Which golf ball to use for a 100 mph swing?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Golf Ball for 100MPH Swing Speed is, then we recommend the Bridgestone Tour B330 S as the best one.

A golf ball holds immense value for a golfer as it allows them to achieve a successful swing. Most novices believe that all golf balls have equal build and are similar in performance. However, let me assure you, nothing could be more wrong. Golf balls come in varying speed levels and have constructions that enable swing at high speed. If you seek the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed, then you have come to the right place.

Here are the best golf balls for higher swings and all they have to offer. So, without further ado:


Best golf balls for 100 mph swing speed

Bridgestone Tour B330 S

image of bridgestone golf 2012 tour b330 s golf balls

Bridgestone takes the lead because it offers a premium level ball with fantastic precision. It is also a personal favorite of the legendary Tiger Woods, so you know it has what it takes to be the star. It captions a mini dimple within the typical dimple design of a golf ball. This modern design is what lends this ball an edge. This ball is also noticeably softer and flies off smoothly allowing more grooves on the green. For players who relish a good swing, this ball just might be the perfect contender.

The core of the Tour B330 S claims to be 6% larger than traditional golf balls. The ball’s cover utilizes Seamless Cover Technology, and the SlipRes cover provides the Tour B330 S with the most significant friction coefficient.  Its soft yet firm feel enables it to stay longer on the putter. When the club brings the heat, the ball hits off its face in a whizz and goes.  You might get some very extensive drives with this ball.  Right off the bat, it works well, you bring the swing and get your reward. You might find slower swings a tad tough.  On the greens, the spin is adequate and controllable.  While it is a high swing ball and if you are dealing with non-conforming grooves, you will get the right amount of spin and control.  The putter might find this ball to be rather clicky but it putts well and pops off the face speedily flying off straight.


  • It has impressive friction with the putter and a very fortified core
  • The ball gives incredible speed with amazing stability as it lands with an uncompromised flight no matter the weather
  • The softness from the body to the outer area integrates a steeper gradient
  • Along with its construction, it takes to triumph in performance, too.
  • It’s the innovative design that sets it apart and lends the ball more power
  • The putter’s contact is relatively great and impressive and the urethane cover is an excellent addition to the ball.
  • It retains a subtle sound on contact and some controlled spin and the brand claims this ball is their softest and highest performing yet


  • Although the spin is divine, you need a lot of work to ace the control
  • The ball requires some excessive usage before you can adapt to it
  • This ball is not very readily available

TaylorMade TP5x

image of taylormade tp5x box of balls



In the golf market, golfers are well aware of the reputation that Taylormade holds. The TPX receives love from some big names in the game. With a 332-dimple cover and a urethane coating, it has a semi-rigid surface. The brand claims that the TP5x has a compression more remarkable than all others do in the range, and you know they mean it.

The technology in the core got an upgrade, and you might relish the blend of Tri-Fast Core between the second and third layers, and the High-Flex Material that factors favorably in performance. A cross-section of the TP5x also indicates that the fourth layer of the core is 30% stiffer and adds to the ball’s longevity and endurance on the course.

Its design enables slight spin with amazing control to execute full wedge shots and gives great putting feeling. This construction gives better control of the ball. A player could play an entire round and still lack feel for the game due to bad control so this trait is necessary.

Its spin level also improves aerodynamics and aids in lowering resistance so your shots stay in the air for longer. You might find that your swing also feels refined and your pitch shots fly better and halt smoothly once they hit the club. With its greater compression, players with high swing might enjoy their golf time with this ball as they hit perfect shots. It works in helping players of all skill levels to adapt quickly and golf better.


  • It has improved acceleration and is a reactive ball that may work well as a premium degree ball.
  • The ball uses a semi-rigid core that allows for better collision and control
  • It renders better collision with the grooves of the club and delivers an exceptionally steady flight
  • The TP5x is a tour-level golf ball, and hitting it, it has a very soft feel.
  • The addition of the High-Flex Material gives a springy rebound to the TP5x.
  • This ball has a considerably higher trajectory even in the breeze and the stiffer inside layers add to the durability and performance of the ball
  • While this ball has a lower spin, it enables maximum control over the ball


  • When it comes to gaining long distance, it falls short and only delivers a decent drive
  • It is not for players with a low swing speed as it has a higher trajectory

Vice Pro Plus

image of vice pro plus



The Vice Pro Plus is an advancement of the Vice Pro. It is a budget-friendly ball without jeopardizing the performance or its quality in design. The Vice Pro Plus has a similar design to the Pro, which is the premium urethane cover. However, once you feel the ball, the Pro Plus certainly has a firmer feel than its predecessor does. It also performs very well in breezy conditions. This ball is suitable for player who prefer mid to high range swing. It flies off great right off the club and goes a good distance.

With its 336 dimples and a unique coating of BJ13 on its cover to make it sturdy, the Pro Plus is a distinctive ball from Vice. As it is a multi-layer model, the fourth layer is the one that influences the all-around performance substantially. The distance this ball attains is as long as most of the higher-end balls and it does not take-off as high, which could be favorable for lower handicap players to gain control.

