Best golf clubs for junior golfers

You know the game of golf is not as easy as it looks like. One needs to play it with full concentration, focus, as well as control. At the initial stage, it may feel like you are learning a foreign language.

You can imagine image of best golf clubs for kids - pg golf linkshow a child feels when he starts learning to play golf. But, it is a fact that children learn faster than adults. Hence, it’s the best time for them to take golf lessons. Here comes the role of the best golf clubs for kids.

Initially, when your child is trying to figure out whether he likes this game or not, we do not recommend investing much on the equipment. But if your child starts showing some interest in the game, then it’s time to get him the right equipment to play.


There are a variety of junior golf club sets available in the market. The manufacturers design them for different age groups. Each set has a variety of clubs and other accessories. So, which one should you select? Which club set will serve your kid the best? We are here to help you out in this department. We researched and brought for you the list of best golf clubs for kids along with a buyer’s guide. So, let’s start.

Best golf club sets for kids

Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set

Best Overall

image of callaway boys xj hot junior kids golf club set - pg golf links

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Are you looking for a set for your son to help him become a solid golfer? Then, you will not find any golf set better than the Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Golf Club Set. Callaway is a popular name amongst adult golfers.

But now, the company is attracting the attention of the parents who want to teach their kids the game of golf. The set we are talking about here has got a variety of high-end clubs. They are all fully-loaded with Callaway’s innovative technology and design.

The set consists of:

  • 360cc driver (16 degrees).
  • 3-woods (24 degrees).
  • 7-iron (38 degrees).
  • 9-iron (43 degrees).
  • Sand wedge (54 degrees).
  • Two-ball odyssey putter.

The irons come with a cavity-back design, which results in better control and forgiveness. They have got a higher loft too, which gives the child a great launch.

There are companies that only make the clubs for boys and ignore the other gender. Well, it is not the case with Callaway as it offers club set for both boys as well as girls. Another good this about this set is that it is available for two age groups, i.e., 5-8 years and 9-12 years. It helps the kids to improve the level of their game as they grow.

If we look at the stand bag, then it is lightweight and sturdy. It includes features like a double strap, five zipper pockets, a rain hood, a bottle holder, and a five-way top.

What We Liked
  • The set comes with head covers for driver, hybrids, and wood.
  • Clubs are light in weight.
  • Excellent cavity-back and hybrid irons.
  • Stand bag comes with plenty of storage and is lightweight too.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Quite expensive.

Callaway Boys XJ Junior Kids Golf Club Set

image of callaway golf xj junior golf set - pg golf links

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To gift your son his first golf club set, the Callaway Boys XJ Junior can be a good choice. It is another great offering by Callaway in the kids’ section. You will find this set in four different styles, i.e.

Level 1: This set is suitable for the kids with a height of around 38 to 46 inches. The set consists of 4 clubs:
  • Fairway wood.
  • 7-iron.
  • Sand wedge.
Level 2: The kids who have a height of around 46 to 54 inches, this set is for them. It includes six clubs:
  • Fairway wood.
  • 7-iron.
  • 9-iron.
  • Sand wedge.
Level 3: If you are looking for a club set for the children of height 54 to 61 inches, this set will be a good option. It features seven clubs:
  • Fairway wood.
  • 7 iron and 9 iron.
  • Sand wedge.
Teen: As the name suggests, the manufacturers specifically design this set for teenagers. It has got ten clubs in it:
  • Fairway wood.
  • Four irons.
  • Two wedges.

While designing the clubs, the manufacturers’ major focus is on the improvement of forgiveness and distance. It enables the child to get great contact with the ball to hit accurate and solid shots. The clubs are also light in weight for making it convenient for the children to swing with ease. The set is a perfect combination of affordability and high-quality product.

What We Liked
  • Lightweight clubs for the ease in swinging.
  • Variety of sets to choose from as per your preference.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Durability is not that good.

Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Set

image of precisegolf co. precise x7 junior complete golf club set for children kids - pg golf links

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Have your son or daughter just started to play golf? Then, the Precise X7 Junior Golf Set could be a great budget option.

The set includes lightweight clubs so that the child can swing it easily and produce a solid contact. There is the use of graphite shafts in the club, and there are large sweet spots too. It enables the young golfer to get a great distance and speed with every swing.

The driver comes with a 15-degree loft, which is amazing as you’ll see such a loft in 3-wood present in adult’s set. The basic idea was to allow the child to get a good flight path on their drives.

A large sweet spot present on the club enables it to hold the line even if there is an off-center strike. It results in the reduction of the side spin and achieving a great distance boosting the child’s confidence.

There is an inclusion of two graphite-shafted irons in the set, i.e., 6/7 iron and 9/PW iron. The 6/7 iron will assist in ensuring solid contact as it is perimeter weighted. On the other hand, 9/PW iron will help in playing around the green. Both the irons swing well and even offers a good response to off-center strikes.

There is a 22-degree hybrid in the set too, which has got a large clubface along with a graphite shaft. It helps the young ones to get solid contact resulting in a great hit.

Additionally, there is a mallet putter in the set, which aids in getting a high level of accuracy while putting the ball into the hole.

A shoulder-strapped stand bag also comes with the set, which is lightweight. The best thing about this Precise club set is that it serves three different age groups:

  • 3-5 years.
  • 6-8 years.
  • 9-12 years.
What We Liked
  • Mallet style putter for great accuracy.
  • Woods come with a great loft for achieving better distance and height.
  • The stand bag is lightweight, providing convenience to carry it around.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Clubs are limited in number.

Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set w/Golf Bag

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With the Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set, you’ll get more bang for your buck along with high-quality golf set for the first-timers. The set is a reasonably priced all-rounder perfect for serving the beginners. This set of clubs comes in a Unisex set as well for both boys and girls new to the game of golf.

Making a perfect combo of quality, functionality, and versatility, Wilson Company design this set for three age groups:

5-8 years: The set consists of six pieces which include:
  • Short iron.
8-11 years: It is an eight-piece set which consists of:
  • Short iron.
  • Stand bag.
11-14 years: There are nine pieces available in the set which includes:
  • Short iron.
  • Stand bag.

The set is available in both left as well as right-hand orientation. But, the left-hand orientation set is available in the category of 11-14 years only.

The irons have got cavity-back design making them more forgiving. The perimeter weighting on their heads assists in a perfect hit. The blade putter also works fine.

The stand bag is light in weight. It features a lot of storage pockets to accommodate all the necessary golfing equipment and accessories. It also has a dual-strap carrying system through which the young golfer can carry it around easily.

What We Liked
  • The use of graphite shaft makes the club lightweight and provides a great flex.
  • Variety of clubs available in the set.
  • The stand bag is lightweight and comes with plenty of storage space as well as headcovers.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The blade putter is not much forgiving.
  • There is too much flex in club shafts.

 Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set

Best on a Budget

image of powerbilt junior kids golf club set - pg golf links

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Another great choice for your kid’s golf set is the Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set. The manufacturers construct the clubs using stainless steel heads to tackle wear and tear. The stainless steel head results in extending the life of the clubs.

The club set includes a hybrid long iron. It is a great alternative for irons, and its use is increasing day by day, even in adult golf games. Hence, it will definitely improve the game your kid too.

Powerbilt is a rising golf club brand that is making its place in the toddlers club set industry. Even the design of the clubs is attractive, which matches with the golf bag.

The set includes an extra-large 320cc driver, which improves the distance coverage. The putter is also well-designed to improve accuracy while hitting the target.

The club set features matching headcover too for the protection of the club. The manufacturers design the club set for 3 to 5 years old toddlers. Hence, they keep the quality, weight, and size of the club to suit the young ones. For keeping the clubs lightweight, there is the usage of graphite. It not only keeps the weight light but also proves to be ultra-strong, making it perfect for kids.

