Best golf ball for a 10 handicap – Review

If you are a 10 handicap golfer, you have several options when it comes to choosing a golf ball. As a mid handicap player, you likely have an above average swing speed, play a draw or a fade, have a pretty decent short game, and need a little help control the spin of the ball around the greens.

As a 10 handicapper, you are considered by most to be an above average golfer. You have days when you are close to breaking par, and others were you fight to keep your score under 90. The best golf ball for you should have a soft feel, is consistent all around the golf course, and has high durability.

We have picked the Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls as the clear cut winner from our list of best golf balls for a ten handicap. Selecting this one was a tough decision as all the golf balls on our list are pretty amazing and top-notch.

The reasons why the Titleist golf ball swooped the winner title by leaving all its competitors behind are:

  • The golf ball worth every penny we spend on it. It is right to say that it provides value for money.
  • The golfer can have better ball speed control, thanks to the ball’s ionomeric casing.
  • Whether you are starting your golf round off the tee or playing on the green, you can experience great control over the ball.
  • Durability is what makes this ball suitable for long games.
  • Prior generation Pro V1 golf balls will cost less than the 2021 model.

After a lot of research and analyzing the features and gameplay of several golf balls, we have also picked up the best five golf balls that can suit almost all golfers’ preferences.

Selecting a golf ball for a player who has an impressive handicap is not as easy as it looks. It’s like finding the perfect glass slipper that can fit into Cinderella’s foot. There are various golf balls out there, but only a few can fit the bill. Out of those few also, picking the ideal golf ball can be very confusing, and you may have to make a close call. After taking care of every tiny detail, there are chances that you end up picking the one which may not prove to be adequate. If such a thing happens, don’t feel bad as one learns from its experiences, and mistakes are a part of the learning process.

If your golf game is crucial for you and you can’t afford to get an inadequate golf ball, then we are here to help you out with our list of best golf balls for 10 handicaps.

Golf ball for 10 handicappers

Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls

image of titleist pro v1 golf balls

When it comes to golf balls, Titleist Pro V1’s name is the first name that comes to my mind. Whether you are a beginner or a pro golfer, it will solve your purpose.

“#1 Ball in Golf” is what the packaging says. It is a bold statement that the company has made, and that’s why it’s time to put the ball to the test.

Whenever you begin a golf hole, you need a ball that can go a long distance off the tee. This ball is perfect for tee shots as it offers a reduction in the spin, which results in an enhancement in the distance and consistency in flight.

Great control over the ball is what makes you win the game. A ball with a perfect balance can offer you reasonable control, and it is what this ball offers. It is an ideally-balanced ball that provides firmness and outstanding performance without compromising with the soft feel.

If you are going for a short game, this ball will serve you well to provide you adequate spin while playing short games. Other than this, you can conveniently play low long game spin, a little bit of iron spin along with a mid-range flight. While playing long-distance shots, you will also experience great control over the ball.

If you are an experienced golfer, you must be acquainted with how significant it is to get a slight spin while putting. Using this ball will allow you to get the needed spin on the green.

To achieve better control over the ball, the manufacturer has revolutionized its design. The ball has got a spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple architecture.

Let’s look at the other specifications of the ball. It has got a next-generation 2.0 ZG process core along with a soft urethane elastomer cover system and a casing layer made of ionomeric.

If you don’t know any of these terms, you don’t have to worry about it. Just remember that these things make this ball indefectible. Let me explain how.

The reason behind the employment of the 2.0 ZG process core is to enable the golfer to take longer shots conveniently. It also makes the ball spin less and covers a longer distance with enhanced speed.

Offering improved speed and better control over spin is what the ionomeric casing does.

The role of the cover on the ball comes when you are on the green. The drop-and-stop, the complete gameplay on the green, and the durability are the cover system.


  • High-end quality.
  • Adequate for beginners as well as lower handicap players.
  • Durability at its best.
  • The performance is pretty good.
  • Fairly consistent.


  • The ball seems to be a bit costlier, but you will get value for your money.

