Best muscle back irons for golfers

If you are a golfer who is more into the feel of the game and is not afraid to go through a mis-hit, muscle back irons will undoubtedly sit well with your golf kit. Muscle back irons have extraordinary lines and a soft feel thanks to the incredible soft steel used in the forging process. This is something that attracts them to buy these irons for a feel-good game.

These irons have a reputation of helping players since they reveal players’ mistakes. Hence, this can draw a picture of what the player needs to do to improve from his previous missed hits.

We can’t deny the fact that muscle back irons are not everyone’s cup of tea. These are usually best for elite or professional players who love to control their game and are not afraid to lose. They are difficult to hit, and players who don’t prefer challenges won’t love them at all. However, once a player hits them right, he/she will gain the reward for their effort and skill.

Muscle back irons – Our top 5

Mizuno MP 20

image of mizuno mp 20

Mizuno has always been the leader in producing great irons for golf players around the world. They are very much aware of what a player needs, the turf expectation a player has in mind before playing a game, and the design and structure of iron that players require to score in golf. A company that understands the needs of a player is worth trying out. Their irons are what class is all about. Furthermore, it won’t be wrong to call Mizuno MP 20 their most modern yet classiest muscle back iron ever.

The first element that makes an iron a perfect muscle back iron is the intensity of feel the player gets. This iron has a copper underlay, which promises to provide a great feel at the first hit. With some muscle back irons, there is no chance of forgiveness, but with Mizuno MP 20, the player isn’t punished badly on a wrong hit as there is an element of forgiveness within the iron.

To call the Mizuno MP 20 one of the best muscle back irons won’t be an incorrect statement at all. It is great for users who demand precision. Moreover, it ticks all the boxes regarding what a great muscle back iron should look like. With the design and workability it has to offer, this iron’s price is also somewhat justifiable.

What We Liked

  • The copper underlay in the iron enhances the impact of the feel.
  • The finely-tuned geometry and structure of the iron help deliver an impactful feel and the shot’s feedback.
  • It’s noticeable that this iron’s purity tolerance is six times tighter and stronger than the industry’s standards.
  • The muscle back shape of this iron is beautiful and has a fine finish.
  • The enhanced thin topline has a narrow sole. This allows for better turf interaction.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The clubhead of this iron might look very small and disappoint users who are expecting a big clubhead.
  • Some models are very pricy.

Callaway Apex MB Iron

image of callaway apex mb iron

The fact that the best players use muscle back irons is truly undeniable. This also means that you can often see these irons in use during various tours. Pro players know exactly the kind of finish, precision, feel, and performance they require from their irons. Callaway’s Apex muscle back iron promises to meet all those requirements and win this race by becoming one of the top muscle back irons that have ever existed. Tour staffers hold it in very high regard, and it is immensely popular. Why?

Callaway Apex muscle back iron provides pinpoint control and extraordinary spin properties. It has a very thin topline and a small blade, making it a gorgeous yet workable iron. The design has a perfect chrome finish, and the body’s structure is as if manufactured for a king. The classic muscle back puts more weight in the heel and toe. Therefore, this helps the moment of inertia. However, forgiveness isn’t a strong point of this muscle back iron.

The Callaway Apex muscle back iron is a great addition to this list of top five muscle back irons. It has everything and more that a player expects from a muscle back iron. Moreover, it has the design and the performance that a good muscle back iron must have. For us, this is a great iron, and if anyone wants to purchase it, we would only give them a thumbs up!

What We Liked

  • The optimized CoG for better control makes this iron a popular one among top players.
  • Its elegant shape and thin topline have earned it a lot of respect among golfers.
  • There are 20V grooves that deliver more control to the player and enables high performance.
  • The forging process used to craft this iron undoubtedly meets the soft feel demand that most tour players look for in a muscle back iron.
  • Additionally, the iron delivers control and performance because of the in-built grooves.
  • This iron offers forgiveness and produces a feel that’s so strong and addictive.
  • Moreover, this muscle back iron has a fairly reasonable price.

What We Didn’t Like

  • This iron is not ideal for beginners.
  • Forgiveness isn’t a strong point of the Callaway Apex muscle back iron.

TaylorMade P730 Iron

image of taylormade p730 iron

TaylorMade P730 muscle back iron has a design that specifically suits players on tours. It is one of the finest iron by TaylorMade with the design and performance it offers, and it is a work of class. Thanks to the feedback of top athletes, P730 is an answer to all the flaws and improvements players using TaylorMade irons demanded. For players looking for short control, this iron is a great choice.

