Golf balls for cold weather

Playing golf in the cold requires a few extra layers and some adjustments to your golf equipment. The most important adjustment you will want to make is changing your golf ball. The cold air has a significant impact on your golf ball and you will lose distance. There are several balls that are designed to perform well in the cold weather. We did the research and have a few that we consider to be the best golf ball for cold weather.

We have all gone through the frustration of playing in the winter expecting to have a good, fun game but ending up hating the experience. Is this because you were cold the entire round or was it due to your ball not being able to perform due to the harsh weather conditions?

Believe it or not, cold weather drastically affects the performance of your golf balls, so it is essential that you select the best golf balls in cold weather as that will not only make your experience enjoyable but will also improve your game by a great margin.

Best golf balls for cold weather

Titleist NXT Tour S

Top choice

image of titleist tour soft golf balls

The NXT Tour balls from Titleist are one of the most famous lineups during the last decade or so. Around 2012 the first batch of the tour S balls came out. However, golfers were not satisfied with the feel and performance of the ball and much rather preferred to go with the normal NXT Tour golf balls.

But four years later in 2016, Titleist refined the golf balls and reintroduced them into the market. These golf balls offer a 2 piece construction and low compression. This allows for a great response and feel and also provides amazing greenside control.

The specially designed and improved core of these NXT Tour S golf balls from Titleist measure around 1.585 inches in diameter. These golf balls offer a 302 dimple Fusablend cover which is not only very soft and flexible but is also very responsive and durable as well. This makes it a great companion when looking for that cold weather golf ball.

The cover is ionomer based and is made by Titleist using their high-end technology which makes the ball pretty durable and makes these golf balls a better alternative to all the low compression balls in the market with a much softer and damage-prone cover.

The sound feedback of these Tour S golf balls is very satisfying and allows you to judge the accuracy of your attack angle when taking shots. These come in both a white and a bright yellow color which makes them easier to spot in harsh winter environments.

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What we liked

  • Due to the soft 2 piece construction of these golf balls, they provide a very soft feel and offer low compression which is great when you want to achieve longer distances in the cold weather
  • The large dual-core design allows for greater ball control and ensures that the golf balls maintain a straight and stable trajectory. This also improves the greenside control which is an added bonus
  • These NXT Tour S balls offer a stable ball flight path which is great for when you want to stay ahead of your competition
  • They are extremely consistent and won’t let you down during important matches compared to other options available in the market

What we didn’t like

  • We believe that Titleist could have improved the control of these golf balls in a short game. This is due to them having compromised ball control when you want to achieve shorter distances

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls

image of titleist pro v1 golf balls

Titleist is a frontrunner in golf accessories and golf balls. These Pro V1 golf balls from Titleist are another wonderful option for people looking for golf balls to use in cold weather conditions. They are claimed to be one of the best golf balls in all categories by many avid golfers and professionals.

The Pro V1 golf balls come equipped with a very thin urethane elastomer cover. This provides a great soft feel along with a low compression. This great combination will lead to you achieving longer distances even in harsh winter environments. The proprietary cast urethane elastomer cover also assures industry-leading greenside spin and feel and allows for better response when you are trying to score.

These Pro V1 golf balls offer the amazing feature of Drop and Stop. This feature promises to tackle the age-old problem of when you land on the green and the ball rolls off into the bunker. It entails that when the ball lands on the green, it stays in that same exact position allowing for greater greenside control and high-quality game control as well.

A very common problem with other golf balls is that, during winters, the golf ball tends to lose its trajectory and the overall distance is reduced by a wide margin. But with these that problem is no more, as with the Pro V1, expect penetrating trajectory and extraordinary distances to improve your winter game.

Due to their excellent distance coverage and consistent flights, these Pro V1 golf balls are highly admired. The cover and design aid the overall low compression and great feel that are necessary for achieving the desired results. However, this industry-leading technology comes with a literal cost. As the production cost is quite high, these might be expensive but they are surely worth every penny.

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What we liked

  • These golf balls offer an amazingly soft feel due to their low compression and low profile cover. This provides great and satisfactory noise feedback which makes playing in the cold weather that much more enjoyable
  • The drop and stop game is a great feature as it ensures that the balls stay in the same exact spot and doesn’t roll off when it lands on the green
  • They feature a 352 dimple design that provides extreme spin around the greens which allow for great control and feel
  • The Pro V1s offer great distance coverage when you take your tee shot all due to their amazing construction and thin cover which is not only very soft, flexible, and responsive but is also very durable

What we didn’t like

  • They are a bit expensive when compared to other golf balls in the market. This might become a deterring factor for some leading to them choosing another option

Bridgestone e6 Soft Yellow Golf Balls

image of bridgestone e6 soft yellow golf balls

Bridgestone is not a stranger when it comes to providing customers with quality golf balls and equipment. Their equipment has been highly rated by professional golfers throughout the years and their amazing quality and performance reflect that praise. These e6 soft golf balls have a 3 piece construction that has a 330 dimple design and a Surlyn outer cover, which is made for ultimate durability and reliability.

