Vice vs snell golf balls – Comparison

There are large groups of golfers that think the Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade golf balls are the only choices on the market. Although these companies do a great job of advertising what they have, it is not good to assume these are your only choices.

There are so many great companies on the market with a wide range of choices. Two of those companies are Vice Golf and Snell. These are smaller golf ball manufactures that are making a big impact in the industry. Let’s take a look at these two manufacturers and see if it could be worth switching to one of their models.

Snell golf ball features

Snell golf has been around since 2015. A man named Dean Snell is the brain behind the Snell golf ball. The concept that he had was to create a three piece high performing golf ball that has all the performance of the high end golf balls from top manufacturers.

The Snell MTB Black and the Snell MTB X are the two models that Snell has to offer. You will notice that their marketing is rather limited, the packaging design is simple, and the pricing is about $15 less than top manufacturers’ high end premium balls.

The Snell Golf balls, both the Snell MTB and the MTB X, have recently gained quite a bit of attention, and therefore, there have been some inventory issues with the Snell balls. This is great news for a smaller golf ball manufacturer like this to start seeing the growth they have seen in the last few years.

Snell MTB Black

image of snell golf mtb black

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The Snell MTB Black is known for very long distance and low spin off the tee. The ball has a softer feel and a lower compression for a premium ball; the compression will be around 80. Those that play the MTB Black enjoy the short game performance from the cast urethane cover.

Snell MTB X

image of snell golf mtb-x

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For those with a slightly faster swing speed that need that firmer feel around the green, the Snell MTB X is a perfect choice. These golf balls have a compression closer to 90 and are great when it comes to iron spin. There is no question you will get spin and feel around the greens with the Snell MTB X in play.

Vice golf ball benefits

Vice Golf was created in 2012 but only recently started making an impressive impact on the golf ball market. The concept behind the Vice golf ball development was that there were too many middlemen involved in the golf ball industry.

Vice realize that if they created a high end golf ball and sold it directly to the consumer, they could keep the pricing down quite a bit.

The technology seen in the Vice golf balls can help players who need distance, spin, or just better feel around the greens. The great thing about Vice balls is that they come in a variety of different styles and concepts.

Regardless of your handicap, there is a Vice golf ball that will match your needs. Understanding the different models and knowing what is best for your game may take a little while. However, when comparing Vice to the Titleist or TaylorMade brand, you will see they are every bit as competitive with their selection of golf balls.

Vice Pro & Vice Pro Plus

image of vice golf pro plus

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If you are a golfer that would typically play with a Pro V1 or Pro V1 X, then the Vice Pro or Vice Pro Plus would be the golf ball for you to choose. These balls are four pieces and offer premium performance from both the tee and the green.

The Vice Pro is the most expensive model, has the most performance for the higher swing speeds but still beats the pricing of the top models from Titleist.

Vice Pro Soft

image of vice golf pro soft

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The Vice Pro Soft is the perfect ball for the golfer who does not have enough speed to play with the Vice Pro or Vice Pro Plus but still wants that performance from both the tee and the green. These golf balls have a very stable flight, and the cast urethane cover makes them durable as well.

Vice Tour

image of vice golf tour soft

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The three piece Vice Tour golf ball is a distance machine. If you worry about getting enough distance off the tee, these golf balls have a low spin and improved aerodynamics to make it quite a bit easier to manage.

Vice Drive

image of vice golf drive

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The two-piece Vice Drive is the best value ball on the market. You will see that these balls fly far, have a great feel around the green, and are offered at prices that will decrease your overall golf costs in a year tremendously.

Vice golf balls versus snell golf balls

Now that you have seen what each of these golf manufacturers offers, it’s time to compare which could be the best for your game.

As you can see, the Vice lineup is quite extensive compared to the Snell. The MTB Black and MTB X are only going to cover a certain group of golfers with mid to high swing speeds looking for precision both from the tee and around the green.

The impressive lineup of golf balls that Vice has on the market can cater to a wider group of players.

When you compare the top MTB Black with the Vice Pro, you will see many similarities in performance. The fact that the Vice Pro is a four-piece ball gives it a slight advantage. However, both will have similar results and feedback from the professionals and golfers that are using them.

The difference between the construction of each of these golf balls will mostly be seen when playing around the green.

The fact that Vice offers things like various color golf balls, the alignment line on the ball, and the comparison charts on their website to help you choose the ball will give them a slight advantage. For the average golfer that is looking for new brands to try, Vice would be our recommendation.

For the great player that has played Titleist for many years, you will want to give the Snell MTB Black a chance. The core technology, impressive cover, and control with the irons will give you a very similar performance to the Titleist.

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    Truthfully you can’t go wrong choosing either the Snell or the Vice golf balls. Both companies know how to produce quality equipment with very similar characteristics to something like the ProV1.

    Whether you are hitting from the fairway, the rough or the putting green these golf balls have the performance to help take your game to the next level. You will notice that both Vice and Snell offer tremendous discounts for purchasing 5 dozen golf balls at a time.

    Once you find a ball you like, start buying it in bulk to really see how much money you can save.

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