7 Best Game Improvement Irons – 2022 Review

The most expensive piece of golf equipment you own are likely your irons. If you are going to invest in quality sticks, be sure to check out golf irons that will help you improve your game and lower your scores.

At PG Golf Links, we are always looking for the best golf products that fit our budget, and game improvement irons are no different. The best game improvement clubs are going to be forgiving, improve our ball striking, and get us around the golf course with the fewest strokes possible.

 Best Game Improvement Iron 2022

TaylorMade M6

image of taylormade m6

The TaylorMade M6 iron is one of their latest models in the game improvement category. It is among the best performing irons available. The iron does have the look and feel of a Titleist iron, but it comes along with the advanced Speed Bridge structure, which has a design that encourages a faster swing speed.

The Speed Bridge design is a metal bar that connects the topline of the club head to the sole. The design lets you use the Speed Pocket more efficiently. As a result, it provides a better feel and covers more distance, making it a super game improvement iron. However, the gap that it creates is a little tedious to clean up as it tends to collect dirt in it.

The TaylorMade M6 has a low center of gravity, like most of the irons. The metal bar present in the bridge makes the iron steady. The iron has a fluted hosel and 360° undercut, which lowers the center of gravity even on low-face impacts. This increases the launch angle and high speed. Moreover, the iron has Inverted Cone Technology that lets you hit a straight and accurate stroke, especially on the long irons.

The TaylorMade M6 also consists of the HYBRAR compression dampers. The speed bridge and the damper allows a crisp sound to the stroke. Plus, the Lamkin dual feel reminder stock grip makes the iron easier to handle and provides better control to the swing.

The TaylorMade M6 is among the best game improvement irons. As people know the brand for its quality products, the iron is not as light on the pocket. However, once you have hold of one of these irons, you do not need to worry about your game, as they give high performance in every stroke.

What We Liked

  • Covers long distance
  • Good grip and feel
  • Fine-tuned
  • Good forgiveness

What We Didn’t Like

  • Scratches easily
  • Club face durability issues

Callaway Big Bertha

image of callaway big bertha

The Callaway Big Bertha is known for its forgiveness and consistency. One of its best features is the Suspended Energy Core, which allows the golf ball to lift in the air and gives a better launch angle. The design of the iron allows you to achieve a longer and more consistent distance, thanks to its 360 Face Cup Technology. The 360 Face Cup also allows for a higher speed.

The Callaway Big Bertha iron will give you a reliable and consistent performance. Although game improvement irons have a design that makes them ideal to fit the needs of beginners, some experienced players use this iron as well. The iron gives the option of setting different club combinations. You can use them and get an idea of how the different club varieties will work for you.

The shape of the iron and the offset also lets you have an easy launch and a much more accurate stroke. Moreover, the Tungsten Energy Core deepens the center of gravity, and as a result, you get more accuracy and precision without compromising the ball’s speed.

The Callaway Big Bertha has an outstanding feel and response. Urethane microspheres present in the iron provides insulation against any undesirable vibration while hitting the ball.

The Callaway Big Bertha is a good option if you are looking for consistency in your performance. The iron has a design that gives you more forgiveness than most of the other irons. However, the Callaway Big Bertha comes with a price tag that is somewhat on the higher side. If you can afford them, they are one of the best performing irons you can ever have.

What We Liked

  • Easy strokes
  • Long distance
  • Smooth launch
  • Deeper center of gravity

What We Didn’t Like

  • Quite costly

Cleveland Golf Launcher CBX Iron Set

image of cleveland launcher cbx

The Cleveland Golf Launcher CBX Iron Set is also one of the widely used irons among new golf enthusiasts. The iron has a cavity back along with a cup face that gives you the extra distance. Plus, the heel to toe balanced weight also gives higher shots.

The Cleveland Golf Launcher CBX Iron, as the name itself suggests, is famous for its ‘Launcher’ woods and wedges. The iron consists of a dense sole to get the ball in the air much easier. In addition, the low center of gravity and balanced weight gives a better stroke.

