Best golf balls for beginner

If you are new to the game of golf, you may notice that buying golf balls can be expensive. At PG Golf Links, we believe playing the right golf ball is what is most important, not just the price tag.  We want to help you make the right choice on your next purchase, so we broke down 7 of the best golf balls for beginners. We are sure you will find one that will improve your game.

Choosing the best golf ball for beginners is no easy task. When people enter the sport, they must first undergo a period of exploration and experimentation to find their paying style, strengths, and weaknesses before mastering it.

Since every player likes to take to the game according to their playing style, it is important to explore that first. Most players tend to go for soft-touch and long-range balls that can help them cover the distance with minimum swing, but others prefer more spin.

Beginner golf balls – Review

Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

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Beginner players tend to opt for low-swing, high-distance balls, and Pinnacle Soft is just that. It has a soft core, perfectly engineered to maximize the distance of the player’s shot. This means that a single well-placed shot will see the ball flying for yards and landing perfectly near the desired spot as the ball also has a minimum swing.

The distance factor is mostly a result of design. The core has a low compression structure, meaning that it is ideal for landing a decent shot even with less effort. The ball’s surface is evenly dotted with 332 dimples, which are perfectly designed to resist air drag. The ball will cut through the air and maintain its trajectory. This makes it ideal for playing in an open, windy area.

To add on all of the features discussed so far, the Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls stand out from the rest as they have earned the admiration of users. Beginners tend to prefer this product because of its popularity in the golfing community and because it makes the game much simpler. Not having to worry about swinging the club with maximum effort every time you play a shot is another bonus.

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What We Liked

  • It does not require maximum strength to land a decent shot.
  • The ball flight and distance covered are impressive.
  • The ball can cut through the air, resisting air drag.
  • It is a preferable choice for beginners.
  • It is a cost-effective product.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not offer any advanced features, but again, beginners don’t care much for them.
  • It does not provide much spin.


Overall, the Pinnacle Soft is a decent beginner level golf ball. It offers maximum distance coverage, requires lesser strength to execute longer shots, and resists air drag.

Nike PD Golf Balls

image of nike golf pd long power distance golf balls - pg golf links

Nike is a name that inspires trust from the customer’s side regarding sporting equipment. Their golf ball products are no different. The Nike PD Golf Balls have a high-speed core, which is ideal for landing long-distance shots with minimal effort. The soft cover and the core complement each other to increase the ball’s yardage, making it a perfect option for beginners.

The ball’s surface has 314 dimples crafted onto it, and these are not only for the aesthetics but for resisting air drag. These dimples ensure that the ball maintains its trajectory and resists the decelerating forces of the air. The result is a straighter shot that covers a longer distance. Hence, it lands pretty much where you wanted it to land in the first place.

Another decent feature worth mentioning is the added roll of these balls. When they land, they don’t stay put but instead roll on and on; it’s like they can go on forever. This is a great aid to any beginner’s game. Despite their many virtues, these balls are surprisingly affordable, and with a few of these, you will be able to play endless sessions with your friends; just don’t lose them.

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What We Liked

  • Based on its quality, it is one of the most affordable options of this level.
  • The ball offers maximum distance shots with minimal effort.
  • Dimples resist air resistance and maintain the trajectory of the ball.
  • Upon landing, the ball rolls on for quite a while.
  • The brand’s reputation precedes the excellence of this product, making it likely that you’ll opt for it.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Though it is still a decent beginner-level ball, it is not the softest distance model in the market.
  • It may not suit the playing style of some advanced players.


Brand reputation takes years of excellence to solidify, and Nike has indeed delivered just that. This product is loaded with many virtues and is surprisingly affordable.

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

image of best golf balls for beginners image - pg golf links

Titleist is another respected name in the golfing equipment industry, and the Titleist Velocity may as well be among the best beginner-level golf balls overall. Their innovative design has earned them the confidence and admiration of players, especially those who’ve just taken on the sport. The large LSX core, surrounded by a soft NAZ2 cover, is an ideal combination for a long-distance shot.

A well-placed full swing of the club can send the ball flying through the air and traveling at an incredible velocity. The distance coverage is impressive, and the ball does not swing or deviate from its path when in flight. This means that it will land where you want it to. Such accurate and long-distance shots are the want of any newbie as they are the first step in mastering the game, and of course, winning.

328 dimples evenly cover the surface of the Titleist Velocity, which effectively counter the decelerating effects of air resistance. This allows the ball to maintain peak velocity and cut through the air with ease. The ball has a penetrating motion, and the descent is shallow. It may be slightly pricier than competing products, but it is worth every penny invested.

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What We Liked

  • The ball’s trajectory is unique and worth praising.
  • The launch velocity is very impressive.
  • The ball is ideal for landing long-distance shots.
  • It is a softer model and offers excellent results against a putter.
  • The ball rolls on after landing.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people don’t fancy softer balls.
  • It is comparatively pricier than competing products, although worth every penny.


