Best golf ball for average golfers

One of the easier ways to improve your golf game is to play the best equipment for your swing. This includes playing a golf ball designed for the average golfer. Your swing is unique, and you should test and play several golf balls that will improve your distance, accuracy and performance.  We break down several golf balls for the average golfer to help you find one perfect for you.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Golf Ball for Average Golfer is, then we recommend the TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls as the best ones.

Best golf balls for average golfer – Review

Srixon Q-Star

image of srixon q-star tour 2 golf balls

The moment you take out this ball from its blue and gray box you’ll notice the alignment stamping on it. You’ll like this straight line because it helps you lock in to the putt. This 3-piece golf ball offers high spin and a compression or hardness rate of 75. It is suitable for average to advanced golf players. The energetic growth core of this ball is covered in a urethane layer, which is embodied by a thin spin skin layer. The low compression core will also control the spin.

The SeRM urethane cover creates maximum spin and good stopping power in iron shots on the green. It digs in to the groves and wedges deeply and creates friction at impact. Moreover, the 338 dimples on the surface of the ball are spread in a Srixon pattern. This pattern creates low drag to cover longer distances and provides more control to the player. This pattern also provides the ball a penetrating flight in just about any condition. This ball generates the feel and performance of a tour golf ball. However, Srixon may have compromised on durability to increase the performance and feel of the ball. But solid strikers will keep coming for more.

This ball hold its line off the tee very well and is perhaps the longest ball ever made by Srixon. It performs the best in and around the greens and provides good spin to give you all the control you might require in your wedges. The distance control with irons is spot on in shorter and long grass. The bold alignment stamping helps in putting.

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What We Liked

  • We liked the soft, thin urethane cover, which provides more spin and better control. Hence, the golf ball feels great on the club.
  • The feel of this three piece ball is similar to tour balls, it is not too hard nor very soft and squishy.
  • The energetic growth core allows for greater distance coverage and optimum ball performance.
  • The aerodynamic dimple pattern reduces the drag and increases the chances for longer distance coverage and penetrating flight.
  • Golfers with medium swing speed can greatly benefit from this ball in straighter and longer shots since the soft, responsive core ensures low driver spin.
  • These balls aren’t too costly.

What We Didn’t Like

  • There have been complaints about the balls’ durability, and users mention that aggressive play can scuff them up.
  • If you want to improve your short game thane you may try other alternatives.
  • While chipping, it’s noticeable that the ball travels more than you’d ideally like.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

image of srixon soft feel golf balls

This ball is from the 6th edition of Srixon. The main objective of this ball is to give the player more control, a softer feel and more distance off the tee. The alignment stamp on this one is slightly different and looks attractive. This two piece construction ball is suitable for players with medium swing speed. It has a compression of 60. It is designed to copy a multi-layer ball. It is meant for golfers with 60 to 80 mph swing speed. Golfers with swing speed of 100 mph might not be able to take benfit from it. Higher launch will have less sidespin.

This ball has 338 dimples, they reduce the pattern drag and encourage lift. This ensures that you have maximum distance on every iron and drive shot. These speed dimples help your ball stay upright in windy conditions. The ionomer cover is thin and very soft. It provides good spin for control on the green sides shots. The is a tolerance ball with energetic gradient growth core and a durable, deaf ionomer cover. These features alow the ball to stay in the game for a long time.

Its condition will be similar to ball after a few holes. The performance and integrity of the ball will not affected that soon but it may sustain discoloration, cuts here and there and loss of shine. It come in three colors (pink, white and yellow). The bright colors increase its visibility in the golf course and you’ll not lose them easily.

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What We Liked

  • The thin ionomer cover feels very soft on the club.
  • The reduced compression and aerodynamic dimples allow the ball to have a low spin and cover greater distances at a good speed.
  • The dimple design allows for less drag and more consistency. These golf balls stop reasonably well and feel good in short games.
  • They are appropriate for beginners because they are targeted at golfers of low swing speed.
  • The high dimple density helps your ball stay upright even in windy conditions.
  • They provide a high launch away from tee.
  • They provide a low spin trajectory.
  • They encourage more green side spin.
  • They are available in yellow and white color.
  • The pricing of these golf balls is quite reasonable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Users have complained that the cover of these balls gets scuffed quickly. Therefore, they lack durability.
  • They give ou more control but at the cost of distance.