What We Liked
  • Graphite usage for making the clubs ultra-lightweight and super strong.
  • There is the inclusion of five golf clubs in the set, including a driver and a putter.
  • Stylish looking stand bag.
  • Available for both right as well as left-handed golfers.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Random bag color.

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set

image of intech lancer junior golf club set - pg golf links

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The Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set provides a variety of equipment at a reasonable price. The set includes:

  • A high driver with a loft of 18 degrees.
  • 4/5 hybrid, which has a lof of 24 degrees.
  • 7 iron and 9 iron.
  • A mallet-style putter.

There is a dual belt stand bag, too, which is included in the kit. It is lightweight and has a 4-way top divider for better organization of golf accessories and equipment. The kit also includes head covers for the protection of the driver and the hybrid.

To give a great start to the young golfers, the manufacturers design the clubs with a higher loft.

The irons come with a cavity-back design for offering great forgiveness enabling the kid to play a perfect shot. The mallet-style putter is good enough to offer correct alignment along with proper stability while putting the ball into the hole.

All the set’s clubs are lightweight due to the use of flexible graphite shaft, except the putter. The mallet putter comes with a steel shaft.

What We Liked
  • A higher loft of clubs results in a better launch.
  • Ideal for young and beginner level players.
  • Graphite shafts make the club flexible, lightweight, and easy to swing.
  • Stand bag comes with a 4-way divider and dual strap system, which adds to the convenience level.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Some users complain about denting in the club after using it a while.
  • There were also some complaints about the bag’s durability.
  • The set is available for right-handed golfers only who have an age of around 8 to 12 years.

Things to Consider When Buying Kids Golf Clubs

Is your child showing interest in playing golf? Do you want to nurture his talent as well as make improvements in his skills? Well, then it is imperative that you should gift him the best golf club to take his skills to the next level.

But, choosing the right golf clubs for your child can be very complex. Even though we have already discussed the best clubs for kids, you may still find it difficult to pick an ideal club set for your child. In such a case, we are now discussing some vital factors that you should consider when picking the golf clubs for kids.

Age And Height Of The Child

While you are choosing a golf club set for your child, the first thing to consider is their height and age. Golf club manufacturers design the club set in accordance with the age group and the height of the golfer.

For instance, the Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior set comes for two different age groups, i.e., 5 to 8 years and 9 to 12 years. So, pick the set as per the age of your child. If your son has entered his teenage and is older than 12 years, then this golf set will not be suitable for him.

You should also consider the height along with age. Sometimes it can happen that a kid who belongs to a smaller age group may have a tall height. So, check the details on the golf club set and buy it by keeping your child’s height in mind.

Length Of the Clubs

The club’s length must be suitable for your child as this factor can change the whole swing. You should keep a single rule in your mind while checking the length of the club. If your child is choking down over 1.5 to 2 inches, then it is too much for him. It is because choking down too much can negatively affect the swing.

The kid has to manipulate the swing every time they make a shot to keep the club around his body. If your child has to drop down to 1 inch only for a proper grip, then it is fine to make a perfect swing.

Weight Of The Clubs

Considering the weight of the club is another crucial factor for the young golfers. If you pick a heavy golf club, then the child will struggle while swinging the club. It will become difficult for the child to move the club at the top of their back. It would result in an imperfect swing and an inaccurate shot.

You obviously don’t want such a thing to happen. Hence, you should always go for a lightweight club. It will help the kid take the club in the right position while swinging to get a solid shot. The club manufacturers usually construct clubs with lighter heads and shafts for the kids.

They increase the weight of the club in accordance with the age group. So, check the club’s weight on the package first and then pick the one that suits your child the most.

Shaft Flex

Another important factor to consider while buying the best golf club for kids is the shaft flex. At the initial stage of learning golf, the swing of your child would be weak. Hence, to assist him in his swing, you can get your child a club that can provide suitable flexibility.