Titleist Velocity is an impressive product. It is a soft golf ball model that offers excellent distance coverage and impressive launch velocities.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

image of callaway supersoft golf ball - pg golf links

Callaway Supersoft epitomizes the expression “the best of both worlds.” It may be the softest golf ball ever created by Callaway, but at the same time, it perfectly captures the long-distance component. This makes the ball perfect for those who value a soft touch and yet want to land impressive long-distance shots, as this ball can do both perfectly.

The ball does not spin that much, especially against a clubface, meaning that it maintains a straight trajectory throughout its flight. The design of this ball ensures it pierces the air and resists deceleration as much as possible. Softness is not a measure of delicacy. It may be in some cases, but not in this one. It is among the most durable golf balls, and you will be enjoying it for a while unless you lose it (so don’t).

Callaway Supersoft is available in many colors, including the standard white and yellow, besides various other matte color options. The lighter shades make it easier to spot the ball from afar, which can become all the more helpful in the dark. Overall, the durability, performance, and aesthetics of the ball make it an impressive product and worth investing in.

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What We Liked

  • The ball is among the softest ones on the market.
  • It resists spin and air resistance excellently.
  • You can land long-distance shots admirably.
  • It is available in several aesthetically pleasing colors.
  • Despite its softness, it is a very durable product.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The distance covered, though impressive on its own, is not as much as other products.
  • Some people may not be inclined toward a soft model.


This golf ball perfectly captures the softness and long-distance range in one durable product.

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

image of srixon ad 333 golf balls - pg golf links

Srixon AD333 is another popular and expected entry on this list. This model is preferable for beginners and even experienced players. The design is based on superior technological features, and several of these are exclusive to this product. The ball offers exceptional performance and is easy to master, making it ideal for beginners as the learning curve is not very steep.

The Energetic Gradient Growth Core has been designed specifically to address four aspects of the golfing experience, and it masters in all four of them. These factors include spin, speed, sensitivity, and trajectory. The ball can cut through the air, minimizing spin and other deviations in its flight and landing where you originally intended it to.

The surface has dimples, 324 of them, to be exact, to antagonize the effects of air drag. This allows the ball to maintain an impressive velocity during its trajectory. The ball also offers more friction when it lands, and this makes it more responsive and allows you to control its orientation, especially in the greens.

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What We Liked

  • The ball has a penetrating flight and hence a better range.
  • Spin skin adds up the friction by 18%, giving you more control over the ball.
  • It counters air resistance.
  • The Energetic Gradient Growth Core is worth praising.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not last as long as competing products.
  • Beginners may want a product that can resist wear and tear better than this model.


Based on its features and excellence, this ball deserves a try. Players have generally praised its design and playability.

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

image of callaway warbird golf ball - pg golf links

Callaway Warbird is a perfect beginner’s golf ball, especially for delivering long-distance shots. Its ingenious design incorporates HEX aerodynamics, which help it cut through the air and maintain a straight trajectory throughout its flight. Players have highlighted its shot range and accuracy with great appraisal, and for good reason; the ball delivers excellently on both fronts.

The ball’s core is highly compressible, which means that no matter how hard you swing the club, the results will always be more impressive than your anticipations. This makes it especially useful for beginners who might not know how to land a perfect swing. Warbird also features an ionomer cover, which accentuates the effectiveness of the core and delivers an excellent feeling when struck with a club.

The ball is available in both white and yellow variants; you may pick one depending on your aesthetic and practical (distant spotting) preferences. The number of dimples for any of their balls is not mentioned on their website, but that’s nothing to worry about. Overall, these balls offer an excellent beginner experience.

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What We Liked

  • The ball covers an impressively long distance with a single well-placed shot.
  • These balls can resist wear and tear, making them more durable than competing products.
  • They are a cost-effective solution; you get what you pay for.
  • The HEX aerodynamics are impressive.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not as soft as some other products on this list.
  • The number of dimples is not officially stated.


Callaway Warbird is an excellent beginner’s golf ball, delivering an impressive range, speed, trajectory, and aesthetic appeal. A complete package, wouldn’t you say?

TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls

image of taylor made burner golf balls - pg golf linksFeel, range, and longevity are the three principal parameters that TaylorMade focused upon to deliver an ultimate product. The Burner balls may be last on the list, but they are certainly not the least. These two-piece golf balls are just as impressive as any other model mention so far but excel in their area.

The ball has a 60-compression core, which not only imparts a nice soft touch to it but also delivers an impressive shot range, carrying the ball for yards and beyond. A single decent swing can send the ball on a lofty quest so far that you may have to squint to spot it from afar. The 342 dimples etched on its surface are another additive in this mixture. They impart greater resilience against air drag and maintain their trajectory perfectly.