These golf balls are able to deliver both great feel during shots and also provide good distance with the added bonus of a low spin from the driver’s face. This will allow you to maintain your trajectory so that you can easily score that birdie. Another great bonus of these e6 golf balls is that they are made for high performance and still remain very affordable. This will be handy if you lose your precious ball in the lake as the financial hit won’t be significant.

These will easily cut through the cold winter air and strong wings due to their signature Delta Wing dimple design. These are mid compression golf balls that have a straight and low flight compared to higher compression golf balls. If you want to smash the ball off the tee without a second thought then you can achieve that, as Bridgestone has designed these with an anti-spin mantle coating.

An added feature of these is their proprietary soft gradational core that allows the ball to properly respond to all different types of shots you might hit. The optic yellow color makes it ideal for foggy, snowy or dark conditions as it is very bright and easy to spot.

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What we liked

  • The bright yellow color allows you to easily spot these golf balls, even in foggy, snowy, and dark conditions which is amazing if you aren’t willing to lose your ball and having to add 3 strokes to your score
  • These are mid-compression balls and compared to high compression options in the market, they have a much lower and straighter flight path. This allows them to easily glide through winter winds and cold weather.
  • Their 3 piece construction makes them very durable and hence they also provide value as you wouldn’t have to change golf balls that often

What we didn’t like

  • Due to them having a Surlyn cover, some people have reported that these golf balls aren’t soft and felt too hard for their liking
  • Their price tag might not be justifiable as you might be able to find better options in the market for around the same price

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

image of callaway supersoft golf balls

Callaway is also one of the most highly acclaimed and trusted golf companies. They are known for their amazing lineup of golf gear and equipment. These Supersoft golf balls from Callaway provide ample features for people looking to golf with their buddies in cold weather conditions. These Supersoft golf balls feature a unique and very innovative hexagonal dimple design.

This will greatly improve the ball’s aerodynamics by reducing the overall drag on the ball mid-air. If you want a golf ball that not only feels good but also provides ample spin, then these are your best bet as the soft core construction will make all that a reality. The Supersoft golf balls from Callaway feature a proprietary Trigonometry cover that will not only make the ball durable but will also provide adequate softness and compression alongside it.

While using this ball on a regular basis, you will not face and experience any sort of scuffing or damage due to its top-notch construction and build. Although it is not related to the quality of play and overall performance, these golf balls are available in a wide variety of vibrant and bright colors as well. This selection of colors will allow you to easily spot them in dark, foggy, and harsh winter environments.

These golf balls from Callaway are widely used by people due to their versatility, durability, and selection of different colors along with their remarkable softness and low compression. While some might prefer the soft feel, others feel as if the ball is too soft for their liking.

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What we liked

  • These Supersoft golf balls from Callaway are available in many different colors. This allows for you to easily spot them in the colder weather during fog and any other natural factor
  • They have a very soft feel due to their great construction and design and because of this and an advanced level of control is offered alongside it
  • The hexagonal dimple design is a very unique and handy feature as it helps improve overall aerodynamics. This leads to longer drives and more distance coverage even in harsh winter conditions

What we didn’t like

  • Some golfers have complained that the construction of these golf balls may be too soft for their liking
  • Even though a wide selection of color options are offered, colors such as blue are harder to spot in the already bluish and gloomy cold weather

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

image of titleist dt trusoft golf balls

It should be no surprise that Titleist has made another entry into this list. This particular golf ball is truly an exceptional piece of golfing gear. The DT TruSoft is a low compression golf ball that is specially designed for cold weather environments.

They aim to provide longer distances even in the cold. They contain the largest core that Titleist has ever created which measures at 1.6 inches in diameter. This allows the golf balls to produce a very responsive and satisfactory feel during different types of shots. If you are looking for a golf ball that offers fast ball speed then this is your best bet.

This is all due to the massive core which allows golfers to achieve longer drives which is very important when golfing in the cold weather. The Titleist DT TruSoft golf balls feature a 4CE grafted cover that is extremely thin and is made by the state of the art technology that Titleist uses. This cover allows you to have much better control over the green and provides a very strong response.

This will surely aid you in getting that hole-in-one on that par 3 you always had your eye on. If you are looking to maximize your distance while having an increased ball speed then these have you covered, all due to their 4CE grafted cover.

