Best Golf Gloves For Winter – Buyer’s Guide

Are you one of those golfers who live in a cold part of the country? Is it winter season going on, and you still love to play golf? You must then know that a well-made winter glove will make the cold much more tolerable and help improve your game. 

A golf glove is one of the most overlooked accessories when it comes to golfing. But, in reality, it is one of the essential components of the golfing bag. If you live in a cold area, they are familiar with the feel of freezing, rigid, and painful hands in winters. If you are struggling to get a tee in the ground because it is so cold, you must purchase a quality pair of winter gloves. 

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Winter Golf Glove is, then we recommend the HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Glove as the best one.

Best Winter Golf Glove – Reviews

From the above evaluation criteria, we have learned that warmth is not the only factor that one must look for in a winter golf glove. A perfect combination of warmth and other essential features makes an ideal set of winter gloves. So, we have come up with a list of best winter golf glove that has the perfect combination of features for chilly winter days.

HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Glove

image of hj glove men's winter performance golf glove


The HJ Glove is one of the premium quality products that offers ultimate warmth along with superior comfort. The glove has got all the features that can improve your performance during cold weather. Ultimate warmth results in excellent gripping and helps you get a perfect stance and improvement in overall focus.

When we look at the exterior of the glove, then it’s very durable and comfortable. There is the use of soft Cabretta leather material, which makes the glove flexible. The material offers an outstanding grip, which helps in playing a perfect drive.

Many golfers believe that when using leather gloves, you have to make a trade-off with durability. Well, This is not the case with Cabretta leather. It is a premium quality leather that can easily withstand wear and tear in the long run, full of cold spells. However, leather maintains warmth, which means you can only use these gloves during low temperatures.

Even when you are not playing golf and thinking of going on a casual winter walk, you can use these gloves. The interior of the glove comes with well-structured thermal construction. It offers impressive warmth to the hands as well as fingers.

The gloves are capable enough to retain warmth during the whole game. Thanks to the thermal fleeces, which are soft and comforting.

The price of the gloves depends on the size you are choosing. You will get value for each penny you spend on these gloves because it offers high warmth and durability.

One of the major drawbacks that I found in these gloves is the lack of waterproofing features. The gloves are only meant for golfing during cold weather but do not withstand winter rains.

What We Liked

  • Gloves with a sleek design.
  • Durability is quite astonishing.
  • High-quality Cabretta leather usage.
  • It comes with a terry wrist band, which provides additional durability.
  • Provide a comfortable fit using the adjustable Velcro closure.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Golfers with a large hand might find the thumb area a bit small.
  • It lacks waterproofing.

Callaway Golf Men’s Thermal Grip Cold Weather Golf Gloves

image of callaway golf men's thermal grip cold weather golf gloves


Callaway is one of the most renowned companies in the golfing product industry. When it comes to gloves, the company is not just offering comfort but also ensuring warmth during cold weather. Additionally, the use of high-quality material makes these gloves durable and long-lasting. They serve you better than any other ordinary winter golf gloves.

There is the use of digitized palm leather. It takes care of the grip as well as comfort. Good grip results in the improvement of the focus of the golfer while hitting the target. The gloves’ waterproofing quality works well in preventing any water and cold from seeping in. It ensures the maintenance of warmth inside the gloves.

There is fleece in the interior part, which protects the fingers from getting cold and retains warmth. In the insulation department, the Callaway thermal grip gloves are top-notch. The Opti-therm thermal fleece is well-stitched in the gloves’ interior, which makes them withstand any wear and tear.

The main focus of the company was on the warmth that a winter glove should provide. That’s why the manufacturers use Opti-shield microfiber. It repels water and prevents the outside elements from getting inside. It results in better warmth to hands as well as fingers.

For ensuring a secure fit, the gloves have got Opti-fit closure, which is lightweight and thin. There are some perforations too, which offer adequate breathability.

The company behind these gloves is a reputed brand. That’s why one can confidently put faith in the quality of the product. From the pricing point of view, the price varies based on the finger and palm orientation. However, looking at the high-quality of the product, you will get value for your money.

What We Liked

  • Enhanced comfort due to the incorporation of thermal fleece.
  • A secure fit using the adjustable closure.
  • Superb comfort and grip through the digitized palm leather.
  • Prevents outside elements from getting in using the waterproofing feature.

