8 Top golf cart cigar holders

Playing golf with a cigar is standard for many players. There is something quite relaxing about enjoying a cigar while playing golf with friends. The only problem with playing golf and having a cigar is that most players have to put the cigar down when swinging.

A cigar put down in the turf will be a problem, and therefore a golf cart cigar holder is the best choice. There are lots of choices for cigar holders, and some are built specifically for a golfer. Here are the top options on the market right now.

Best cigar holders for a golf cart

Get A Grip Cigar Clip

image of get a grip cigar clip

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The Get A Grip is the best overall choice for a golf cart cigar holder. This is a simple yet effective model that gets the job done. In addition, it is durable enough to last for many rounds of golf. We love that the Get A Grip is adjustable and flexible, so you can get it to sit exactly as you would like on the cart.

There are rubber grips on the inside of the clip that keeps your cigar in place. One of the things you will like about the Get A Grip is that it will work on various surfaces, not just while you are on the golf course. After a round, store this in your bag, so you have it for the next time you head out.


  • Composite material for longevity
  • One of the more adjustable cigar clips
  • Will last for many rounds


  • Not Magnetic

Perfecto Cigar Holder by Tara Investments LLC

image of perfecto cigar holder by tara investments llc

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If you are smoking great cigars on the course, we recommend the Perfecto Cigar Holder. This will be priced a bit higher than other cigar holders, but it has some of the technology that makes it a really great option. In addition to being a cigar holder, this is also an ashtray.

The Perfecto Cigar Holder is made of high-quality nylon that is not going to burn or melt. Most of these cigar holder products are made out of plastic, so this is a nice upgrade. In addition, the size of the Perfecto is big enough to hold cigars of all sizes.

If you want to protect a great golf cigar, this is the holder to do it with.


  • Will not burn even with cigar lit
  • Not made from plastic
  • All purpose cigar holder with ash tray included


  • Priced higher than some other options

The Ninety Degree Wedge

image of the ninety degree wedge

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The Ninety Degree Wedge is a magnetic cigar holder and a great choice for golf carts. With this Ninety Degree Wedge holder, you won’t have to worry about a clip; you simply place it on the bar of the cart, and it will hold your cigar upright. The simplicity of this model and the small size makes it a really great choice for the avid cigar smoker.

The inside of this tool is designed to ensure that the outer wrapper on the cigar is not damaged as you put your cigar in and out of the holder. The vertical holding position will make sure that the cigar stays lit as well. This is the best cigar holder for sizes ranging from 26 to 60 ring gauge.

The biggest downside to the Ninety Degree wedge is that it should be cleaned after every use since the butt of each cigar is sitting in the bottom. In addition, if you smoke down your stogey to the very end, it can be hard to retrieve without burning your finger.


  • Will not damage the cigar
  • Don’t even need to clip on a golf cart, magnetic fit
  • Easy to store in the golf bag


  • Only allows you to hold the cigar in one position
  • Should be cleaned regularly
  • Tough to retrieve cigar down to the end
  • Does not hold larger cigars with higher gauge.

Cigar Minder Clip

image of cigar minder clip

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The Cigar Minder Clip is probably one of the most popular golf cigar holders in the game. With the Cigar Minder, you can keep your cigar in one place, and you can attach it to everything from your golf bag to your golf cart. These cigar clips are long-lasting, and they will fit cigars up to 54 ring gauges.

The vertical hold on the cigar will keep the cigar lit throughout your entire round. Most people find that with the light pressure of the Cigar Minder clip, the cigar is not going to get damaged. However, we have damaged several cigars while using this clip.  If you are worried about this, try to go with something more of a holder than a clip.


  • One of the most popular options on the market
  • Lighter than other golf cigar holders
  • Can be used on a boat, in the yard, golfing, or sitting on your deck


  • Clip can damage some wrappers and cigar

Stogie Stow Cigar Holder

image of stogie stow cigar holder

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The Stogie Stow is our favorite golf cart cigar holder when you need portability. You can move this option from the cart to the ground to the green and always have a great place to store your cigar. In addition, this Stogie Stow has helped to save greens from getting burn marks when golfers rest their cigar in the wrong place.

The Stogie Stow offers a soft and stable area to hold your cigar while you golf. This is a lightweight option, and there is no clamp to worry about. Simply put this directly in the tee holder on your golf cart, and the features will speak for themselves.