This is a 2 piece construction golf ball that offers low compression. Due to the 342 cuboctahedron dimple design, the flight path of the ball is extremely precise and accurate. It comes in two easy to spot colors, which are high optic yellow and white.

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What we liked

  • These golf balls feature the largest core that Titleist has ever This allows for greater response and feel for all different types of shots you might have in your arsenal and will greatly improve your game even in harsh winter conditions
  • The 4CE signature grafted cover is truly one of the greatest innovations in golf balls. The extremely thin, durable, and flexible cover allows for improved short game control and distance
  • The TruSoft golf balls feature a unique 342 cuboctahedron dimple design that aids in increasing the overall distances of the golf balls and allows it to maintain a much straighter trajectory. This will allow the golf ball to glide to harsh winds without breaking the path

What we didn’t like

  • Some golfers have complained that these golf balls don’t provide enough spin as per their liking

How does cold weather affect golf balls?

Cold weather impacts the golf ball because cold air is denser than warm air creating more drag on the golf ball. When a golf ball gets colder, it will lose a few miles of ball speed which creates a loss of both speed and distance. The general rule of thumb is that for every 10 degrees drop in temperature the golf ball loses 2 yards of carry.

There are multiple factors that take effect during cold weather that will be explained further. Dense air is also known to put drag on golf balls and the denser the air becomes the shorter the ball will travel.

Impact of cold weather on golf balls


As the temperature begins to drop, the ball becomes much harder. If you are using a ball with a high compression, then it will surely harden up and will not deliver the performance you desire. So, when choosing a ball it is better to get a golf ball with a low compression.

They will provide a better feel on impact with the club or driver and are great for cold weather. Soft compression golf balls ten to compress more which allows them to gain more distance compared to harder golf ball alternatives.


Cold weather can affect both the speed of the ball and the swing speed. Due to the dense air, the ball will produce more drag and will reduce the ball speed. According to researchers, the ball speed is known to lessen by a few miles per hour in winter environments.

In the case of swing speed, that is all user-based. Due to the cold weather, the golfer might be uncomfortable or they might be wearing multiple layers of clothing. This will decrease the swing speed which will eventually shorten the distance of the golf ball.


In the winters, the flight plan of the golf balls tends to be a little higher than usual as it rises a bit in denser air. Because the ball is coming in from a higher ball flight, depending on the temperature, you may see your ball taking some erratic bounces around the greens.


If you are using your regular high compression ball then the ball will harden up with the lower temperature. This will cause shorter distance coverage than normal. Cold weather golf balls such as a soft compression ball, the distances will be longer than the harder compression option but will still remain shorter than usual. Dense air along with the lower temperature also affects the overall distance potential of the golf ball. Every 10 degrees that we drop in air temperature will reduce your distance carried by roughly 2 yards.


When a golf ball freezes, it greatly damages the integrity and durability of both the club and the ball. Due to the ball hardening, it is stretched and held into an unnatural position that the cover can even start to crack. So it is recommended that instead of damaging your equipment, you should keep your golf ball warm.

How go keep golf balls warm?

To keep your golf balls warm during your next round, fill a large pot with 2 quarts of water. After which you place a towel at the bottom of the pot. You then need to warm up the water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or the temperature of hot tap water. Take your golf balls and soak them in there for around 30 minutes, after which you dry them off and store them in an insulated food bag to keep them warm.

Just remember to change your golf ball to a warm one every few holes while on the course for optimum performance.


If you want to improve your winter golf game, then you have to go with a golf ball that will be compatible with the cold weather. Looking through all the endless options available in the market can get overwhelming, as some are just marketed well, but don’t perform all that great. Hopefully, you are pleased with our winter golf list and have gone through all the best options in the market.

The options on our list are very good choices and you won’t be disappointed buying any of these cold weather golf balls. But in our opinion, the best cold weather golf ball is the Callaway NXT Tour S golf ball. This is because they have an amazing durable 2 piece construction that offers great accuracy and performance in cold weather conditions as well.

On top of this, they are extremely affordable, and going with them will not only benefit your game but will also benefit your wallet. However, if you don’t agree with our top pick for the cold air and our best cold weather golf ball, then you could check out some of our other reviews like soft golf balls, high compression and lower compression balls, for a Slice, one piece core, Low spin, low and high ball flight, Best Golf ball 90-95 mph swing speed, then we move to  100 mph golf ball, and several others that will help you play better, all while offering a good price.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our reviews. Be sure to check out some of our more popular reviews including the best Beginner golf balls, Senior Golf balls and our top choice for a Woman golf ball. We are spending the cold months testing and reviewing products, so be sure to check back often for more up to date information.

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