What We Didn’t Like

  • There is some scope of improvement in the threads.

Franklin Sports Golf Glove

image of franklin sports golf glove


In these golf gloves, Franklin Sports have paid attention to quality. There is the usage of Cabretta leather, which ensures high-quality, durability, and suppleness of the product.

During winters, fingers become rigid that can affect your swing. Keeping that in mind, the company incorporated a reasonable level of softness in the interior part of gloves. It ensures a pleasant and comforting feel to the fingers helping you to play a perfect drive.

I like the unique seamless palm design of the gloves as it increases their life span. In addition to this, it also prevents the palm from searing.

The company is also taking care of both the right as well as for left-hand golfers. The manufacturers are producing gloves for both right-handed and left-handed individuals, which several companies do not pay attention to.

As an additional feature, the gloves come with a magnetic ball marker. The marker increases the level of convenience when playing on the greenside. It is detachable and durable for prolonged use.

There is the use of modern technology, too. The manufacturers engineered Cabretta leather in such a way that it can securely fit the human anatomy hand. The reduction in bunching and improved fit results in a better feel and superior performance.

The company has a reputation for making all-weather gloves. That’s why the company is also paying attention to the breathability of these gloves. There are perforations on the finger backs and knuckle bridge. It helps in better ventilation and moisture management in the gloves.

The drawback here is that the perforations may allow water to seep inside the gloves. It will result in compromising the grip. Hence, we can say that these gloves are not ideal for the wet season.

What We Liked

  • The use of Cabretta leather makes the gloves durable.
  • Prevention of palm blistering because of a seamless palm design.
  • It provides a secure fit.
  • Better breathability using the perforations.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for wet conditions as it becomes slippery when wet.

Nike Men’s Cold Weather Winter Gloves

image of new nike men's cold weather winter gloves



Are you looking for a pair of winter golf gloves that can keep your hands warm during a low temperature? Well, look no more as these Nike gloves will serve you the best.

The high-class design of these gloves makes them capable enough to trap the warmth inside the gloves. It also decreases the loss of heat from the fingers. The company offers an adjustable wrist strap for a snug fit, making the hand and fingers movement easy and quick.

These sleek looking gloves are lightweight and can last for a couple of years. There are layers of insulation present inside the gloves. It ensures an excellent gripping and enhanced control of the hands as well as fingers.

The light in the gloves’ weight design allows the user to use the gloves in several other outdoor activities other than golf.

You can even use these gloves for the morning winter running. They will provide you maximum protection against outside elements as it’s weather-resistant. The gloves have got some texture on the outside that allows the user to use the smartphone easily. It is because texture allows the screen to feel the touch.

The company manufactures the product in a variety of sizes. Hence, you can find yourself a perfectly fitting glove. You can even find a size that fits your child.

What We Liked

  • Excellent gripping on palms as well as fingers.
  • Provide a snug fit using the adjustable wrist strap.
  • Enhanced protection from cold and wind.

What We Didn’t Like

  • In extreme temperatures, these gloves may not prove to be ideal.

FootJoy Men’s Golf Gloves

image of footjoy men's golf gloves


Footjoy is a well-known company when it comes to golf products and accessories. With years of experience in the golfing industry, the company has excelled in every department. They now offer only five-star products with high-quality. FootJoy’s golf gloves are one of its high-end products.

The incredible thing about these gloves is the use of Suede. The material is well-known for its high-quality and luxurious finish. The company is using Sure-Grip AutoSeude technology in its gloves, which improves its quality and durability. Not only this, the material feels excellent on the hands and is comforting too. There is also a secure grip strap, which helps get a perfect fit and complements comfort.

The gloves are good at retaining warmth. Thanks to the Shield Cuff that sits at the outer end near the wrist. It helps in preventing any cold air from getting inside the gloves and maintains the inside warmth. The glove is windproof as well as waterproof. It assists in resisting any moisture or wetness from getting inside and compromise the grip.

The gloves are suitable in almost every department, from warmth to water and wind resistance. One can use these gloves as their daily winter golf accessory for better performance.

