Center Shafted Putters

In golf, swigs do not vary a lot but when it comes to putting, golfers tend to have different swings, postures, and grips in order to guide the ball into that hole. Many golfers have begun to adopt center shaft putter because of the various benefits it offers. While there are many choices out there some stand out more than others.

In this article, we have enlisted 5 best center shafted putters based on material quality, design, and performance.

Best center shafted putters

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

image of callaway odyssey stroke lab versa putter

Odyssey makes putters that are among the best. They have been used in many PGA events and 100s of world events. Innovation has been a priority of Odyssey and with this Lab Versa putter line they introduced many features that changed the fame for the better. Putters are made for short distances. This line of the putter will ensure your desired results with its promise of better performance and innovative design. This putter will not hide your mistakes, hence you’ll be able to rectify them. You’ll be able to see clear improvement when you use this putter with careful weight distribution.

In fact, careful weight distribution is one of its key features. It is a very important aspect of the club because it impacts how the player holds his/her club and makes their play. You will have better control because the club is well-balanced. When there is better control you’ll be able to swing better. Right swing and a better role is all you need to make sure that your ball ends up in the hole.

This putter has a heavier head and uses stiff and lower torque. This allows the player to have even better control of the club and makes it easy to swing. Sometimes it is hard to swing in a particular way because your club moves more than you thought it would. As a result, you don’t have a clean or smooth stroke. Stroke Lab has added weight to the sole and grip of this putter in order to avoid that. The extra weight reduces your chances of swinging wrong or more. You can choose between 35, 34, and 33-inch lengths and two types of grips. Stroke Lab has put White Hot micro-hinge in the putter, which would increase the good feeling that comes with holding and swinging with it.

What we liked

  • You can customize it
  • Your strokes will be smooth
  • Hits will be accurate
  • Gives much better control
  • Performs better due to distributed weight
  • Very well-balanced
  • Feels good

What we didn’t like

  • Grip may come-off
  • Might require some time to get used to

TaylorMade Golf Tour Preferred Red Collection Ardmore Putter

image of taylormade golf tour preferred red collection ardmore

TaylorMade was a respected brand but until 2017 it wasn’t considered the world leader of putters. All of this changed when Jason Day used their Spider collection. It started a craze for Tour red collection. TaylorMade felt compelled to release TP red in the same year as the Spider collection. The feel and quality and consistency of the roll alone of this putter will leave you impressed. This putter features a milled 304 stainless steelhead. They can be best categorized as mid-mallets when it comes to design.

It also incorporates TaylorMade’s signature 6061 pure aluminum roll insert. This insert enhances roll off the face by combining a 45-degree groove with a soft polymer. This allows for a smooth acceleration off the clubface across all surfaces. It also features sole weights that can be interchanged. You can easily change the two weights and either get a heavier toe or a heavier heel. You can adjust these weights to better suit your stroke. The weight of the head is 350-grams. The lie angle is 70-degree while the loft angle is 3.5-degree. The lengths can vary between 34 and 35-inches. The grip type is Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.

This putter has the classic Tour red finish, which contrasts well with the black faces and white sightlines. It is a face-balanced mallet with two sightlines on either side of the sweet spot. It also has a full-shaft offset. Overall, you’ll be happy with the roll that you get with this putter. The feel is silky smooth. You’ll appreciate the role that you get with this putter when you’re lining up the logo on the golf ball to the target. You may not notice a lot of difference with the interchangeable weights but for someone who is in tune with their stroke, this feature will not hurt.

What we liked

  • The red color of the putter increases visibility on the greens
  • The pure roll face insert optimizes your forward roll
  • The milled 304 stainless steel head looks aesthetically pleasing
  • The interchangeable weights allow you to find the ideal head weight
  • The roll insert allows the good feel
  • The long sightlines improve the accuracy of your hit

What we didn’t like

  • Is not available in a 33-inch size
  • A bit expensive

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR400 Putter

image of ray cook golf- silver ray sr400 putter

SR400 may not be that only one putter for you but it could be. It is different from others when it comes to its design, weight, and some other features and that may be what you’re looking for. The head is a very important part of the putter. The head is the part of the putter that bears most of its weight and comes in contact with the ball and pushes it forward. Many people look for a lightweight head but you might not be among them. The club head of this putter weighs 360 grams. If light putter heads don’t give you the good feel then you could try a weighty head like this one.