Bridgestone Tour B330-RX Golf Ball

image of bridgestone 2020 tour b rx golf balls

The company made this ball to keep in mind that the ball should reduce the spin when you tee off and offer better control when you are playing on the green.

To achieve its aim, Bridgestone has incorporated a cover system made of Urethane that offers 20% thin covering than its predecessors.

The mental layer designing is done to make the ball cover greater distance with superior accuracy and reduced backspin. The company knows that the gameplay can be ruined if the ball fluctuates during flight. That’s why, for maintaining better consistency during flight, there is the usage of 330 Dual Dimple Technology.

Your visibility can be negatively impacted during dark weather days, making it difficult to track the golf ball. That’s why you can choose a yellow colored ball for enhanced visibility. The outer core of the ball is not too hard or soft. It offers just the right hardness needed. With each swing, you’ll get an idea of the true measure of distance.

The company has also focused on making the putting shots more prominent. There are some patterns made on the outer layer that helps to play better onto the green.

In my view, this is one of the best options for the mid handicappers and higher, ranging from a 10 handicap up to 20 handicap golfers.


  • You’ll get a quality product at a reasonable price.
  • The yellow color of the ball will offer you enhanced visibility.
  • The ball does not show much wear and tear after a full day of use, making it reasonably durable.
  • It is a tour quality golf ball that takes caters to lower swing speeds.


  • Some customers reported discoloration of the ball.

Wilson Titanium Ball

image of wilson titanium ball image

Wilson is one of the most trusted brands out there when it comes to golf balls. When you are confused about which company’s golf ball to pick, go with this one. The company manufactures its ball by keeping one thing at heart, i.e., to make a design that provides an improvement in distance.

To offer sturdiness and durability to the ball, the construction of the outer cover is done so that you can see a two-piece design surrounded by a titanium core.

The titanium bond of this ball is what makes it different and better than its competitors. It is a unique and patented Wilson design, which perks up the transfer of energy during an impact. It results in getting the best performance from the ball. When there is a high energy transfer from your golf club to the ball’s titanium core, it means that you will get maximum initial velocity along with greater distance.

The package comes with a set of 18 balls. It means that you have got one ball for each hole. This Wilson Titanium ball can be used as a practice ball as it is reasonably priced.

Not just for practice, the ball is even great for long-duration gameplay. While playing, you’ll experience a consistent performance from the ball as it gets a bit roughed up during the game.

The ball is a good companion for long-distance drives together with the putting shots. It is a combination that is hard to find and balance. Usually, golf balls are either suitable for long drives off the tee or for short spin controlled putting drives. But, this ball has got both qualities. It offers low compression as well as low spin, both at the same time.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • It is a good companion when you have to hit long-distance drives with accuracy.
  • It has got the quality of low compression together with low spin.


  • The performance on the green is not that good.

Vice Pro Golf Ball

image of vice pro golf ball

Vice Pro golf balls are not a borderline ball, but we would also not classify these as premium golf balls like the Pro V1 golf balls or the Pro V1x. These balls also do not carry the high price point.

The average golfer will find much to like about this low compression ball. Vice Pro golf balls are one of those brands that is making its mark in the golfing industry. The popularity is apparent with frequent mentions in print and online publications such as Golf Monthly, SI Golf +, NBC, and several others. Even Erik Anders Lang, a well-known golfer, and producer, recommends the Vice Pro golf ball.

As far as the ball’s design is concerned, there is a three-piece construction of the Urethane outer cover. Additionally, to provide a stable trajectory while playing the shots, there is a famous dimple design. The Vice Pro golf ball has a unique design of 318 dimples. It will provide a mid handicap player a long straight ball flight off the tee with a reduction in the level of air resistance, along with a soft feel around the green and in the short game.

You will experience a great smash factor while playing with this ball as the company has made optimization to its flight and distance. It means that your gameplay will bear fruits using this ball.

The High Energy Speed Core (HESC) and High speed golf ball core molding is present in this ball. It is made keeping in mind the medium as well as high swing speed players. The HESC will ensure that you get the fastest ball speed possible off the tee.

Thanks to Urethane’s usage to make the outer layer, the ball provides a perfect combination of resistance paired with softness.

