Best golf balls for low spin – Review

The best way to maximize your golf sessions is to know how you can play your strengths effectively. Mostly, people tend to opt for balls that can cover long distances even with a moderately strong swing. Similarly, you’d want your shot to cut through air drag and maintain its trajectory for enhanced accuracy.

You may also be looking for a decent high speed, low spin golf ball to land long distance shots with minimal effort. Spin and distance have an inverse relationship with each other. It is up to you to decide what you want more than the other. Mostly, players tend to opt for low spin balls as they are the simplest to control.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Golf Ball for Low Spin is, then we recommend the Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls as the best one.

We unveil some of the most well received golf balls for low spin that are currently available in the market.

Best low spin golf ball

Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls

image of chromax metallic m5 colored golf balls


The Chromax Metallica M5 Colored Golf Balls are exquisitely crafted; they not only look great but work just as well. This ball offers excellent endurance to rough usage, so much so that the name is synonymous with durability. The model surpasses all standards of resilience and endurance, perfect for intense gaming sessions in the golf course.

The core has a compression factor of 75, a fairly decent number, meaning that the compression is fairly impressive but not excessive. The core has titanium powder included in its structure to add an element of strength and resilience to the model. It was only after much testing that the manufacturers launched the model into the market.

Since the model is a two-piece ball, the core is covered by a tough coating of Surlyn. The surface is riddled with 302 dimples, wider and shallower, allowing the ball to cut through air drag. This aerodynamic construct allows the ball to cover longer distances and at appreciable speeds too. This makes the ball perfect for long distance shots.

Another notable feature is the bright metallic color which makes the ball easy to spot, even from a distance. If you happen to play on a cloudy day or suffer from poor eyesight, the bright colors can help you spot the ball with ease. The shades include neon (glow-in-the-dark) green, silver, gold, yellow, and pink, all of which contrast heavily against a dark background.

What We Liked

  • The iconic bright colors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also make the ball easy to spot against the dark background of the golf course
  • The highly durable core, augmented by titanium powder, offers excellent endurance and resilience, meaning that it can withstand rough usage
  • The balls offer minimal spin and maximum distance; even a moderately executed shot can send the ball accurately flying for yards
  • The 302 dimples riddled on the surface of the Surlyn-coated surface allow the ball to travel long distances despite a notable air drag

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people may object to the colors of the balls, even though we found them to be visually appealing
  • Since the ball offers long distance coverage, it does not spin all that well


The Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls are not only a masterpiece to marvel at, they are also designed to be quite practical. The visually appealing colors, dimpled surface, Surlyn coating, optimal compression core and the endurance tested design, all conspire to make the balls worth a try at least. They offer excellent distance coverage even with a moderately executed shot.

TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls

image of taylormade burner golf balls image



The TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls are designed specifically to boost your shot distance and cut through the air without any trouble at all. The balls have a two-piece design, meaning that the core is covered with an outer covering. The core has a soft feel to it and offers a compression factor of 60, which is more than that of the previous entry.

The polybutadiene-made core is ideal for landing long distance shots with minimal effort. It is durable and resilient and the same can also be said for the covering, which is made up of an ionomer. The cover accentuates the perfect compression factor and allows the user to land long distance shots with minimal effort.

The surface is claimed by 342 evenly placed dimples, perfectly crafted to resist air drag. As the ball races off against the air drag, these finely designed dimples will help it cut through and not sacrifice any distance to spin. Don’t fret over perfection with the shot, since the ball is designed such that it is ridiculously easy to send it flying for yards at once. We noticed incredible distance when using our Golf irons, Cavity back.

Most people tend to move towards cheaper models and, while they may seem like a money-saving option, they aren’t. You will go through them faster than bubblegum. With these TaylorMade balls, durability is assured; this means that a single ball will last through a few rounds before needing to be replaced. It’s a pretty fair deal for an affordable rate.

What We Liked

  • The core is soft and offers a compression factor of 60, which is impressive for landing long-distance shots
  • The covering perfectly accentuates the softer interior; the ionomer coat is both sturdy and resilient
  • The surface is dotted with 342 evenly placed dimples, ideal for allowing your ball to cut through any sort of air resistance
  • Aloft shot is just a few tries away; if you know how to, you can send it flying straight off the club

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some users find it to be too expensive
  • The ball will give off a disturbing sound when you hit it with a putter


If you want to send your ball flying with minimal effort and will love to do so over and over again, then the TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls are meant for you. Not only do they offer long distance coverage with a single well-placed shot, but the durable construction allows you to reuse them more than an average model. TaylorMade balls are ideal for those who are on the lookout low spin options.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

image of srixon soft feel golf balls


If you’ve been at the game for a while, odds are that you’ve probably heard of Srixon. The brand has earned quite a name for itself over the past years by introducing gear for all inclinations. It should therefore come as no surprise that they have something for people seeking low spin golf balls. And by “something”, we mean an excellent model that delivers perfectly on all fronts (except the spin part, of course).

