Best Drivers For Beginner Golfers

Having the right club in the bag is important for every player, especially beginners and their driver. Everyone loves to swing the club hard and feel the momentum when you hit the ball dead center. Hitting it perfectly is not easy for the pros and not easy for beginners. Drivers have the lowest loft and longest shaft among all the clubs, making it challenging to hit consistently. 

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the Best Golf Drivers for beginners are, we recommend the Callaway Mavrik Max as the best one.

To help you make a better decision, we searched the online market and came up with the following five best golf drivers that are just right for beginners.

Best drivers for beginners

Callaway MAVRIK MAX Driver

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Mavrik is the new generation of clubs introduced by Callaway. This driver club features flash face technology designed by Callaway’s AI supercomputer. This driver has the biggest head among the three drivers from this generation of clubs. It is 460 cc, but the way it is designed makes it appear larger. It has a straight top line at the address and a crown that stretches down towards the turf. This look will boost your confidence. It looks big but is not heavy or unattractive. You may like the club’s orange details or not, but they can be customized to your taste.

This beginner driver sounds unique. The driver’s feel can be changed with the two interchangeable weights of 12 and 14 grams that are used at the heel and the back of the club. These drivers feel safe, like you won’t hit it offline. You will know which one you prefer when you use it. The AI designed flash face provides the player forgiveness and maintains ball speed. Even if you don’t have the skill level yet, you’ll be able to make some respectable numbers with this golf driver. You will get a good distance and low spin with this highly adjustable club.

The three models in the Max category of drivers are available in the loft from 8 to 14 degrees. Two models are available for both right and left-handers. The third model is available only for right-handed players only. The length for all the models is 45.7 inches. This easy to hit driver is worth the investment if you want to improve your distance and ball speed.

Pros of Callaway MAVRIK MAX Driver

  • FS2S titanium has been used in the construction of this driver. This highly strong material is 6 grams lighter than traditional titanium. It promotes optimal speed, spin robustness, and forgiveness, which is what a beginner needs.
  • The sole and crown are connected by two internal jailbreak bars. This encourages fastball. The lighter carbon crown helps redistribute the weight for higher MOI (Moment of Inertia).
  • AI technology is used to make a sophisticated internal titanium rib system. This advanced technology fine-tunes the head and produces a satisfying sound. It also helps you achieve good distance and hit better shots.
  • The highly adjustable loft makes it a great driver out there for beginners.
  • This driver comes with two weights that are positioned in the sole near the heel and rear. You can choose to place the weights either in the heel to produce raw or rear for forgiveness.

Cons of Callaway MAVRIK MAX Driver

  • Price is the only downside that we could find. If you are committed to improving your tee shots, then you may invest in it.

Cobra F-Max Driver

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This driver club is intended for golfers with slow to medium swing speed for forgiveness, ball speed, and distance. This solid club features a head shape with a tapered round profile and medium face depth. The crown has an alignment aid that helps to line up your shots. Some players may not like the alignment aid first, but with time you’ll find that it looks good behind the ball. The glossy black finish with gold accents gives it a silky texture.

This driver is very light as it is made using Cobras lightweight technology. It weighs 50 grams less than conventional drivers. Since it is light, it helps beginners gain more speed and distance. Its offset features will help the player hit straight shots. The length of this driver is 45.5 inches with a head volume of 460 cc. The 10.5-degree version is available for both right, and left-handed players, and the others are available for only right-handed golfers.

This driver sounds lively and pleasant with its metallic pop. This driver will impress you with its forgiveness. You’ll be able to tell where you hit the ball. The responsiveness of this driver is very strong. This driver is advertised for its high launch and straight flight. It is easy to get the ball in the air with this driver, and the ball won’t balloon on you. All F-Max driver versions have draw bias, which is achieved by placing the CG on the club’s heel. This helps the golfer hit straighter shots.

Pros of Cobra F-Max Driver

  • This driver weighs 285 grams, which is 50 grams less than most drivers out there. It is very light, which proves beneficial in gaining ball speed and distance. All parts of this club are lighter, including the head, shaft, and grip. This helps with long shots.
  • The pleasant crown alignment with the Cobra logo and PWR ridges provides the player visual alignment, which helps them set up square to their target.
  • The head of this straight neck driver is weighted in your favor. If you think that turning it over in your hands is hard, concentrating the heel’s weight will decrease the slice and improve the ball flight.
  • Although it is light, its head still has enough weight to make you feel more in control. This weighty feel will remain firm and stable.
  • The large and midsize grips of this model improve the comfort and consistency with every shot you hit.
  • It is affordable compared to some other models out there.

Cons of Cobra F-Max Driver

  • Its loft is not adjustable.
  • You may feel that the club is very light if your swing speed improves with time.

TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

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After introducing M drivers, TaylorMade moved on to SIM drivers, which stands for Shape In Motion. These drivers provide maximum forgiveness and consistency. This club looks similar to SIM at the address, which looks quite normal but is a bit compact. The crown of the club is light grey carbon fiber. A thin white band separates the alignment aid “T” from the golf ball.

This driver is slightly longer from front to back. It has a larger face and a better center of gravity that helps it deliver more MOI and forgiveness. The inverted cone technology used in this club promotes better mishit performance. This driver is available in 9.5, 10.5, and 12-degree lofts with a head volume of 460 cc. It has a loft sleeve that lets you adjust loft, lie, and face angle. The thru-slot speed pocket increases the sole flexibility, which helps achieve better ball speed and distance.

This driver is made with cutting edge technologies such as Inertia Generator and asymmetric sole. It doesn’t slide in weight, unlike the SIM driver. Instead, the inertia generator shifts the weight back. It sounds a bit louder than a SIM driver despite not having a slide in weight. Since it is designed to be forgiving, it sounds a bit fuzzier, so you will not tell where the ball hit the face. It covers up mishits that way. It is mid-spin and launches high in the air. It gives you better ball speed and accuracy. This driver has a face that is 8 percent larger than a SIM driver. This driver is a good option if you are looking to improve your game.

Pros of TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

  • This driver is very forgiving and lets you hit long shots every time.
  • These clubs have been calibrated and injected to reach the maximum legal limit of ball speed. The face curvature reduces side spin and helps in delivering straighter shots.
  • It lets you adjust and personalize trajectory and face angle features. It comes with 12 settings that let you adjust your loft by +/- 2 degrees.
  • It comes with a high launch shaft, but other custom options are also available.
  • The Z-grip is textured and provides a very good feeling.

Cons of TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

  • This long-lasting driver is a bit expensive.
  • It doesn’t have an adjustable weight system on the sole.


Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

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This distinctively stealthy driver is an eye-catcher. This driver’s head has a matte black and smoky grey finish that blends with the black Miyazaki of the shaft. The face of this driver has a unique variable thickness pattern that allows for more speed. The HiBore crown is not much noticeable but is complemented by the pockets at the back edges. This crown has a major step that lowers CG. The light hosel is not adjustable, but it removes unnecessary weight. The whole weight adds up in the sole pad, which results in an increased launch that helps gain more distance off the tee. The chunky sole also helps improve MOI, which in turn increases forgiveness and allows for better speed.

At the address, there are three ridges and many micro nubs on the crown. The sole of this club has many angular levels but still looks sleek. The red accent line complements the red dashes on the club face. The high-tech look of this driver adds to its appeal. This club sounds powerfully loud. The piercing metallic crack is consistently heard after any decent contact. This club feels fluid and encourages the player to swing confidently. This driver produces a high ball flight, and it feels really easy to get the ball in the air.

These drivers are available in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees of loft with a head volume of 460 cc. All of them are available for right-handed golfers, but only 10.5 is available for left-handed players. It is appropriate for golfers with low to medium swing speeds. The closed address of this club will help you if you have slice issues. There is also a draw option where the bias is pronounced. If you need forgiveness and help with the launch, then this good looking driver is a good choice.

Pros of Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

  • The new face offers a large impact area that helps increase speed and, in turn, gives a good distance.
  • Deep weighting increases MOI significantly that increases ball speed. The extra weight in the sole increases the speed and distance gain.
  • The redesigned HiBore crown lowers the center of gravity, which expands the sweet spot.
  • The lightweight hosel helps achieve high launch and more forgiveness.
  • It comes with a matching head cover that protects your driver and increases its life.

Cons of Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

  • The offset bit has draw bias models.
  • The loft is not adjustable, but since it is affordable, you will be able to buy a new driver with a different


Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver

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This driver is anti-slice, offers good forgiveness, is an affordable driver, and looks nice. It has a refined sole and deep metallic finish on the crown. At the address, the pinstripes help define the big club head. This club sets up closed, which might have been distracting had it not been for the persistent black finish from the crown to the face. In the face, this club looks tall and offers a large contact area.

The loud metallic crack that it gives off upon contact with the ball is consistent across this club’s face. The hosel has a slight offset, which allows for more time to square the club face. The extra weight in the heel encourages the shutting of the face.

This driver features a technology that decreases spin focuses on higher launch angles to optimize carry distance. The center of gravity of these drivers moves towards the club’s heel, which helps square face at impact and removes fade bias. It is very light at 272 grams, which helps it gain speed and distance. The offset looks at the address, and the +2 degree angle allows the reduction of the slice by at least 50 percent.

