Review of the top golf cart enclosures

Playing golf in the cold weather is much more enjoyable when you have the right clothing, accessories, and equipment.

The best piece of equipment you can buy to stay warm is a Golf cart enclosure or Golf cart cover. Keeping the interior of your golf cart warm during your round gives you instant relief on a cold or blustery day.

In the past, golf cart covers and enclosures were expensive, and you would rarely see them on the golf course. Now, during a cold day, you see them all over most private courses.

These covers have also become much easier to install and take off. Show up to the course 10 minutes ahead of time, put on your cover, turn on your golf cart heater, put on a pair of winter gloves and start splittin’ fairways and knocking down pins!

Before you do…..check out the covers we recommend.

Best golf cart enclosures

KAKIT 800D Fairway 4-Sided 2-Person Golf Cart Enclosure – Best Overall

image of kakit 800d fairway 4-sided 2-person golf cart enclosure

Kakit 800D tops our list for a couple of reasons. First, unlike other cart covers made from 600D and 400D fabric, Kakit 800D is made from 800D fabric. This fabric does a great job of protecting you and your cart from snow, rain, dust, and rays.

Second, we love its visibility. Most golf cart enclosure designers forget that operating a cart is like driving a car, and visibility is crucial. Luckily, the Kakit golf cart enclosure features customizable zippered panels and doors. How far you open them depends on the prevailing weather. What’s more, the zippers are durable and glide over the thread with ease.

Overall, this Kakit cart enclosure will serve you for a long time. And while it’s said to be ideal for Club Car Precedent carts, it fits on other golf carts as well.


  • Perfect fit
  • Has a carrying case
  • The zippers are a breeze to work
  • Durable fabric


You need to take proper measurements to ensure a perfect fit

10LOL 2 Passenger Deluxe Golf Cart Driving Enclosures for EZGO – Best Value

image of 10lol 2 passenger deluxe golf cart driving enclosures for ezgo

Golfing in winter is easier, warmer, and more enjoyable with the black 10LOL Deluxe Golf Cart Enclosure. In the cold weather, the 10LOL cart enclosure traps all sun rays heating up the inside of your golf cart.

The 10LOL cart enclosure is ideal for two golfers and fetches a low price. Despite the low price, it’s a high-quality cart enclosure designed from durable, water-resistant polyester. It’ll not only keep you warm but dry as well.

It features zippered openings on either side, which makes getting in and out of the cart easy. And to help it stay in place as you cruise through the golf course, it sports hooks at the bottom.


  • Has roll-up doors
  • It heats up fast
  • It’s easy to take off and put on


  • It might not fit the club car models

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure – Best Premium

image of classic accessories fairway golf cart deluxe enclosure

If you are searching for a golf cart enclosure that will stay put and keep you warm and dry as you enjoy your golfing session, then the Classic Accessories Fairway cart enclosure is a great option. The fact that the fabric doesn’t shrink or stretch over time and comes in multiple colors is a plus.

We also love that its windows are easy to see through as you drive through the golf course. Also, on a sunny day, you can remove the doors for better aeration. The fabric is made easy to roll up and strap to the cart’s top.

It’s a great cart enclosure for both sunny, rainy, and cold days. If the weather changes mid-session, this cart enclosure can transform to match it.


  • Has great quality
  • The windows and doors roll up
  • You can see through the windows


  • It’s highly-priced

Explore Land 600D Waterproof Golf Cart Cover

image of explore land 600d waterproof golf cart cover

The best feature about the Explore Land 600D Cart Cover is, in its name – waterproof. Even better, you’ll get this cart cover at a fair price. Given that the Explore Land 600D is waterproof, it protects your golf cart from harsh weather and keeps it dry.

When buying a cart cover, quality is a key consideration. Luckily, the Explore Land 600D is made from high-quality 600D polyester that doesn’t rip and does a great job of protecting your golf cart from the sun, snow, and sand.

Despite the superior protection it offers, this cart cover is easy to remove and put back on. It features a durable zipper and an adjustable elastic hem cord. With these features, this cart cover won’t be blown away.

Unfortunately, this cart cover is ideal for parked carts and not when they are in use.