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls are softer than the previous two entries. This softness should not deceive you – they are perfectly durable and will withstand some serious action. They can be sent on lofty quests with a well-placed shot and can soar for yards before landing wherever you originally wanted them to.

If you don’t feel like using firmer models, then these are the best ones for you. They can shoot over considerable distances even if you don’t exert full muscle power. They are affordable and the surface is perfect for resisting air drag. The spin component is not completely absent but it is primarily a long distance model, making it low spin – a delicate balance indeed.

What We Liked

  • It is much softer than its competing models, so when it lands on the greens, it won’t bother its landing spot as much as those harder varieties
  • The coat is dimpled, allowing the ball to cut through air without any trouble
  • Perfect for long distance shots; accurate and versatile, with a slight spin component
  • It is one of the most affordable high quality products available in the market

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people may not like the soft feel of the ball as it is mostly a matter of preference
  • The spin is only a minor component of its trajectory but, then again, this list is all about low spin models


The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls are reasonably priced, provide a soft touch, better control, long distance coverage and, most of all, a pretty look.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

image of callaway supersoft golf balls


The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls offer a maximum compression factor for the core, measuring in at 35 points. Featuring a two-piece design, this ball also shows off stunning looks and gives the ultimate performance, all for a surprisingly affordable rate. Even as an amateur player, you can execute lofty, long distance shots with ease using one of these balls.

The surface features an aerodynamic design, allowing them to cut through the air without any hassle. The dimpled surface allows these balls to resist the effects of air drag and maintain high velocities despite the significant drag. If you place a perfect shot, you will see the ball fly over long distances and land wherever you want it to.

The best part is that these balls are brightly colored; this is not only for aesthetics, although the looks are excellent, but it works in a practical way as well. When playing under a cloudy sky, the brightly colored balls will be easy to spot even from a distance. All of these features come at an affordable rate, which makes them all the more desirable.

What We Liked

  • This model is highly versatile, both newbies and pros can use it effectively
  • The colors are bright and have an attractive matte finish, making them easy to spot
  • The balls can be shot over long distances with ease
  • They work perfectly with the greens
  • The surface is riddled with hex-shaped dimples which help counter air drag with ease

What We Didn’t Like

  • The colors are impressive but some people don’t fancy a matte finish on golf balls
  • They don’t offer much control over the shot itself


The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are perfect for both newbies and pros, the dimpled surface and bright colors make the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls all the more impressive.

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

image of srixon ad333 golf balls


The Srixon AD333 Golf Balls are a premium option for those who want to pay some serious money for a worthwhile product. It is perfectly suited for both newbies and pros. The Energetic Gradient Growth™ core offers superior compression, while the Aerodynamic Speed Dimple™ design is composed of 338 dimples dotted evenly on the ball’s surface.

The ball is also perfect for landing on greens as it is not deterred by the greenery. The ball is also highly visible, owing to the yellow line streaked on its surface. If you manage to land it afar, you won’t be squinting your eyes to track it. However, it does come with a daunting price tag that may deter some buyers.

Overall, the design is very impressive, featuring many patented technologies. The aerodynamic surface is one such example which is ideal for piercing through the wind to reach the targeted region. It is indeed a premium low spin golf ball with maximum distance coverage.

What We Liked

  • The yellow lines placed on the balls’ surface allow the users to spot them from a distance with ease
  • These balls can be lofted over impressive distances with a single well-placed shot
  • The behavior against air drag is impressive owing to the evenly placed dimples
  • It is perfectly suited for all pros and newbies

What We Didn’t Like

  • It has a price tag worthy of its features, but it will deter people with a lesser budget
  • It is a smart investment only if you want premium features


The Srixon AD333 Golf Ballshave a premium design; they are perfect for sportiness and versatility. They offer unparalleled performance and can cut through the air with ease but the model also demands a price worthy of its excellence.

