Best golf drivers for ladies

Adding a new driver to your bag that you hit long and straight is a game changer. The problem most of us have is we don’t know which driver is going to be best for our game.  With evolving times and technologies, there are now endless options on the market. We reviewed 5 of the best drivers for women and clearly found one that we believe will take your golf game in 2021 to a whole new level. Lets jump in!


Best golf driver for women 

Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Driver

Our top pick

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Callaway brings the Mavrik Max Driver, which is well suited for ladies who want a long, easy-to-hit driver with the capacity to reduce slices off the tee. It has a large footprint and also features the highest moment of inertia. This means that this driver will unquestionably lend you all the forgiveness you need.

The high inertia also enables an easy launch and has the most preference capability. If you battle with impact dispersion, the Mavrik Max might offer a reprieve and lend you an incredible amount of high-speed surface area on the clubface.

Mavrik Max integrates two interchangeable weights, 14g and 2g, set in the sole near the heel and center back. Putting in the heavier weight in the heel can establish absolute draw bias.

However, inducing it in the rear creates a maximum moment of inertia. Its large head size might get you a better chance at launching the ball correctly.

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The driver integrates the FS2S titanium, a strong, six grams lighter material than standard titanium. This enables optimal speed, enhanced forgiveness, and spin. It has two internal Jailbreak bars that connect the sole and crown to facilitate faster ball speed. Its relatively lighter carbon crown can also help redistribute weight for a higher spin.

The company employs A.I. to design an intricate internal titanium rib system. This can fine-tune the head to generate a more in-depth, satisfying sound on collision.

The A.I. design of the driver’s Flash Face aims to deliver forgiveness and retain ball speeds on hits across the face. Therefore, when you take this driver for a test and end up not swinging your best, you might still get some decent shots.

If you are struggling with getting the right swing speed in drives but seek a driver that looks, feels, and sounds fantastic, then the Mavrik Max might be for you. It could also help you significantly in improving your approach shots. Callaway makes incremental gains in the Mavrik Max to help it stand out. This Max driver can be ideal for some game improvement.

What We Liked About the Callaway Mavrik Max:

  • It might be the ideal candidate for getting the hang of the drive shots.
  • The driver features a round head shape that lends a good launch.
  • Its grip is a balance between firm and steady.
  • You can utilize the two jailbreak bars to fasten the sole with the Carbon crown and ensure they stay there.
  • The interchangeable weights can help control ball flight.

What We Did Not Like About the Callaway Mavrik Max:

  • Its orange and black color combination can require some getting used to.
  • It does not offer much spin.

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Cobra F6 Driver

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The Cobra F6 Driver is a tremendous and completely adjustable club. It can procure you the precision, forgiveness, distance, and swing speed you may require to take your golf game to the next level. This driver has a reasonable price tag. Hence, it can be ideal for medium to high-handicap female golfers who desire a reliable driver to help them shape up their game and lend a good grip.

The name Cobra is dominant in the golf industry. Some of the best golf players utilize Cobra equipment. Moreover, it is a subsidiary of the German company Puma! When the Cobra F6 driver first came, it received nothing but love and praise.

It ranked high on all the golf magazines for its sheer accuracy, which could help women ace their drives. Moreover, it just might be the perfect club perfect for greater distance and consistency as you hit off the tee.

The Cobra F6 Driver is among the most forgiving and adjustable drivers on the market. With its dual-position exclusive weight center of gravity, women can maximize their distance by getting their suitable angle and launch posture. It features the signature forged flexible thickness titanium so you could have a firm grip.

The adjustable hosel of the Cobra F6 also helps women change their loft and flight preference to eight distinct settings. This driver has a 10g polycarbonate strength in the sole. Hence, this movable weight could enable golfers to customize their center of gravity stance and performance.

When you place the weight in the club’s front, it stimulates lower trajectory, little spin, and extra roll out. When you place the weight in the driver’s back position, it builds a loftier trajectory, better spin, and a boost in forgiveness on off-center hits.

What We Liked About the Cobra F6 Driver:

  • It’s a very accurate and forgiving driver, which looks tremendous and can work magnificently.
  • You might get an explosive power, feeling, and sound when you hit off the tee.
  • Its vast range of loft might help you fine-tune your swing speed.
  • Cobra’s Speed Channel is a particular channel that encircles the perimeter of the clubface to provide higher ball speed.
  • This driver might deliver a better and longer distance like a dream.

What We Did Not Like About the Cobra F6 Driver:

  • Its longer shaft can reduce the precision of the club.
  • The adjustments require a bit of a learning curve.
  • Some women can find this driver too light to control.

TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver

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When it comes to golf equipment, you can never go wrong with the TaylorMade name. You can always trust them to deliver what you seek. Therefore, if you want a driver that can do the job with a minimal design, then the RBZ driver might be for you. The Taylormade RBZ Driver can be an excellent choice for women who seek a very high forgiveness level, improved swing speed, and a reasonable distance.