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

image of wilson staff fifty elite golf ball

This golf ball has a very low compression rate, which is what the ‘‘fifty’’ in its name stands for. It has a compression of 50. It has a two piece construction with ionomer cover and a rubber core. It has 302 dimples scattered over it. Golfers who have trouble squeezing out distance from balls with higher compression will be happy with this. It is designed for players with swing speed of less than 95 mph.  It was once among top brands in golf market but now its trying to make a comeback again with its super soft balls. These balls are offered in white, yellow and bright orange.

It really sticks in the club face. It might be just behind DUO, the softest golf ball. These balls are buttery soft. This low compression ball shows a surprising jump through a driver shot if it is hit at the swing speed of 80 to 85 mph. It carries with good consistency. If you don’t subject it to a bad swipe it will fly in a straight path as it is not plagued by any added sidespin. The stopping power of this ball is also impressive for its price.

Usually you will have to pay a few bucks more for such balls. Although its spin is not a match for its softness, it still provides good green side control. Since it is a low compression ball it will require a bit of force to reach the hole but that is common for such models.

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What We Liked

  • What everyone looks for in a golf ball, irrespective of the skill level, is durability, speed, and distance. This ball promises a good combination of these three.
  • The lower driver spin alongside the responsive cover ensures powerful acceleration.
  • These golf balls offer a compression of 50, which is a first in the market.
  • They are built for low to medium swing speeds which is good for average players since they can achieve good distance without much effort.
  • There are many color options; besides white, you can also get these balls in some bright colors like orange, green, and yellow to spot them easily at all times.
  • User feedback suggests that these balls offer good durability.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They cover longer distances, but the roll is still not that good.
  • Some colors of the ball, like yellow, are difficult to spot in leaves.
  • You can over hit them quite easily with long clubs.

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

image of titleist dt trusoft golf balls

If you just entered the golf world, you might not know but Titleist is a superior brand in the golf ball market. They introduced this DT TruSoft golf ball, the first softest ball ever made by them. Its newly designed cover and core are meant to increase the covered distance by the ball in all shots. This two piece ball has a large, low compression core. The core is called Trutouch which is designed to increase distance through low spin and provide a very soft feel.

It comes with a ionomer based cover which is called Trueflex. This cover is an improvement from its previous version and provides a very soft feel and high spin in wedge shots. They are constructed with an advanced technology called Truflight technology for maximum distance and a piercing flight. This ball bears 376 dimples which is a part of the improved aerodynamics. If you have a hard time gaining distance in your drives, this ball will get it for you.

That is due to the reduced spin. In the long game it covers impressive distance by reducing spin. It also feels very soft off the driver face. The golfers will especially appreciate the consistency this ball provides in terms of distance from shot to shot. Due to its cover it gains spin in wedges which helps improve chipping around the greens. You can definitely feel its softness in the putters. It also provides amazing stopping power. It is available in two colors; standard white and yellow.

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What We Liked

  • The design, construction, and features of this ball make it very suitable for average golfers.
  • The TruSoft cover gives good spin on wedge shots, which helps improve chipping around greens.
  • It covers long distances with little effort and feels soft but has a bit of firmness to give you feedback on your putts.
  • The improved aerodynamics with strict quality standards ensure you a long distances and consistent, piercing flight.
  • It also allows for good consistency because of reduced compression.
  • The low compression large core feels incredibly soft on all shots and and delivers low spin so that you may cover longer distances.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t offer the straightest or longest paths right off the tee, which may disappoint some golfers.
  • You may feel slight difference in the spin in your wedges, which won’t effect your game that much but it’ll still be there.
  • These golf balls are a bit pricier than others on this list.

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls

image of taylormade project (a) golf balls

The ‘‘A’’ in the name of this ball stands for amateur. It is designed like a tour ball and has 3 layers which includes a urethane cover. It has 322 dimples in a LDP pattern. It is a low compression ball so golfers with low swing speed will be able to compress it properly. This feature makes it suitable for average golfers. The fact that they sold up to 2 million dozens of these balls shows that they were a success. This 3 piece ball has a compression of 70 and 322 dimples. The centre of the ball is soft while the outer layer is firmer. The centre creates good speed while the outer, firmer layer retains that speed.