The 730 in the name is the length of the head of this iron in mm. P730 has a shape that is inspired by tour players and their needs. It has a very small and compact head shape that goes along nicely with its blade profile. Moreover, TaylorMade added crisp lines to the muscle back iron. These features undeniably make this iron visually pleasing; however, they also enhance performance.

P730 from TaylorMade is a true muscle back iron for elites. For players looking for finesse and an outstanding, classy looking iron, P730 is undoubtedly an option they should consider buying. It is a great addition to the P700 series. For players who are great TaylorMade fans, P730 has all the blades that they have ever crafted, so nothing should stop you from buying this iron. Players such as Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy use these irons, showing their desirability for the best in the business.

What We Liked

  • It has a steel head made up of 1025 carbon, which makes it a strong iron.
  • P730 has a face and an outlook crafted with lots of precision to produce great performance and a soft feel.
  • It also promises great workability through its great and clear turf interaction.
  • The makers have worked on the mass properties and shaping of the iron to make it better than its predecessors without compromising on performance.
  • It has the ability to move the ball up, down, left, and right, and many low handicappers appreciate the availability of finesse.
  • The iron is crafted finely and is designed for top tour players.
  • From thin topline to a small blade, this iron has all the features that are required for a muscle back iron to perform well.
  • The strong steel body makes it highly durable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s a bit more expensive than a few other options among muscle back irons.

Titleist 718 MB Irons

image of titleist 718 mb irons

For all those looking for a modern twist to a traditional muscle back iron, the Titleist 718 MB iron is the answer to their pursuits. This iron comes with a forged design and feel. Titleist is one of the few companies that do forged blades properly, and 718 MB is a new perfect design and trend that they have introduced. The muscle shape on the 718 MB is much sharper and straighter than its previous version, 716, and the shiny finish of chrome gives this blade an overall classy look.

The very few changes made to this blade ensure better distance control. Elite players who are on the lookout for a lower MOI will be in for a treat with this one. The head of the blade is compact and small, which gives it a precise and classy shape. The feel and sound when the shot gets hit through this iron are quite overwhelming and sharp. If you get a shot wrong, your fingers will feel a tingling feeling, and you will know what went wrong.

Titleist is a great brand that can never go wrong with its muscle back irons. 718 MB is a better version of 716 iron with greater feel and an element of offering more forgiveness. What makes 718 stands out is its perfect steel finish and a thin clubhead that works well with many elite players. Titleist has beautifully crafted this iron, and it offers brilliant performance.

What We Liked

  • It is a classic muscle back iron that is super compact and simple but promises brilliant performance.
  • The blade of the Titleist 718 muscle back iron consists of the purest and softest carbon steel for a great sound, look, and feel.
  • This beautiful design of this iron ensures a great shot-making experience, and you also get proper feedback in return. Hence, this feature allows the player to hit any kind of shot possible.
  • This iron comes with a Project X shaft as part of its standard design, but the available custom fitting options can allow the player to customize the shaft according to the game.
  • The thin and sleek blade makes it a beautiful iron to play with.
  • The compact head works great with shots and gives an overall classy look
  • It has an element of forgiveness, which makes it a great muscle back iron to learn from.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The competition it has with other cavity back irons increases, with cavity backs improving their forging process, offering more forgiveness, and intensifying feel.

Cobra Pro MB Iron

image of cobra pro mb iron

These are beautiful and well-crafted set of blades that mostly cater to players with a low single figure. Cobra Pro is mainly for the tour players and elites with the workability and feel it offers. The head of the blade is pretty small and compact. The clubhead provides smooth performance, and the blades have a sharp finish.

The body of this blade consists of strong steel that promises to give a good feel and immense forgiveness. Moreover, the ball control this blade offers is excellent, so it is great for handicappers who love to take control without being concerned about hitting the ball consistently. With this muscle back iron, you get a sensational feel when you make contact with the ball. The clean look ensures that this muscle back iron from Cobra Golf has a lot of fans.

What makes the Cobra Pro MB Iron get into this list is how the manufacturer crafted it. With a sleek, sharp finish alongside the steel body, this iron is excellent for elite players. The only flaw in the design is its head size, which is very small, and most players have to play regularly to hit these. With the workability and forgiveness they offer, these blades are worth trying out before choosing your favorite.