With its lower and extra forward center of gravity, enhanced aerodynamics, bigger clubface, and a great crown, the TaylorMade RBZ can be an amazing driver. Most specifically, it is excellent for golfers who want good adjustment and shaft grip. The RBZ has twelve different lofts, lie angles, textured grips, and face angles in the window of 1.5 degrees of adjustment. This trait can help build better ball speeds and pave the way for surplus forgiveness on off-center hits.

This driver has what TaylorMade interprets as its large address footprint clubface. The driver’s 4,100-millimeter clubface could facilitate extraordinary forgiveness and propel golfers to hit the ball despite their handicap range. The RBZ’s thick-thin crown renders a lower and onward center of gravity stance that can improve ball speed, launch, and lend spin.

The Taylormade brand believes that a low and forward center of gravity can enable women to achieve better speed and improve their launching angles. This can all work together to give better distance on drive shots. This driver integrates this layout by having better inertia in the driver.

The RBZ also encompasses TaylorMade’s inverted cone technology. It mills an inverted cone into the inner side of the clubface. An interesting fact on the driver’s crown graphics is the black, gold, and gray illustrations. To formulate these custom decals, TaylorMade also utilized its Motion Analysis Technology to research how women might look down at their driver at address.

What We Liked About the RBZ Driver:

  • It can be a confidence-building driver that expands distance and accuracy.
  • TaylorMade features the RocketFuel 50 super-light shaft, which makes the driver under 300 grams.
  • Its non-glare crown will help to promote alignment.
  • This driver is the newest and best in technology from TaylorMade.
  • Its layout can support to expand the central hit spot of the driver and betters the off-center shots.

What We Did Not Like About the RBZ Driver:

  • The sound at impact is not as muted as it should be.
  • Some golfers might struggle with the firm grip.
  • The graphics may not be suitable for all ladies and might distract them.
  • It is an older model.


Titleist TS2 Driver | Ladies

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For a golfer, the most desirable thing is increased distance. The Titleist TS2 driver integrates cutting-edge technology with a classic layout to deliver the distance and shots consistency that all ladies want. Therefore, if you seek a higher launch, some controlled spin, and more distance off the tee, and then you might want to check out the Titleist TS2 Driver. The Titleist name is a significant player in the golf industry for years and continually shows that it can produce top-quality drivers.

New in its collection, the Titleist TS2 Driver is no exception to greatness. Supplanting the previous 917 D2 models, the TS2 unquestionably demonstrates it is one of the hottest drivers around. With its enhanced composition features and additional aerodynamic design, the Titleist TS2 driver also may be ideal for any woman looking to improve her launch, spin, and gaining more distance. The TS2 might also be suitable for Mid-handicap to low-handicap players wanting to improve their game further.

The TS2 headlines a 20% thinner crown, which renders faster ball speed and better swing speed. By this amendment, Titleist was able to remove 10 grams of weight from the top of the head and redistribute it into other areas. The outcome was a greater weight distribution and also better efficient aerodynamics for improved clubhead speed.

The interchangeable SureFit CG individual sole weight at the rear of the head fulfills two distinct objectives. First, the weight shifts the center of gravity lower and farther back in the clubhead. This curtails spin and develops a higher launch angle off the face, which can maximize distance. Secondly, the weight is switchable, allowing players to find the optimal launch and spin combination most suitable for their swing.

The face on the TS2 is 0.35 mm thinner, allowing weight to again allocate in the club for better aerodynamics and high speed. The face on the TS2 is so thin that the scoring lines are laser-etched. Therefore, along with a dynamic performance, the Titleist has the looks to match. The Titleist TS2 driver comes in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5 degrees, with a lie angle of 58.5 degrees.

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What We Liked About the Titleist Ts2:

  • The TS2 is a very technologically sound driver.
  • The ultra-thin build can work wonders in achieving a better stance and shot angle.
  • It features a better moment of inertia for long-distance.
  • The SureFit weighting technology can allow women to optimize their launch conditions.

What We Did Not Like About the Titleist Ts2:

  • Its extra length in the shaft may lead to less control and precision.
  • You might need a lot of practice to get your desired stance.
  • The high launch factor may not be best for players with high ball flights.

Srixon Z355 Driver

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When Srixon announced new products in its Z line, there was some anticipation for greatness. The Z355 came out and dominated the golf course for ladies. It aims to offer massive distances, and it features Action Mass technology. This incorporates a higher head weight of 211 grams with a super high balance point Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft to increase ball speed. The driver can do this while facilitating a more consistent, lasting swing for players yearning for maximum distance and forgiveness.

The Z355 driver’s 450cc clubhead headlines QTS adjustability, extending twelve different settings for loft, lie, and face angles. It is powerful 6-4 Ti clubface also builds an even larger central spot for improved consistency and distance off the tee. The one thing that Srixon undoubtedly triumph in is aesthetics. It is a beautiful traditional shape with a very intense metallic black crown finish. Add in the fact that this sleek driver head pairs with the incredibly glossy, all-new red-black Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft, and Srixon has formulated a package that surely pleases the eyes.