This club comes with a double bend full-shaft offset. This type of shaft allows you flexibility. You will feel comfortable with it even if you are holding it for a while. The shaft has a good weight and together with the clubhead, it will create balance throughout the putter.

This putter has a loft of 3-degrees and a lie angle of 70-degrees, which makes it stable and balanced. When it comes to putters, not much loft is required since you don’t want the ball to fly. The 3-degrees of loft will allow you to bounce the ball if you’re putting from a long distance. The 70-degree lie will improve your accuracy. This putter has a solid line that helps you aim better.

The shape of the clubhead with two parts will give you a good idea about the center of the clubhead and where you should make the ball come in contact with the clubhead. The grip is oversized, soft to touch, and very comfortable. It is well-built. However, you may not like where the weight of the grip is placed. It slides a bit towards the center. If you’re alright with that then this putter will please you.

What we liked

  • The slightly heavyweight of the head of this putter makes it unique
  • Produces good sound
  • Feels balanced and stable
  • The shape of the clubhead helps in aiming
  • Gives the ball a good roll
  • Weight distribution is good

What we didn’t like

  • The paint might chip away
  • Doesn’t offer a lot of forgiveness

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach

image of cleveland golf huntington beach

Putters are used more times than other clubs in your bag. Sending money on a putter is worth it but it would be even better if you saved a few bucks. Cleveland has heard you and come up with a putter that is both cheap and high performing. They may not be very advanced technologically but you will be pleasantly surprised. Regardless of your handicap, there are Huntington Beach putters that will work for you. They are available in mallet, blade, and other non-traditional head styles. Its pistol-style grip is comfortable when you hold it in hand and makes you feel like you can put some arc in your stroke.

When it comes to the shaft it is the same traditional steel shaft. Not much has been done for steel optimization as would see in the Stroke Lab series. The face of this putter is milled for a consistent and soft roll. The 304 stainless steel provides an excellent feel and is confirmed to be 50% softer than what was used in the past. Softer heads can prove helpful if you’re playing on fast greens and need some fineness on short putts.

This putter aims to develop and maintain a consistent feel. These putters are designed to give forgiveness and consistency. It also doesn’t have an insert, which would be appreciated by mid-handicappers. Distance control is not hard with this putter as it gives you feedback with each stroke.

It has a large sweet spot that yields better results when used consistently. Even if you strike a mishit you will get a decent result. As we already said, this putter is highly affordable and has dropped more since its release. It is available in 34 and 35-inches length for both left and right-handed golfers.

What we liked

  • Very affordable
  • Suitable for mid and high-handicappers
  • Offers forgiveness
  • Develops and maintains consistency
  • Pistol style grip is comfortable
  • Distance control is easy

What we didn’t like

  • The lines and edges may appear sharp to some players
  • The soft feel might be too soft for some players

Wilson Harmonized Putter

image of wilson harmonized golf putter (men’s), m1, right hand

Putting can be very frustrating but this experience can be made easier with the right putter. Since they are the most used clubs in your bag, it is important that you use a high-quality putter and use it to your advantage. This mallet-style putter has a large sweet spot, which might be loved by many golfers. Wilson is a famous brand and a go-to choice of many sports lovers. They make high quality and affordable sports equipment and this putter is no exception. If you want to improve your game then this putter is the right place to start. It is available in various sizes and styles for you to choose from.

There is a big line on the head of this putter that can help you improve your putting. This alignment guide might be just what you need to perfect your game and put the ball in the hole. If you are a beginner then this putter will increase your accuracy. It has a face insert, which improves the feel a lot upon contact with the ball. The mid-sized vertical seam grip on the backside will also improve the feel. This putter has a fat rip, which allows for a secure hold. But it is only available for right-handed players. The super glossy and shiny steel shaft gives a modern look and feel to this club. The gray/black design with a white stripe and two vertical lines make it look interesting and help with alignment. This is a great choice of putter for golfers of all skill levels.


Center shafted putters really help your game compared to traditional offset putters. If you have a difficult time with aligning your ball or feel that you can’t hit it in the center of the face then this putter might help you.

Many manufacturers make their famous models with a central shaft. You can find putters in many price choices. The clear winner of this list of center shafted putters is the Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa putter. Careful weight distribution is its key feature, which is what is required for a balanced putter. It is very balanced and will allow you to strike accurate hits.

The white-hot insert feels soft and solid at the same time. The weight and balance will make it feel like a natural extension of your body. If you are struggling with your putting then the weight and balance of this putter will help you a lot. What makes it a superior choice is that it is available in various head shapes and fitting options.