There is a BJ13 coating on the ball for better performance in the sun, which provides excellent UV resistance. There is the usage of S2TG technology, too, for offering better control on the green. Because of this technology only, the ball delivers backspin and provides a smooth feel, which makes a putt shot more convenient to play. As we are focusing on putting, there is another thing you need to know about this ball. The golf ball even comes with a Keep In Line (KIL) for making putting a bit easier.


  • It is a product full of incredible features for making the performance better.
  • The ball is ideal for putting as it has got KIL.
  • By using this ball, great swing results in covering even greater distances.
  • It has got a UV resistant layer for better performance in hot weather.


  • At a low temperature, the performance is not that good.

Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

image of callaway golf superhot bold matte golf balls

Callaway is one of the most renowned names in the golfing world. Some will say that a golf ball list is not complete if there are no Callaway golf balls included.

We tested all the 5 Callaway golf balls in this range and picked up the best performer for you to make justice with this list. Let’s see how this Superhot Bold Matte golf ball is better than any other golf ball out there.

Distance is what was kept in mind while making this ball. If a ball tends to be too soft, then it ends up losing some of the distance. The same is the case when the ball is too hard. It is why the company has given this ball a moderate feel so that it can cover a longer distance.

The balls with a moderate feel work pretty well when you are on the green. The flight of this ball is almost straight. It helps you play simple straight shots if you are struggling to keep your golf ball on the green.

The ball is packed with an ionomer cover layer along with aerodynamic technology. It allows you to experience a lower drag for increased lift. It even results in the ball’s better flight covering more distance.

With better control and a good spin of this ball, your putting shot will become much more comfortable.


  • The performance on the green is fantastic, which makes putting like a breeze.
  • Matte-finished ball.
  • Enhanced visibility due to the vibrant color of the all.


  • You might experience a little bit of hardness when your swing speed is more than 110.

There is not a single 10 handicap golfer in my mind who doesn’t have a dream to play in the big league. What motivates a golfer to perform better is the imagination of playing a drive across the Augusta.

So what can you do to see yourself playing in Augusta? You have to challenge yourself to become a better player continuously. But, there is one more thing that you can do, i.e., making the right choice while picking up a golf ball.

A golf ball is one of the essential components of a golfing game. Yes, it is right to say that you can win the game if you have got the skills. But, a wrong ball can prove to be a regression in your game, even if you have got commendable golfing abilities. If you pick the right ball for your game, it will add another star to your golfing skills and gameplay.

In search of the best golf balls for 10 handicaps, we have gone through the brightest and darkest corners of the internet. We have tested each of the golf balls in most decent, as well as the most frightful golf courses available out there.

After conducting such a stringent testing process, we have finally come up with our top 5 contenders, who are the very best.

We have done all the hard work for you and are now honored to show you our recommended list of products. So, start right away and choose your favorite golf ball right now.

10 handicap golf ball buying guide

A good golf ball is the basic necessity of a golfer, whether you are a beginner or putting in efforts to reach a single figure handicap. When you are pressing yourself forward to achieve perfection, a time comes when the ball you are using for so long cannot take your game to the next level. A time comes when you have to pick a golf ball that can help you move up the perfection ladder.

We have made the ball selection process easier for you as we are sharing some relevant information that will help you pick your ideal golf ball. Other than this, the detailed review of our top 5 best golf balls for a 10 handicap will also give you an idea about which features you should consider while selecting a good golf ball.


Finding a golf ball that embraces your skillset is a great feeling. But, seeing that perfect ball fall apart is not a happy ending. As golfers, we all know that golf balls do not last long. There is no such parameter that can tell you the ideal period that a golf ball should last. But, on a minimum basis, a golf ball should be durable enough that it can at least survive the full course.

If you find a ball that can last the course and that compliments your gameplay, we have to consider the ball’s cost. How much durability do you need if there is a trade-off between cost and performance? In my view, if I found a great golf ball that improves my game and lasts a course, then I’ll be willing to take it. But, if the cost paid for that durability is on the higher end, then I’ll use that ball only for special events.


