Best golf balls for high-gandicappers

As a high handicap golfer, you should be playing a different golf ball than a 10 handicap or scratch golfer. We are going to help you pick one!

BUT, we want to do more than just regurgitate the same old information and present it differently. We want this to be THE LAST TIME you search for a golf ball for a beginner or high-handicap.

The next time you buy golf balls, we want you searching for the intermediate or low handicapper.

Dare to dream you fairway splittin’ machine!

As a new golfer, don’t spend $50 for a dozen balls that will end up in the lake, the woods, or getting stuck in the windshield of the cart girl on the 17th hole.

(NOT KIDDING! This really happened in Myrtle Beach, 2nd shot on Par 5.)

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If you are anything like me when I started, you may be better off going to the driving range and grabbing a few balls before you tee off. For your sake, we are going to assume you are better than that.

Let’s find a golf ball that you are going to love playing during your next round.

Best golf balls for high-handicap – Review

After much testing, comparing, and reviewing, we’ve narrowed down our choices to the following options. These are some of the best golf balls than can help high-handicap players ace their game.

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

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The Bridgestone E6 soft golf balls are ideal for newbie players. This is because their soft design is perfectly balanced with distance coverage. The ball can go flying for yards straight with a single well-placed shot, even with a minimal swing. The idea behind this approach is to help you finish your game with minimal attempts, i.e., to get your ball into the hole as fast as possible.

Since the model has a 2-piece design, featuring a mantle and cover, distance coverage is sure to be impressive. This makes it all the better for players who can’t swing as effectively as the next guy. The surface is riddled with indentations, known as the Delta Dimple Design, which allows it to travel like sonic rolling the air, cutting through any drag or resistance.

The magic does not end here. Since you can get this ball in a bright yellow color, it is all the more suitable for professional-level matches. You can spot it from afar without peeling your eyelids off while scanning the surroundings. This makes it not only an impressive addition to your tier but also a convenient part of any game, bringing it to a problem-free resolution.

The ball has also attracted praise from users due to its resilience and durability. Since the E6 balls have robust construction, despite being deceptively soft to touch, they are favorable for intense golfing sessions. These balls can easily outlast several competing models, and for that time, you will be playing with a golf ball that delivers you flawless straight shots over impressive distances.


  • 2-piece construction
  • Exclusive ‘Delta Dimple Design’
  • Available in bright yellow coloration
  • High distance coverage in a single shot
  • Durable body


  • The ball offers minimum spin and rolls upon landing for extra distance coverage
  • It can travel long distances in a single well-placed loft shot
  • Ideal for high handicappers
  • A very cost-effective solution


  • The controllability is not the best in the market but decent enough
  • Some players prefer a harder ball for even long distances (but others are okay with it)


Bridgestone E6 soft golf balls are perfect for high handicappers as they deliver maximum distance coverage even with an average swing. They are softer than what some people may find normal, but they are durable and sturdy; nonetheless, a worthwhile buy indeed.

Callaway Supersoft

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Callaway just upgraded their Supersoft golf balls for 2021, and golfers of all levels are going to love this ball, especially high handicappers and beginners. Callaway released the Supersoft and Supersoft Max just weeks into 2021, and these balls are flying off of the shelf.

The Supersoft has been one of the most popular balls for all levels since they were launched in 2014. The biggest issue you are going to have right now is finding the newest version on Amazon or other retailers. They are flying off of the shelf as quickly as they arrive.

Check availability on Amazon here.

While we would like to pick these as the best balls for Beginners and high handicappers alike, we have to hold off. We don’t want to recommend something to you that isn’t available. The prior generation Callaway Supersoft balls are all great, and they are one of the most popular balls with great reviews.


  • Softest golf ball ever made by Callaway so you have more feel around the green
  • 2 Piece golf ball with the maximum forgiveness in the Callaway line
  • 4 color choices


  • Newest version is currently hard to find
  • Limited availability on Amazon causing higher prices when available

Titleist Velocity High Golf Balls


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The Titleist Velocity high golf balls deliver exactly what the name implies: an excellent flight speed and distance coverage. The ball can go soaring into the sky when you strike it properly with a decent golf club. You don’t have to swing the club like hell to make it work, just enough to make an impressive shot. The 2-piece design is one of the main driving forces behind this distance-producing ball, as the core maximizes the output.

The core incorporates the exclusive LSXZ technology, which helps the ball gain maximum momentum from any shot; even a mediocre swing can send it flying. Covering up this elastic core is a NAZ2 cover, another exclusive feature for this model. Both of these work hand in hand to produce a high initiation velocity when the ball takes off, ensuring maximum distance coverage.

The surface of the Titleist Velocity is also a feature worthy of awe. The manufacturers have laid down a systematic array of dimples, 300 to be exact, on its surface. As the ball cuts through the air, these indentations eliminate or at least mitigate the effects of air drag or resistance to ensure a more consistent flight. The tetrahedral design of these dimples is one of the key factors in ensuring this reduction in drag forces.