The Cleveland Golf Launcher CBX Iron has a very elegant look. The intricate design of the thin topline gives the iron an overall expensive look similar to blade putters. This may be a little tricky to play with if you are used to the thicker topline. However, these irons provide more forgiveness and help with off-center strikes.

The Zip Groover technology in this iron helps the golfer get a good backspin on the ball. It also allows the iron to have soft as well as accurate strokes. If you have a slower swing speed, the Zip Groover will help you get a better stroke.

If you get the Cleveland Launcher CBX iron, you will have the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness. This combination is not available in most super game improvement irons, and therefore, the Cleveland Launcher iron has the edge over other irons in this matter.

The forgiving irons also consists of a micro-cavity hosel that works well with the center of gravity. The technology allows the center of gravity to move towards the middle of the clubface; this gives the golfer a better feel and more control over the distance.

The Cleveland Launcher CBX iron is a good option for new golfers. It offers reliability, good backspin, distance as well as forgiveness. All of these features make this iron one of the best game improvement irons. However, some people have experienced that they are not as durable as one may want their iron to be, given they are not very cheap.

What We Liked

  • High launch
  • Great spin
  • Longer distance

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not as durable

Cleveland Launcher HB (Hybrid)

image of cleveland launcher hb

The Cleveland Launcher HB is a hybrid game improvement iron that lets you enjoy an extraordinary level of forgiveness. The reason behind its increased forgiveness is the hollow cavity back. However, the hollow cavity only hits the ball straight, giving the ball little to no curve at all. You will need to adjust your golf swing in order to move the ball left to right or right to left.

Moreover, the design of the Cleveland Launcher HB provides a low center of gravity. Therefore, this structure of iron supports a higher flight for the golf ball. And so, you will find it very easy to strike the ball up into the air.

The Cleveland Launcher HB also comes with an ultra-thin High Strength HT1770 steel face, which flexes more at each stroke and, as a result, provides more distance. Therefore, it is a good bet for slow swingers as well. The sleekness of the face also makes this iron more forgiving. Moreover, the progressive design of this hybrid iron gives you more control.

The iron comes with a Dynamic Gold 98 Steel Shaft, which is much lighter than other standard shafts. The lightness of this shaft gives you the benefit of more club speed, and it also hits the golf ball a bit higher.

You might have to take good care of this iron as it tends to scratch up easily. It is better to use head covers to protect them against any unwanted marks.

These Cleveland Launcher HB irons work amazingly for beginners. They offer a high level of forgiveness and decent yardage. However, with time, you might want to switch to more feasible and practical irons to achieve better results in your game.

What We Liked

  • Hybrid style
  • Progressive design
  • Increased forgiving
  • Good lift even with slow swing speeds

What We Didn’t Like

  • Scratches easily
  • Doesn’t let the ball curve

TaylorMade M4 Iron set

image of taylormade m4 iron set

If you want an iron that feels as great as it performs, the TaylorMade M4 iron set is the right choice for you. The iron is close to the efficiency that a blade putter provides and also gives you a good feel. If you are a beginner to golf with some level of handicap yet want excellent performance, you will find the TaylorMade M4 very useful.

The TaylorMade M4 iron provides an excellent smooth and buttery feel. The iron has a large sweet spot owing to its RIBCOR technology. The RIBCOR Technology that consists of two bars on both sides of the face also increases the ball’s speed. This technology gives a rebound effect that drives the ball at impact. Moreover, it provides the club head with a considerably large hitting area.

The iron has a high moment of inertia as the weight is balanced to the heel and toe of the club. Furthermore, this gives the iron a good level of forgiveness and increases the ball’s speed. Plus, this game improvement iron has a fluted hosel, which provides it a better center of gravity. As a result, you will notice it gives a superior launch and improved forgiveness.

One of the best things about the TaylorMade M4 iron is that it comes with strong lofts. Although some golfers might find it difficult to strike because of the strong loft, it still gives you a good distance. Further, the iron comes with a KBS Max 85 steel shaft, which is light and gives you a good clubhead speed.