You might enjoy the way this ball feels at impact and it can give you a very good sense of control. It is the perfect blend of hardness and softness to enable high range swing. The extent of control with a medium spin is even better.  Players who prefer short games might find this ball to be excellent as they can put less spin, and have the ball stick close to the greens with a very reasonable distance control level.

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  • It has a very stable landing and despite the thin manner of the cover, the Pro Plus is highly durable.
  • The Vice Pro Plus might execute like a champion, particularly for long-distance hitters
  • The ball also has a lower trajectory that enables finer and higher shots.
  • The Pro Plus has very distinctive friction with the putter as the ball is tough but smooth, and this enables more traction with the club
  • It is a bit softer, and it hits the putt almost quietly with a firm collision
  • The coating keeps the balls whiter for longer if one prefers the aesthetics of the golf gear
  • A greater length and some good velocity with shots due to the ball’s S2TG technology that allows better control


  • The spin is average at best and can be hard to achieve
  • It has a relatively lower compression that disables much control
  • The ball may fall short in higher trajectory shots

Titleist Pro V1 X


image of titleist pro v1x golf balls



With a recent upgrade, the Pro V1x has a thinner urethane cover but is still might be the spinniest in the game. A more prominent mantle casing layer lends the ball extra distance than ever before. A new core curtails spin on the longer clubs while enabling the cover to spin through friction on smaller shots. Titleist admits to golfers that they might encounter a one per reduction in short game control because of the thinner cover however; players still choose this ball for its enhanced durability and trust the Titliest name for its game dominance.

Durability is not merely for this ball’s appearance, as the coating and the cover system will give constant aerodynamics throughout your performance. Players who prefer to work the ball could find they can swing a Pro V1x easier than the other balls. The scrape resistance of the Pro V1 X is also much better than previous models. Its new design cover considerably improves the feel, resilience, and consistency of the ball. Moreover, it might increase your scoring performances by enabling better spin in the game.

This ball can cater to all skill levels and players of ranging styles. It has superb driving distance with sufficient swing speed, its softer surface lets you have a better feel to perform your greenside control. No matter the kind of shot, it will take off the club well. It flies at a greater trajectory and a lesser spin rate, rendering it to perform better in penetrating breezy days.


  • It has a gold standard for consistency and gives good outcomes
  • A relatively smooth feeling cover and traditional dimples that add to its performance
  • The soft feeling lends enough stopping control for long shots
  • It is highly durable and reliable and just might be the first choice for a greenside spin
  • The ball has a good collision with the club and smaller shots tend to halt quicker owing to the backspin.
  • It also enables some reasonable driving distance with good landing stability and a steady flight
  • The Titleist Pro V1x lends more spin more than many of its competitions
  • It has a urethane elastomer cover to stay whiter and brighter even if you use it a lot.


  • The V1X is not a long-distance ball for hard hitters
  • It only works best for higher swing speeds
  • The ball has certain control limitations that are difficult to maneuver

Callaway Chrome Soft X

image of callaway golf chrome soft x golf balls



Callaway continues its ascend to being an outstanding player in the golf ball market and brings a revolutionary product called the Chrome Soft X golf ball. Professionals and beginner players have made Chrome Soft their ball of choice due to its incredibly soft feel and the tour grade performance it executes. However, do not let the soft part deter you; it offers enough compression to hit the shots due to the little core firmness. It compresses easier on unhurried swings, resists deformation on faster swings for longer distance and straighter flight.

As the Chrome Soft X has a marginally stronger core, Callaway uses a tour urethane cover that lends a smoother hit off the face of a putter for wedge shots. This soft cover aids you in feeling like you can still control your golf ball on touch shots without having it pop off the face like a rock. Players who have experience at spinning the ball will not have any issues getting the Chrome Soft X to work the shots. They could easily hit long distance shots with good spin control.

The ball comes with a modern Graphene-infused dual-core with a unique, more significant internal core to amplify the compression vitality while decreasing driver-spin and facilitating the high launch. It also features blue and red track streaks, which is the Vernier visual acuity concept, and it assists you to line your ball up much more precisely than a side stamp or standard line on the side of the ball.

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  • It has striking colors without being too distracting
  • The lower-compression body acts with the soft mantle and smooth urethane cover to create the softest feel in a tour ball
  • The ball also offers some considerable spin and reasonable control
  • It feels fantastic right off the club and is highly durable, the Chrome Soft X accentuates a dual-density core
  • It provides incredible putting accuracy and ample friction
  • Soft X has the ideal width for picturing a line through golf ball to the hole to ensure a better and precise shot
  • It also features Triple Track alignment that helps significantly in putting


  • It has a lack of feedback that can be a deterrent factor for some
  • The Callaway X may be too soft for some players and lead to inconsistent results
  • It is all about the matter of excessive practice to adapt to this golf ball


If I were to pick one from this bunch as the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed, it would be Bridgestone Tour B330 S, and it is not only because it is a preference of  Mr. Woods, the ball features incredible speed, traction with the club, and the unmatchable all-around performance that might be all you need.