When you hit the drive, the sound has a metallic tendency; however, it is not hollow or reverberating enough to distract you. The Z355 is a stark distinction from drivers in general for its bigger head and comparatively lesser club-length. But this does not affect its performance. Srixon calls this their “Action Mass Technology.” Due to this, they increase the head weight to 211g (nearly 20g heftier than most drivers on the market).

The driver’s all-around swing is also good, and you could instantly notice good feedback when you hit. This might be a blessing for the women who prefer quick game tempo. While it may not be for everyone, it could be fun for some to try. The driver offers a mid to high launch with moderate spin and might work swiftly in helping you get your desired swing speed. With its shallow design, it provides significant forgiveness and better ball retention. If you tend to make bouncing blows, you might notice an improvement owing to feeling the clubhead as you hit your drive.

What We Liked About the Srixon Z355 Driver:

  • The Z355 can work wonders in achieving a better distance.
  • If you have a high-range ball flight, then you might enjoy its ball flight retention.
  • The overall club swing-weights out well.
  • Srixon Z355 can lend a natural yet strong grip.
  • This driver enables a high trajectory.

What We Did Not Like About the Srixon Z355 Driver:

  • If you prefer a deeper face, its shallow club face might not suit your style or shot.
  • It offers minimal spin control in drive shots.

What Is a Golf Driver?

A driver is typically the longest club in a golf bag and has the largest head and clubface of any club in the golf bag. Although a driver is considered to be a 1 Wood, it is no longer made of wood, but rather made of hollowed out metals such as Titanium. The purpose of using the driver is to hit the ball as far and straight as possible in most situations.

Although similar technology goes into both men’s and women’s golf drivers, women’s drivers are commonly lighter and offer more adjustability. These distinctions work for women’s smaller stature and lesser swing speed while enabling them to get the most out of their driver.

What Kind of Drivers Are Best for Women?

There is no denying that men and women are anatomically unique. There are undoubtedly some differences in how they wield drivers. These disparities are most prominent in how they swing their drivers, so it helps if women contemplate their unique abilities before buying a driver.

Shorter Shaft Length

Many women golfers are shorter and less rugged than male players, which is the way of the world. If you are a woman with an average height of 5’4, a driver of 43.5 inches should suit you fine and give you comfortable game time. Obviously, these estimates are not ultimate, for if you are taller, you can opt for longer shaft lengths.

However, please keep in mind that if you have a little more height, it does not imply that you should go for men’s drivers. There is much more to consider than the sheer length, and you might notice those aspects when you hit the course.

More Loft

The average speed reported for beginner male golfers using a driver is around 93.4 miles per hour. However, research shows that beginner women might only attain 65 miles per hour when trying a driver. With that, women must contemplate a driver that offers a higher loft to improve the distance they can generate. Professionals assert that the best golf driver for women needs to have a loft between 12-16 degrees.

The Ability to Make Adjustments

The best drivers for women and High-handicap are adjustable. Many manufacturers have launched drivers that feature an adjustable loft and interchangeable weight. This trait enables women who are relatively new to golf to try out various configurations and choose the most suitable ones. This also empowers them with opportunities to fine-tune their technique.

How To Hit Your Driver More Consistently

Ladies, say you own the best golf driver the market has to offer. However, if you are not wielding it correctly, then what good will it do? It is crucial to know the correct position and stance to better use your driver and get the most out of it. Here is a brief on what experts believe is the best way to use a driver.

Set up on the tee with your legs close to shoulder length apart and your golf ball just inside your forward heel. Let your shoulders turn naturally as you take the driver back while retaining your left arm somewhat straight. Keep turning naturally until your back is to the target, and you feel you have extended your hands up and around your body. You must ensure to create some coil in your back.

It is better to center your wrists naturally at the top of the driver. Golf pros believe that hinging your wrists reinforces power to the driver. They recommend keeping your wrists cocked as long as possible and ideally unhinging them as the driver’s clubface hits the ball. The longer you can maintain your wrist hinge, the farther the ball will go if you whack it squarely.


If you were to ask me, ladies, which golf driver gets my vote, it would be the Cobra F6 Driver. Wondering why? While the driver graced many magazines and got a top ranking, the incredible forgiveness, swing speed, and sheer delight of the grip it delivers might be all you need. This driver could significantly be a game-changer for you in how it offers drive consistency and better feedback. Therefore, if you want a good golf driver, look no further.

The golf industry knows well how important it is to have the gear tailor to both genders’ needs. Hence, the manufacturers understand that they need to pay special attention to golf equipment for women, too. A good driver can help you improve your game considerably. With ample practice and learning and the correct way of wielding it, you can ace it and show off your magnificent skills to your friends.

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