Best golf ball for increased distance

There is no question that more distance makes golf quite a bit easier. If you can hit your golf ball closer to the hole after your tee shot, the rest of the hole is much easier to play. Regardless of your swing speed, there are distance balls on the market that could work for your game.

The low compression golf balls really help golfers get distance. With the ever-changing landscape of golf balls, it can be hard to stay on top of which ones really are the longest. We have put together five options that really stand out as being some of the longest golf balls on the market.

Best golf balls for distance

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Best overall

image of titleist velocity golf balls

Titleist makes some of the best golf balls on the market. The Titleist Velocity is one of their longest golf balls. This was built for average swing speed players that feel as though their distance could be improved.

One of the great things about the Velocity is that it comes in several different colors. Colored golf balls are much easier to find. The interior of the Velocity features a high-speed LSX Core. The Core is designed to be easier to compress and allow golfers a lot of jump off the clubface.

The cover of the Titleist Velocity golf balls has 350 octahedral dimples. Like some of the other long golf balls on the market, the dimple pattern helps reduce drag. For a two piece golf ball, we are impressed with the feeling that the Velocity has when you are near the putting green. With lots of iron height, distance, and several colors to choose from, the Velocity is a great choice.


  • Fair pricing
  • Power core
  • Comes in several colors


  • Still a two-piece ball

TaylorMade TP5

Best Premium

image of taylormade tp5

A premium golf ball is typically something that has performance both from the tee and in the short game area as well. Most of the time, a premium ball is also more than two pieces. The TP5 is a great golf ball for distance, and it is made up of a total of five pieces. This is pretty impressive, and something most other golf ball brands do not offer.

The five-layer construction helps add performance with the driver, irons, wedges, and even the putter. The ball speeds that you will get with these 5 piece golf balls are higher than any other TaylorMade golf ball.

One of the interesting things about TP5 is the Tri Fast Core. With the Tri Fast Core, you will get a three layer system that gives golfers a ton of speed for their full swing shots. Some golfers have referred to the TP5 as though there is an engine generating power inside the ball.

If you are worried your distance ball will not perform around the greens, don’t worry anymore. The TP5 has some of the best feel in the game.

If you want even more information on the TP5, please check out this review comparing the TP5 with the TP5x.


  • Tri fast core
  • Very high golf ball speed
  • Five-piece construction
  • Lots of performance around the green


  • Higher priced golf ball

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

Best Value

image of taylormade distance plus golf balls

TaylorMade works very hard to ensure that they have some of the fastest ball speeds on the market. Regardless of your swing speed TaylorMade has golf ball choices that will help you get your golf ball to fly quite a bit further. The Distance Plus golf ball is perfect for those that are on a budget.

The TaylorMade Distance Plus is a two piece golf ball that has a react core, low spin, and very high speed. The low spin helps golfers get much more roll when the ball does hit the ground. This golf ball is equipped with a 342 aero dimple pattern. The pattern helps create less drag and higher overall ball speed.

The Distance Plus golf balls are offered in both white and yellow. These are a good fit for those with mid swing speeds. The lower swing speed golf balls may find this ball a little bit hard.


  • Very low pricing
  • Low spin
  • Pure distance golf ball


  • Not the best feel around the green

Callaway Golf Supersoft

Best for Average Golfer

image of callaway golf supersoft

Average golfers typically have average swing speed and struggle with both distance and accuracy. If this describes your golf game, then the Supersoft could be a great choice to consider.

The Callaway Supersoft is a two-piece ball with some of the lowest compression on the market. Two-piece golf balls that are considered to be lower compression are usually around 50 compression rating or less. The Supersoft has a rating of 38.

One of the things that help the Supersoft stand out is the new softer Trigonometry cover. This cover is very soft and will help golfers who have trouble with feel around the greens. Distance golf balls sometimes have a very low spin. Therefore, being a little softer for green side feel really makes them a better fit for most players.

As with all Callaway golf balls, the Supersoft features a HEX design pattern. The Hex dimple pattern creates low drag and low spin. For a good combination of feel, speed, and low compression, the Supersoft is a great choice.


  • Low compression golf ball
  • Soft outer cover
  • Long carry distance
  • Hex dimple design


  • Not the best choice for faster swing speeds

Callaway Chrome Soft X

Best For Higher Swing Speeds

image of callaway chrome soft x

High swing speed golfers have the dilemma of finding a golf ball with long carry distance and high spin around the greens. The Callaway Chrome Soft X is a tour level premium ball that is built for maximum distance and spin as well.

The core of this ball is the Soft Fast Core, which significantly increases ball speed and distance. Callaway then uses its mantle system to make up the other layers of the ball. The two mantles work together to create a combination of high ball speed and a large increase in total distance.

The cover of the Chrome Soft X is a very thin but resilient high spin cover. Since the inner mantle helps to keep the overall spin low, you still get a low spin off the tee. The cover system, combined with the mantle system, allows for a very high performing golf ball with good flight and distance.


  • Similar feel to Titleist Pro V1
  • Several inner mantle layers
  • Long carry distance
  • Built for average swing speed and above


  • Not a good choice for lower swing speed golfers

Our Pick – Best Distance Golf Ball

Titleist Velocity

image of titleist velocity golf balls

Hopefully, you now feel as though you know what to look for in a distance golf ball. There are a lot of great choices on the market. You will likely have to go through a few golf ball manufacturers before finding your perfect match.

The Titleist Velocity stands out as the best choice because of the ball flight, spin rate, and very high ball speeds. With the dimple design and cover system, the Velocity will cut through the wind and last for many rounds as well.

Buyers guide

Now that you have an idea of the longest golf balls on the market. Let’s look at a few ways you can decide which ball is best for your game.

Do illegal golf balls fly further?

The longest illegal golf ball is going to go further than the longest legal golf ball. This has everything to do with the rules and standards put in place by the USGA. Illegal golf ball are sometimes made smaller, and they can get very fast ball speeds. Illegal or non-conforming golf balls also tend to have low spin and will roll a long way.

The USGA is trying to preserve the traditions of the game. By doing so, they make it so that the game does not get too easy.

Overall the bottom line is that these golf balls make golf too easy. If you don’t play in tournaments, you can use them to see what they will do for your game.

What is a good golf ball for older golfers

A senior golfer needs a lower compression ball but also has a great feel around the greens. Seniors will have to decide if urethane covers or ionomer covers help their short game more. The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is one of the best Senior golf balls on the market..

The ball feels great around the green, leaves lots of spin for players, and helps the slower swinging player get plenty of distance.

Are distance balls high or low spin?

Distance golf balls are lower spinning golf balls. When a driver wants more carry distance and roll, they need the ball to have forward spin and roll. The problem with this is that the balls don’t have the same feel around the greens.

If you want a great feel around the greens, you need to go with a three, four, or five piece ball. The golf balls are still low spin, but they have performance in the short game area as well.

We hope you enjoyed this review of the Best distance golf balls, and you are able to find one that works best for your golf swing.  The team at PG Golf Links has also reviewed several other golf balls that you may want to use including the best for Cold weather, top rated for High-handicap, mid-handicappers, Novice, 10 handicappers, Woman, and for those of us that tend to Slice golf ball.  Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think.

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