Its stability in the wind and the moderately higher compression that helps its speed make it edge over the rest of the list’s golf balls.  Therefore, if you seek a good golf ball of high swing speed, this just might be your ultimate pick.

Wielding the correct pieces of gear in a game is paramount. While winning a game is terrific in itself, occasionally playing with the right golf ball is all you need to feel you got your best match. Moreover, all that matters is to have the bone-deep satisfaction of playing the best to your abilities.

What is swing speed?

Swing speed is the measure of the speed of a golfer’s swing that they put in when they hit a long shot called drive.  For most golfers, driving can be the most crucial aspect of the game that takes them closer to the final hit in the hole, and if you can pair it up with a high swing of 100mph, then you might achieve the celebrated hole in one shot. Certain factors influence swing speed, and these are namely:

The right equipment

Equipment will be the first factor to determine how well you can execute a swing, as your gear will be the ultimate decider. It can encompass your golf ball, grips, gloves, and even if you have the right shoes.

Technical aspects

This depends on your swing skill of how competently you know the right strategy, and how well you can execute it. Your level of knowledge on the course and your accurate understanding of the game may give some extra insight into the swing technique’s specifics.


Mobility is the percentage of movement you produce and the adequate body mechanics of the swing. Broader ranges of movements without any obstacles or limitations lend you extra legroom. This also implies that you need to refine your body mechanics to induce more speed.

Physical power

Last, we come to the physical power, which correlates to your upper body’s full vigor and strength and how stable your foundation is. Your form, weight, height, and age all play a specific role in giving you the amount of vitality you have as your health will be the ultimate defining factor.

What makes a good golf ball for 100 mph swing?

When it comes to buying the best golf ball for 100MPH swing speed, look for the covering, compression level, dimples, construction, and spin rate. With the right golf ball, you can achieve your desired swing. We bring you a guide that highlights factors you must consider before deciding to buy a golf ball of 100mph swing speed. It would help if you remember that every small detail is imperative in making the best golf ball.


Covering relates to the outermost substance that encircles the golf ball. There are several names for covers, but they fall into two types: surlyn or urethane. Surlyn generally generates more spin and feels considerably harder during a collision. They can produce faster speeds in comparison to urethane covering balls but at the cost of short-game precision.

Urethane covers have a more superior feel and halt with more stableness as they hit the ground. This renders them excellent for short-game buffs who do not prefer their gold ball rolling too far away once it reaches the green. Despite being somewhat softer than surlyn, urethane covers are famous for preserving additional power. For a golfer, that signifies the least energy and speed loss at impact.

Compression level

It is all about how tightly wound a ball is; compression can alter the ball’s feel against the club. However, there is more to it than mere feedback; the significance of compression is that it also creates a spring-like impact during a collision. Faster and more vital golf ball swingers can compress a ball more considerably than slower ones.

As high swing speed will commonly ensue in more power, a high compression golf ball would be perfect for hard-hitting players. Because it already comes with tight compression, the shot’s extra strength would further heighten the tension inside the ball and work to max out the distance it goes. That is not something a golfer with a slower speed would be competent enough to reproduce. A low compression ball is always the first choice of these kinds of players.


When you think about the tiny divots on the texture of a golf ball, they may appear to be solely a design, but they play a significant part in the golf ball’s aerodynamics. Back in the day, golf balls were put together to be smooth, but golfers would discover that they would go a longer distance when knocked around. They associated this with the modification of small dimples on the ball surface.

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Today, golf balls have a layout that must contain these dimples to assist with aerodynamics. There is no standard practice in the dimples’ size or depth, as even the form of the dimples is irregular. Therefore, vendors have the freedom to use the dimple patterns they think will be most facilitative for long-distance accomplishment.

However, research shows that shallower and broader dimples incline to launch a ball over a longer distance. This happens as the dimples lessen the size of the air pocket that can form behind the ball during flight. Hence, curbing the dragging effect that vacuums the ball back as it goes through the air.


Nowadays, multi-layer balls wield a blend of internal layers from numerous types of material. These balls’ bodies often utilize a thick rubber material, enclosed by multiple mantle layers of softer rubber in differing densities.

They also feature ultra-thin coverings that enable the force to travel through the inner layers. Multi-layer golf balls have three, four, or five-piece designs. They all give different advantages relying on the materials they employ.

For high swing speeds, multi-layer balls might be helpful because they propose faster speeds without relinquishing control.

Spin rate

This is the ball’s spin speed during its launch, and it measures in revolutions per minute (RPM). While it does not entirely depend on your swing speed, knowing how the spin rate provides the overall distance can help you max out your swing’s outcome. A higher spin rate sends your ball higher into the air, which may be crucial, depending on the angle of your launch.

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