Best Player’s Distance Irons – Reviews & Guide

The player distance irons category is quite different from others. They are designed for feel and workability, which means you can control the trajectory and shape your ball flight with better adjustment. The interesting thing about a player distance iron is that it has a design to benefit a wide range of handicaps. A compact shape aims to better the player, while the forgiveness allows the mid handicapper to reap the performances better.

Before you buy a new iron set, it is better to know the difference between a player distance iron and super game improvement iron.  Super game improvement irons are for high-handicap golfers. Player distance irons are specially designed for workability and feel. Game improvement irons are geared towards players actively seeking distance and forgiveness.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Player’s Distance Iron is, we recommend the Wilson Staff D7 Forged Iron Set as our favorites for a number of reasons.

Best Player Distance Irons : Roundup Review


There is a skeptical approach where people ask that does technology improve over time? The definite answer is “yes.” There is a lot of improvement in golf equipment as time passes. The differences and improvements are quite evident and sharp. This improvement not only improves the game but makes it much easier. Golfers are getting better day by day, and technology is the actual reason.

The iron business has become the fastest-growing business. It has expanded tenfold in the last decade. We have compiled a list of the best player distance irons for your ease of selection. These latest models present us with the flaming hot and subtle dance between the flame-throwing horsepower of high strength steel faces that flex more as they wrap around the topline. Let us have a look at the list.

Callaway Golf 2020 MAVRIK Pro Iron Men’s

image of callaway golf 2020 mavrik pro iron men’s

The Callaway Golf 2020 MAVRIK Pro Iron Men’s are for the players who are already good at golf. These irons are for those players who want extra forgiveness and distance but do not want to jump towards offset head shape. The look of the Mavrik Pro is different from the rest of the design in the market. It is noticeable for the first time that the topline is thinner with less offset. The iron presents delicate chrome features and a vibrant appearance. The noise feels like forged iron, quiet and solid.

The Mavrik Pro Irons offer better looks and more feel. With this iron, it feels like the ball spends some time on the face before it leaves. It also gives you more speed and distance. The Flash Face Cup technology designed by artificial intelligence consists of a complex face architecture unique for every iron in the set. It results in higher ball speed and spin robustness.

Custom tungsten infused weights allow the center of gravity to be precise for optimal launch, trajectory, spin rate, and land angles. Meanwhile, urethane microspheres absorb unwanted vibrations and improve the sound, feel, and vibe. The remarkable feature that sets it apart from other Mavrik irons is the Pro size and shape. It is a lot of fun working and shaping the shots with Mavrik Pro.

The Pro iron has the smallest body in the whole Mavrik range. It also has a much thinner top line. Callaway Golf 2020 MAVRIK Pro Iron Men’s doesn’t have a razor-thin blade, and its forgiveness is very impressive. This is an excellent option if you want a slimmer set of irons. If you want a good profile with a soft look and confidence, Mavrik Pro might be one of the best options. These noise-free irons are also a good option for a great feel.

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What We Liked

  • Great workability
  • Tungsten energy core
  • Urethane microspheres
  • Flash Face Cup technology
  • Great feel
  • Better spin rate
  • Attractive looks
  • Plenty of distance with lots of spins
  • Feels and sounds almost like a forged iron

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not as forgiving as other Mavrik models
  • Chrome head marked up a little too easily 


Mizuno JPX919 Forged Iron

image of mizuno jpx919 forged iron

Mizuno JPX919 forged iron is the best iron for single players. This iron consist of a mid-sized forged head with a bit of forgiveness and a face that delivers more speed than normal forged iron. It uses boron steel infused with more robust metal to make it 30% stronger than regular steel. That also allows the face to be thinner to generate ball speed.

The cavity design has a different sole grind with more cambers; it loses the leading and trailing edge. They have changed the styling by removing the color and Mizuno’s name from the iron for the first time. Moreover, they have featured an innovative look for their fastest forged irons concerning ball speed. Its chrome plating with a new durable pearl brush finish lasts longer and looks softer in the sun.

JPX919 forged irons are ideal for a large array of golfers with balanced performance. The purpose of stability design is to tune the sound and vibration along with that amplifying the launch.

No doubt, the company has improved in recent years, and this product is the prime example of this verdict. If you can afford pricy irons, this set of irons is ideal for you with excellent stability and durability. The premium, traditional, and catchy looks are breathtakingly beautiful.

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What We Liked

  • Flow Forged HD construction
  • Stability frame design
  • Reverse milled face
  • Touching of pearl brush
  • Specially designed shaft and holding options at no up charge
  • Excellent workability
  • Very durable
  • Feel and feedback are great
  • A premium traditional and catchy look

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit expensive

Tommy Armour 845 FORGED Irons

image of tommy armour 845 irons

The Tommy Armour 845 FORGED Irons is an amalgamation of classic design with modern technology. The Tommy iron features a multi-material construction. The body is forged from 1025 soft carbon steel attached to a high strength HT1770 steel L-cup face. A thin topline, minimal offset, and overall compact geometry give the 845 forged player distance iron.