The distance that the ball covers and its height after hitting a shot majorly depends on the shaft flex. Therefore, nowadays, manufacturers focus on developing shafts with adequate flex to complement the kids’ swing speed. Normally, their swing speed is around 50 to 80 mph.

Manufacturers put into use graphite material to make the shafts. It results in a lightweight club with sufficient shaft flex. So, whenever you think of buying a club set for your kid, do look for a nice and suitable shaft.


The grip is also a vital factor to consider while buying a golf set. In recent times, it has become important to examine the kid’s golf clubs’ grip before buying. It is a new idea these days as there was no such thing in the past. In traditional times, for getting a perfect size club, they were cut down as per the golfer’s preference.

Those grips were put on the clubs that can be easily applied to the shafts. Therefore, at that time, the golfers were not left with many options. But, bigger grips always cause a problem and feel uncomfortable while playing. If your club has a grip as big as the one which is put on the baseball bat, then it ought to change the swing mechanism.

Therefore, whenever you buy a golf club for your child, make sure that the grip fits properly in the young one’s hands. If you are looking forward to changing the grip, pick a small size grip with a core size of 0.50.

We also recommend you to go for a solid grip which is a bit softer than the adult golf club grip. Placing such a grip on the club will help the child to feel the club while making a swing.

It would assist in making a better swing, and you’ll see a noticeable positive difference in your child’s game.


When it comes to accessories, we are talking about the additional stuff that assists the young golfer in his game. These are the small things that come along with your golf set, which includes:

  • Stand bag,
  • Adjustable rain hood to protect the clubs from different weather conditions.
  • Head covers for safeguarding the clubs from any kind of rust and damage.

We do not say that head covers and rain hoods are an essential component of the kit. Even if they are not included in the set, it’s fine. But, there must be at least a carry bag. A bag will make it convenient for the young golfer to carry his clubs and other necessary items on the course.

While checking the bag, inspect its durability, and make sure that it is lightweight. A lightweight bag will make it easier for the child to carry the bag themselves.

Additional features that you should look in a bag are:

  • Lifting straps for added convenience.
  • Enough pockets to store all the stuff.
  • Cooler pocket to keep the drink cool.
  • Sufficient dividers to properly organize all the golf stuff and equipment.


Different golf clubs for kids have varying prices. So, before going to purchase a club set, decide your budget first. The main thing that you should consider here is that you must get the best value for your money. If you have a tight budget, go for some affordable options. We have included some affordable club sets on our list too. Golfing is obviously an expensive sport. But, you don’t need to spend a fortune in buying a beginner set. Start with decent golf set for your child at the initial stage. As his game improves, then you can go for buying high-end clubs.

Final Words

If you notice that your child is showing some interest in the game of golf, you should help them nurture their skills. You should assist them and make them learn this game. As a first step, you should gift your child a set of high-quality golf clubs. If you do not get them the right equipment in their learning stage, it can hamper their skill development and growth. Therefore it is necessary for you to invest in the best golf clubs for kids.

You can get your child individual golf clubs to make them learn about each club one by one. But, it is not a cost-effective approach. The better option is to go for a junior golf club set with all the necessary clubs for your child.

In our viewpoint, out of all the golf clubs we listed at PG Golf Links, the best golf clubs for kids is the Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Set. The set might be a bit expensive, but it has got all the necessary clubs that a beginner needs to develop his skills. The manufacturers design this set for both girls and boys. It even comes for two different age groups. All the clubs in the set have exceptional performance providing you with better control, stability, and accuracy. The lightweight design of the clubs makes the golfer swing with ease. All in all, we find this club set with irons perfect for the beginners and young golfers, providing the best value for the money.

Don’t forget to go through the buyer’s guide before making any final decision. The guide will help you to choose the best out of the rest. So here, I finally rest my case. Happy Golfing!!

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