Best golf bags for women

The basic concept of a golf bag is to organize and protect golf clubs. Although golf bags do a great job of serving this purpose, there are other reasons behind having a great golf bag. For many women golfers, the golf bag will be a reflection of personality. In addition, a golf bag can allow you to play golf in the way you like to play, riding or walking.

Once you have yourself established in the game and you become a golfer, having the perfect golf bag is essential. We have pulled together some of the best golf bags for women to help you narrow down your many choices out there.

Callaway Golf Chev 14 cart bag

image of callaway golf 2021 chev 14 cart bag

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The Callaway Golf Chev 14 Cart bag is one of the best women’s golf bags on the market. The Chev 14 has a 14 way arched top and full length dividers to ensure that your clubs are organized and protected as you make your way around the course.

In addition to the top of the bag, there are also plenty of pockets on the Chev 14. Perhaps our favorite feature is the 5 front facing pockets. So many times, the gear in a cart bag will be blocked by the way it is situated on a golf cart. With the Callaway Chev 14, you can easily access all of your belongings.

With little details like a glove attachment, velour lined valuables pocket, and really nice styling and detail on the outside of the bag, this is a choice you won’t be disappointed with.


  • Great looking women golf bag
  • 14 way top
  • Full length dividers to protect clubs
  • Waterproof zipper on valuables pocket


  • It can be hard to find in other color choices

RJ Sports Paradise 9″ Deluxe Ladies cart bag

image of rj sports paradise 9" deluxe ladies cart bag

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RJ Sports has been the leader in fashion style women’s golf bags for quite some time. If you are someone that wants a unique design combined with a high quality ladies’ golf cart bag, the RJ Sports Paradise could be for you.

This cart bag is a rather simple design, but RJ Sports has perfected it because it works so well. You will have access to plenty of pockets while the bag is on the cart. In addition, you get an oversized cooler pocket and an external putter tube.

Many women golfers like the external tube as it makes for quick work around the golf greens. If you want to put your name on this cart bag, simply have the front logo pane removed and go from there.


  • Good organizational features
  • Best women’s golf bags for fashion and style
  • Not all that heavy


  • Only a few different patterns to choose from

TaylorMade Golf Select stand

image of taylormade golf select stand golf

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More and more women golfers find that walking the golf course is more fun, cheaper, and better for their health. This, of course, has led to the increase of great ladies stand bag and carry bag options. Since walking the golf course with a ladies’ golf cart bag would be nearly impossible, the stand bag can save the day.

The TaylorMade Golf Select Stand is one of the more popular options on the market, and this black and pink version is a great golf stand bag for women. The bag features 6 pockets, 7 dividers, and it only weighs five pounds in total.

With stand, bags don’t be surprised to see if there are fewer full length dividers. As great as those dividers are, they add quite a bit of weight to the golf bag.


  • Easy to carry stand bag
  • Black and pink color is perfect for a women’s golf bag, won’t get dirty
  • Extra large ball pocket with easy access


  • The strap will take a bit of time to adjust

Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Sierra golf cart bag

image of sun mountain 2021 women's sierra golf cart bag

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Sun Mountain makes some of the more expensive but best women’s golf bags on the market. With the Sun Mountain Sierra, you get seven pockets, a beautifully crafted golf bag, and of course, the 14 way top with full length dividers. If you are someone who purchases quality golf products, Sun Mountain will impress you.

One of our favorite features of this bag are the molded handles. Even though you may not walk the course with your ladies’ golf cart bag, you will still be responsible for loading it in and out of the car. This can be quite difficult, but the handles on the Sierra Golf Cart bag make it much easier to manage.


  • Great looking cart bag for women
  • 14 full length dividers
  • 7 large pockets


  • Always priced higher than other companies

Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s 4.5LS 14-Way golf stand bag

image of sun mountain 2021 women's 4.5ls 14-way golf stand bag

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One of the great things about Sun Mountain golf bags is that they are not just cart bags; you can get stand bags as well. We love the Sun Mountain Women’s 4.5 LS 14 because of all the pockets and the smart design for golfers that are walking the course.

The bag has nine pockets and is set up to make the most sense for a woman golfer that enjoys walking. There is lumbar support and an Air Flow hip pad so that you won’t feel like you were beat up by your clubs as you made your way around the course. The overall weight is only 4.5 pounds, so you will be able to place plenty of clubs and gear in the bag before it gets heavy.


  • Plenty of pockets for a stand bag
  • 4 way top for keeping clubs somewhat separated
  • Lumbar support and comfort


  • Although 4-way divider is lightweight, it won’t do all that much to protect golf clubs

RAM Golf Lightweight Ladies cart bag

image of ram golf lightweight ladies cart bag

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RAM Golf makes golf cart bags that are more affordable than other manufacturers. When you consider all of the money it takes to become a golfer, with equipment and greens fees and lessons, you may want to save a bit on the golf bag. If you want a great cart bag for women without having to break the bank, the Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag is a great choice.