When you start moving from beginners level to handicap 10 or even single figure handicap, you start feeling the need to have some ball control. You may be willing to use balls that are less forgiving on shots. It means whenever you take a swing, and it does not hit the ball accurately, then the ball’s destination will reflect it.

In simple words, golf ball control can be understood as the golfer’s ability to manipulate the ball’s direction to get the desired results. Such ball manipulation is necessary for various areas of the golf course. Once you are off the tee, the relevance of long distance does not matter much. In the green, ball control is much more relevant than hitting greater distances. There, it is more about the right direction and better accuracy. When you are putting, and your eye is on the hole, ball control is the primary concern. The better the ball control, the more improved will be the spin, and greater will be your chances of putting the ball inside the hole.

Your style

The final thing to consider while choosing your ideal golf ball is your golfing style. It is not an aspect that you can learn from someone else. It provides you a blank canvas on which you can create your picture and guide your choice. For a moment, put everything aside. Don’t think about which ball everyone else is using or which ball is popular these days. Take a deep breath and think which ball will compliment your game? Which ball will tune or match with your golfing style? Which ball will make you achieve your goal? If you find an answer to all these questions, you’ll find your ideal golf ball.

If you are happy with the level at which you are currently playing, your choice will vary from the golfer looking to improve his game.

When it comes to improving the golfing skills, you desire a ball that can offer you outstanding performance and put every challenge possible. More challenges mean better chances of improving the current game and more emphasis on ball control.

From a beginners’ point of view, there is not much importance of ball control. A beginner will prefer a golf ball with less ball control because it will mean less dependency on his golfing skills. But, if you don’t want to depend on your abilities, then such thinking will never help you move towards growth and game improvement.

If you are at a level of a 10 handicap, you know how to play your game, and you are capable enough to control your ball when you drive.

Final words

In our posts, we try to give our readers the greatest value, and we hope that we have met your expectations and covered most of your queries. We have divided this post mainly into two sections. One section covers our honest review of the top 5 contenders in our best golf balls list for 10 handicaps. The other section is the buyer’s guide, where we list out the considerations that one must keep in mind to make an informed decision. Each of the two sections is very necessary to be discussed as we want to give our readers complete knowledge about every aspect of the concerned topic.

We have put in efforts to write our honest reviews about each of the balls. While writing these, we kept in mind that our content should give the readers insight into what they should expect from their golf balls. We not only talk about the positive features but also cover the negatives too. It is because we believe that after knowing all the positives and negatives, the buyer would be able to make a rational decision.

In the buyer’s guide, we try to cover the crucial aspects that every golfer should consider while picking a golf ball that can complement the buyer’s game.

Take out some of your precious time and go through all the information we share with you. Take into consideration all the merits as well as demerits of each ball. Our top pick doesn’t need to be your top pick too. There can be differences in preferences, even when playing at a similar golfing level.

There are chances that the ball you are looking for may not be on our list. But, we hope that you are using our buyer’s guide as a yardstick to measure the performance of the ball you are going to choose while making the decision.

From the pricing point of view, all the golf balls on our list are within the same price range.

If you want to pick a ball that embraces your skillset, ignore the pricing once, and choose based on the features and specifications of the ball. It is because most of the golf balls are reasonably priced and are affordable. If you keep your focus on the attributes of the ball, who knows, you’ll be able to unearth a superb golf ball. Usually, if you focus more on price and go for a cheaper ball, you likely end up having a ball with inferior quality and durability.

When we were reviewing the golf balls, our primary focus was on the five key factors. There were other factors too which we took into consideration, but in the end, everything comes down to these factors only:

  • How the ball affects the distance?
  • Ball control when you are off the tee as well as when you are on the green.
  • The durability of the ball. Is the ball durable enough to bear the high swing speed?
  • The performance of the ball off the tee.
  • The performance of the ball, when it comes to putting.

The whole post is written by keeping one thing at heart that we can provide you enough information which can take you from a point where you know nothing to a position where you can make the right decision while choosing a golf ball. The team at PG Golf Links tried to keep the language as easy as possible and made efforts to explain every term so that a non-golfer can even pick a gift for his/her golfing friend or partner.


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