It feels very soft when you are putting thanks to the soft urethane cover which is rare for balls in this price range. It performs the same in wedges as would a tour ball. It spins very well whether you are pitching or throwing a shot at full swing. If you are good at short game you’ll be able to deliver any kind of shot you want with this ball. This ball has the spin attributes of a prototypical tour ball when it comes to iron shots. It provides enough spin to give shape to your shot or to hold your green when you want to. It is not that strong when it comes to drivers. The spin is good but the speed is where it lacks which might cost you a bit of a distance.

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What We Liked

  • These affordable balls give you a tour-like feel and performance.
  • More suitable for players with medium and low swing speed, which is what ab average player might look for.
  • They feel very soft on contact, mainly because of the softer inner core that removes unwanted spin. Not many balls in this price range give this kind of great feel.
  • The balls spin more on greens with high consistency in short games.
  • It doesn’t spin much off the tee, which is what an average golfer wants. This is due to the dual core technology used in this golf ball.
  • They also cover reasonable distances in long games.
  • These balls are exceptionally durable.
  • They are priced quite reasonably. You can still find other cheaper options, it is totally up to you.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Spin with the driver is perhaps not as low as you might expect.
  • The colored balls suffer from quick discoloring after moderate usage.

Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls

image of bridgestone golf e12 soft golf balls

‘Soft’ is an appropriately placed in the name for these golf balls. They feel like they melt in the face of the club. It offers straight distance which is something that every golfer covets. This ball with its 3 piece construction is designed for golfers with swing speed of 105 or low. This marshmallow soft ball produces a dull ‘‘tock’’ on the greens. Its surlyn cover reduces sidespin. This ball has low compression but it is also firm unlike some very low compression squishy soft balls. This ball is known as a distance ball. This ball has and added ayer called active acceleration mantle. This layer of the ball is made of high performance polymer. This enables the ball to gain increased initial velocity and feel butter soft at the same time. This layer is also why it maintains long distances.

Furthermore, its delta wing dimple pattern and improved dynamics helps reduce the drag which allows it to gain distance. It comes in green, red, yellow and white colors. The surlyn cover is durable and rugged. It will hold its own through many holes. It covers good distance as far as driver shots are concerned. It is straight off the tee, which might benefit you if you are a short hitter. It creates very low driver spin which is due to the good back spin numbers. Backspin is necessary for golfers with low swing speed. They fly very straight, it is hard to lose them, which is a good thing since you won’t have to buy them more often.

What We Liked

  • These golf balls give a great feel without compromising the distance coverage.
  • They perform exceedingly well in long games by providing long flights, greater distance coverage, and low spin.
  • Besides the usual white, you get red, green, and yellow color options.
  • Bridgestone’s unique dimple pattern works very well to reduce drag.
  • They reduce sidespin for straighter shots.
  • They also feel great on the greens.
  • The gradational compression core that is soft on the inside and firm in the outside helps you gain more speed and consequently distance.
  • The mantle between the cover and core which is called acceleration mantel increases the speed even more.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some may find these balls soft for higher swing speeds.
  • Doesn’t give the same spin as a ball with urethane cover would but it is still not that bad.
  • They get scuffed easily, which affects their performance in the greens and reduces durability.

Selection criteria

To make the right decision, keep the following key selection criteria in mind for the best golf ball for Average Golfer.

How can you improve the accuracy of your golf shots?

All golfers know how important accuracy is for high score and enjoyment of the game. You can improve the accuracy of your swing through practice, but you also need the right golf ball to succeed in this quest. To decrease your golf handicap, you need to be accurate and consistent in one direction.

Anyone can have a few mishits, even the professionals, but the right golf ball will have a consistent trajectory with every club you have in your bag. According to sports experts, multi-layered golf balls will be more accurate in shots.

What’s in the spin of a golf ball?

The spin of the ball acts as a double-edged sword sometimes. When you need it, you may not get enough of it, and when you don’t want it, you’ll end up with more than is required. Moreover, you can easily measure the spin with the right kind of equipment. But first, you should know a little about the spin.

If you are longing for control on the green and more distance off the tee, then your short game spin is better. When it comes to driver spin, however, most of the time, less is a good thing. Backspin on the drive can make the ball go very high, but it falls shorter. Low driver spin makes the ball go in a straight trajectory, and it also travels far. In the case of iron spin, balance is the key. Too much of it will make the ball go very high and then fall short, while too little of it will keep the ball rolling and make it cross the green.

What is the right price?

