter impressed you the most and which ones you are considering to buy. If you want to share your experience with these golf putters, feel free to express your opinion in the comment section!

Happy Golf Putter Shopping!

Value Editorial

This section of the article will tell you what you should look at when getting yourself a golf putter. This guide will help you select a golf putter for yourself, but it will also help you understand the features and significance of each feature.

Putter Length

Length is a very important factor that plays a role in playing golf. The ideal length can help you control the ball’s direction along with the distance the ball will cover. When it comes to which golf putter one should buy, as the beginner golfer doesn’t have much experience playing golf or buying golf putters, one should look for a golf putter according to their height.

Variation in Length of Golf Putters

Although there isn’t a considerable variation in the lengths of a golf putter in the market nowadays, some golf putters vary in length and can be selected according to which one is more convenient.

Who Should Buy Tall Golf Putters?

If you are tall, you will need a taller golf putter. This will help you easily position the golf putter to the golf ball. You will have better control over the direction and the distance that the golf ball will cover.  Usually, the length of the longer golf putters is in the range of 36 – 38”.

Who Should Buy Short Golf Putters?

Similarly, if you have a shorter height, you should get a relatively shorter length golf putter, which will help you achieve the same results the long length golf putter can give to a taller person. The ranger of Shorter golf putters varies between 32 – 36”.

Golf Putter Alignment

There is a variation in the thoughts of golf experts regarding how much the putter alignment is important. But one thing is for sure; if the putter’s alignment is not correct and ideal, the target will be missed.

According to some experts, there is a sweet spot in the golf putter alignment. If the ball is hit at the correct angle and point with the sweet spot, it will go straight into the target. But even the slightest variation in the alignment or the point and angle at which the ball is hit can cause the ball to miss the target. This is how sensitive the alignment of the golf putter is!

Some golf putters emphasize more on the golf putter alignment while manufacturing and designing its features. In contrast, other golf putter designs don’t have that level of emphasis on the golf putter alignment.

Choose wisely.

Golf Putter Head Shape

In the design of a golf putter, there are two types of golf putter heads; Blade and Mallet. One is a traditional shape, and the other is a somewhat modified and, in some way, improvement compared to the traditional one. Now, by this statement, we do not mean that the modified one is better than the traditional one. Both of them have their unique features and characteristics that make them equally important and are highly valued.

The traditional golf putter head shape is the Blade shape. The modified shape of the golf putter head is the Mallet shape. Let’s look at the features of both of them which set them apart:

Blade Shaped Golf Putter Head

This shape of the putter head is somewhat thinner in width compared to its length, which gives it an edgy look. The golfers more commonly use this type of golf putter’s head.

Mallet Shaped Golf Putter Head

This golf putter head shape is more comprehensive as compared to the traditional blade golf putter head shape. The length and width of this golf putter head shape are almost the same.

Importance of the Golf Putter Head Shape

Some experts say that the head of the golf putter shape is essential, and they prefer the Mallet shaped golf putter head as it gives more stability to the golf putter and helps them hit the ball more precisely.

Shafts and Hosels

There are three standard options; heel-shafted, center-shafted and offset. Each of them has its significance and its use. When it comes to the most commonly used, heel-shafted golf putters are used very widely by golfers worldwide.

Heel-Shafted Golf Putters

The heel-shafted golf putters are such that they connect the heel of the head of the golf putter.

Center-Shafted Golf Putter

In this type of golf putter, the connection is direct with the center of the golf putter’s head. This type of golf putters is ideal for people who like to keep a close eye on the ball when playing golf.

Offset Golf Putter

This is a unique design of golf putter. This helps the player in creating a consistent setup, and it also helps in alignment.

Toe Hang and Putting Stroke

Another essential feature of the golf putters to look at is the putting stroke. It is highly crucial to make sure that the golf putter’s putting stroke matches your natural putting stroke.

Putting Stroke

When it comes to putting stroke, there are mainly three types of putting strokes; straight stroke, slight arc stroke, and a firm arc stroke. If you keep the face of the golf putter straight, you will get a straight stroke.

Adjusting the Arc

If the face is slightly arced, you will get a slight arc, and for a strong arc, you should keep the face of the golf putter at a strong arc.

Toe Hang

If you want to have the best golf putter match for yourself, you must know the concept of toe hang. There are two types: face-balances and toe hang. How will you confirm which type of golf putter you have? Balance the golf putter near the head area on your finger. If the face points up, you have a face-balanced golf putter. And if the toe is in a downwards direction, the golf putter is a toe hang. It is as simple as that.

Weight of The Golf Putter

Usually, the gold putter’s weight has an essential role in the quality of the golf putter. In most cases, the heavier golf putter gives you greater control over the golf putter, making sure that you hit the ball in the right position and with the right force. The preciseness of the golf putter is high. But the golf putter shouldn’t be too heavy to tire you. If the weight tires you, you will not swing it as effectively as an ideal weight golf putter.

Grip Size

Another essential feature of the golf putter is the grip size. The grip area is essential because if you can firmly grip the golf putter, you will better control the game. And for the firm grip, you need to find the grip size proportional to your hand. Now, this factor depends on your hand. We can’t say that a larger grip size or a smaller grip size is best. Because the best grip size is the one that helps you firmly grip the golf putter and help you be comfortable while swinging the golf putter.

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