Best Golf Travel Bags For Airlines

One of the best things about playing golf is that you can play all over the world on different courses, in different climates, in all types of playing conditions. A constant concern for golfers, though, is how to ensure the safe arrival of their sacred golf clubs.

When you’re traveling with clubs, you need a sturdy, dependable golf travel bag that will keep your clubs secure. I’ve been on the lookout for a new golf bag myself, so I decided to review the most promising golf travel bags including those with foam padding, a hard case, soft case, skate wheels, and compression straps.

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Below you will find what I consider are the best golf travel bags for airlines.

Golf Travel Bag For Airplanes – Review

Subtle Patriot Men’s Golf Bag Travel Cover with Wheels

image of subtle patriot men’s golf bag travel cover with wheels

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I started my search for the best golf bag for club protection with the Subtle Patriot. It’s a solidly built golf travel bag, and I especially liked how it collapses down to half the size when you’re not using it to fit in a tight storage space. This golf bag is very easy to store at home.

The extra-large shoe rack could fit even my buddy’s size 14 golf shoes, so this travel bag is good for larger men. I also appreciated multiple spinner wheels allowing the bag to roll both at an angle and when standing straight. You may not realize how important it is to have a golf travel bag with skate wheels until you try to navigate an airline terminal on your next golf vacation.

It was a rather bland design, though. Not something for tour pros.


  • Large proportions good for men’s equipment
  • Easy to store
  • Wheels make it easy to maneuver


  • Outer protection very bland

Forgan Golf Hard Side Travel Case & Cover

image of forgan golf hard side travel case & cover

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The tour travel cover for the Forgan comes guaranteed TSA-approved, which is reassuring. Golfers all-too-often worry about TSA agents restricting their travel bags. The ABS plastic shell case is very durable, and this golf travel bag can house my 48” clubs with no difficulty.

It’s sturdy and great value for its size. However, the downside of this golf travel bag is that it’s very bulky. I struggled to get this one into my car’s trunk once fully loaded, and we all know that bulky golf bags are less handy for airline rules.


  • TSA approval makes for easy inspection
  • Very durable material — feels like it can survive anything


  • Too bulky when fully loaded, and heavy (15.4lbs)

SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Standard Hard Plastic Storage

image of skb cases ata deluxe standard hard plastic storage

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Another model that deserves its place on the list of the best golf travel bags for airlines is the SKB Cases ATA Deluxe travel bag. Similar to the Forgan, this bag is made of highly durable hard plastic. It’s superbly contoured for a snug fit with no wasted space in bulk. It’s also very pleasing to the eye, and the TSA-approved locks also make travel a breeze.

While this golf travel bag fits even my 48” clubs, I did have a bit of trouble fitting my tour bag into this one. I tried it with my smaller bag, and it was fine, but if you have a larger cart bag, it’ll be a tight fit or even a non-fit in these shell cases.


  • Durable and attractive PE material
  • Efficiently designed for good fit
  • Comes with TSA-approved locks


  • Too small for some of the larger cart bags

CaddyDaddy Enforcer Bag

image of caddydaddy enforcer bag

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The CaddyDaddy Enforcer travel bag was another easy-to-store bag, which is useful for any golfer with limited space in their home. The mixture of hard and soft materials means the right areas of this golf bag model are protected by hard materials, while softer materials keep the whole bag light and portable.

There were two main issues with this one. First, I had to supply my own TSA-approved locks to make it more air-travel-worthy. Second, you have to tilt this golf travel bag to roll, which means it doesn’t stand well by itself, and the wheels don’t feel the strongest.


  • Collapses into stowable size at home
  • Protective without being cumbersome


  • Wheels only work when tilted, and don’t feel very durable under full load

Founders Club Golf Travel Cover Luggage with ABS

image of founders club golf travel cover luggage with abs

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If you have oversized clubs (up to 50”), then this is one of the golf travel bags definitely worth considering. It’ll fit cart bags with a diameter of up to 10 inches, and the hard ABS top will provide protection for your club heads. The 600D all-weather polyester sides will also endure any weather.

This golf travel bag has side pockets with ample rooms for extra apparel and accessories, which I liked. Polyester may protect against the elements, but it doesn’t feel ready for the hardships of air travel.


  • Fits longest clubs easily
  • Plenty of room for extra gear if you need
  • High-quality materials


  • Polyester feels nice but doesn’t offer the “hard” protection required on some trips

Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3-Piece Travel Set

image of samsonite golf deluxe 3-piece travel set

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I was thrilled to try out a big name like Samsonite and loved the simple but attractive two-tone design of this golf travel bag model. With extra storage pockets, the division into three pieces gives you great flexibility, too, allowing you to take more or less depending on your destination. There is a shoe bag, a duffel bag, and a travel bag for your clubs.