Golf balls are replaced more often, and understandably so because they are subjected to a lot of force. No golf ball will last forever. The price of a golf ball can vary depending upon the construction method and brand. Golf balls are sold in a pack of 12, and their price can range from $5 to $50.

Select the ball, keeping your skill level in mind. Buy affordable golf balls if you know that you will lose a few in one round. It will be too costly if you keep buying expensive balls and then also lose them on the same day. Choose golf balls that will not force you to leave the game because of affordability issues.

Does the brand matter?

Many sports companies make golf balls now. Some have been around for a long time and have gained respect in the industry, while others are comparatively new but have invested heavily in the research and development of golf balls. Professionals often decide on a brand and then stick to it. Premium brands make high-quality golf balls of extended range for professionals and advanced golfers.

Before deciding on a brand, determine what type of ball construction suits your game most. After you achieve consistency in your game, then you can think about what brand to choose. Until then, be mindful of your budget and skill level.

How do the many types of ball construction differ?

The construction of the golf ball is significant and affects the way a ball feels on your golf club. It also impacts the ball trajectory, spin rate, and reaction on the green. To find out what type of construction suits you best, you will have to evaluate your game and determine the properties you need in a golf ball. Depending upon the construction, there are five types of golf balls.

1-piece golf balls are the simplest, and they have a single outer and inner core. They are more suitable for beginners and also provide the least spin.

2-piece golf balls provide a bit more variety to your game. They usually have a solid rubber interior with a Surlyn or urethane exterior. They travel slightly further than 1-piece golf balls and also roll out more than any other ball.

3-piece golf balls are ideal for professionals or players who have mastered the basics. These balls have a double interior and a Surlyn exterior. They also produce more spin and feel soft on the club.

4-piece golf balls are more for the advanced players who want to fine-tune their spin control in the game. The interior of these balls has three layers with a urethane exterior.

5-piece golf balls are the most complex, and only professionals and experts use them. They are also very expensive. The player can change swing styles and velocities to make different types of shots.

Do all golf balls travel the same distance?

The distance that the ball has to travel has a significant impact on your game. If the hole is nearby, there are more chances of the ball getting closer to it. If the ball has to travel far, it will make players more selective in the type of ball they choose. In that case, select a ball that travels for enormous distances.

Studies have shown that an average male golfer can hit up to a distance of 220 yards. Distance should not be your only focus, though. Concentrate more on the direction and shaping of your shots. A ball that you hit well will travel further if it has higher compression. Balls with low compression go straight and produce less spin. Balls made for average golfers offer less spin and travel further. They are also more affordable.

How durable are golf balls?

The construction of the outer layer of the ball determines its durability. You should go for the one that suits your gaming style and lasts for a few rounds. It’s going to cost a lot if you have to keep changing the ball after a few holes. You use force on the ball when you strike it, creating cracks in it after a while, which reduces its effectiveness. The ball then moves and reacts differently.

Do swing speeds matter?

Different players have various swing speeds. Before deciding on the golf ball you want, spend time on calculating your swing speed. Average golfers mostly have swing speeds between 145 and 155 mph. Some golf balls are suitable for fast swing speeds, while others are better for low swing speed. Understanding this will help you make an educated decision.

What about the construction technology of the ball?

The construction of golf balls uses advanced technology. Many companies spend money and experiment with the dimples in the outer layer of the ball so that it performs better in the golf course. The technology used impacts the distance a ball travels and the control a golfer can have at every shot.

2-piece and 3-piece golf balls are the most suitable ones for an average golfer. They produce relatively less spin and low compression. That way, you’ll have more control over your shots. You’ll also be less likely to swerve too far off the fairway.


Finding a good golf ball for an average golfer is a complicated process since many brands offer the same specs and features. Each golf ball is designed to cater to a particular member of the golfing community.  A golf ball designed for a senior golfer is going to have much different aspects including core, drag, aerodynamic design compared to a scratch or 10 handicap.  The final decision depends upon your game type and preference. Make sure to read the key selection criteria section, which will help you decide.

There are no bad golf balls in the list above, but if we had to select one option at PG Golf Links, it’d be the TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls. They offer good distance coverage in long games and also feel great when you hit them. The dynamics and construction of these balls suit an average golfer, while they don’t butcher quality for feel and are durable enough to last for a few rounds.

The relatively low price makes them a great option for intermediate golfers who lose balls often.



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