The Ram Golf Lightweight has two full length apparel pockets so you can stay prepared for any weather situation while on the course. In addition, there are some very large pockets on the front and the sides of the bag to help you stay organized.


  • Fair pricing
  • Less than 5lbs
  • It has a large putter slot to accommodate oversized grips


  • Not available in a wide range of colors

Glove It Women’s golf bag

image of glove it women’s golf bag

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Many ladies’ golf bags are going to be gray, pink, or black. However, Glove It takes things to the next level with an impressive variety of interesting colors and patterns on their golf bags. Not only are the Glove It bags stylish, but they are also lightweight and made with the golfer in mind. This is not one of those products that look great but can’t function.

We love that there are nine total pockets to keep your golf gear organized. In addition, there is a cooling pocket, putter, well, and rain hood that comes along with this cart bag. If you are a member of a club where there are lots of cart bags around, and you want yours to stand out, this is the bag for that.


  • Very lightweight
  • Available in a wide range of interesting patterns
  • Made with top quality materials
  • Can purchase gloves and accessories to match


  • It can be expensive, especially when matching accessories and gear.

Majek Ladies Teal Black golf bag

image of majek ladies teal black golf bag

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Majek is an up and coming golf accessory brand with lots of options for both men’s golf bags and ladies’ golf bags. The Majek Ladies Teal has a 14 way top and allows your golf clubs to stay protected from one another. We like that this bag has a padded single carry strap to make it easy to load into and out of your cart or cart.

In addition, you will find that Majek golf bags for women are not nearly as expensive as other golf bags on the market. For the functionality, design, and detail that you get, this is a very good value to consider.


  • Lightweight nylon materials
  • Easy to lift in and out of your cart or car
  • Padded carry strap


  • It does not have full length dividers

The winner is . . .

image of callaway golf 2021 chev 14 cart bag

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The best overall golf bag for women is the Callaway Chev 14 golf bag. With this bag, you have easy access to all of your golf clubs, accessories, and more. We love the durability of the bag and the quality. You should have no problem getting many years out of the Chev 14 golf bag. WIth 14 full length dividers, your clubs will be well protected, and you can avoid broken or damaged golf clubs. Overall this is a smart choice to consider for golf bags for women.

Ladies golf bag buying guide

Now that you have a better idea as to what the best golf bags for women are, it’s a good time to break down the things that are going to matter most when narrowing these golf bags down. There are a few key factors that you must consider and think about before you make your final purchase.

Full length dividers

Full length dividers are fabric or plastic that travels down the length of the bag to keep golf clubs separated from each other. The reason you would want these clubs to stay apart is so that they don’t get damaged when the bag travels around the course. The full length dividers are extremely important with womens’ golf clubs because the clubs are almost always graphite. Graphite has a higher likelihood of getting damaged as compared to steel golf shafts.

Cart vs. stand bag

If you like to walk the golf course, you are going to need a golf stand bag. Walking and carrying a golf cart bag around the course is quite difficult and will make you tired after just a few holes. A stand bag is typically a little cheaper, lighter, and won’t hold as much as a cart bag. A golf cart bag typically has full length dividers, plenty of storage space, and lots of long term durability.

You can PG Golf Links most recent review for the 10 Best golf cart bags here.


Women’s golf bags are often available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Although you should always choose something that matches your unique style and personality, keep dirt in mind. If you purchase a white golf bag, it will probably not stay white for all that long. Especially when dealing with golf bags on carts, there are some issues with dirt splashing up from the back tires and getting your bag to look quite dirty.

Women’s golf bag frequently asked questions

Choosing a golf bag can be a big decision because of the number of years you would like to keep a golf bag like this in play. People don’t buy golf bags all that often, and finding something that will meet your needs for the next 7 or so years is a tough decision. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions.

Should i get a stand bag or cart bag

There is not perfect women’s golf bag on the market. You must choose something that works for the style of play you like. However, we do like the stand bag because it can be sued for walking or riding. With a cart bag, you cannot take it out for a walk around the course. If you are looking for versatility, go with the stand bag.

Are full length dividers necessary?

In a women’s golf bag, it is best to have full length dividers when possible. In many of the stand bag options, this won’t be a feature offered. If you can find a golf bag with full length dividers, it is worth the investment to protect your golf clubs.

What are front facing bag pockets?

Golf carts with front facing golf cart bag pockets allow you to access the gear in your golf bag without adjusting the way the bag is sitting on the cart. So many golf bags have pockets along the sides that are very difficult to get to. With the new front facing concept, you can leave your golf bag strapped in but still get to all of your gear.

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