  • Easy to use on the cart and around the course
  • Will work with all sizes of cigars
  • Designed for portability


  • Some feel as though the cigar is not as secure

Cigar Compadre Clip On Holder

image of cigar compadre clip on holder

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When we play golf on a cart, there are often some bumps and hills that you will need to go over as you travel. If you are worried about finding something that is durable and capable of handling rough terrain, the Cigar Compadre is a great choice. You will notice that the clamp on this cigar holder is solid and stays in place.

You won’t have to worry about damaging the wrapper of your cigars because the cigar sits in a separate holder; it is not part of the clamp in any way. Some golfers will attach this to their golf bag or leave it on the golf cart. However, the steel and plastic combination of materials makes this a long lasting option.


  • Durable
  • Clip will hold up for a long time
  • Holds up to a 54 ring gauge


  • Will take up a bit more space than other cigar holders

Stage V Clinger Magnetic Cigar Holder

image of stage v clinger magnetic cigar holder

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The Stage V Clinger is a magnetic cigar holder that you can find in some different colors. What we like most about this cigar holder is that it has an adjustable clamp. With the adjustable clamp, you can make sure that almost any of the common cigar sizes will fit securely.

We like that the steel grade construction helps ensure no clip or clamp digging into your cigar wrapper. You won’t have to worry about this tool costing you another cigar. In addition, this is a tool that can fit in your pocket as you make your way out to the golf course.


  • Magnetic mount
  • Easy to use and install
  • Allows adjustability of the clamp to ensure the cigar does not get damaged


  • Magnet could be a little stronger

Cigar Valet Tee

image of cigar valet tee

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Last but not least is the Cigar Valet Tee. This is another option that makes a great choice for both in and out of the golf cart. If you want to avoid putting your cigar on the ground, simply put in the Cigar Valet Tee and place the Cigar on top. Then you can bring the tee back to the cart and put it right in the tee holder.

In addition, you could even use this tool as a putter or wedge caddy and a way to fix a divot on the green. Certainly, the Cigar Valet Tee is a multipurpose tool. The only real downside to this choice is that it doesn’t do a great job locking your cigar in place if the cart is in motion. If your cart is moving, you will want to hold onto the cigar and not leave it sitting on the tee.


  • Versatile cigar holder
  • Won’t do any damage to the cigar itself
  • Unique design that allows it to hold golf clubs and more


  • Doesn’t stay in place if the cart is moving fast

And The Winner Is . . .

image of get a grip cigar clip

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The best overall golf car cigar holder is the Get A Grip. Everything about this cigar holder is built for the golfer. We love that it won’t damage your cigars, and it will keep them lit as well. It may take you some time to find the perfect cigar holder for your needs, but the Get A Grip is certainly among one of the best. This is one of the more adjustable holders on the market as well. You can position it to work exactly for your needs while on the golf course.

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Buyers Guide

There are many different golf cart cigar holders on the market, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to find an option that really works for your needs. Here are a few things you should consider when making your purchase.

Ring Guage

Each cigar holder will hold different size cigars. If you have a typical cigar that you smoke, ensure that the size is going to work with the cigar clip or clamp that you purchase. Most will have a wide range of sizes that work, and some are adjustable.

Magnetic or Clamp

There are many types of cigar clips and holders on the market; the magnetic and the clamp are the two most common. Magnetic will stick directly to the forward bars on the cart; the clamp or clip will have to attach to something. Both types are highly effective; however, you must make sure that the magnet on the magnetic type is strong enough to hold everything in place.


Some golf cart cigar holders are meant to be used in the cart only; others are going to work whether you are on the cart or upon the green. Laying a cigar down in the grass is never a good idea. IF you know you are going to walk around with your cigar, choose a cigar holder that is easy to move around and will work on the cart or the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we get asked about the cigar holders and which is best for your golf game.

Do All Golf Carts Have Magnetic Bars On Them?

If you are worried about your golf cart cigar holder connecting to the cart, don’t be. All standard golf carts are going to have magnetic bars in the front that will allow you to attach your golf cart cigar holder with ease.

Is A Golf Cart Cigar Holder Worth It?

The golf cart cigar holder is a great tool not just for your own benefit but for the benefit of the golf course. If you talk to a golf course superintendent, they will explain to you the trouble that they have to deal with when it comes to cigar butts.

There are so many issues with burns on greens, butts lying all over the course, and burn marks in golf carts that some courses won’t even allow the cigars anymore. Do your part by having a great cigar holder and ashtray in your cart at all times.

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