What We Liked

  • Decent Gripping.
  • Feels good and secure because of the knit palm.
  • Water, as well as wind resistant.
  • Good at retaining warmth and keeping the cold air out of the gloves.
  • Superb durability.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Specific size is difficult to find.

Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves

image of mizuno thermagrip golf gloves


If you want a premium quality product, you should always go with a trusted product like Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves. Although the brand is not a big name in the industry, you can trust it. With its innovative and high-quality products, this brand can give cut-throat competition to the greatest brands out there.

The best thing about these gloves is the use of full-grain leather palm. The leather is well-known for its durability as well as flexibility. The overall quality of the material is simply exceptional. The golfer can surely expect a comfortable feel from these gloves even after completing all 18 holes.

The full-grain Pittards Cabretta leather upper fabric design ensures better windproofing and waterproofing. It is not one of those gloves that become stiff or wither when it comes to water contact. The quality of the fabric is so good that the gloves can easily withstand the test of time.

Its additional features include a knitted winter cuff for providing extra warmth. The manufacturers engineer the glove in a 3-D pre-curved pattern, ensuring a comfortable, secure, and tight fit.

The thread quality, along with its aesthetic design, deserves appreciation. Good gripping and flexible material used is the cherry on the top.

What We Liked

  • Windproof and waterproof design.
  • Additional warmth using knitted winter cuff.
  • Full-grain leather usage for better flexibility and durability.
  • 3D pre-curved pattern for a perfect fit.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for harsh weather conditions.



Usually, golfers wear a golf glove to protect the hand from the golf club grip’s harshness. In winters, the best winter golf glove becomes vital as it provides sufficient warmth to your hand. Additionally, a winter golf glove ensures the maintenance of a sense of feel and touch in your hand. It helps you to handle the club with full confidence and precision preventing any freezing and stiff feel in your hand.

So, to help you improve your game during winters, we have done a lot of research and testing on the best winter golf gloves. Our main focus was on the feel of the gloves. In our honest reviews, we are mainly talking about:

  • the striking feel while wearing the gloves,
  • feel of warmth,
  • gripping feel, and similar sort of things.

We have even listed some of the prime considerations that one should keep in mind while picking the winter golf gloves. So, before going through our top picks, let’s learn some of the best winter golf gloves’ crucial features.

Why Do You Need The Best Winter Golf Glove?

There are three prime reasons for using winter golf glove:

  • The glove allows the golfer to play comfortably in a freezing temperature by providing sufficient warmth to the hand.
  • The glove maintains your hand’s feel and allows you to have a grip just like you are playing on a typical warm day.
  • Winter golf glove not just warms the hand but also excel in providing waterproofing and wind proofing. It helps in the protection against winter rains and chilly winds.

What Features Make The Best Winter Golf Glove

Winter golf glove is not only about providing warmth. There are several other features that one should put into consideration before picking his/her ideal winter glove:

Better Grip And Control

If you want your scorecard to look good, you must maintain a solid grip in the cold weather. In winters, our hands become a little bit stiff. It results in less flexibility of hands and higher chances of hitting the ball incorrectly. So, employing the right grip becomes vital when you are playing at a low temperature. A glove with a good grip will help you make an outstanding drive by getting perfect control over the club.

For checking the grip, you should try to swing a club with the gloves on. Usually, winter gloves are a bit thicker than the usual gloves. They even come with additional characteristics like extra fleece, additional padding, or wrist lining. All these characteristics make the golf gloves warmer and ideal for fighting water and wind. Such features are essential, but what’s more important is the grip. These features should not affect your grip while you swing the golf club. Before purchasing, it will be wise to wear the gloves and practice the swing to ensure you are picking the correct glove.

Finding The Right Size

When it comes to size, always remember that your winter gloves should fit in the same way as your standard gloves. Nowadays, manufacturers produce gloves of extra small and double extra large sizes in addition to the standard size gloves.

To ensure that the golfer gets a perfect fitting glove, several companies are even manufacturing hybrid gloves. The hybrid gloves include sizes like “medium-large.” These are suitable for golfers who have got hands that are in-between standard sizes.