What is a center shafted putter?

Some of the readers might not know what a center shafted putter is. Let us start with putters. A putter is a golf club that is used to make short and relatively low-speed hits in order to send the ball to the hole from a short distance. A center shafted putter has a shaft that connects with the head towards the center instead of the heel where you might usually find it.

Heel putters are common but their central axis counterparts have their own niche. The trend of center shafted putters started after the Pinehurst victory of Payne Stewart.

What are some benefits of a center shafted putter?

Center shafted putters are well-balanced. The weight is evenly distributed between the heel and the toe. Also, the axis enters the heel and the toe in the middle, which allows a straight backward and direct shot with little or no drift at all. To check whether your flagpole is balanced or not, take about 6 inches of the club behind your head and try to balance it with one finger. If it stays horizontal then you have got yourself a balanced putter. Professional golfers and coaches have noticed that with heel putters your mishits are more likely to go in one direction only. If you would like to control your mishits better then you should go for center shafted putters.

What is a stroke arc and how to find yours?

Understanding your hitting arc is very important in choosing the putter that is best for you. The arc putting stroke is made when you use the natural curve formed by your spine when you’re in putting motion. The angle of your body at the putter address also plays a role in it. The straighter you stand the easier it is to form an arc putting stroke because your body moves in a rotational manner. Arc putting is beneficial for people who struggle with putts pushed out to the right and distance control on longer putts.

To find out your stroke arc set up a putt with your ball and a standard putter. Use two lengths of masking tape about 2-meter long. Now lay the masking tape a few inches on either side of the ball and form a narrow channel. Stand with your toes horizontal to the line of tape and practice laying. Look at the stroke against the straight line and see if your natural stroke is straight back, straight or if you have an arc. If you have an arc, pay attention to the degree of your bow. If your curve is deep then you will need a putter to accommodate it. Arcs with a minor curve might not need it. A putter that is not balanced will be fine for golfers with semi-arc hits. A face-balanced putter may be right for you if you usually hit a back-straight shot.

What is a lie angle?

Lie angle is the angle formed between the golf club and the center of the shaft and the sole when the club is soled in its proper playing position. The Lie angle affects the accuracy of your shots. It may cost you some strokes if the lie angle of the club doesn’t suit your body type or swing type. Lie angles usually start with the mid-50s in drivers to mid-60s in short irons. Lie angle may reach the 70s in conventional putters; some manufacturers even recommend offset up to 90 degrees.

That being said, if you more than often hit the wrong part of the clubface and if your distance control is inconsistent and not accurate then you may need a putter with a lie angle that suits you. To check your consistency, put some talc powder on the face of your putter. If the lie angle is correct you will be able to find adequate power transfer and make better contact with the ball. Lie angle is affected by the length of the putter. Your corner will be flat if the putter is long. Drill a few putts if they are grouped together in the center of the face, your lie angle is correct.

Contrarily, if your putts are grouped together in the wrong part of your face; you need a different lie. If your putters are scattered on the face then you may need a putter with better length, weight, and balance. Sometimes more practice can build consistency.

Finding the right putter length

A 34-inch putter might be too long for a 5 feet 10-inch person who has a 32-inch distance between his knuckles and the ground. To determine the length of your putter you can use the adjustable slider method. If you are closer to the ball then the putter is too short for you. On the other hand, if you are away from the ball then your putter is too long.

How about a putter loft?

The loft is important if you want to lift the ball into the air. On the other hand, if the loft is too much it will bounce in various directions. The loft is measured in degrees and it is the angle formed between the putter face and a level surface. The standard loft is between 2 to 4 degrees but it can change. You should keep a neutral hand position despite your loft angle if you don’t want to mess it up during adjustment.

What is the right putter grip?

The only contact that you have with your putter is through the grip. This means that if your grip is wrong your strike will be inefficient and you will have trouble finding your standing position. Most beginners choose to go for a slim grip, which can be tricky to use for golfers who have weak wrists. Golfers who enjoy pendulum-like strokes should go for a thick grip. Standard grips are around 11 to 12 inches with a flat flange.

What about the putter head weight?

The head weight is not as important as some other features but it still plays a role when it comes to finding the right fit. A lighter head will work well for a fast surface. Putter heads with weight above 350-grams tend to be slower. Some putters, some with adjustable heads, which are not hard to use.

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