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Pinnacle golf balls have always been known as cheap distance balls. Golfers who are new to the game or on a budget have always trusted in Pinnacle. Through the years, Pinnacle has put out a few different golf ball models and tried to change their reputation slightly from being just a cheap golf ball.

There are two golf balls currently on the market from Pinnacle, the Pinnacle Rush and the Pinnacle Soft. We have tried both of these golf balls to give you an accurate and unbiased golf ball review. If you wonder if the Pinnacle golf ball could be for you, keep reading.

Pinnacle Rush (Distance)

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The Pinnacle Rush golf ball is the distance golf ball. For many years these were known as the Pinnacle Gold Golf Balls, but the most recent model is called the Rush. Simply a play on words to show that this is a distance ball. The idea with this golf ball is that players can get as much distance as they would like off the tee.

High Energy Core

The Pinnacle Rush golf ball is quite simple; there is a high energy core and a durable cover. When you look at two-piece golf balls, there is not much to see when it comes to the layers of performance. High energy cores help to propel the ball further and transfer more swing speed and energy at impact.

As a pure distance golf ball, the Pinnacle Rush is quite good. These are affordable golf balls that are fairly easy for a mid swing speed to compress, and they will travel a long distance.

Icosahedral Dimple Pattern

Each golf ball manufacturer has its own dimple pattern, and the Pinnacle Rush went with a 332 Icosahedral Dimple Design. This pattern helps the ball be a lower spin option and allows it to roll when it hits the ground. If you think you put too much spin on your golf ball currently, this Pinnacle Rush can straighten things out.

Ionomer Cover

The Ionomer Cover is a durable outer covering that is designed to give golfers a better feel. You will notice that Pinnacle does not claim that the Rush has soft feel, instead of that it has a good feel. If you hit the Pinnacle Rush square, it will feel solid and like there is a high MOI. Better players may tell you it feels a little hard around the greens, and it does.

Pros & Cons


  • Faster ball speed than other cheap clubs on the market
  • It comes with graphite shafts
  • Thin face for impressive MOI


  • Not much spin for stopping the ball on the green

Pinnacle Soft (Feel)

image of pinnacle soft

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The Pinnacle Soft is the answer to all of the chatter about Pinnacle golf balls feeling too hard at impact. With the Pinnacle Soft Golf ball, the company tried to show that they can offer varying performance levels and not cater only to distance golfers. With the Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls, we certainly see an increase in the overall feel, but did they truly achieve a soft ball?

Low Compression Core

A lower compression core makes it easier to compress a golf ball. When golf balls are designed to be more Premium golf balls, the compression often gets quite a bit higher. It is easier to keep the compression down when the golf ball is only two pieces.

The good news here is that for the slower swinging golfers, the Pinnacle Soft Golf balls become a good combination of both soft feel and long distance.

Low Spin

Even though Pinnacle says the Pinnacle Soft is not the distance golf ball, it really is. Truly this is not that much different when it comes to distance and spin technology as the Pinnacle Rush. By switching to the Pinnacle Soft, you won’t see any decrease in the roll or the distance from the tee.

Ionomer Cover

The Ionomer Cover is designed to be soft and offers a bit more performance around the green. Although the cover certainly feels softer than the Pinnacle Rush, it’s still not anything like a Urethane cover. When you compare a premium golf ball cover to the Pinnacle Soft, you will notice a difference in the ability to spin and control the golf ball around the greens.

Pros and Cons


  • Lower compression good for slower swing speeds
  • Low spin for plenty of roll
  • Softer feel than other Pinnacle golf balls
  • It comes in pink and white
  • Affordable price for a 15 ball pack


  • Not much greenside spin
  • Still not as soft feeling as other golf balls on the market

Pinnacle golf balls review

Does pinnacle make a golf ball for ladies?

Although Pinnacle does not currently have a golf ball for women in their lineup, just a few years ago, they made the Pinnacle Bling, and many golf shops still offer them. The Pinnacle Bling are softer lower compression golf balls that help women get extra distance around the greens.

One of the great features of the Pinnacle Bling golf balls is that they come in four different colors. With each box you purchase, you will find four sleeves of golf balls in varying colors. The added color ensures that you will have a much easier time seeing the golf ball even if you miss the fairway.

For high handicap and beginner ladies, the Pinnacle golf balls are a great addition.

Are pinnacle recycled golf balls worth it?

Pinnacle recycled golf balls can be a good option for golfers on a budget or those that need practice balls for their backyard. The Pinnacle Reload Golf ball is the option that is usually featured in the box of recycled golf balls that are typically less than half the price of a traditional golf ball.

When you play with a recycled golf ball, expect a little less distance off the tee and spin around the greens. These golf balls have been repainted, and many have been played for quite a few rounds already. The great thing, however, about a recycled golf ball is they are perfect for hitting shots in the backyard or a beginner that plays in an outing just a few times a year.

Are pinnacle balls good?

Pinnacle golf balls are suitable for certain golfers, but we can’t categorize them as being a great overall golf ball. For a higher handicapper on a budget that wants to gain more distance, the Pinnacle can be a perfect choice.

For a better player looking for performance around the greens, Pinnacle is not the best choice.

Is pinnacle rush a good golf ball?

Pinnacle Rush is a good distance golf ball, but its performance ends in the distance category. If you are looking for something with soft feel, greenside control, or launch control, the Rush will not cut it. However, the Pinnacle Rush can do the trick for a low spin ball that carries a long way.

Who made pinnacle golf balls?

Acushnet makes pinnacle golf balls. This is the same company that makes Titleist, Scotty Cameron, FootjoyGolf Shoes For Women, and Vokey. If you play a good amount of golf, you likely know these major brands. It certainly helps Pinnacle that Achusnet is the manufacturer, but the brand is still designed as a value golf brand.

What is the compression of pinnacle golf balls?

The Pinnacle Rush golf balls have compression in the higher ’40s, and the Pinnacle Soft golf balls have compression in the lower 40’s. Pinnacle is considered to be a lower compression golf ball, allowing for an increase in performance for the slower swing speed golfer.

Bottom line: Are pinnacle golf balls worth it?

After hitting both the Pinnacle Soft and the Pinnacle Rush, we can still say that when it comes to Distance golf balls, Pinnacle puts out a good product. If you are just trying to get a ball to travel further off the tee, the Pinnacle Rush and even the Pinnacle Soft are an excellent solution.

In addition, the golf ball pricing is cheap, and the covers are durable.

However, when it comes to performance around the green, iron stop ability, and overall feel, this is not the best golf ball on the market. Try to consider what matters most to your game and make your golf ball decision based on that.

For the player that wants a well-rounded golf ball with more layers of performance, the budget may need to increase a few dollars.

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