Final Words

All the products listed above are some of the best available in the market. They are ideal for players seeking minimal spin and to cover longer distances with their shots. Out of these, our personal favorite are the Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls, because what’s not to like? First of all, you’ve got a golf ball named suspiciously like the standard US military assault rifle, the M4 Carbine.

However, jokes apart, this ball has an aesthetic appeal. It is easy to spot from a distance and you will need this feature as it does travel far enough to be troublesome to find otherwise; but there is a slight mixture of personal preference involved here as well. The best method for you, we would say, is to analyze your play style and then make a suitable choice according to that.

Perhaps you want to eliminate the spin from the mixture, or perhaps you want to keep it at a minimum but still significant. In the end, the decision is yours and we at PG Golf Links did our best to present facts intertwined with reviews in this article.


Buyer’s guide for the best golf ball for low spin

Choosing the ideal golf ball is no easy task and the huge variety of wanna-be models out there don’t make matters any easier. In case you’re feeling overwhelmed, fret not, because this section will help you out in making the most practical decisions in this area. You want a golf ball that is both cost-effective and performs according to your playing style.

This may involve some experimenting but you can also check out user reviews to get a better grip on the situation.

How do the dimples on the ball surface effect range and spin?

A golf ball is different from others in several aspects but one noticeable difference is the surface: it is riddled with dimples. These dimples or indents can vary between 300 and 500, with the numbers 336-392 being the most common. The more the dimples are, the narrower and deeper they will be.

Conversely, if the dimples are less in number, they will be broader and shallower. In this case, they will act in reducing the drag effects of air resistance mid-flight. This will ensure that the ball travels long distances without having to face any opposition from dragging forces.

However, narrower and deeper dimples work in a totally opposite manner. They don’t help the ball aerodynamically but instead allow it to gain maximum spin. So, if you’re looking for a low-spin ball, opt for a model that has around 300 dimples, thus being broader and shallower.

Cover materials – Do they matter?

Some golf balls don’t have layers; they are just a solid block. These ‘one-piece’ models are the worst, so avoid them at all costs. They are best suited for mini golf courses because they have to take on much abuse from a never-ending hoard of users.

Normally, two-piece or three-piece balls are used for personal use and their structure tends to be complex. Starting from a two-piece model, balls will have a core and a cover.

The cover material of a golf ball can be hard or soft, both play differently and have their strengths and weaknesses. The harder the ball, the longer it will travel. But you might not want to end up with a model that feels ‘wooden’, meaning that a little soft touch to the model will go a long way in offering you better control.

Hard balls don’t feel that good when you strike them but they do offer a decent distance coverage, and that makes them something to marvel at.

Materials like surlyn and other harder polymers are often used to create low-spin and long-range balls to execute perfect shots. These layers are also much harder than softer ones such as urethane. Urethane is a competing cover material, although not that famous.

Balls covered with a urethane layer will travel decent distances but not as much as those surlyn-covered models (or something similar). They are best suited to introduce more spin.

Importance of core compression?

You can expect to come across any number ranging between 0 and 200 when it comes to the compression factor of a ball. But what exactly do these numbers represent? And why do they matter? The core compression is the degree of deflection that a ball undergoes when hit by a club and it affects the power of the shot.

The lower the number, the better the compression. 200 would then mean that compression is absent while 0 would mean that compression is maximum. However, both are not ideal. Instead, you would come across numbers between the 100 and 50 range.

These balls offer excellent shot distances and are perfect for new players who haven’t mastered their swings.

Why are some golf balls available in bright colors?

If you are dealing with low spin balls, you are bound to come across products with bright colors. These models are meant to be spotted from afar. The thing with low spin high distance balls is that they travel huge distances and sometimes they can become very hard to find.

In case the sky is covered with a curtain of clouds or if you have poor eyesight, brightly colored balls may make a huge difference. You can concentrate on enjoying and winning the game instead of squinting your eyes, hoping to stumble across the ball even though it is nowhere to be seen.

What is the relation between ball selection and shot distance?

While there is no perfect answer to shot placement and ball selection, a relationship does exist. The best way to approach is to experiment a little. I would’ve suggested checking out the user’s reactions, but it simply can’t be done in this case; this is a practical question.

Generally, the harder the ball, the longer it will travel; but it will also feel stiff and most players don’t like that either. It is best to use a few ball types, experiment for a while, explore your game and then make up your mind about which ball suits you the best. This way, you will be able to land shots where you want them to.

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