The ball suits high handicappers well due to its two-piece body. This allows the players to cover the maximum distance, which is the prime concern of any handicap player. And while two-piece balls are not generally appropriate for short distance games, this model is an obvious exception. Its versatility allows you to use it in multiple contexts.


  • 2-piece design, equally suitable for short and long-distance games
  • High distance coverage with mediocre swings of the golf club
  • LSXZ core and NAZ2 mantle technologies, both patented
  • 300 dimples present on the surface
  • Suitable for high-handicap players


  • You can send this ball flying for tour-level distances, even with a mediocre swing
  • The construction is excellent, employing unique features to boost performance
  • The price tag is affordable, and the ball is worth each penny spent on it
  • Ideal for cutting through air resistance


  • Does not provide enough spin for some players (who like to play that way)
  • Color variations are lacking


Titleist Velocity high golf balls are excellent for covering impressive distances with minimum shots. This makes the ball especially handy for handicap players who may otherwise struggle to keep up on a tour-level game, but not with this model.

Nitro Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls

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High-handicap players struggle with their shots. No matter how hard they try, they fail to keep up with their peers in matters of distance and control. Nitro Long Distance golf balls are an obvious solution to this predicament. These balls have a design suitable for one thing, and one thing only: go straight and go high. They show impressive tour-level distance coverage from the shot of a high handicapper.

Why? You may be asking. The ball has a patented core version, namely White Hot. I don’t know what you infer from it, but when I hear hot and nitro with regards to one thing, it can only mean super speed and super distance. The core has a compression rate of under 70, making it ideal for those who struggle with their shots.

The ball’s symmetry is untouched by the dimple network laid down on its surface. These dimples improve its aerodynamic performance drastically, enabling it to carry on with its flight for much longer than it would otherwise. These indentations also account for improved spin when the ball hits the ground.

Dupont Lithium Surlyn, which makes up the ball’s mantle, also deserves special attention. The ball gets an unparalleled resilience and durability owing to this component, making it ideal for long gameplays. Since it has been tried and tested under various conditions, you can rest assured that the ball will pull through whatever you throw at it. The best part is yet to come. Nitro Long Distance balls have moderate prices and hence are ideal for practicing the game without having to fall back to substandard and cheap models.


  • White Hot (patented) core technology with a compression factor less than 70
  • Dupont Lithium Surlyn mantle
  • Symmetrical and dimpled surface for perfect flight
  • Moderately priced


  • The spin is impressive when it hits the greens
  • Improved visibility owing to the partially translucent cover
  • Covers a remarkable distance with minimal hassle
  • An excellent option considering the price tag


  • Some people may not be okay with the spin factor
  • Lack of multiple color options


Nitro Long Distance balls are ideal for high handicappers, especially during practice sessions, owing to its moderate price tag and impressive features.

Callaway Superhot 55 Golf Ball

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Golf aficionados should be no strangers to the name Callaway; the company has a deep-rooted place in the golf industry and has earned quite a reputation for itself in the past few years. This particular golf ball has a design that will lift your spirits and help you master the game with minimal effort. The game often deters high handicappers due to the fear of not being able to perform well; this ball is all set to change that, for good.

Owing to a soft core, exhibiting minimal compression, this ball can travel impressive distances with the most average club swing. Callaway Superhot 55 takes the game one step ahead with its three-piece design. Yes, that’s right; the ball does not have two but three layers. The core is softer, meant for longer shots, while the coverings are designed to maximize the distance traveled.

The ball also excels in staying true to its trajectory. Once launched from a point, the ball will travel exactly where you planned it would, no hooks or slices in the way. This makes it especially useful for high handicappers who might struggle with landing a precise shot. The controlled flight and low-spin movements are both quite impressive and worthy of an observer’s admiration.

If you want to kick your practice sessions up a notch, then what better way to go than a pack of 12 golf balls with excellent features and a surprisingly low price tag? The best part is not the price tag itself but how much you get in return. Such outstanding features and quantity are hard to come by, especially from a well-known and reputed brand such as Callaway.


  • Pack of 12 high-quality golf balls
  • A super-soft core with 55 compression factor
  • Three-layered model
  • Urethane covering
  • Dimpled surface
  • Affordable price tag


  • The package is impressive in terms of quality and quantity
  • The affordable price makes it all the more remarkable
  • Excellent core and coverings
  • Long-distance shots are easy with this model


  • Some people prefer Surlyn over urethane covers
  • If you like harder balls, these may not feel all that well, but that’s a subjective thing


Callaway Superhot 55 is an impressive model. It has an excellent design and provides an excellent package, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Ball

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DT TruSoft is different from the models we have mentioned so far. This ball offers what you would expect from a model suited for high handicappers – an impressive range – but it’s not as much as others. Don’t get me wrong; the ball will indeed cut through the air and race towards wherever you hit it. It just won’t outdo other models on this list.

This is because the Titleist DT TruSoft is ideal for giving you more control and spin in your shots rather than an excessive range. These types of balls work out for the best in small courses, but some players like to play with only such models. If you are one of those people, then these balls will be perfect for you. The patented TruTouch Core finds a sweet spot in distance coverage.