What We Liked

  • The thin and sharp lines make it an excellent blade to spend your money on.
  • The body of this iron consists of strong steel, which gives it a great feel and look.
  • It’s sharp blades offer great ball control.
  • The small and compact clubhead has a very classy look.
  • It is great for low handicappers who are looking for control over their game.
  • The flight and feel at impact are great.

What We Didn’t Like

  • These blades don’t offer much forgiveness.
  • The head is very small, so you need to ensure you hit the sweet spot.


All the options in the article above are highly impressive and promise to deliver quality. All the muscle back irons above are great for low handicappers and elite players who are looking forward to a great game.

Out of all the above options, TaylorMade P730 is our number one choice. This is because it is made by a brand that most players can vouch for regarding their quality and pricing. Also, P730 is a great blade that offers immense control to players and an awesome feel that they have always been in pursuit of. P730 is one of the best blades for tour players, which mostly all elite golfers are.

Guide for the best muscle back irons

There are a number of factors that make muscle back irons stand out from other kinds of irons, such as cavity back irons. If you are a player who is thinking of investing in muscle back irons, here is a section for you that you must go through before making that purchase.

What are muscle back irons?

Muscle back is a term or a name used for a particular, special design of irons used for a golf game. The most extraordinary golfers around the world are usually the ones who use these irons. When you hear about the irons with muscle back, you must be aware that it means that the iron has a full back. This is different from the hollowed out backs of the clubheads in other kinds of irons.

Muscle back irons are a more improved version of blade irons that were originally made and gave players no forgiveness on a mis-hit. Many also refer to them as blades, or sometimes full back irons. These irons are skinny and are great for players who had aced their previous games and are on a hunt for something more. That brings us to our next question: Who are these players?

Who should or must play golf using muscle back irons?

When great golf players finish showing off all of their strokes, they go on the lookout for something different. Most players seek great feel, playability, and workability to improve their game and become the best of the best.

Anyone can play using cavity back irons, but not all golfers can and should play with muscle back irons. Muscle back irons demand more precision, which is why mostly only low handicappers choose to play using muscle back irons. A golfer who isn’t a low handicapper must stick to playing golf using cavity back irons. Why? The next question answers that.

Why are muscle back irons great for the best players only?

Even some professional and great golfers choose cavity back irons over muscle back irons. This is because muscle back irons have full backs, as discussed above, which results in a high location for the center of gravity. This further produces a lower trajectory that only those golfers prefer who are high-skilled and at the top of their game with immense experience.

Mid handicappers or high handicappers need assistance to get the ball reach higher than low handicappers. With muscle back irons, there is a chance of a greater distance loss, and these irons also tend to have less forgiveness with lower inertia. Cavity back irons have perimeter weighting, which makes them more forgiving on mistakes.

Why do many golfers go for muscle back irons for their game?

Certain properties of muscle back irons can attract golfers who don’t need the assistance provided by other clubs. The craft of muscle back irons keeps the masculinity element of the game in mind. The structure of these irons is far cooler than other irons. Also, these irons provide great feedback so that good players can learn from their mistakes. The feedback is effective for both good and poor shots.

Interestingly, all irons were muscle back irons once. This was the only design of the head that manufacturers knew, but then came the idea of perimeter weighting that gave life to cavity back irons.

This cool factor behind muscle back irons has stayed on, and even today, players who are into traditional things prefer muscle back irons over any other iron. This doesn’t imply that other cavity back irons are for bad or average players. No, not at all! It is just that cavity back irons are what most golfers go for and are also great for those who have just started playing golf.

What are the strong points of muscle back irons?

  • The thin structure of muscle back irons appeals to and excites the best players. Many lower handicappers imagine looking at a thin iron when they think of a clean shot in their heads.
  • The feel of muscle back irons is everything. It has a great feel when it comes to a player being able to know how his shot went. While playing with a muscle back iron, if you miss a shot, you will realize it. If your shot misses by a few yards, you will know it even before it lands. With a perfect shot, the feel is great. When you hit a shot perfectly, you will know it, and then you can repeat the swing technique to experience that feel again.
  • Muscle back irons have excellent workability. You can hit the shot in any direction and get the feedback you want.
  • In the older days, muscle back irons were not forgiving at all. But with technological advancements and new inventions, the new muscle back irons are much more forgiving and give you the feel you need.

What are the weaknesses of muscle back irons?

  • With a lot to offer, muscle back irons are more expensive than cavity back irons.
  • Muscle back irons are not as forgiving as other irons, but to give a good player true feedback, these irons can’t afford to be lenient.

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