The padded interior is a nice touch, protective but not abrasive. However, this golf travel bag didn’t fit my longer clubs very well, though, so use it for standard golf clubs only.


  • Attractive design and flexible carry options
  • Padded interior is luxurious and protective
  • In-line skate wheels


  • Doesn’t fit longer clubs

CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Soft Cover

image of caddydaddy constrictor 2 soft cover

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A second entry from CaddyDaddy that deserves its place among the best golf travel bags, this time armed with 1800D fabric construction, compared to a more typical 600D. The storage pockets on this one were huge, allowing for some more gear.

The Constrictor 2 travel bag will do this for you while weighing in at just 9 pounds. Even when loaded up, it’s an easy carry.


  • Light enough to adhere to airline weight limits
  • Most portable case of the list


  • Doesn’t stand up straight once loaded up

Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian Soft Covers

image of sun mountain club glider meridian soft covers

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I’m a fan of this brand, and they’ve done very well with this new travel cover. You’ll need to check your dimensions before purchasing, but I’m sure you’ll love how it works.

Durable internal compression straps keep every club firmly in place. Extra-strong legs fold out to make everything easier to reach when sitting on an angle as a stand bag. The company claims this golf travel bag is light and smooth enough to roll with the force of just one finger. I tried it out and, sure enough, it’s true. No less than ten fellow golfers asked me where I got it.


  • By far the easiest to roll and maneuver
  • Well designed with compression straps and holders that keep things firmly in place
  • Softer material but highly durable – a great balance


  • May require an additional feature like a Bag Boy Backbone to gain the full benefit

The Best Golf Travel Bag for Airlines Is…

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Soft Cover

image of sun mountain club glider meridian soft covers

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While all the golf travel bags have something to offer, I consider the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian the winner in the category of the best golf travel bags, and with good reason. This is easily one of the best travel bags as it is very easy to move thanks to the spinner wheels, and holds the contents more firmly in place.

As a traveler, your goal should be offer protection for your golf clubs, and them not banging around during your flight. The shell case is more durable than a soft sided golf bag.

In addition, there are also a number of other features that we really liked such as:

  • You can extend the leg mechanism in one easy motion.
  • Internal straps cinch and hold your Golf bag in place.
  • Easy to maneuver with pivoting casting wheels.
  • You can extend the legs so you don’t have to load your travel bag on the ground.
  • Can hold clubs, shoes, Cooler, and your favorite Golf gadget. Tons of storage space.
  • Is compact when folded up which was a pleasant surprise.
  • Easy to steer wheels for traveling through the airport.

If you are planning to go on golf trips often, it is a wise idea to invest in golf travel equipment, such as travel bags. Make sure your golf clubs arrive safe and sound in what I consider the best soft case golf travel bag for airlines. The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Soft Cover is well worth the money and you will be confident knowing your clubs are going to arrive in Myrtle Beach, Naples, Scotland, or any other place you decide to travel.

Do I need a travel bag for golf clubs?

If you’re driving yourself to your golfing destination, then a travel bag isn’t entirely necessary. It’s good to have golf bags for those times when you can’t drive yourself. A Maryland golfer can’t be expected to drive to Florida every other month!

For air travel, domestic or international, golf travel bags really are a must for any golfer. Between the distance and interference from TSA and baggage handlers, you need all the protection you can get during your golf trip.

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How much does it cost to bring golf clubs on a plane?

To use American Airlines as a typical example, you can expect to pay the standard checked bag fee of your destination, which is typically $40.00 if the golf clubs are your second bag, and $30.00 if they are your only travel bag. Most of the staff at PG Golf Links will shop around for a better deal compared to paying the higher fees.

The standard fee only covers a travel bag weighing up to 50lbs (23kg) and 126” (320cm) in length. If your bag exceeds these dimensions, you will have to pay an additional $150. If you are a member, you might be able to waive some of these fees.

This fee also only covers your clubs, balls, tees, and shoes. That rate includes no other equipment.

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Can you Rent a Golf Travel Bag?

The great news is yes, if you don’t own a golf travel bag, you can rent one. This is especially useful if you’re only planning very occasional travel with your clubs. Services like Rent Luggage offer many rental options, including some of the brands of travel bags mentioned above.

Another alternative is to ship them ahead of you with a company like Ship Sticks, which is often both safer and easier since the service is focused on the safe transportation of golf clubs.

Now may be a good time to think about that next trip and preparing your Golf bags. Most Golf items have been discounted online, and if you are in need of the best golf travel bag, some balls, a Golf gift, or have been thinking about picking up a new Training aid, now may be the perfect time to do so. From all of us at PG Golf Links – Please stay safe!

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