Moreover, TaylorMade M4’s strikes sound excellent. You will hear a sharp click sound as you strike the ball, which gives a very satisfying touch to the hit.

Overall, the TaylorMade M4 is a good performing iron that helps you level up your game. It gives you a good feel and a satisfying hit. The iron provides an excellent level of forgiveness and delivers decent yardage. Compared to the quality and performance of the iron, they are reasonably priced. Plus, they are highly durable, so you will end up keeping them for a long time.

What We Liked

  • Good feel
  • Strong loft
  • Good level of forgiveness
  • Great control

What We Didn’t Like

  • Handling issues
  • Low spin
  • Strong lofts are unsuitable for some golfers

Orlimar Golf Intercept Single Length Iron Set

image of orlimar golf intercept single length iron set

The Orlimar Golf Intercept Single Length Iron Set is one of the most consistent irons. Its performance is top-notch, yet it is quite affordable compared to other brands.

The Orlimar game improvement iron provides excellent accuracy and precision due to the advanced undercut cavity. Moreover, the iron’s face flex technology helps give a better trajectory, improved distance, and forgiveness. With a smart design and balanced weight, the Orlimar Intercept Single Length Iron gives you a consistent stroke in each swing. Plus, the single-length iron lets you strike much more easily.

However, the intercept iron, due to it being short, gives you exceptionally high trajectories as they all have similar weight and center of gravity. This might be a positive point if you aim for a high hit.

One of the downsides of the Orlimar iron is the grip. The velvet grip slips out easily and doesn’t last very long. Nonetheless, this iron gives good distance and forgiveness. It has a great feel and provides decent performance with consistency.

All in all, the Orlimar Golf Intercept Single Length Iron Set is a good pick at an affordable price. You get all the goodness of a high-end brand like Cobra at quite a low cost.

This game improvement iron will not only help you perform great at the game, but it will work well with your handicap as a beginner. And, as soon as you will grow out of it, you can then switch to a blade putter or a golf driver. However, initially, it does serve its purpose well enough.

What We Liked

  • Low cost
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Great consistency
  • Good distance

What We Didn’t Like

  • Uncomfortable grip

Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 One Length Iron Set

image of cobra golf men’s king f8 one length iron set

Cobra is one of the renowned game improvement iron brands; their King F8 is undoubtedly one of the best irons available in the market. The design of this iron uses advanced technology that enables it to deliver the best shots consistently with maximum distance.

The Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 One Length Iron consists of Powershell technology that enhances the sweet spot so that each strike gives your ball higher launch and faster speed from all around the clubface.

The progressive spin technology gives the ball a good spin even on shorter shots. The iron’s design is also engineered to balance the weight from heel to toe, giving it a lower center of gravity, which results in the better launch of the ball and improved forgiveness on the short irons, mid and long irons as well. Plus, the variable hosel lengths also give the golf ball a faster ball speed for great distance.

All of these features make the Cobra iron stand out. However, the iron does come with a price tag to match.

The Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 One Length Iron is one of the best performing irons with its sleek design and advanced technology. It will be a perfect match for you if you are looking for an iron that levels up your game within no time.

However, the added features tend to make this iron a little complicated for some beginners to use with their level of handicap.

What We Liked

  • Same length and weight for all irons
  • The forged face gives a good feel
  • Good distance
  • Good swing speed

What We Didn’t Like

  • Little pricy
  • Longer irons go too low and short

Final Words

The different game improvement irons mentioned in the article are all some of the best performing irons. They are relatively easy to use and provide convenience to people with a higher handicap. Using one of these irons, being a beginner at golf, you can increase your odds at playing against your experienced peers. Although it only depends on your gameplay and personal preference as to which iron suits you the best, you can now have an idea of what these irons offer.

From the list above, we can recommend the Callaway Big Bertha. All of these irons are a good bet, but the Callaway Big Bertha is one of the best ones in the market. Not only does it provide good distance, but it also gives you accuracy and precision in each stroke. Plus, its Suspended Energy Core, 360 Face Cup Technology, along with Tungsten Energy Core, delivers an unmatchable performance.