The ball gets its biggest edge in windy conditions. Where a subpar model may struggle to keep its course and momentum, TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls pierce through the barrier without sacrificing their range. This will give you a decisive edge in your gaming sessions and even help you win against a more experienced player with a subpar tier. All in all, TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls are worth recommending.

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What We Liked

  • It offers a decent range, feel, and durability.
  • It can pierce through the air even in windy conditions.
  • The balls have been excellently crafted with 342 dimples.
  • The core delivers a soft touch and good yardage at once.
  • It is a cost-effective product, considering the long run.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It costs a bit more than some other models mentioned so far, but it is worth each penny.
  • The ball may give off a sound, which may be annoying for some when hit with a putter.


If you value product quality and durability and are willing to pay for it, TaylorMade Burner may be your answer to a golf ball choice.

Golf ball for beginners buying guide

This article will enumerate some of the most sought-after golf ball products. These balls will let you play to your strengths effectively, even if you are just starting to understand your potential. The complexity of golf may deter beginners. However, with one of these, new players can play the game at their terms. Let’s go through some pressing questions before we dive into the products list:

What to look for in a golf ball for beginners

A beginner-level player will want something simple. Since you’ve just stepped into the game, you will be looking for a golf ball that’s easy to control and hit over long distances. This means that we can knock out the softies, although some degree of softness is acceptable, and instead opt for long-range models.

A beginner-level golf ball should be able to travel a considerable distance even if you swing the club with a mediocre strength. These balls should also have a specific design that enables them to stay true to their trajectory and not deviate from the course you’ve set them upon. However, things can be different for each player, and you should play according to your strengths.

How much should you invest in a beginner-level golf ball?

Beginners are most likely to lose balls, a lot of them. You may accidentally misplace a shot, sending one to the depths of a pond, or simply lose track in the dark because you were looking in the wrong place. This means that doling out money for expensive products is out of the question.

However, you should not go to cheap as that will ruin the playing experience. The products mentioned on this list are cost-effective, not too cheap, but affordable enough to be practical. You can get a decent bundle deal (we recommend you to buy them in bundles) and enjoy your sessions without fear.

Why are there dimples on a golf ball? Do they matter?

The surface of a golf ball has small indents or dimples. The number generally varies between 300 and 500; however, the range between 336 and 392 is the most common. They are not merely markings made for aesthetic appeal. Instead, they make the ball behave a certain way in its trajectory.

Small and deeper dimples can create a backspin in the ball but reduce the distance it can travel. Conversely, shallower and wider dimples are excellent for penetrating the drag effects of air and travel maximum distances with minimal effort. The latter is more favorable for beginners, and all the products mentioned on the top list have these sorts of dimples.

Importance of the cover material?

The cover material may be Surlyn (hard) or polyurethane (soft), or something similar. Harder cores are better at increasing the ball’s range, but they don’t feel all that good against the club. On the other hand, the opposite is true for softer materials. Ideally, you should get something that delivers the best of both worlds.

One-piece, two-piece, and three-piece units; which one to pick?

To put it simply and boldly, the more the layers, the better. Golf ball structure is a complex topic. Most products mentioned in this article are two-piece, having a core and a cover. This makes them better than one-piece models (never buy these), which lack a core and hence don’t play that well.

What does the compression of the core mean, and why is it important?

The compression, which ranges between 0 and 200, is the degree of deflection that a ball shows when hit with a club. 200 means that the ball shows no compression whatsoever, while 0, the maximum, refers to a compression of 5mm. Mostly, products offer a compression in the 50 to 100 range. Lower compression means that more surface area will be exposed to the club. Hence, the shots will be more powerful. This is generally better for newbies as they don’t have a perfect swing.


All of the products we mentioned on the list are some of the best options available in the market. These golf balls feature designs suitable for beginners. Manufacturers have tailored these products to deliver long-distance shots with minimal spin and deviation. The result is a straight and predictable trajectory, completed at impressive velocities.

From all of the options mentioned on the list, we found Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls to be the clear winner.  We also like several other Pinnacle golf balls which we recently reviewed.

Not to say that any other models are not up to the mark, but these golf balls offer much to be loved. They can cover long distances with minimal swing, the dimpled surface is excellent for cutting through air drag, and these balls are very cost-effective.

You should also consider the important features of golf balls mentioned before the list while making your decision. Features like core design, dimples, cover, and color have a significant impact on the progression of the game. No matter which product you pick, you will be able to explore your strengths with it and enjoy sessions of golf with friends and family.

We hope you enjoyed this review, and we invite you to check out some of our other recent reviews on Golf balls. We recently reviewed the best Average golfer ball, made our top choice for Cold weather, low spin, and a 10 handicap golf ball.  There are several others, so be sure to check them out here.


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