  • It goes for a fair price
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Is waterproof


  • Only used when a golf cart is parked

Deluxe 6 Seater Golf Cart Cover

image of deluxe 6 seater golf cart cover

The reality of buying the best golf cart cover is that it’s easy to find cart covers for two and four-Seater golf carts. But finding the best six-seater cart cover can be a daunting task.

Moreover, most six-seater golf cart covers aren’t the easiest to put on and take off. Unlike two-seater cart covers, you’ll need help putting on a six-seater cart cover. But that’s why we love the Deluxe Six-Seater Golf Cart Cover. It’s designed to shield you from the cold and wind from both sides when driving through the golf course.

It comes in two colors and has high-quality window zippers that allow you to roll up the windows when the weather is dry and sunny. We love that it comes in a carrying bag to store it properly when it’s not protecting you on the golf course.


  • It’s lightweight
  • Perfect for large golf carts
  • Offers ample protection from harsh weather
  • Features commercial-grade zippers and windows for great visibility


  • Difficult to put on and take off alone

Classic Accessories Deluxe 2 Seater

image of best golf golf cart enclosure | golf cart cover - best, 2022, review - pg golf links

If yours is a two-seater golf cart, you are without a doubt bombarded with lots of options. One of the best two-seater golf cart covers is the Classic Accessories Deluxe 2 Seater Cart Cover. This two-seater cover is loaded with features to keep you warm and for added functionality.

The back cover offers great access to the golf clubs at the back without removing the cart cover. We love that the opening is small enough to keep things looking neat and big enough for golf clubs to pass through. All you have to do is unzip the cart cover, get what you need, and zip it up.

The Classic Accessories Deluxe 2 Seater Cart cover has great see-through windows that allow you to enjoy the course’s scenery. The windows are not uncomfortable, like looking through plastic. Even better, the cart cover has hooks on the edges to keep it in place as you drive.


  • The doors and windshield roll up
  • The windows as see-through
  • It grants access to golf clubs at the back
  • Easy to put it on and take it off alone


  • This cart cover is expensive than most in its category

The Winner

KAKIT 800D Fairway 4-Sided 2-Person Golf Cart Enclosure

image of kakit 800d fairway 4-sided 2-person golf cart enclosure

Golf carts add convenience, excitement, and class to golfing sessions. Moreover, it offers protection during harsh weather like the scorching sun, rain, snow, cold, and wind. Hopefully, this list has opened you up to a world of great golf cart covers you’d not considered. There are good options for storing your cart and when driving.

The list we’ve created has great golf cart covers. But our best has to be the Kakit and the Classic Accessories Golf Cart Covers. The Kakit cart enclosure sports the best material on the list and is feature-packed, while the Classic Accessories Golf Cart is made for convenience.

As you decide on which to purchase, make a list of features that matter most and those that you can forego. Make sure the cart cover you get is equipped to handle your golfing conditions.

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Buying Guide

Before you settle on any golf cart cover, do your research and know what you need. Ensure you get the right fit for your golf cart and that the cover has features to protect you and the cart in harsh weather.

How to Measure a Golf Cart Cover

Most of the golf cart covers we’ve reviewed are universally fitting. It doesn’t matter if you own an EZ Go, a Yamaha, or a Club car; the cart covers and enclosures will offer protection – after all, they have similar designs. So, measurements shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if your golf cart is customized, say it features a custom top, you should get your measurements right. In this case, focus the measurements on the cart’s top and overall height. If your golf cart is lifted, this measurement will come in handy when buying a complete enclosure to protect your golf cart in storage.

Can the Golf Cart be on All-Year-Round?

This depends on the material used to make the cart cover/enclosure. Some carts feature heavy-duty materials, which make them durable. Such covers/enclosures handle harsh weather conditions like bosses.

But even with durable material, the cover design shouldn’t allow for moisture accumulation between itself and the enclosure. If this happens, mold will grow on your cart, resulting in breathing problems and compromising the cart cover and top’s integrity.

How Long Does the Golf Cart Cover Last?

The best golf cart covers last for several years. If your cart cover only offers protection to your cart in storage (during the night and from the cold, rain, and snow), then it should last for more than a decade.

However, with most golf cart covers, you might notice the fabric quality deteriorates, or its color fades when left in the rain and sun for long. But generally, the best golf cart cover should serve you for a long time, with good maintenance and care.

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