The Tommy Armour 845 model is cast from 431 stainless steel. The two-piece design leverages a thin L-cup face and variable face thickness technology alongside a hollow body. The benefit of L-Cup is that the architecture allows the face to act a bit like a hinge, retaining speed on thin shots. Furthermore, the tungsten weighting shoves the CG low to boost forgiveness and help increase launch.

The pre-worn leading edge improves turf interaction. It is the thin topline, alongside its compact geometry and minimal offset, that make this iron stand out. These features give it the look of a proper players’ distance iron. It is a very low spin driver; therefore, it sounds and feels fantastic. If you tee it up high, you will gain the best performance out of this iron.

Tommy Armour irons are a sensible choice in the distance irons category. This carbon steel iron offers sustainability, consistency, and an ultra-soft feel on every shot. Customers have stated that they are very impressed with the feel and distance you can get with these irons. Moreover, Tommy Armour 845 doesn’t sacrifice accuracy either. Hence, it’s more accurate than many of its competitors.


What We Liked

  • Thin high strength face material
  • 1025 carbon steel body
  • Minimal offset
  • Urethane microspheres
  • Excellent grip
  • High-density tungsten toe
  • Increased forgiveness
  • Precise launch
  • Distance control

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lower spin drivers


Wilson Staff D7 Forged Iron Set

image of wilson staff d7 forged iron set

The Wilson Staff D7 Forged Iron Set is a name of quality. This long iron features three rows of power holes and a thinner, more responsive face for maximum distance. Fewer power holes combine with optimal weighting and extreme feel in the shorter irons for the most precise distance control. D7 helps golfers play their best.

The looks are cleaner and more likely to appeal to mid handicappers, with an all-chrome finish that looks great. The face is thinner in the 4 to 7-iron so that it is just 2mm thick to increase ball speeds. Having fewer holes means the weight has been saved and moved into the club’s heel and toe.

The D7 hosel is also 5mm longer so that it will help to maintain balance. There is also an option to adjust the lie more easily, vital in the last clubs. D7 looks much better and has greater appeal. It combines with less spin and flight from the lower weight distribution, and the D7 has gained 6 yards higher ball track.

The D7 irons are the longest in the market by the number on the sole of the club. The head is of great size with a mid-sized top line. It is not at the level of forged feel, but it is good enough for this club’s category. They give quite a good feel. D7 is an impressive and user-friendly distance iron that will save a huge amount of cash.

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What We Liked

  • Long iron with three rows of power holes
  • Thinner face for maximum distance
  • Power holes combine with optimal weighting
  • Precise distance control
  • Better and great look
  • Midsized topline
  • Performs exceptionally
  • Best-performing short iron
  • People have praised it for its sophisticated feel

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not offer much forgiveness for betterment and stability

Cobra King Forged Tec Iron Set

image of cobra king forged tec iron set

With The Cobra King Forged Tec Iron Set, a classic muscle back shape hides a modest empty bottom that provides a low center of gravity and distance within the limit for maximum playability. The purpose of including an empty base with foam microspheres is to absorb unwanted vibrations for a smooth feel. The tungsten toe weighting allows the center of gravity to be in the center to increase distance and precision.

Cobra King Forged Tec doesn’t have a typically visible cavity that is standard on most distance irons. These irons have minimal offset and thin top line. Another new technology in the Cobra King Forged Tec Irons is what they call PWRSHELL. It is a forged face that wraps around the sole of the club. This creates a massive sweet spot, as well as offering a high launch and tons of forgiveness.

When this tech pairs with other elements of the design, it offers high launch and long distances. These irons help launch the ball high and straight because they have a minimal offset. These irons have looks, feel, and great distance.

The Forged Tec iron is one of the best for great forgiveness. Players and reviewers have ranked it very highly in this regard. It is among the fastest and longest distance players irons of 2020, which is quite impressive.

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What We Liked

  • Hollow design
  • Playable distance
  • Tungsten weighting
  • The best in distance
  • Outstanding performance
  • Testers love the feel
  • Very forgiving
  • The look gives you confidence and self-reliance

What We Didn’t Like

  • The thicker top line is not so appealing.

Guide for the Best Player’s Distance Irons

The beautiful thing about golf is that you can learn it anytime in your life at any age. Your office probably has a golf club, and you want to join it, or maybe you are looking for a peaceful and charming hobby. Last but not least, you are retired, and you do not have so much to do; perhaps you want to plunge your hands into the game of golf. These are some reasons we start playing games, specifically golf. We are constantly in search of betterment and stability. And we struggle to achieve that stability.