The TruFlex cover has a design that specially provides a softer feel against your golf club. Some people don’t like rock hard golf balls, and if you’re one of them, then perhaps this works out for the best for you. But if you’re the sort of player who prefers a harder ball that travels longer distances without much spinning, then you can opt for other options.

This ball has 376 dimples, much more than the average 300 count. This is because the dimples are narrower, meaning that they will add spin to the ball. This can allow handicappers to improve their performance in the green areas. Overall, these balls are impressive in another way, and perhaps you may develop a liking for them.


  • Low-spin and long-distance shots
  • Exclusive TruTouch core included
  • Soft-touch TruFlex cover
  • 376 dimples riddled over the surface
  • Better control over spin


  • Easy to land a long-distance shot
  • The ball is sturdy and durable, being able to resist rough usage
  • Smooth shot, no trouble in hitting it off the golf club
  • Better spin control than other options mentioned so far


  • The range is good but not as impressive as some other models discussed so far
  • Some people don’t want much spin in the golf balls


DT TruSoft is a unique option in that it sacrifices range in favor of better spin control. While this may not work out for everyone, some players cherish such control and would gladly kickstart their practice with such models.


Guide for the best golf ball for high-handicap players

If you’re wondering what sets apart a decent high-handicapper golf ball from substandard options, then give this section a read.

Number of layers

The number of layers that a golf ball has directly reflects its ability. The more, the better. However, you can do pretty well with a 2-piece or 3-piece model. That’s not to say that there aren’t any more layers in balls. But you don’t have to go to such great extents unless you really want to. Golf balls with 4 or 5 layers are generally quite expensive.

One-piece model

If you’ve ever been to mini-golf courses, you probably know what these are. These models don’t have a core or a cover; they are a single block. One-piece models are not an ideal choice for high handicappers. If you ever get the impulse of getting one of these because they are cheaper, remember this: they will make you miserable. They don’t travel long distances and pretty much fail at everything else.


These models have a core and a cover. They are far superior to the type mentioned above and are generally suitable for beginners. However, high-handicapped players can also excel with one of these as they offer decent shot distances, and most of them reduce the spin for longer yardage. Overall, these balls are much better but don’t expect the best results as a three-piece model will be better.


These balls have a core covered with two layers. The top layer is the cover, while underneath it lies the mantle. These layers improve the ball’s effective range and performance, even more so than two-piece models. Urethane usually forms the cover material in these balls, and while not everyone likes it, it is a durable soft-touch material that gives decent performance. These balls offer better spin control than two-piece balls; however, improved spin is a tradeoff against range.

Spin | Distance

Most beginner-level balls offer a low-spin long-distance combo, and it works out for the best in most situations. Spin and distance are two factors that run antiparallel to each other. If you increase one, the other will fall.

While most people do pretty well with long-distance balls, others have a preference for a high-spin model. The latter gives the players much better control over the ball; however, it is only suitable for players who can and like to play that way.

Role of dimples

Dimples are tiny depressions arrayed on the surface of a ball. These dimples are arranged symmetrically and are not just there for aesthetics. They are very practical and determine how the ball will behave mid-air, so choose wisely.

Shallower and broader dimples are excellent for breaking through air drag. These dimples increase the aerodynamic capabilities of your ball and make it better for long-distance shots. However, narrower and deeper dimples enhance the spin of your ball. The choice you make will ultimately affect your game.

Are second-cand golf balls worth it?

While even the thought of using a substandard second-hand ball may seem repulsive, it does not hurt to consider the option impartially:

Lake balls

Lake balls are balls people abandon, which you will come across in golf courses, perhaps, even along the walkways rather than the play areas. These balls were either discarded or lost. While they may seem perfectly fine in some cases, you can’t tell what they’ve been through, so it is better to avoid them.


Refurbished balls are the same as lake balls except that sellers have cleaned them up a bit. Vendors might sell you these for a lower price, and while they may seem tempting, they have the same problem as lake balls. There is no telling how they will perform. It is hence best to avoid second-hand balls altogether, and this is especially true for high-handicap players.

What sets apart a high-handicapper ball?

There is no definite answer to this question; however, some things are worth considering. You have to decide between distance and spin, and while both are important, it is better to go for the former if you are a newbie. This is because high handicappers struggle with landing long-distance shots. Once you’ve mastered this aspect, you can move onto (but via a gradual transition) the next option to further improve the game.



The options mentioned on the list are all impressive in their unique way. They offer high handicappers with a fair playing chance. With one of these balls, handicapped players can easily perform as well as their peers, and improve their odds for victory. While there is no absolute answer to what sort of golf ball one should use, hopefully, by now, you have a much better understanding of the matter.

Of all the products listed above, Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls are our winners. Why? What is there not to like about them? They deliver straighter shots minus all the hooks and slices. They travel long distances, do pretty well under severe conditions, and are excellent for tour-level games. Best of all, they are affordable and worth every penny.

Keep on moving forward with your golf mission, and we will catch you with the next one.

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