Although the Callaway Big Bertha is one of the high-priced game improvements iron available, it is a good investment given the quality and performance. If the price is not an issue, you should definitely get this iron. So, get your favorite game improvement iron and improve your chances of playing a better shot.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Game Improvement Irons

Below is a short guide for the features that you should look for when buying these irons. Additionally, we will look at some of the common questions people have while purchasing a game improvement iron.

Cast Iron or Forged Iron

You should know the difference between cast and forged irons to see what is more suitable for you, although people usually prefer the forged iron.

Forged Iron

The forged iron is made out of a single piece of metal that is hammered and molded into a particular shape. The forged iron is then refined by further ponding and polishing to give it a finished look. Although there isn’t any significant difference between the forged iron and the cast iron, people using iron can feel a difference while swinging and hitting the ball.

Cast Iron

This type of iron is made through liquid metal being poured in a mold that gives the clubhead its shape. It is a much cheaper way of making the game improvement iron. The manufacturers also use a combination of different metals at once. People believe that cast irons are better if you use different types of material for the clubhead.

So, while choosing from forged or cast irons, you should know the type that suits you. If you want a single piece of iron made out of one material, forged iron is your answer.

The Three Categories of Irons

There are three different categories of irons that you should know about to have a better understanding of game improvement irons.

Cavity Back

These are also known as max game improvement iron. These kinds of irons have a cavity in the clubhead. The iron’s sole is much larger compared to others. And, because of this, these irons provide a lot of forgiveness in the stroke. The cavity back irons are best for beginners and players with handicaps.

Game Improvement Iron

These are, by far, the most widely used irons. This is because a lot of new golfers find them easier to use. These are perfect for beginners. Game improvement irons have a smaller hollow cavity. Plus, their sole and the top of the club are slimmer as compared to other irons.


People have different names for blade irons. They are known as muscle back, cavity muscle back, and also players’ irons. Unlike other irons that are easier to use for beginners, blades have a design that makes them ideal for professionals or experienced players. These irons do not have any cavity. Blades have flat backs that decrease their forgiveness. However, you get a much better hold and nicer stroke.

Distance and Forgiveness

Distance and forgiveness are the two things that golfers need to improve their position in the game. However, not all game improvement irons offer both of these features. Some give you more forgiveness while the other gives you the extra distance.

Both of these features depend on the manufacturer’s design. The game improvement irons balance the clubhead as they have wide soles at the end of the club and perimeter weighting provides increased forgiveness.

On the other hand, irons that cover more distance have a much deeper center of gravity. Due to this, as the iron hits the ball, it provides an increased launch angle. Therefore, you need to see which of the designs work well for you.

Selecting the Shaft

Shafts are available in different lengths, weights, and models. Today, you can choose from a variety of varying shaft designs. However, to get the best performance, you need to see whether graphite or steel works well for you as people have different preferences.

It is also necessary to have the shaft well-fitted. If you can, you should get it fitted by a professional. However, you can also use a fitting device like a Mizuno Shaft Optimizer. It gives you almost the same results as a professional fitting. The device measures the club speed and flex and records the shaft’s lie angle.

A game improvement iron’s shaft is much lighter in weight as compared to the other irons. So you need to access the shaft carefully to get the speed and much better strokes.

Drawbacks of Game Improvement Irons

Game improvement irons are convenient for beginners, but these irons also have some drawbacks. The game improvement irons tend to hit too far. This can be a disadvantage when you don’t need to cover a lot of distance. They also have a low center of gravity and decreased loft. Therefore, getting the right direction can be a bit of a struggle.

Game improvement irons also have a different feel to them than blades and other golf drivers. Therefore, not everyone can use them easily. These are ideal for beginners, and you will notice that as you get better at golf, you will grow out of game improvement irons, which will get a little challenging to use.


Game improvement irons can be quite useful for you if you are new to the game. And while purchasing one, you should know the different categories, the quality of shaft, and many other factors that impact your choice.

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