Every year, there comes a new technology in the golf course golf for the betterment of its players, and players instantly want to change their Irons to achieve stability and improvement. To buy a new set of irons is a sort of dilemma for some people, and they want instant gratification for that. To satisfy that need, here are some guidelines you need to consider before you go shopping for the new set of irons.


Money is significant in every aspect. Hence, one should consider if he is spending money on the right thing. So, the price of irons matters a lot. You should ask yourself, what are you hoping to gain from changing the set of iron? Are you aiming at achieving more distance through new irons? Is money going to make that difference?

People spend thousands of dollars on buying a new set of irons without realizing their needs and preference. The gratification of mind and soul is important than anything because golf is a hobby, and hobby means pleasure for one’s essence. Instead of buying new expensive irons, one can simply improve the game by taking lessons and learning classes.

Level of Forgiveness

How much forgiveness do you need to improve your game or make it stable? This is the question everyone must ask before buying a new set of irons. You should look at blades and cavity backs. Before buying, you should try using different irons and check how much speed and distance you need to gain stability.


Distance is an essential thing in golf. Are you looking to improve your distance by changing your irons? Consider the loft you are going to purchase. You should know if you want to go for power lofts, standard lofts, or even retro lofts. But the question is, which loft is going to be the best for you to gain distance? This is a thing of utmost consideration. In this regard, iron blades are not amazing for good distances.

Workability of the Iron

What do you want from your iron? How much workability do you need in your iron? Do you like to shape the ball, or do you like to fade, or do you prefer the forgiveness aspect? The working criteria are significant when you are going to spend a handsome amount of money.


The specific height at which your hands will decide the distance of the ball. At what height do you want your arms to go, or how low do you want your arms to be? Think about this aspect before it gets too late.


It’s a common thing that people judge something by its cover and appearance. If an item doesn’t appear to be good or fantastic despite its qualities, we don’t feel confident about it. Many players will want irons with a sleek and elegant look. If you don’t like the appearance, don’t buy the item because you need confidence while playing, and you also need to enjoy your hobby to refresh yourself.

New Brand

Which brand to choose is a matter of sheer consideration for irons. You need to think that are you comfortable with this brand? Do you have fond and loving memories of this brand? Is that brand reliable, or does it give you confidence while holding the irons? Do you have success stories or a sentimental relationship with the brand? If not, it’s the right time to try your hands at the new brand!

Condition of Irons

The condition decides whether you need to buy a new set of irons or not. Are they really in bad shape, or do they just need to be repaired to work again very? Look at this point before spending your money.


By shape, we don’t mean the shape only but the overall style. Fix up lines, fin top lines, thicker soles, thinner soles, long blade, short blade, color, and the overall styling is essential.

Parts of Set

Usually, iron sets consist of seven or eight clubs: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9-iron, and do not forget the pitching wedge and gap wedge. Some golfers prefer to buy clubs separately. Decide beforehand what set you want for yourself.

The Loft and Length

Irons are put into three categories: long, mid, and short Irons.

Long Irons

Long irons are designed in a way that they can hit the ball with a short loft. Long Irons include the 2, 3, and 4-iron.

Short Irons

Short irons aim for high lofts. The higher loft helps in the perpendicular ball launch from commencing to the final drop. Short irons are the 8 and 9-iron and the pitching wedge.

Mid Irons

Mid irons are the 5, 6, and 7-iron.


Your selection of shaft will highly influence the feel, distance it produces, and your speed. If you want to expand the speed, you should select the lighter graphite material to generate a lovely swing. But if you are good with swing speed but want to gain control over the club head, then without any doubt, go for the heavy steel shaft for the balance of your choice.


The amount of bend in the shaft during the swing is known as flex. The amount of flex you will require in your shaft is based on your power and swing speed. Swing speed is responsible for classifying the shaft flex into five heads: Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff, and X Stiff.

So, it’s better to keep these points in your mind before you spend a huge sum of money on the new set of irons. Hopefully, this chart will guide you in choosing the right option for your game’s betterment and stability.

Final Words

We hope this list mentioned above will help you choose the right set of irons to help you feel more confident. No doubt, all the products are among the best on their own and have great features. However, I like the Wilson Staff D7 Forged iron for its exceptional performance. The feel it gives is beyond explanation. You feel incredibly confident while holding these irons. These iron have been ranked very highly in terms of stroke position and forgiveness.

Fewer power holes combine with optimal weighting and extreme feel in the shorter irons for the most precise distance control. There is also an option to adjust the lie more easily, which is essential. Wilson is building its respect again through this product. Hopefully, our guide and product reviews will help you to find the be.

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