There is another size of golf glove available in the market these days, called cadet gloves. The manufacturers produce these gloves by keeping in mind the golfers who have short fingers and broad palm. Golfers with such type of hands don’t get an accurate fit when wearing standard gloves. It is because standard gloves have longer fingers, and the palm area is narrower.

So, while picking a winter golf glove, pay special attention to the size and fit. A glove that fits you the best will give you the utmost comfort and an ultimate feel.

The Material Used For Golfing Gloves

Different manufacturers use different types of materials for winter gloves. Each material has its pros and cons. So, pick the one which suits your preferences the best.

Leather Gloves

The manufacturers produce leather gloves by a combination of different types of leathers. They even incorporate precisely placed seams for manufacturing leather gloves. The only trade-off with leather gloves is the durability. Usually, premium quality winter leather gloves have the use of 100% Cabretta leather. It is because of its ultimate luxurious feel and durability. However, there are other leather materials too, which includes:

What are the Different Types of Leather Golf Gloves?

  • Thermal fleece: Manufacturers use it mainly for maintaining warmth inside the gloves.
  • Cabretta Leather: Premium quality leather is known for providing fantastic insulation. It also provides superb gripping on the club.
  • Suede Leather: When gripping is your primary need, you should go for suede leather material. The leather is thinner than any other type of leather and provides a superb grip. It is so thin that you won’t even feel like you are wearing a glove.
  • Full-Grain Leather: Manufacturers use full-grain leather because of its wind resistance quality. The material blocks pierce cold winds from entering the gloves providing comfort and maintain warmth.

Synthetic Gloves

Synthetic golf gloves manufacturing includes the use of a combination of leather, spandex, and satin material. Golfers prefer using these gloves because they provide better flexibility and softness. The gloves promote airflow, which results in an improvement in breathability. Better breathability means sweat-free cool hands during warm weather. However, when it comes to low temperatures, we do not recommend gloves with synthetic material.

All-Weather Gloves

All-weather gloves, as the name suggests, are suitable for all weather conditions. These are ideal for wet conditions during raining season. For warmer temperatures, it allows adequate breathability. During winters, these gloves work well as a Windstopper. You don’t have to go for bulky traditional winter or thermal gloves. It is because these gloves are lightweight and provide sufficient warmth. Several professional golf players keep these gloves in their golf bags all year-round. It is because these gloves prove to be favorable during precipitation and wet conditions.

Thermal Gloves

The thermal gloves can prove to be your ticket for playing golf during the cold months of December and January. These gloves are purely winter gloves as they provide maximum hand warmth in comparison to any other material. These gloves come with dense cotton lining paired with synthetic fabrics. It ensures the best winter performance. Keeping the hands warm when the temperature is below freezing is a challenging task. These gloves are ideal for this challenge because they allow you to get out in the course and play comfortably with warm hands.

Golf Mittens

Golf mitts are an additional accessory to your winter golf gloves. For the construction of mitts, usually, there is the use of thermal fleece. The mitts add an extra layer of protection to your head during winters. You can put-on mitts over your gloves between the shots or when traveling to the hole. Using mitts can allow you to get extra warmth when you are not swinging the club to play a shot.

Waterproof And Windproof

The waterproof and windproof features prove to be excellent for cold as well as rainy days. An ideal winter glove always comes with these features as protection against outside elements. Using the gloves loaded with waterproofing feature will be convenient as it is not feasible to change the gloves every time they get wet. The windproof glove prevents cold air from getting inside and maintains the warmth.

Final Words

Now that you have gone through all of our six picks, we hope you have found your favorite one. Each product that we chose has its own merits and demerits. We have put into consideration almost all the features that a winter golf glove must possess. So, you can go through our honest reviews and pick a golfing glove that suits your preferences the most.

We have even discussed the evaluation criteria based on the prime features of the golfing glove. We advise you to go through the guide first before purchasing any product blindly. The guide has got every bit of information that can aid you in making a judicious decision.

All the products that we have reviewed have earned their place on our list. Each one is better than any other product in one or the other ways. But, in my view, one product has got all the necessary things to make it the best winter golf glove, i.e., HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Glove. The glove is a comfortable one with the use of Cabretta leather. The premium quality material is durable and provides excellent gripping. The most beautiful thing about this glove is its high-end design that can even withstand harsh winter weather.

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