This driver comes in 10.5 and 13-degree lofts for both left and right-handed players. This driver will be helpful for a good range of beginners. It offers reduced slice, more distance, accuracy, and speed. Its draw bias design and forgiving face help your slice issues and help get straight ball flights.

Pros of Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver

  • Its look is appealing with the black, grey, and white color combination.
  • Its head allows for high ball speed, and good launch angles no matter where you hit it on the face.
  • It is suitable for high handicappers because it is very lightweight.
  • It is very affordable.

Cons of Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver

  • The loft is not adjustable
  • These drivers are offset, so if you are not looking for slice reducing drivers, this might not be for you.


All of the above-mentioned golf drivers have their differences, but can all help improve your game. The right driver isn’t always the most expensive or the newest model. Any driver that helps you hit more fairways, keep the ball in play, and carry a good distance will be a good driver for you, regardless of when the driver was launched.   

Hitting a driver more consistently will never be easier as with the ones on this list. Some drivers help you with your slice issues while others increase distance.

What is a Driver?

The driver is a metal club (formerly wooden) that is often referred to as 1-wood. It is the longest club in the bag with the biggest head. Drives are used to hit the ball as far as possible down the fairway and towards the green.

That is why they are usually used for the first stroke from teeing ground on par -4s, and -5s. The loft for them usually varies from 9 to 13 degrees, but it could still be less or more.  Clubs with low loft have low trajectory while the ones with high loft have a high trajectory.

Why do Beginners Need a Specific Golf Driver?

Beginners and high handicap golfers that are still learning the game will benefit from the technology of a new driver. A driver designed for a beginner is going to have less spin off of the tee (less side spin) for straighter shots, and have a forgiving face to allow the ball to carry farther when not hit in the center of the club face.

Drivers are mainly manufactured for having a better distance with your off-the-tee shots. You may think that the expensive drivers used in PGA Tour Events might be a good option for you, but that is not always the case. Those high-end drivers are designed for pros with high swing speed and shot precision. When beginners use the same clubs with low or medium swing speed, they will not perform well. Off center hits with these clubs will produce a significant amount of sidespin that reduces your shot’s distance and accuracy. That is why beginners should use drivers that are appropriate for their level of skills.

Forgiveness of the driver should be the first selection criteria.

A golf driver that forgives will prove to be a saving grace for beginners and will be a good driver for high handicap golfers. Such drivers allow the ball to cover a good distance with more accuracy even if it’s a mishit, often with beginners. As a beginner, it will be a mistake if you buy an expensive driver that is advanced and used by pros. Such drivers have low forgiveness as they are made for advanced players. Beginners would make more mistakes and have a disappointing experience. You might even lose interest if you don’t make improvements.

What is a club loft?

Loft plays an important role in the selection of a driver. The loft makes a huge difference in the distance covered and the ability of shots from the tee. Beginners quite often overlook it. Every golf club has it. It is the angle of the clubface as it’s positioned on the shaft. The degree of the club’s loft angle depends more upon the vertical plane compared to the ground. Normally drivers come in a loft of 9 to 12 or 13 degrees.

Beginner golfers can stick to the drivers with high loft. The more loft a club has, the higher its trajectory will be. A driver club with more loft angle will provide a beginner with distance and accuracy benefits. Beginners require a higher loft because they generally have low club head speed. Many modern drivers have an adjustable loft, which is beneficial because the golfer can select the degree of loft.

What should a beginner look for in a driver?

When it comes to the head shape and size of the driver, there is no best. It is all about what works for you and gives you confidence. But still, club heads with round shapes are a good option for beginners as they are easier to play with and have aerodynamics that produces better club head speed. To be able to hit the ball, better go for a club head up to 460 cc.

Drivers tend to have the longest shaft length among all clubs, but don’t be too intimidated. If you don’t have the driver with the correct shaft length, it would be difficult for you to use it. The swing style and speed are also some factors that affect your shot. Drivers with more flex with lighter shafts are ideal for beginners. More flex is required when you have a slow swing speed. Lighter drivers will be easy to handle and play with.


How often should a beginner buy a driver?

New drivers with better technology and improved design are released every year by manufacturers. You may also change our club if you have improved your game. However, if your driver suits your game and skill level, it might last for 2 to 4 years. Getting a new driver will mostly depend on the change in your playing style, skill improvement or deterioration, and player budget.

Some professionals carry two drivers; one for long-distance and the other for shot shaping They usually will not carry both drivers during a round, but will alternate based upon the course conditions. For the high handicap and beginner golfer, one is plenty.  The adjustability of the club will allow you to improve both of the functions.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit PG Golf Links and reading this review. If you have any future golf products or apparel you would like us to check out, please be sure to drop us a line.


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